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Yasuo Build Guide by Bromato Soup

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bromato Soup

How to Nicely Pass Wind on Your Enemies - Top Lane Yasuo

Bromato Soup Last updated on January 6, 2014
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Hey guys! I'm Bromato Soup and I'm hopefully going to help you understand how to use and be better with Yasuo! Yasuo is by far my favorite champion since the day he came out I have tried to play as many games as possible and I completely love his play style!
Please note this is my very first guide and I really would enjoy lots of feedback and other possible ideas!

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About Me

This is part completely about me, if you don't give a **** (I don't blame you) then continue to scroll down to the guide. c:
I should point out that my name on League was because my brother walked into my room and typed his gaming name in and so now I've kind of claimed it as far as League of Legends, he owns it everywhere else. I literally mean EVERYWHERE. I originally started out play DotA on Warcraft III and I had a friend that played DotA and League and would continue to stop playing games with me to get on League and my computer at the time was horrible and couldn't run a lot of games. I later got an upgrade to a better computer and basically ditched DotA (mostly because of the people that played it, although a lot of the people on League aren't much better) and joined my friend in League. Ever since then I've just gone further and further into PC gaming and think it's the only way to game, no h8 plox. I plan on starting a YouTube series very soon and possibly streaming on Twitch, this guide will boost (lower...? D:) that consideration!

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Why Yasuo?

Why should I play Yasuo? Well a better question might be why wouldn't you play Yasuo? He's a really fun champion and makes people rage for dayz in games. He can make so many plays and can completely wreck everyone in the game, I've practically hit a Volibear while we was the tankiest of his team. You destroy carries in two hits, so, why wouldn't you play Yasuo?

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Pros / Cons


  • Very mobile
  • Huge amounts of damage
  • Fun to play
  • Avatar references
  • Epic title
  • Short cooldowns

  • Fairly squishy
  • Hard to master
  • Can't 1v5 at level one
  • Requires a lot of dexterity, I hope you leveled up dex on your birthdays...

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Laning with Yasuo in my opinion is fun versus most champions. When laning with Yasuo it is important to keep in mind that with one point in his Sweeping Blade it does 140 damage with four stacks, which makes this great in quick a harassment. Simply "last hit" the minion with his E and be sure you won't run into the enemy, if you do simply Q and dash back to safety, do this a few times and once at four stacks of dash onto your foe and them for a significant amount of damage to begin to give you lane control. One of my favorite things about Yasuo in the laning phase is how much he can harass without being touched. All you must do is when they go up to last hit one of your minions Q them. Another way I harass in lane is by using my Q while they stand behind their minions so that you get more lifesteal from your quints and the minions don't get mad at you and bash your skull in, we all know Riot needs to nerf the minions... One thing that MUST be done while laning as Yasuo is always keep your passive up, it allows you to exchange so much better than your opponent most of the time (if they don't have hard cc like Riven). Always move in lane, attempt to move too quickly for your opponents to react and do damage back to you, such as quickly chaining an E , Q , if you can, a basic attack and another E to escape.

tl;dr? Use Sweeping Blade a lot and harass with it, Steel Tempest on the opposing champion while they are behind minions and you won't get beaten by minions, combo your Sweeping Blade and Steel Tempest and try to land your third stack of Steel Tempest on the enemy and minions.

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Yasuo has an extremely versatile kit. He is focused around avoiding damage as shown by his passive, Way of the Wanderer , and his W, Wind Wall . So many times I have outplayed a fed ranged carry or even screwed up an entire burst from Lux because of Wind Wall . Then his Q, Steel Tempest , has a 1.33 second cooldown and does ~300 damage easily without critically striking. With a crit and 400 damage it can easily do 1k damage with Infinity Edge . Then his E, Sweeping Blade, has a .1 second cooldown that is a tenth of a second for an escape/initiation tool that does decent damage. His E chains his combos and can get you out of sticky situations if used properly.

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When I run off into my lane, blaring my Pandora station, (Pandora advertising much?) I buy a Doran's Blade, health potion and a warding totem trinket. ( )
On my first back immediately after first blood, my lane opponent backs out, or I find I'm getting pushed too hard but have enough gold (1125 is good) I buy an Avarice Blade and Boots of Speed. ( if you farm enough you can get Avarice Blade and Zeal on the first back)
After that I try to farm as much as possible and buy a Statikk Shiv as soon as I can. I used to not believe in Statikk Shiv and went for a Youmuu's Ghostblade instead, I later found out how great Statikk Shiv is at farming and how it gives more damage output. From here my build is fairly straight forward and I go back only as needed. I build a Zeal after Statikk Shiv instead of boots sometimes since they give a little more movement speed and other stats. After Zeal I usually get Boots of Speed and then build a Phage. From there I finish off both Berserker's Greaves and Trinity Force. After that I usually buy a Cloak of Agility to acquire 90% crit chance and finish off Infinity Edge on my next back. After that I build a Last Whisper and fill my last item slot as needed, although I usually top it off with a The Bloodthirster. But it may vary to Guardian Angel or a Frozen Mallet, depending on the situation. In theory you could sell your Berserker's Greaves for a Zephyr but that's totally up to you, you lose a small amount of movement speed, gain a little damage and tenacity which is nice against hard cc teams.

Doran's Blade, Health Potion, Warding Totem
- Avarice Blade, Zeal- --> Statikk Shiv
Zeal, Berserker's Greaves, - Phage + Zeal- --> Trinity Force
- Cloak of Agility, B. F. Sword/ Pickaxe- --> Infinity Edge
Last Whisper The Bloodthirster/ Guardian Angel/ Frozen Mallet or whatever you think you'd like. If you want, sell Berserker's Greaves and get a good ol' Zephyr.

This is an important bit to read about Trinity Force, but due to it being long I am going to hide it from your innocent eyes. c:

Spoiler: Click to view

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Playing Yasuo

When I play Yasuo I tend to stay top and push that lane until it's at their inhibitor turret because that allows my team to put more pressure on the other towers, getting us objectives, while the enemy team is freaking out that a Yasuo is pushing their lane in. Be wary, people gank very often when you do this and that is for reasons that should be fairly obvious. (They don't want you to take the inhibitor...)
Kiting is something that is great to master on Yasuo, with your Trinity Force you gain 20 movement speed from using your Steel Tempest while gaining game changing, play making, total rapination stacks on it. Once you get three simply Steel Tempest, Last Breath, and finish them with a few Steel Tempest casts and basic attacks. When you kite it's useful to make the people chasing you to bunch up so one ult catches all of them and they are all in a nice line for you to Steel Tempest and get a double, triple, or quadra if you are fed/good enough. While alone in a lane with Yasuo always be ready to use Sweeping Blade to reach safety. This "safety" may not be what you call safety, what I mean by this is the ability to kite the idiot that came up alone while you kite them and quickly stomp their faces in. Utilize Sweeping Blade to the fullest when kiting/engaging because it is very, very useful.
One huge thing that will save you and get you thousands of kills with Yasuo is practicing reading enemy champions to learn when to use Wind Wall and keep them on the other side of it. For example many people wait until you are nearly in the bush before they pop all of their spells, using this knowledge I ran at a bush that I knew a fed Lux was in and used my Wind Wall just as she used her snare, dashed behind her using Sweeping Blade and proceeded to kill her without getting scratched. I'm not kidding, she did nothing because she used all of her spells so quickly to burst me that she didn't get to touch me.

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Coming soon/conlusion

I hope all of you enjoyed reading this guide! I worked for hours on this (most of that was learning all of the ways to type stuff in) and partly because I would space out listening to my Pandora station.
I know that this guide isn't the best looking in the least but I am going to make it:
[*] Look better
[*] Make it easier to read
[*] Include videos demonstrating some of these techniques (get it? Avatar. Techniques? I'm so funny...)
[*] Include match-ups
[*] Make it less serious all the time
[*] Add lots of numbers showing which items are best for doing the most damage possible
[*] Put my YouTube/Twitch links on here? :o
[*] Implement things you guys would like to see!
Please give me feedback on this guide, I enjoyed making it for you guys and I'd love it if you gave me a rating and a comment about what you'd like to see! Thank you so much for reading my guide and upvoting (downvoting...? D:) my guide! I plan on constantly updating this, daily most likely, to make it easier to read and less serious! Once again I hope you enjoyed my guide and good luck out on Summoner's Rift/Twisted Treeline/Crystal Scar!