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League of Legends Build Guide Author Romfed

How to come OUT OF BRONZE!

Romfed Last updated on October 31, 2015
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Team Bronze 3-5

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9.Thanks! And Good Luck for your Ranked Games!

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Hello I'm Romfed in League of Legends! I try to explain you in this Guide, how to reach the Silver League for the first, because I'm Silver 4 and i reached it with Guides too! But I'm still not Gold, so at the moment I am not that experienced in reaching Gold, so i just can give you tipps how to reach Silver League! Now, if you read this Guide, I'm sure it will help you a bit to understand the "Bronze Fails" a bit better. To reach the Silver League you really need the knowhow to come Silver. If you already think that you come Silver, but Riot doesnt let you, stop this thoughts is my advice! Because Riot put you in the League, where you belong to, trust me! If you don't trust this, you won't reach Silver League that fast, most likely, because you are most likely angry that you aren't Silver League already and if you are angry you will lose the Games, because you have negative attitude! So stop this, just think you can come Silver with this Guide! Read and Learn! ;)

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So first we come to the Matchup between the Teams above! We see a Team, which is from Bronze 1-3 and a Team, which is from Bronze 3-5! Now you think this is unfair? I think this is a good practice to see if you can carry! Because only if you can carry, you will reach Silver League (maybe you reach it with luck also, but this is the savest method)!

Team 3-5: Team 3-5 got a Katarina(with Ignite and Flash)
got a Yasuo (with Ignite and Flash)
got a Leona (with Ignite and Flash)
got a Jinx (with Ignite and Flash)
got a Malphite(with Smite and Flash)

Now first, do you see the Fail???????
It's so obvious, look at everyone's without Malphite brackets!
There it says (with Ignite and Flash). This means everybody without Malphite has got Ignite and Flash, although Leona is a Support, which could also easy go with Exhaust and Flash, and Jinx with Heal and Flash for more Saftiness! Yasuo is Toplane vs Irelia! He definitely needs no Ignite, Irelia is tanky and Yasuo won't be able to kill her most likely! So Yasuo should have picked Ignite! Malphite is all right! Katarina should have picked Barrier for Annie, because Annie counters her! Now i will explain this more detailed! Look into the ground!

Midlane: The most popular Lane in Bronze I would say! Katarina vs Annie! Exciting Matchup! Will Katarina beat Annie? What do you think?.......... I think not, unless the Katarina is very experienced!

First of All Katarina picked Ignite and Flash and Annie picked Ignite and Flash!

So they both have the same summoner spells! The Problem now is that Annie outplays Katarina with her kit (with her abilities and summoner spells)! Why?!?! This is Easy, i will explain you!

Annie-Katarina: Annie: Pros --> - Annie has got a Stun (after her 4 stacks, which she gets with doing any of her spells-->this is her Passive)
- Annie has got a big Auto Attack Range
- At lvl 6 Annie is able to do 2 Stuns (with her Ultimate and her Passive)

Katarina-Annie: Katarina: Pros --> - Katarina can suprise Annie with her Teleport on her E
- She is very mobile and can escape good with her E
- She is able to poke Annie with her Q
- In the first levels Katarina can go in and does much Damage on Annie

The Cons of each other's champions are the pros for the champions itself! I mean Annie's Pros are Kata's Cons and Kata's Pros are Annie's Cons!

Botlane: The maybe most hated Lane in Bronze! Leona-Thresh and Jinx-Varus!

Leona: Pros: -Leona has got a strong Kit (look above what a kit is)
-Leona has got a stun and much disable-abilities
-Leona can engage very fast and surprisingly
-Leona can easiely outplay Thresh's Kit
-Leona is tanky
-Leona fits with almost every ADC

Thresh: Pros: -Thresh has got a strong Kit also (look above what a kit is)
-Thresh has got a pull and some slows, also he got a safe with his lantern and another slow with his ultimate
-Thresh can engage very fast, but not surprisingly! What i mean is that you can see if Thresh wants to pull! (You don't know how? Then i can tell you: Thresh's Hook rolls in his Hand a short time before he wants to pull! If you see this Run to the left and to the right all the time, then you have a good chance to dodge his pull!)

The Cons of each other's champions are the pros for the champions itself! I mean Leona's Pros are Thresh's Cons and Thresh's Pros are Leona's Cons!

Jinx-Varus: Jinx: -Jinx has got slows and a Hold (Slows: Q and W, Hold: E)
-Jinx has got a stong Ultimate, which is even getting stronger if you snipe an enemy from a big distance (then it does much more damage)
-Jinx has got a strong kit, all in all

Varus: -Varus has much temporarily disables, like his E or Ulti
-Varus is a very safe ADC, like Ashe, I mean he can protect hiself very well (with his Ultimate, his E, and if this is not enough you have still your Flash)
-Varus is very strong in laning phase, because he actually makes the enemies trying to catch him with his kit, because if Varus is catched at one time, your support must react very fast and most often the trade is well then for Varus in the end, because if your support engages and you are free of disables you can kite your enemies and do much Damage (the enemy botlane is trying to kill your support, because this is Bronze and Bronze ppl doesn't have a focus very often, so you can easy kite and do the damage, you will win the trade most likely)

The Cons of each other's champions are the pros for the champions itself! I mean Jinx's Pros are Varus's Cons and Varus's Pros are Jinx's Cons!

The Toplane: Yasuo-Irelia: Yasuo: -Yasuo has much damage in short time
-Yasuo can block very much abilities with his W
-Yasuo can confuse his enemies with his E
-Yasuo has a strong kit, all in all and a very useful Ultimate for the Teamfight or to beat somebody in a 1v1 at Laning Phase for example

Irelia: -Irelia has a strong kit
-Irelia has a disable for Champions who need to come near to kill her for example or for champions who are low and try to escape (then you can easiely do the Q-E Combo and you can kill the enemy with auto attacks or with your Ultimate)
-Irelia has a strong Laning Phase
-Irelia still is strong in the Late Game

The Cons of each other's champions are the pros for the champions itself! I mean Yasuo's Pros are Irelia's Cons and Irelia's Pros are Yasuo's Cons!

The Jungle: Vi-Malphite: Malphite: -Malphite is tanky
-Malphite can farm good in the camps, which have more than 1 or 2 neutral monsters (with his E)
-Malphite scales in the Late Game VERY GOOD!
-Malphite can easiely make a Combo with Yasuo in Teamfight, this is really good if you want to make an easy pentakill with Yasuo

Vi: -Vi has a strong kit
-Vi has good farming abilities
-Vi has much CC (Croud Control, this means that you can control many champions at one time)
-Vi has many temporarily disables
-Vi is tanky and does much Damage and scales in Late Game VERY GOOD!

The Cons of each other's champions are the pros for the champions itself! I mean Malphite's Pros are Vi's Cons and Vi's Pros are Malphite's Cons!

These arguments were the Matchup! If you read this, you know really much about Counter playing Now and this is really Important for Silver League! But Later we come to the Positioning and this is even more Important!

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Improvements to Summoner Spells

Now we come to the Improvements: I try to keep it as short as I can, but there are many important points to come into Silver League and if you are Silver League and have much knowhow you can maybe also come Gold League with this knowhow! So its useful for every League in my Opinion! So if you want to become a Silver-Boy/Girl, then keep reading!

Midlane: Annie-Katarina: Annie: -Annie actually did everything right in her picked summoner spells with Ignite and Flash, she can easiely outplay Katarina with some knowhow in how to play Annie!

Katarina: -Katarina actually did everything wrong, she should have picked Barrier and Flash as Summoner spells to be able to outplay Annie, although she get stunned, and Barrier gives you more Saftiness, this is what you need with a Katarina against an Annie!

Botlane: Thresh-Leona and Varus-Jinx: Thresh: -Thresh counters Leona actually in higher Elos, because he has a disengage with his E, but if there is a Bronze Thresh you can pick Leona, because he doesnt know that he has a disengage for Leona
-Thresh picked Exhaust and Flash, which is very good for Leona and for countering Jinx's Passive
-Also Thresh picked Flash for an escape, with Thresh i would always pick an escape summoner spell (like Flash, Ghost or Teleport, Flash is best in my Opinion)

Leona: -Leona has much disables, which can be very good against a Thresh
-Leona can engage even if Thresh pulls her, actually if Thresh trys to engage on Leona, Leona will always win the Trade with her ADC, because she can engage on Thresh or Thresh's ADC then and then Thresh has no Chance for safing, unless he has his lantern and his flash, then he could flash and put his lantern to his ADC, so that he can take it and escape with Thresh to the tower for example, if he reacts good only!

Varus-Jinx: Varus: -Varus can protect hiself good
-Varus picked Heal and Flash, so he has a realistic chance to survive trades with Leona and Jinx
-Varus has strong kit to outplay Jinx and Leona if Thresh is doing well and blocking Jinx's and Leona's abilities

Jinx: -Jinx has strong kit to outplay a Varus if his Support is missing, she just has to do her E behind Varus and her W on him, then she attacks him some times and he is done
-Jinx should have picked Heal and Flash for more Saftiness in Lane for Varus damage, Barrier would also have been good, because she can block a sniper Varus's Q and survives then maybe with some low HP

Toplane: Irelia-Yasuo: Irelia: -Irelia has a strong kit against Yasuo
-She could have picked Ignite and Flash or Ignite and Teleport to kill Yasuo even faster and dominate her Lane, in the end she would have more advantages to carry then most likely, like saving drakes or barons and killing the enemy carries
-Irelia is strong in Laning Phase against Yasuo
-Irelia can easiely outplay Yasuo if Yasuo wants to trade with her, she just has to jump behind him or on him and does her E and then her Ultimate and Ignite and Yasuo wont have a Chance to escape, unless he has got Flash, but even then Irelia would also have chances to kill him still, for example if she also flashes or if she bought boots already, or if she does Q or if Yasuo has a slow from her E still

Jungle: Vi-Malphite: Vi: -Vi has a strong kit to outplay Malphite in the Late Game solo, unless Malphite is very fed and Vi not, but this is very unlikely
-Vi has much CC to kill the Carries or to do better ganks in the Early Game than Malphite, because Malhpite just has a slow and some damage, only at lvl 6 Malphite is very dangerous, because then he has an Ultimate Gank with his Ultimate, Vi can gank in the Early Game already, because she has this little knock up of her Q and a slow and if she has got red-buff and her E and her Q it's very often a safe-kill-gank, also Vi is tanky in Late Game and can easiely kill the enemy carries with this advantage

Malphite: -Malphite is very strong in Late Game and has a Chance to do good ganks at lvl 6 and do good plays in Late Game, like engaging and comboeing with Yasuo's Ultimate
-Malphite can farm very well in Early Game, when Vi trys already to do good ganks, but the problem is that Vi also can farm very well with her abilities in the Jungle
-Malphite is very tanky also in Late Game and can be a very important Role in the Game then

That were the improvements for the Summoner Spells, the Improvements for the Build I will add later!

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Team Work

Teamwork: Teamwork is one of the most important points in League of Legends! League of Legends is a Team-Game, this means you have to work in Team to win your Game, unless you are a Pro and fight 1v5 and kill all 5 in the 1 minute or something like this.

Teamwork means that you have to keep a look at all, Warding, Map Awareness, Positioning, Farming, Matchups, Laning Phase, Mid-Game, Late-Game, Team-Composition, etc.

If you have Teamwork and have a positive attitude, like going into a ranked with a smiley in your face for example! :-)

POSITVE ATTITUDE IS THE KEY TO COME SILVER! Don't be demotivated or negative in your attitude, when you want to play rankeds!

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Farming is another very important point and you will need to practice this if you want to come Silver League!

Now i will show you how to practice Farming:

-Go into a Custom Game or play some Normals
-Try to keep a look at your minion-score after 10/20/30/40 Minutes, try this in many Games and you will improve more and more, try to want to get more and more minions, because it's simple:


Here I show you a simple creep-score that you should have in every role, unless you are a Jungler:

After 10 Minutes: At Least 60 Minions, 70-80 would be better (Silver League), 80-90 you are very good in Farming and get almost every Minion

After 20 Minutes: At Least 120 Minions, 130-140 would be better (Silver League), 140-150 or 160 you are very good in Farming and get almost every Minion

After 30 Minutes: At Least 160 Minions, 170-180 would be better (Silver League), 180-190 or 200 you are very good in Farming and get almost every Minion

After 40 Minutes: At Least 220 Minions, 230-240 would be better (Silver League), 240-250 or 260 you are very good in Farming and get almost every Minion

Of course this isn't that easy if you start practicing it, but you will improve your skills more and more and will get Silver even faster, when you can farm very good.

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Now we reached the point Knowhow! And you are very close to Silver League! You almost read the whole Guide! First of All I thank you for Reading till here! And now let's get started!

Bronze-League: You know how to get At Least 60 Minions after 10 Minutes and 120 Minions after 20 Minutes, etc., you know how to play One Role OK, You know the essentials, you know, which Champions there are in the Game(optional)

Silver-League: You know how to get At Least 80 Minions after 10 Minutes and 140 after 20 Minutes, etc., you know how to play Every Role Good, You know the essentials very well, you know, which Champions there are in the Game(this is very likely)

Gold-League: I can't say much about this League but i give you my tipps that i think are important to come into Gold-League-->You know how to get At Least 90 Minions after 10 Minutes and 160 after 20 Minutes, etc., you know how to play Every Role very Good, but you are proffesional in One Role and know almost every Champion in this Role and you know how to play the Champions, which belong into this Role, you know the essentials profesionally, you know, which Champions there are in the Game(very very likely)

Platinum-League: Same as Gold League(I can't say much about this League but i give you my tipps that i think are important to come into Platinum-League)-->You can farm professionally, you know how to play every Role and you know At Least 3-4 Roles of the Game professionally, you know the essentials very professionally, you know, which Champions there are in the Game

Diamond-League: You understood the whole Game, are profesionally and play very well

Master-League: You are even more good in the Game than a Diamond-Player and know the Game very well, you know how to position in every Situation, etc.

Challenger-League: You have reached the Best League of the League of Legends, you understand everything in the Game, you are Pro, maybe you are in the LCS or in the Worlds

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Ranked Play

Now we reached Ranked Playing: In Ranked Playing you should really be sure that you can do it, I mean that you can carry the Game, no matter what happens, you are the Leader, you carry everything, you know what you do, you have positive attitude. If you fulfil these important points you should definitely win your Game!

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Positioning i will make Later!

Guide Top

Thanks! And Good Luck for your Raneked Games!

Thanks for reading my Guide!

If you want you can add me in LoL, my name there is Romfed

My Youtube-Channel is GreenScreenHD, if you want you can subscribe me, give me likes or dislikes and comment my Videos!

Thanks for reading and learning in this Guide, hopefully :-), it would be nice if you can give me some feedback, what to improve in this Guide or what you want to know, then i will change/add this, as fast as I can!


Romfed :-)

And Good Luck for your Ranked Games!


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