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Shaco Build Guide by Abu Mosah

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Abu Mosah

How To Play Shaco In PreSeason 7

Abu Mosah Last updated on November 28, 2016
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Shaco Jungle


Shaco Top

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Shaco Changes

Shaco Got Nerfs To His Early Game But He Got Better Scaling Over all

So Now His Q Deceive Last for realy short time early on But Once You max it you get 1 more secound of invisibility
this makes you can't do lvl 2 invade anymore so its better to farm to get lvl 4 and puts 2 points into your q Deceive before you start to gank

his w Jack In The Box didn't changed

his e Two-Shiv Poison base dmg got lowerd (now has half of the old base dmg ) but has better ad scale and deal missinghp% dmg

his ult Hallucinate now drops 3 mini boxes when the clone explode can save you'r life sometime

So over all his early game nerfd but his mid-late game got buffed a but with this hybird build you will still 1 shot squishies

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Jungle Route

Normal lvl 4 Route is

Blue - Groump - Wolfs - Red - Krugs

This Make you lvl 4 and almost full hp and ready to gank if u are low u can get scuttle crab or the new plant that gives hp and mana

u can do lvl 3 Route and gank a lane but you can't do a lot with 1.5 secounds of stealth
the route must be

blue - wolfs - red

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Now you have all of your abilitys so u want to q Deceive and go behind your enemy
then put a box Jack In The Box behind you then aa your enemy if he flash away he must get feard from the box now you e Two-Shiv Poison and ignite Ignite if u need to
this is the basic early game gank

if you have your timat you must active it after your first aa

if you have your gunblade u can use it with the e after he run or flash away or use both of your e and gunblade after your aa timat combo so u burst your enemy or sometimes 1 shot him

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Core Items For Hybird Build :

The core item in this build

give 40 ad - 80 ap and passive makes you heals of all of the dmg you dealt

also aweasome active that deal magic dmg scales with ap and can broke thunderlord (count is aa or normal spell)
so you can broke your thunderlord with aa e and gunblade active this makes your burst quick and strong

The 2nd Core item in this build gives you lot of things most important things are
cdr - +50%ap scale on your q sheen effect so your q deal 100% of your total ap - 80ap
helps you 1 shoting your enemys and desroying enemy towers

The 3rd item core item in this build gives 50% attackspeed 80 ap 20%cdr
the attackspeed helps you take down towers and push or clear jungle a lot faster
the ap increase your overall dmg
cdr is realy usefull on shaco lower cd helps you espace or going back in faster in teamfights or broking sheen more often

gives the highest ad u can get from 1 item 75 and 12% lifesteal (+ your gunblade heal you will get 30-40% of your full hp by 1 auto attack )
the passive help you wave clear waves and jungle
the active is nice for 1 shoting is at give more burst

gives the highest abillity power in the game
increase your overall dmg by a lot u must have this item in everygame if u reach late game or get fed

gives lot of ad (70) and some crit chance (20%)
the most important thing is the passive it increase your crits dmg
this means if u attack some one from behind and broke your passive
your aa will deal tons of dmg
also your q bouns dmg can crit and ie passive apply to it this mean your aa will do
100% of your normal ad + (80 + 50% of your total ap from the q Deceive) + (50% of your ap from Lich Bane ) + (15% of your ap from Nashor's Tooth) also if you attack from behind and broke your passive this dmg will increased by (145% Backstab + 50% Infinity Edge this dmg is insane and it just from auto attack

other items soon

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I Will Add Lot Of Things And Other Builds Here In Few Days