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Jinx Build Guide by Patool

AD Carry How to Diamond: Jinx! In depth guide (Matchups and builds)

AD Carry How to Diamond: Jinx! In depth guide (Matchups and builds)

Updated on October 16, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Patool Build Guide By Patool 8,754 Views 4 Comments
8,754 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Patool Jinx Build Guide By Patool Updated on October 16, 2014
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Jinx is one of the best adcs in the game when played correctly. She got slightly nerfed from release but with good positioning and attack move it's able to dish a LOT of damage from the distance.


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Pros / Cons


+Godly push (Towers and creeps)

+ Switcheroo! rocket form has 700 range at level 5

+Global ult with good damage that scales off targets' missing health

+ Zap!scales very good and has a very tough slow

+INSANE teamfight damage

+Nice repositioning with passive



-No reliable movement abilities or escape(Besides pasive Get Excited!)

-Easy to reach vs assassins or initiators

-Requires good positioning

-Loses trades with bursty adcs( , , , ) since she specializes in doing sustained damage from afar
-She doesn't even think about once about blowing stuff up

- Flame Chompers! positioning changes depending on where you cast it (sometimes gets in a weird shape if you cast it to a wall, for example) and has 1 sec to arm.

- Zap! cast time could be a little hard to get used to

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Skill Sequence


Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Why Q?

This is what you have to do 90% of the time. Each point in Switcheroo! gives more bonus attack speed per stack for a total of 130% bonus AS with Switcheroo! level 5. You can put 1 or 2 points in between Ws if having a hard time in lane and need zap to farm/harass.
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The Bloodthirster, BOTRK or Essence Reaver Discussion

Well, most of the time you want to go BT since it gives survivality, BUT, Reaver gives you mana on hit, cdr(Not to useful tho) and the same attack damage BT gives but 10% less lifesteal. Also, Reaver is slightly cheaper.

So, if you're doing really well/don't need the bt shield and want to poke more with Q and W without having mana problems, Get Reaver over BT. Always pick one of these as a 4th item (Unless, how I explained in the build order, need survival as a 4th item and not 5th).

And sometimes, there's the case where you need BOTRK to deal with HP stacking champs and/or need the active to escape more easily. Also, since Jinx's attack speed is insane, there's not a bad idea to build botrk more often, but I PERSONALLY prefer to go BT/Reaver if there's not a hp stacking tank because of Jinx's insane AD scaling.

Note: When I say 4th item I'm not counting boots ok?
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Situational items

Runaan's Hurricane

This item gives you a lot of attack speed and makes you fire 3 rockets when using Fishbones (Which do splash damage and crit normally) and also gives you the 3 bonus attack speed from Switcheroo! instantly when using Pow-Pow. This is my favourite non-conventional item for Jinx, so if you wanna be hardcore and don't buy a defensive item get Runaan's. You won't regret it.
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Ranked Play, When do I pick Jinx?

I recommend picking Jinx when:

-You have someone in your team that can to peel (Defend) you in teamfights.
-The enemy team does not have too much hard cc
-You have good initiation in your team

The supports I like to have in my lane when I play Jinx are sups with strong cc or MS boosts (Ali, Blitz, Sona, Janna, Leona or Orianna are good examples) and I think the bests are Lulu and Nami

I don't recommend picking Jinx when the enemy team has a good all in cc initiation (Leona, Ali, Zac) because of the lack of mobility she has and she can't dodge skillshots easily. Another bad situation to pick Jinx if you are not used to her is when the enemy team has some specific assassins, the ones that can 1 hit you way too easy. Those are Zed, Talon, Kha, Rengar and assassins in general. Some are just impossible to escape from.
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ADC Matchups [All explained with my personal opinion]

DISCLAIMER: This only takes in account matchups as in a lane versus and doesn't count supports.

: Easy breezy. While Ashe's stronger the first levels due to Focus's critical strike and Volley combo, she has 600 range (Remember jinx's minigun has 525 range and fishbones has 700 range at lvl 5 but much less in the early levels). But Jinx has far more damage since ashe has only 1 damaging skill in lane ( Volley) so you outtrade her a lot. Jinx's ult has more damage at lvl 6 (Assuming the target's is missing some health) plus ashe's ult doesn't not scale from ad, so it doesn't gain damage from items as the game goes on. In addition, she hasn't got a skill to dodge your skillshots. Watch out for enemy engages with Ashe's ult though!.

: When you face Caitlyn the problem is in the early game, you can't dodge her Q, but she can dodge your Zap! and Super Mega Death Rocket! with her 90 Caliber Net if she's a good player. BUUT, you outdamage her insanely in the mid/lategame and outrange her by 50 range when Switcheroo! is maxed.

: This lil' guy is pretty powerful. You can't dodge his LONG range low cd poke Missile Barrage and when he goes all in (Engages) he reduces your armor and f***s you up pretty bad in a 1v1. Be careful with Corki and try to farm safely and poke him from afar when you can.

: Good ol' Draven. He's unmatched at dueling as an adc. In every way. Don't trade early game with him because you just can't win if you don't have a hard or displacement cc support as Leo, Lulu, or Janna, so you'll have to stand (hehe) him. Fight him only if he lost his axes or has Stand Aside on cooldown. However, you outrange him a lot, so in mid-late game try to hit Draven from afar.

: Ezreal is pretty hard for Jinx because he can reposition with Arcane Shift and dodge your Zap! or your ultimate, super mega death rocket, which is pretty painful. You have an advantage on attack speed and damage overall, but never underestimate Ezreal because a good one can outplay you and f***k you up if you give him the chance.

: Another guy that can dodge your skillshots, and True Grit makes him pretty tanky. However, you outrange him as usual, so take advantage of this. Be careful if he gets too close because Buckshot does more damage the closer you are to Graves 'cause you can get hit by more than one bullet. I recommend farming and poking, and being careful on lane all ins.

: Beats you in trades because Double Up resets her attack timer, and his Impure Shots prevents you from healing and boosts her AS. That's what makes Miss Fortune the goddess of early game trades. I recommend farming and trying not to trade much from his range because she f***s with your lifesteal.

: This one's easy since she has the same range as you have with your minigun. Quinn has 525 range, that is below average (550), so this must be a piece of cake for you. And if she uses Vault just throw your Flame Chompers! where she lands. If you don't get blinded too much this should be easy. The only possible issue is the burst damage of Quinn's ult second cast, but shouldn't be too hard.

: Varus is similar to mf, he trades, bursts and also prevents you from healing, and he also has more range than mf too(575) and has CC. BUT, varus can't do anything to dodge anything from you, so you should be okay if you don't get damaged too much. Be careful in lane and never let him use his ult against you direcly pre-teamfight and always get away from the slowing field from Hail of Arrows and you'd be fine.

: Vayne doesn't have damaging spells, she's pure movement and basic attacks, so, no burst. But she has 2 seconds in Tumble, so she can dodge anything if she's any good. Be careful and poke from afar. You outdamage her HARD, just try to hit her from afar in teamfights and that's it. Get away from the walls so she can't Condemn you.

: Twitch is easy to poke with long range, so no big deal besides his great attack speed from Ambush and the range from Spray and Pray in teamfights. Don't let Twitch sneak up on you lot because he's pretty bursty and a late game monster.

: Trist has one of the best attack speed steroid on the game, that's what makes her the late game monster everyone talks about. She's another adc that prevents you from healing with Explosive Shot. She and Kog'Maw are the only adcs with an attack range as long as yours (Excluding Twitch's ult, which gives somewhere between 900 and 1000 range). Be careful with Tristana because she can also put you in a bad position with Buster Shot.

: Koggy has a long range slow that stays on the ground a few secs, resistance reduction with Caustic Spittle, damage per max health, a passive as boost and a low cd EXTREME range poke. This one is pretty hard to deal with if he's a good or above average player. Although, he's squishy like hell and Kog'Maw has zero ways to escape from anything. He hasn't got anything at all that provides movement. This is a clear advantage. Nevertheless, he has the same range as you only when his Bio-Arcane Barrage is active, so be smart and engage him when it's on cd. Pay attention and dodge Living Artillery when possible.

(Coming soon!)

(Coming soon!)


Jinx is good against in lane against:

Skill matchup

Jinx is bad in lane against:


Disclaimer: This is my point of view and personal opinion, you can agree with me or not.
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Who am I?

I'm Patool and I play on LAS server. I'm currently low Diamond and I've been playing since May 2012. I'm and adc main. I play a lot (5000 games in total, nearly 900 of them are ranked).
I'm from Argentina, I speak native Spanish and I try my best at English <3

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