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Kled Build Guide by ryzetrox


By ryzetrox | Updated on December 11, 2019
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Champion Build Guide


By ryzetrox
Big thanks!
My guide is now officially the best voted kled guide on mobafire! Thank you all! And a big thank you to TheSoulmario for teaching me and his twitch chat the ways of Kled. You can find him here at Be sure to check him out and leave a follow! There you can ask him any related kled guestions! I will be mostly playing on EUNE: TAIKASIENI87, EUW: Lee Sin Cosplay, NA: Ninjapoony. Holla at me if you find me in game.
How to not choke on a big one Back to Top
HELLO YOU BRAINWEASELS! What makes my guide better than every elses guides? CAUSE ITS MADE BY ME YOU DUMB SWINES.

Pros / Cons Back to Top
    -Extremely deadly combo throughout the game.
    -Very oppressive in lane.
    -Scales well into mid game.
    -Good burst with 2 items.
    -Very good roams.
    -Massive Base hp.
    -Can 1 v 2 top and jg.
    -Extremely sticky and snowballs super hard.
    -Fun personality.
    -Kled is one of the best champions for towerdiving. If you have someone like kayn or elise who can drop tower aggro you can constantly dive your laner.
    -Nice engage but horrible teamfight.
    -Needs some kind of defensive items.
    -Can get bullied by ranged matchups and tanks.
    -Useless when behind.
    -Half a champion when dismounted
    -Item dependent
Abilities Back to Top
Is YOU. This is what kled is. You have a second health bar. Your semi trustworthy immortal pet skaarl takes damage for you before you dismount and start taking damage yourself. You can win 1 v 2 with this passive EASILY. You can read the ability yourself so ill just give you a couple of tips
    -If you know you are about to dismount SAVE YOUR W until you do. You can get skaarl back faster with it.
    -If you throw your Q out before you dismount it will stay on your target even though you dismount
    -If you are gonna remount and you are 1 hp you can Q or flash to avoid taking damage while skaarl is running back to you
    -You remount from 5 auto attacks and a full Q.

Ensures that they dont escape so you can STAB THEM WITH YOUR LONG AXE. Basically you just throw a tether onto someone and if they stay in the range you yank them back, do damage and slow them for a **** ton. If you have landed your yank the only way to get out is to run from the range indicator. Not even Alpha Strike/ Sanguine Pool can stop this ability from doing damage.

This is 80% of your damage. Its a simple 4 hit passive that does max hp damage with the last proc. nothing more to it

This is a simple dash. You dash to a direction... You get a second dash if you hit someone... SERIOUSLY HOVER YOUR ****ING MOUSE ONTO THE ABILITY AND READ IT YOURSELF.
The only thing interesting about this ability is that only the second dash can go through walls..............................................

This is your big **** ability. You go roam mid lane. Roam bot lane. ROAM TO THE ENEMY JUNGLE AND BEAT THE **** OUT OF THAT EVELYNN FOR TRESPASSING!. Gives you a shield and does mx hp to the first enemy hit. Damage and shield increase the longer you travel.

Here is an ability showcase if you need it.
Runes Back to Top
Im going to explain every single rune on kled

You take this everygame. Nothing else comes close.

This is just frankly said ****. Gives you an "Energized" buff on your next auto attack after moving that heals you for a slight amount. Good on paper for sustaining laning phase but it doesnt work. Gives no dmg

I dont understand why you ever would take this. Gives you an attack speed buff after 1.5 sec in combat. Why the **** would you take this instead of conqueror or PTA? This is like taking lethal tempo on Draven . Why would you do that?

This is another great rune on kled! Take this against squishy top laners like Quinn, pantheon. My preference as of 8.23 ->!

Not optimal, but can be paired up with Deaths dance to create a small shield before engaging with your Chaaaaaaaarge!!!

This rune paires well with kleds all or nothing kit. Gives you back 13% of your missing hp after killing an enemy champion. Is very nice in close 1 v 2 situations.

Trash on kled. Gives you some of your R CD back and gives you mana after a kill. OMEGALUL

/ / These are all situational. Every one works well with kled. Choose according to the situation. Bloodline is REALLY situational but it can work against champions like teemo, kennen, jayce who are going to poke you to hell. Kled doesnt have any innate sustain so this could help you survive hard lanes easier.

Gives you more damage to low Hp enemies. This is what most kleds take. BUT YOU WONT BE TAKING IT CAUSE I TELL YOU SO

Gives you more damage to enemies with more HP than you. Completely useless since kled has one of the highest base HPs in the game and builds 2 hp items.

Gives you more dmg the lower you are. I take this so i can suprise but**** their jungler who comes to gank me when im low. YOU TAKE THIS CAUSE I TELL YOU SO

Situational. This works only on lethality kled. Other runes such as PTA outshines this!

Reworked DH is viable on kled! You stack it nicely and it increases your burst by TONS.

On paper this sounds good but in reality it doesnt. Kled already has enough mobility to catch onto enemies. This could work on midlane against a roaming champion like LeBlanc who you arent going to kill.

Dont take this. You dont have enough cc to proc this more than once in a fight.

Viable. heals you when you attack an enemy champion. Outshined by other choices in this tree

Best rune on kled on this tree. Gives you lethality when you dash.

I take this. Gives you a ward when you kill an enemy ward.

Gives you vision when you enter a bush.

This would seem like a great rune on kled BUT it got nerfed to the ground so dont take it.

/ / These 3 are all great runes on kled. Pick whatever fits your playstyle.

Complete garbage now. Every other rune outshines this one.

Complete garbage. Was never good on kled and it still isnt. Take this if you are mentally retarted and want to lose your games.

"Oh boy. Movement speed on a bruiser. YIPPIII..." no. As ive said countless times, kled doesnt need movement boosts. He already has enough mobility and stickiness in his kit.

A small hexdrinker. i take this agaisnt teemo, kennen and rumble.


Great rune for stacking CDR. You could go lucidity boots to get extra AD with this rune. Not recommended though

Boosts your bonuses from movespeed buffs. NOT GOOD anymore.

Nice rune! Been taking this a lot in my games.

Gives you more lane pressure. Wouldnt take over absolute focus!

Could be usefull? Havent tested this yet but i would probably take this on Jungle kled. You could pair it up with celerity. You would have some nice scuttle control. I cant name a champ that would beat you level 2 1 v 1

Games are now lasting longer so this is perfectly viable. Im taking this more often now.

Gets outshined. Viable against fiora and other extremely hard mathcups THAT ARENT TANKS.

?? could work on support kled but thats it. Bad rune.

Actually a nice rune on kled. You could take this when you are in a hard matchup like Jayce or something..

Is great on kled since you have massive base hp and if you plan to splitpush.

You dont have enough CC to make this rune usefull.

I take this everygame. Broken rune. You should consider this too

Good rune on kled. Gives extra burst on your AA after ulting since your R gives you a shield.

Great rune on kled thanks to his massive base HP.

Nice rune! Gives you armor and MR after 10 minutes.

Good rune on kled. Nice synergy with your massive base hp.


Could be good? I dont see you taking this over overgrowth though.

Gives no combat stats to an all in champion. Works if you take ignite or exhaust in laning phase. I wouldnt take this unless i was running it down.

please... Dont take this ****ing **** on my champion ever. Ill gut you like the dirty pig you are. Jokes aside this rune gives a small slow on your next auto attack. gets outshined by everything. If you need a slow build BORK.


Could work for some nutty plays over the himalajas? Havent tried it out but be sure to send me a clip if you make a nice play with this.

Doesnt work for me since i go boots early. Otherwise its nice. you can rotate faster i guess?

This rune is good no doubt about it but inspiration tree in general isnt what you want. This is good when you are **** at the game.

Im too lazy to make the rest of the Inspiration tree, but they are all nice runes which are SITUATIONAL.
Spells Back to Top
Flash and Teleport are your usual summoner spells.

You take Ignite against squishy lanes and easy lanes.
Exhaust is great against Jax/ Fiora and especially good against Illaoi
Laning phase Back to Top

Abuse kleds lane phase. You are extremely oppressive and even with the slightest lead you can punish your lane opponent hard with your high mobility and stickiness.

    -If your lane is hard you can just roam with your ultimate.
    -Poke your opponent with Q constantly
    -All in when your opponent gets low enough
    -After you get some items you can one shot your lane opponent without poking with Q. Remember that you snowball hard. After you get two kills this is what you will look like to the enemy team
Team Work Back to Top
After you have snowballed or fed your lane (you wont feed if you are over bronze 5), group with your team. You have nice mid game engage with your Chaaaaaaaarge!!!. Kled excells in midgame skirmishes thanks to his high early damage and his passive Skaarl the Cowardly Lizard. You can burst the AD with Titanic Hydra and melt the tanks with Black Cleaver at this point in the game.
Farming Back to Top
farming is hard with kled. Your Violent Tendencies makes it this way. Try to farm with Tiamat active and with your Beartrap on a Rope / Pocket Pistol. Wasting your Violent Tendencies means you can get engaged on freely for the next 10+ seconds.
Items Back to Top

This item is amazing on kled. It gives you everything you need. Health, Attack damage, 20% CDR, armor shred and move speed when you damage someone. This is your 100% core item that you build every single game. [unless you go lethality, crit kled].

This item is the second core item on kled. This is amazing on kled. Gives you Health, Attack damage, Waveclear and an amazing active that gives you more burst and a faster 4th Violent Tendencies. Cleave does so much damage thanks to your already huge base hp.

Your usual item build path is (DONT COPY AND PASTE THIS)

Item Sequence

Tiamat 1325
Boots of Speed 300
Phage 1250
Kindlegem 800
Black Cleaver 3000
Jaurim's Fist 1200
Ruby Crystal 400
Titanic Hydra 3500
Ninja Tabi 1100
Caulfield's Warhammer 1100
Vampiric Scepter 900
Pickaxe 875
Death's Dance 3600
Last Whisper 1450
Executioner's Calling 800
Mortal Reminder 2800
B. F. Sword 1300
Guardian Angel 2800

Im only gonna go over damage items here, since i mostly build full ad Kled.
This item is great on kled. You can sustain easily with your Q and you wont get bursted if you demount.
Strong item against high burst mages such as Veigar/ Annie. Gives you Ad, Mr and much needed CDR
Core item against squishies. Gives a huge movespeed boost and lethality for bursting those annoying Ad carries and mid laners.
You upgrade your tiamat to this if you need sustain and plan on splitpushing.
Great for killing high hp stackers like Volibear/ Zac
There are 3 situations you build this item in. If you are against perma splitpushers Jax/ Tryndamere/ Fiora, You want to splitpush yourself and if you reach full build. You sell boots for this item at full build.
duskblade of drakthaar Great item for bursting squishies.
Another great lethality item on kled. Gives you HP, AD, Lethality and a great active. You can use this active before engaging to dodge dangerous CC like Dark Binding.
Now that they made changes to steraks i think it might be viable! It now gives 50% of your base AD as BONUS AD which benfits kleds Q dmg.
Build this on kled and you can officially call yourself MENTALLY DISABLED. Kled has a pullback, slow, 2 dashes, an ultimate that is half the map wide. You dont need more stickiness.
Hardest matchups for kled. Back to Top

So here is a guide on your worst matchups.

This guy is a pain in the ***. He does massive damage with his Bellows Breath and can keep you locked down for ages. If you want to win the lane against him solo you will need 2 divisions more elo than him and a sacrifice to the gods. Heres a few tips.
Jousting can be used to dodge all of his abilities. This is your only counterplay against him. Dodge his Q E combo by dashing to the side and throwing a Q on him. Get your W on him and disengage. If you managed to dodge Q E you will win the trade. Just dont waste your 4th W on his shield. IN 8.2 HIS Bellows Breath NO LONGER CANCELS CC.

After level 6 you need to be careful. He becomes extremely easy to gank for. He cc:s you for ages while the jungler beats you to death.

He will most likely rush Bami's Cinder so you need to rush Tiamat to match his waveclear. After Tiamat you build Phage into Black Cleaver. Recommended boots are Mercury's Treads.

It really doesnt matter if you beat him in lane. He scales extremely well with his massive base damages, tankiness and huge CC with his ultimate Call of the Forge God. He becomes a raid boss late game. You CANNOT 1 v 1 him late game. He does too much Current hp dmg with Bellows Breath and too much max hp damage with his Living Forge

Pray that she has a brain aneyrusm. You wont beat her. Might as well afk.

Her Riposte is big pain in the ***. your Q is the most telegraphed ability in the game. If you want to fight her you will need to bait her W out. After 6 you lose lane. 100%

Your lane trades are simply. Your Q has a lower cooldown than her W. Throw a Q on her and bait out her W. When your Q is back up you will have a free trade on her. MAKE SURE NOT TO TAKE POKE FROM HER VITALS!
After level 6 this lane becomes impossible. You have huge base hp and this benefits fiora as she does max hp true damage with her Duelist's Dance and Grand Challenge. Late game she does 15% max hp true dmg with one proc.

Item Sequence

Black Cleaver 3000
Titanic Hydra 3500
Thornmail 2900
Death's Dance 3600
Phantom Dancer 2600
Guardian Angel 2800
This is your final build if you want to stop her splitpushing. You still cant 1 v 1 her without turret even though your build counters her.

Your biggest counter in teamfights.

Shen isnt a big deal in lane but he can **** you up hard in fights. If you are diving backline he will taunt you and block your W. Thats 80% of your damage. you need to bait out his Shadow Dash and dodge it with E. MAKE SURE THAT YOU DONT AUTO ATTACK IF THEIR AD IS IN HIS Spirit's Refuge.

You build your normal build. Mercurial Scimitar is a good option.

In lane if you are able to dodge his E you can all in and maybe kill him. Remember to dodge his Twilight Assault as it boosts his auto attacks to do even more max hp damage then they already do. If he tries to Stand United on to an ally just Chaaaaaaaarge!!! on his sorry ***. MAKE SURE TO MASTERY EMOTE AFTER THIS!!!!!!!
This champion is a B I T C H
His laning presence is huge, he is easy to gank for and is hard to gank. What makes him a kled counter is

- huge slow on his Boomerang Throw / Boulder Toss
- Movespeed boost and Max hp damage on his mini gnar Hyper / Wallop
- An escape ability Hop / Crunch
- Ulti that keeps you locked down for 3 years and 27 days GNAR!

Wrapping that up he has A slow, movespeed boost, a jump. How are you supposed to catch this dude exactly? You need to kill him in the early levels because as the game goes on he gets more tanky. His max hp damage wont fall off against you since you have almost 3k base hp at level 18. he does 14% max hp MAGIC DAMAGE while being tanky as ****. and remember. IF YOU MISS EQ IN LANE YOU LOSE! repeat after me. IF YOU MISS EQ IN LANE YOU LOSE!. So how do we build against the man. Pretty simple

Item Sequence

Blade of the Ruined King 3300
Mortal Reminder 2800
Adaptive Helm 2800
Mercury's Treads 1100
These items work well against gnar.

Splitpushing against gnar is pretty simple since he cant kill you if you get magic resist and lifesteal. Just be carefull if he has mates since gnar has insane CC.

Everytime i play against this champion i want to end my life.
This matchup is ALWAYS hard but if the jayce actually mains him this matchup becomes cancer beyond cancer. This is another matchup you just stroke out if you get dismounted. There is no way you are running away from him with 345 movespeed.

The matchups goes like this against

A bad jayce:
You jump on him, he outtrades your full combo

A good jayce:
He cancels your Jousting with his Thundering Blow / Acceleration Gate and he will combo you without you able to **** to him.

There arent really any tips for beating him other than ask your jungler for help. You can go in if he wastes one of his abilities on minions. if he wastes his Thundering Blow / Acceleration Gate you can kill him since the ablity is alot of his damage against you.

Item Sequence

Mortal Reminder 2800
Youmuu's Ghostblade 2900
Ninja Tabi 1100
Consider building these items. Ninja Tabi counters jayce hard.
League of Legends Build Guide Author ryzetrox
ryzetrox Kled Guide
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