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Fiora Build Guide by DiZzY2k

Assassin How to Solo-Carry Yourself out of Elo-Hell with Jungle Fiora

Assassin How to Solo-Carry Yourself out of Elo-Hell with Jungle Fiora

Updated on October 2, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DiZzY2k Build Guide By DiZzY2k 23 4 300,090 Views 44 Comments
23 4 300,090 Views 44 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DiZzY2k Fiora Build Guide By DiZzY2k Updated on October 2, 2014
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LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
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Hello fellow summoners,

I am virtually known as DiZzY2k on EUW and am a MobA player since DotA was still a laughed upon funmap in Wc3. I play LoL since the end of Season 2 and started to play SoloQ ranked seriously in the middle/end of Season 3, where I mostly played alone and carried myself up to Platinum 2 .

A big part of my wins I achieved with Jungle Fiora and as I haven't seen many people play her and there also aren't any good guides for the playstyle I think is the best, I just wanted to share some of my experiences with you. Furthermore she also has the 4th highest win percentage among all champions!

space If played correctly, you will be able to solo-carry a lot of games with jungle Fiora, however bad your teammates are. And I will show you how!
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+ Good early dueling potential
+ Insane damage and high "Penta-Potential"
+ Ability to solo-carry your ranked games
+ Easy mechanics (no skillshots)
+ High lifesteal and invulnerability while wrecking everything with her ultimate
+ Strong lategame

- Has a high ramp up time
- No cc and rather weak ganks early
- Squishy
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In my opinion jungle Fiora got a strong boost by the introduction of Feral Flare as a jungling item, which pushed her just into viability as a carry-jungler. And that is what this guide is about; CARRYING and maximizing DAMAGE. Fiora has one of the highest damage potentials among all champions and we want to abuse that to gain dem LPs!! By doing so we willingly pass on utility, tankiness and longevity. I know that this attempt gets worse at high Plat/Diamond elo levels. However, most players are below that level and those are who I am addressing with this guide!

My build is very well thought through and is not a yolo-I-just-add-random-things-together guide. I used a lot of input from well known streamers and learned from the best of the best and my goal is to strive towards the optimum with all my decisions. Thats why the guide is a little more detailed as most of the other guides you might be used to.
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ss You are a jungler. Every jungler in the game takes Smite. It lets you secure buff- dragon- and baronkills and increases your jungle speed.

ss We do not have any escapes and Flash gives us one. Furthermore we can use it to chase after fleeing enemies and get in range for our ultimate or autohits in teamfights and skirmishes. Generally this is just the best summoner spell in the game and does not need much more explanation.
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Our goal is to maximize damage against champions, so most of our mastery choices are obvious and do not need any explanation. 21 offense for all the good dps Masteries and 9 in defense for a decent HP boost to avoid oneshots and damage reduction from champions to be stronger in early ganks and skirmishes. However there are some debatable choices that I want to explain.

or ?

we already get attack speed from our Burst of Speed and thus CDR is more beneficial to us. It lets us use Lunge again a a bit faster in ganks, chases and teamfights, we can use our ultimate a little earlier and Burst of Speed gets off cooldown faster for better jungle clear as well. Even Riposte can be used slightly more often.

Why only 2/3 points here?

We want to take Blade Weaving and Spell Weaving as both are a good boost to our dps. Thus we need to pass on one point somewhere and this has the least dps loss as we do not build much AD but prioritize Armorpen.

Why don't we take this?

This guide is about carrying yourself as hard as possible without having to rely on your team very much. Expose Weakness does not help our own dps in any way, thus we skip it for things that do.


It is just a matter of calculation. Tough Skin gains us more HP as Recovery because we are constantly doing jungle camps and in this case the reduction is better than the regen. Recovery is mainly a mastery for laners.
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In Riot's champion spotlight Fiora's skills are perfectly shown and explained so i will just link the video instead of writing down what the skills do.


On Levels 1-3:

On Level 1 you want to take because the first level passively gives you 15 bonus AD and thus is the best choice regarding jungle speed here. You can also block hits from big monsters with its active. On Level 2 we take also because its the best increase in jungling speed. Level 3 we then take for engages and ganks as those are possible now because we just finished our second buffcamp.

From then on we follow this priority:


ss That Blade Waltz is our first priority doesn't need much explanation. It is what makes Fiora good. Take it if possible.

ss You want to max this second. It makes your jungle clear MUCH faster, as more attack speed results in more lantern proccs and that's all you care about early, you want dem stacks fast! The extra movement speed you get from maxing Burst of Speed also helps you run through the jungle faster and can make the difference between catching up to an enemy in a gank or not. Furthermore, more Attack speed means more aoe damage with tiamat and also more Flare proccs on champs as soon as it transforms.

ss We then max our Riposte over Lunge, as the extra AD we get from it just complements the attack speed from Burst of Speed and Feral Flare the best and also makes our Blade Waltz do more damage. Lunge is just used as a gapcloser and as we use the first of the two charges mostly on creeps the damage increase is not too relevant.

ss Max this last, the reasons are already explained above!
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Phase Rush
  • Greater Mark of Attack Damage Greater damage of course gives you faster jungle clear and better damage against champs. Armorpen however is a better choice for champion damage, as it scales better with our kit.
  • Greater Mark of Attack Speed The way attack speed scales, it ALWAYS gives you the best jungle clear early from all Marks. But it also gives the lowest dps-enhancement in ganks and towards mid/lategame because we already have an AS-steroid in Burst of Speed.
  • Greater Mark of Armor Penetration Gives no boost to your jungle clear-speed because because jungle creeps dont have armor, but it increases your dps the best against low armor targets early or in general as soon as you complete your Last Whisper. Percentage penetration is applied before flat penetration, thus the combination is really strong.



Phase Rush
  • Greater Seal of Armor No real choices here. Just get that armor to take less damage in the jungle and help against AD damage in general.



Press the Attack
Phase Rush
  • Greater Glyph of Attack Damage I advice to always take ONE of these. Your 3 AD Quints give you 6,8 AD and thus the 0,28 from the Glyph lets you get one extra AD
  • Greater Glyph of Magic Resist Take these only, if you fear to take some early magic damage. Against a heavy AP team with strong early gank and invade potential this is the right choice.
  • Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist Magic damage normally is not that high at the beginning of the game and ramps up immensely with items. Thus I highly prefer the scaling runes over the flat ones to avoid oneshots from farmed AP's. If we die in one cc-combo we cannot get our ultimate off, which makes or breaks teamfights or skirmishes.
  • Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction These are a more offensive choice and especially useful, when you are against a heavy AD team and do not need the MR. Especially using our ultimate a little earlier can be crucial and faster re-uses of Lunge can also make a difference.



Fleet Footwork
  • Greater Quintessence of Armor Penetration basically the same logic as with marks. Take this for more champion damage but less jungle speed.
  • Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage Take this for better jungle Speed and less damage against champions.

My Choice


Press the Attack
Arcane Comet
Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
  • I chose a mix between AD and ArmorPen with marks and Quints. As Armorpen scales so well with the AD from levelling Riposte I didn't want to go without it but also wanted to keep some AD for jungling speed. To reach maximum mathematical efficiency, we take AD Quints and Armorpen Marks. The other choices I explained above already, including why we take one AD Glyph.
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Core Items

ss As previewed above, this item complemented jungle Fiora's abilities in such a way that you can now carry a whole team in mid- to lategame. On-hit damage against creeps to clear camps early and against champs later to synergize with Fiora's high hit-frequency between Blade Waltz and Burst of Speed. Even after the nerfs this is still excellent on Fiora!

ss I chose not to put Ravenous Hydra here, because the upgrade is just a not so important bonus. The real deal for Fiora is Tiamat! This does it all. It obviously adds some AD and Lifereg but more importantly makes you clear jungle camps in instants, as well as gives EVERY hit of your Blade Waltz Splash damage. High attack speed with Burst of Speed means even more splash-proccs.

ss So this item is what lets your DPS go through the roof and it will give you most noticeable power spike from all items. This is, because Fiora passively gets a lot of AD from leveling up Riposte and thus armor penetration items are much more effective on her than AD. Even without much armor on the enemy team this still does a lot for your dps, especially if combined with flat armorpen from runes or The Brutalizer, wich you occasionally can build before LW, when there really is absolutly no armor on the enemy team, yet.

ss As i already explained, we want armorpen. Furthermore the armor debuff will be applied/refreshed, EVERY TIME an enemy is hit by our splash damage from Tiamat. Either with its active, while in Burst of Speed or during Blade Waltz. Q into the enemy team, use Tiamat active, get a couple of hits in with Burst of Speed and then watch your ultimate destroy everybody with -25% armor + all the armorpen from Last Whisper and runes+masteries. By the way, your whole team profits from the -25% from this!

ss Get this on your first buy. You started with the Stealth Ward because of the important lvl 1 vision in the river and at your buffs. As soon as you start ganking you want the Lense to clear wards and maybe open gank-paths. In the lategame you also want to upgrade this, so you can clear more wards and/or Teemo shrooms, see into Akali's shroud etc.


ss This is our default choice what boots are concerned. We still are squishy and can be killed by a decently fed carry in 1-2 crowd control spells. We want to be able to use our ultimate before this happens, which the tenacity helps us with. Also, we have a VERY high dps while in Burst of Speed and the less time we are cc'ed, the more damage we can dish out. The logic! ;-)

ss If the enemy team is very cc-light and has a lot of AD autoattackers, this item sometimes is a better choice than Mercury's Treads. Still I almost never end up picking this up, as even a lot of slows can already screw with your ability to stick to your primary targets.

ss Same logic as with Ninja Tabi, build this when mercury treads are not needed cause of a low-cc enemy team. This a more offensive choice than the Tabis and I would recommend using it most of the time if merc's are not needed. It lets you ulti more often and your gap closer comes available faster which can make a difference in chases or teamfights!

Last-Item Choices

ss This is the go-to Last-item for Assassins and I would recommend it for most of the games; it basically never is a bad choice. However, there is some room for preference and personal choice, as well as some situations where other items can be situationally better.

ss If you are against a heavy hitting AD team with a lot of auto-attackers this is a good choice as well. Especially if you feel you need to up your HP-pool because you are getting oneshot often before you can do anything, this might be a good option.

ss This Item is especially good against teams that can not easily procc it and that have some premiere spells you want to block, like Javelin Toss or Unstoppable Force

ss With the lifegain from your Duelist, Ravenous Hydra and Dangerous Game proccs this item can be valuable for Fiora as well. Basically you want to think about this for the same reasons as Randuin's Omen Just against a lot of AP damage-dealers instead of AD. The CDR is a nice bonus as well! Especially in non-bursty attrition wars this item shines.

ss If you feel that you are not getting focussed, defensive stats are not really needed and you would like some more DPS, especially if the enemy seems to be too tanky for you to kill, build this item last. Due to the recent rework and the shield this gives + the lifesteal this had anyway, this also fulfills some defensive purposes.

ss I edited this in after the 4.10 rework. The base stats got nerfed, but the procc got buffed. The procc does physical damage and scales insanely well with all the armorpen we built. I think I already said many times, that Fiora is good at getting off on-hit proccs often! Get this if you do not feel the need for a defensive Item and the enemies are stacking a lot of HP.


ss When you reach 6 out of 6 items in the very lategame and you already upgraded your sweeping Lense, as well as permanently buffed yourself with potions it is time to sell your boots for a Zephyr. It is basically just merc treads + attack speed. Get this only if you can afford it in one buy though!
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At the start of the game you want to do three things.
  1. Tell your team you are a Flare-jungler, you will farm a lot, you won't gank very much early and they should play safe and get wards fast.
  2. Walk to your buff-camp that is close to your botlane (they can leash better and lose less by doing so) and place a ward in the river Brush around 1 minute.
  3. Tell your toplaner to ward the other of your buffcamps around 1:30. So you have good info and won't get screwed by random lvl 1 buffsteals.
space Your jungle route will be:
Buffcamp -> small camp -> buffcamp -> small camp -> gank with doublebuff.

You do one more small camp after your second buff so that you don't have to wait for creeps to arrive in lane. You generally only want to gank ONCE at maximum twice with your doublebuff and only if the lanes are not pushed. Otherwise just kill as many junglecamps as possible until your buffs respawn. When you see the enemy jungler somewhere, don't bother counterganking, unless you are right next to him. Just go to his jungle and take a big creep out of one of his small camps and thus slow him down.

From then on you only want to gank if success is relatively sure, so when you know there are no wards, the enemy laner overextends, is low HP or you have your Blade Waltz up. Your lvl 1 ulti does not do tons of damage, so you most likely still can't 100-0 somebody with it. When choosing lanes to gank, prefer those with a lot of cc as you only have dps and no stuns/slows. Call for drakes when you see the enemy jungler in toplane or you know 2-3 of their players are dead/low life.

Always buy 2-3 potions if you go back and use them! The more time you are on low life in your jungle, the more you are vulnerable to invades by the enemy laners or jungler.
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You farmed the **** out of your jungle, hopefully you were able to spike a kill or two and you just finished your Feral Flare + Tiamat and are on the way to your Last Whisper. You should be lvl 11 and around minute 15-20. This is where your "Penta-Potential" starts. With Tiamat you can clear camps in 3 seconds and you can focus on punishing laners and try to force small skirmishes and drakes. Play more aggressive now but try not to overextend. if you can ulti into 2-3 people, especially if they are all squishies, you will just destroy them. Be aware that you almost never want to start an engagement with your Blade Waltz unless you need it to survive or dodge a lethal spell or hit.

space Your engage combo in normal circumstances is:
Q -> E -> W -> Tiamat active -> get a couple of autos in -> ulti(after they start focusing you) -> E as soon you get a kill and it resets -> kill em' all!

Always try to jump on the priority targets and also use your Blade Waltz on them, as you will do your first and last hit 100% on the target you use it on. Also, you will follow the target everywhere when they move while your ultimate is active.

With your Burst of Speed up and all your ad you can drop towers very fast. Do it if you get the chance to!
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Basically, you want to do the same as in the midgame with more focus on running around with your team and taking objectives or defending them. Jungle camps are not as important anymore but you should still take them if you are close to one, as you will melt them in seconds anyway. You can also melt drake and Baron very fast and easy and should call for it if the situation is favorable for your team. Also, spam your upgraded Sweeping Lens around contested areas and clear wards whenever you can!

It does seem strange but you can actually be an initiator for your team. Jump into the enemy team as described above and while they take tons of splash-damage and they run around in confusion while you are invulnerable in your Blade Waltz, your team can take advantage and follow up. be careful with this though, as you will just die when your team doesn't follow.
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  • If you use Blade Waltz on Pantheon with his Aegis Protection up it will consume all the damage of your ultimate, you will still fly around and be invulnerable during that time tho.

  • If you gank, you can use the first charge of your Lunge to dash to a creep and then use the second charge to dash to the enemy champion. Also you can jump into tower range with Lunge, use Burst of Speed and kill somebody and then dash to a creep out of tower range.

  • When you anticipate flashes, you can ulti right before they flash away from you and thus follow them. Often they will even flash into a teammate and your ulti will jump over, granting you a doublekill.

  • When your Burst of Speed is up and the enemy runs away from you or stuns you, you can hit a creep 1-3 times to get the movement buff and maybe catch up to the enemy afterwards.

  • You basically never want to tax(take XP and CS) lanes, except you just killed the enemy laner or he went back and you want to help pushing it or your laner is not there and a big wave would get killed by your tower with nobody around.

  • Use "attack move" (A-click onto a point on the map) when an enemy went inside a brush you have no vision in. So you directly attack him when he is inside and in front of you.
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- Time buffcamps, dragons and barons in chat!

Spawn Timers:
  • Buffs: 1:55
  • Drake: 2:30
  • Nash : 15:00

Respawn Timers:
  • Buffs: 5 Minutes
  • Drake: 6 Minutes
  • Nash : 7 Minutes

So when you kill the last creep of the enemy redbuff you just stole at 13:25 you want to add 5 minutes and write in teamchat "18:25 tr". So you and your team know exactly when the buff will respawn and everybody can look it up in the chat history. TR=Their red; TB=Their Blue; OR=Our Red; OB=Our Blue; D=Drake; N=Nashor.

- Gank around wards! You don't have to run onto lanes directly through the river. Try to go through the enemy jungle and gank the lanes from behind or even through the tower(you might take 1-2 hits, but that can be worth it). I will try to add some pictures in the future.


SPACEPurple Side

- Train Smiting! Smite does true damage, so it always does the EXACT number that is displayed in the tool-tip. When you do drake for example, click on it, to see its HP. Then check your smite. if your smite does 650 damage, you want to smite the drake as soon as its HP drops below that. you NEVER want to smite early! In addition you can combine the smite with a high damage skill. Elise for example can easily smite drake with 1k hp with a Venomous Bite combined with a 650 damage Smite. This minimizes the enemy jungler's chances to smitesteal. You want to do this basically every time you use Smite; even on small camps!

- Don't get distracted by mad teammates that cry a river in chat about "my jungler never ganks", "enemy jungle on my lane all game" or "jungler u suck" and the likes. As long as they are toxic and don't ask normally and nicely for a gank or are constructive, put them on ignore and continue doing your thing.
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This is my first attempt at making a replaycast. I am still a bit unfamiliar with the production process and I also haven't casted stuff before. Let me know what you think, what I can improve on and if you would like a couple more of those. Sorry for the flickering interface, I don't know how that happened, if somebody knows how i can avoid that, i'd be happy to hear from you!

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This is my first guide so please bare with me. Still, it is my goal to make this guide one of the top Fiora-guides and thus I am very open and happy about constructive criticism in the comments and will try to continually work on improving the guide by it! Feel free to add me ingame for feedback or criticism as well!

I don't know many people here, yet, but I do want to thank "jhoijhoi" for her guide about BBcodes. It made stuff a lot easier for me! Also a big thanks to my homie "Lenorio" for the awesome header-images <3.


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League of Legends Build Guide Author DiZzY2k
DiZzY2k Fiora Guide
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How to Solo-Carry Yourself out of Elo-Hell with Jungle Fiora

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