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Twisted Fate Build Guide by [deleted]

AP Carry How to Tango with Twisted Fate

AP Carry How to Tango with Twisted Fate

Updated on February 14, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author oxide110 Build Guide By [deleted] 548 39 6,066,822 Views 174 Comments
548 39 6,066,822 Views 174 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author oxide110 Twisted Fate Build Guide By [deleted] Updated on February 14, 2016
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tfw this guide is **** add me on league IGN:Teleport ayy

Guide still being reworked

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  • Requires extremely fast reaction times to pull the right card in the right sitations.
  • Has a hard time in the laning phase.
  • Low Base Movement Speed & Very Squishy
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Summoner Spells

Allows us to reposition ourselves if we mess up, allows us to Flash in to land a stun with Pick A Card + Wild Cards Combo. A nessecary summoner spell for nearly all champions that don't have a dash or blink ability. I shouldn't need to explain this.

Twisted Fate's Burst does not have the potential to take someone from Full HP to 0 so Ignite really helps do that extra bit of damage up until we get our Lich Bane which really helps our burst potential.

With the decreased range on Twisted Fate's Ultimate Destiny I could see this being useful for extreme map presence however I do not use it simply because I prefer the benefit of running ignite. But everyone has their own preference, all in all not a bad spell to choose.

I run Flash and Ignite 95% of the time.
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In season 2 I used to take AD and and extra damage to minions and towers however with the changes to the masteries in season 3 it is not worth it to go that route anymore and as such I focus on maximising damage while also taking the 5% AP damage increase on the basic attacks which more then compensates for not having the butcher mastery, take note that I only put 2 points in the mental force mastery incase you missread it. ( I know I do sometimes :P)
Heck it's actually nice not having to spam blue card in lane phase to not go out of mana so I take points in that, more movement speed is nice allows us to catch up and run away from enemies really good. Reduced Summoner spell cool downs is actually AMAZING you can't miss out this mastery.
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Insight Runes are essential to let us actually do damage early, these really chunk through base MR and any additional mr runes they may be using (glyphs). greater seal of vitality Vitality Runes really help us become a little bit more beefy, TF has such a ridiculously low HP Pool and we need to make sure that if we take a little bit of poke we won't get insta bursted down a second later because we have no HP, these seals are essential for sustained trading. These Glyphs enable us to make sure that our damage is scaling throughout the game,your AP early does not really matter as you won't be killing anyone by yourself till probably level 9 or so, you will be killing people with other people's assistance before then though so we want our glyphs to kick in when they really matter which is later on for the scaling glyphs. Allow us to make up for our low base movement speed, Movement Speed is essential in the current meta and therefore it is great to have lots of it. Combined with Lich Bane and our masteries, it allows us to be really speedy which is essential as we want to catch people out, we want to strike fear into our enemies by popping up everywhere! (with ulti or without ulti!)
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Skill Sequence

I take one point in my Pick A Card for Level one purely for the utility provided at level 1 as a stun is extremely strong at level 1. This is very useful for invades, or for pulling a buff for your jungler.

I then proceed to max my Wild Cards as soon as possible as our primary damage source.

I also pick up a point in my Stacked Deck at level 4 for the additional burst and cdr, however I choose to max this last as Twisted Fate's other skills are far more useful.

You should level up Destiny every time it is available due to the reduced cooldown.
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Q: Wild Cards
Twisted Fate throws 3 cards forward in an arc, damaging enemies they pass through.

The highest non ultimate AOE ranged skill in the game with 1,450 range, wow. This is an amazing skill that can be used for 1 shot farming minions,ranged poke,zoning,ganking,stealing buffs & securing objectives.
A very versatile skill with a very low cooldown and it does decent damage.

W: Pick A Card

Cast once to shuffle the deck and again to choose your card, enhancing your next attack.

Twisted Fate's next attack will deal magic damage and will restore mana equal to 65% of the damage done.

Twisted Fate's next attack will deal magic damage and will damage all enemies within 100 range of the target for the same amount. All enemies hit will also be slowed for 2.5 seconds.

Twisted Fate's next attack will deal magic damage and stun the target.

A really nice Auto Attack Modifier, 3 Skills into one, heck why not :D?

A ridiculously low cooldown spell which is assisted by the passive CDR you get from your Stacked Deck

Free Mana, Highest Base DMG out of the 3 Card's available to us. If you are running low on mana you should pull the blue card as often as you can as it is free dmg and tops up your mana pool. This has an insanely low cool down so this provides us an excellent source of mana sustain.

AOE Slow, Really useful for clearing creep waves, great from escaping/chasing groups of people. A nice spell however not the most useful, however not to be underestimated.

Twisted Fate's Signature Move, the low cooldown stun, extremely useful spell. The potential to make great plays with this spell is huge.

E: Stacked Deck
Passive: Every 4 attacks, Twisted Fate deals an additional 55 / 80 / 105 / 130 / 155 (+40% of ability power) damage.

In addition, his attack speed is increased by 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 / 15% and his cooldowns are decreased by 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 / 15%.

Actually a very underestimated skill on Twisted Fate, Passive CDR is really nice, attack speed isn't very useful to AP Twisted Fate though.

However the Passive Damage is actually really nice, and helps supplement alot of damage before we have our Lich Bane built. You should always try and have your Stacked Deck ready before going in for a gank to maximise your damage.

R: Destiny
Reveals all enemy champions (including stealthed champions) for 6 seconds.

While Destiny is active, Twisted Fate can teleport anywhere on the map.

100% Map Vision on all champions for a while, could be used for checking objectives or for getting visions on the enemy team.

However the main use for this skill is to enable the use of the second skill of the Ultimate which is called Gate, this allows Twisted Fate to Teleport 5500 Units away from himself.
Sadly this does not mean we can reach top or Botlane while in MidLane.
However if we run up or down the river a little bit as shown by the screenshot below both of the lanes are extremely accessible for Ultimate Ganks.

This is the skill that really makes Twisted Fate, the huge map control and pacification caused by this Ultimate is huge. It allows top and botlane to have easier lanes as the enemy team should know that if they get to agressive Twisted Fate can just teleport in and DFG + Pick A Card followed by a Wild Cards and completely turn the tide of a battle by turning a situation into 2vs1.

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You should always be buying Sight Ward throughout the game, no matter what role you are playing!

First Buy: Boots Health Potion Health Potion Health Potion or Crystalin flask Health Potion Health Potion Health Potion Health Potion Mana Potion sight ward
Boots and pots are for an easy lane, cryastline flask is for when you need tons of regen because it is a hard lane you'll know you will need the hp to stay in lane to get your first back items.

First Back Buy Doran's Ring kage's lucky pick Health PotionX2 sight ward
I like going back, getting a bit of ability power,a little bit of gp10 income and a little bit of health from the dorans, also the mana regen is nice so that you don't have to spam blue card all day. I like to buy at least 2 health pots while going back into lane, placing a ward near your lane is also very useful to help keep a look out for the jungler. (See warding chapter for useful spots I recommend!)

Next Buy Sorcerer's Shoes Blasting Wand or Needlessly Large Rod if you managed to get a kill or 2.
This is where our spells start to hurt now before it's a bit of low dmg and utility that is all we are bringing, as soon as we get these items we start to become damaging and noticeable in the game.

Deathcap Buy Rabadon's Deathcap
Huge damage increase 30% passive really helps stack our ability power rapidly when we progress onto our other items. I rush deathcap over DFG because DFG's base damage is quite low without any ability power making it a very poor choice early on.

Choice Buys You can either go for Sheen or Deathfire Grasp first.
I left this as a choice on which to buy first because it changes alot on how you are going to play thhe game for 5-10 minutes. Personally myself I prefer sheen first then DFG as sheen helps to give me consistent damage, which is very useful for tower pushing and longer engages. Also I like to hold onto the GP10 for a little bit longer.

Burst Time Deathfire Grasp
Go back and get your DFG, we have a ton of ability power which makes the active on DFG actually useful now, proceed to gank a lane with your DFG and show the enemy team how strong you have become.

Hyper Burst Lich Bane
You will be absolutely demolishing towers with ease thanks to this amazing item, the MS passive is amazing, the ability power it gives is great and the on hit effect is huge.

Your decisions now!
At this stage of the game no game will be the same, you may have snowballed the game out of control or your team may be riding off your back (your carrying them). Items builds going to the 5th and 6th item aren't very reliable I have given a rough indicator of what would work great for 70% of your games but in some games it may not be as good or even very bad against certain teams.

I therefore leave the choice of items up to you, I did you the favour of writing a list of the items which I think are good and bad picks so you can decide based upon what you need.

Good items;

Helps burn through their MR to help keep your damage up, against enemies. Great Item nice bit of AP and great MR% reduction.

If the game is getting to the time where if one mess up is gonna throw the game or you find yourself getting burst down too quickly or just massacred by their bruisers. This is your go to item

Getting focused or dying to huge single target damage? When those pesky bruisers are just being to much of a pain. I really love this item and with the buff of the increased invulnerable time it's even more of a go to item.

This item has really fallen out of place due to how everyone knows how to counter it with just a simple bit of poke from afar and then you initiate a teamfight when the person's banshee is down. It does make you a little bit more tanky but it's an OKAY item.

Oh how I praise the god's for this item, I hate being supressed and even worse is me being moved around while being supressed, I also hate being cc'ed. This item is borderline op.

Not so good items;

Eww,we don't want to be close enough to make use of this. With the nerf of the range it should really only be saved for champions that must get in melee range champions like. Diana, Gragas etc..

It costs a hell of a lot and we want to just amass AP and as much burst as we can ASAP. A rylai's really delays our build alot. The utility it provides is also provided by our red card or even better our yellow card.

We don't need huge mana pool's. Karthus, Anivia and Ryze make good use of this item but we don't!

Nope, leave this to Swain Anivia Galio or as I like to call them the mana chomping birds :P

Perhaps not, on Diana it is fun but not for us :(

It takes to long to get good, we want power not tankyness and mana.

You have to use this on AP teemo it makes him into a explosive mushroom DPS king! but again not viable on TF

Buy Merc's if you want CC reduction

Gives nice MPEN a really early game orientated item though, it scales very poorly after 15 minutes.

Example End Game Builds

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Lane Matchups

In this match up section I will include all the champions that I have encountered and played against.

She snowballs if you let her, she will try and kill you when she get's 6 probably or roam to other lanes. Don't let her get kills. Push your lane with Wild Cards , Dodge SkillShots, Gank Other Lanes.

If you dodge Charm you should WIN this matchup if you manage to get kills when roaming

I used to think that this match up was easy, I was wrong a high elo player showed me that Akali can absolutely dominate TF.Keep your distance as much as you can and hope to god she is bad.

This is a BAD match up.

Easy lane PRE 6, she has slow moving skill shots and no damage early. Try and push as much as you can and co-ordinate with your jungler to attempt to deny her blue buff. So that she can't push relentlessly.

An okay matchup can go either way depends on skill level

Annie's Flash Combo hurts so much!
This matchup hurt's really hard I usually buy Triple dorans and also Merc tred's in the matchup. Make sure you have full hp and buy lots of health potions.

Her stun is longer range then you but is predictable make sure you keep a count on her passive.

Annie is quite a rare pick though.

This match up could go either way.

If you are caught in the combo your most likely dead, you don't want to get hit by any spells as his passive really ticks up over time.

He is hardly picked though but you should win this matchup if you play safe and then gank.

She really bullys you so hard call for ganks as much as you can.

Bad Match Up

Fizz is really annoying with his Tidal/Trickster skill that dodges abilities. He pretty much dominated alot of mids after level 6. If he maxes E first he can push fast but do low damage to you. If he maxes Q or W first you can outpush him easily.

It's a differing matchup.

He pushes hard and he takes no damage, he also has an ultimate that can completely win a game by capturing all of your teammates in it. His Q skillshot slows so you need to be really careful that you don't get caught in that as if you do you will probably take another one.

He burst's hard, he can initiate on you pretty much anytime his ultimate is up, you need quick reaction to either Flash out of his ultimate or make sure that you can pick a stun card quickly.

He is melee though so you can abuse him so much early game.

Winning Matchup

This guy dominates TF only at late game can you beat him.

Bad matchup

His Lay Waste is a delayed skilshot, this is his primary damage tool which he will max first to do damage to you and to cs safely from afar.

It is a farm lane neither of you can do anything interesting in this matchup without a jungler.

She will spam you down, you can however just stun her ultimate, you are both really quick roamers however you can get to places quicker she will do more damage though if left to her own devices.

A good matchup

Morgana is so boring, you can't cc her and she has lane sustain with her passive.
It's boring as hell to play against, she pushes hard with her Tormented Shadow and if she land's a q on you she will mostly likely follow up with ulti so care because if a jungler is around when she does this you are dead!

Okay matchup

Ryze is a mana powered champion,this means he must build mana and a tad of AP to do damage this subsequently means that he has a really weak early game as he lacks both of these he has the same range as your stun card so if you go stun him or red card him then he will most likely lock you down with rune prison the one advantage of going against ryze is that he is all single target damage except for his E skill and his ultimate effect. This therefore means that we can push the **** out of him easily if he tries to push back he runs out of mana and we can simply just blue card him all day while he get's jealous of our mana sustain!.

Late game though he will proceed to 3 hit you while taking basically 10% damage off you so don't be caught alone with him.

Good Matchup

Same stuff as anivia really weak ish early game and heavily blue reliant to gain his HP back however his basic attacks give him mana sustain as well. His full combo will take around 70% of your health if you get caught in it so make sure you dodge his Nevermove. If he has blue buff he can push back against you, if he doesn't we can outpush him easily and he has no answer for it.

Co-Ordinate with your jungler and bot/top lane to deny his blue buff then it should be a okay matchup.

My name is Veigar and I already have absurdly high scalings but I'mma just deal 80% of your ap aswell just because I can.

Seriously hes a broken champion get mercs to get out of his stun or your screwed.

Hard matchup

Another one of my favourite champions, he has really long range and amazing burts.
He can be devastating if played correctly, however I've only seen around 2 good Xerath's so far.

It's a skill matchup
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Thoughtout the game you should always aim to give your team vision this can be accomplished in two ways with Twisted Fate.

Destiny or Sight Ward

Due to our Destiny having a long cool down to check where all the enemies are for the rest of the time we have to rely on sweet beautiful green Sight Wards, and pink if your a lucky man.

Below are some of the more common spots I like to ward on the map as Twisted Fate

Enemy Wraiths
  • Great for vision on jungler
  • Know when wraiths are up
  • Help's to keep track of mid if they go MIA you can tell where they will be going

River Ward
  • Great for vision on jungler, again.
  • Can be used to forsee ganks going down to botlane, or midlane.
  • Can be used to know if their team is grouping for dragon, or on the opposite side Baron.
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To gank with TF we must consider a certain number of things before porting with Destiny to the location we intend to gank.

1.Is your ally on the lane you are coming to on high enough HP?
If they aren't on high enough HP you may end up getting them killed due to them not being able to put out enough damage without dying to the enemy laner first.

Do we have enough damage?
A few things we can check here is if our Stacked Deck is ready to use.
Check the LoL Interface to see if your ally has his ultimate up as well, this normally means an extra chunk of damage or utility.

When you have pressed R, is there anyone nearby?
Just because you have used your ultimate does not mean you have to teleport, if someone is nearby the lane that could make the situation worse sometimes it is worth just not teleporting at all.

Where is our jungler?
Perhaps wait till our jungler is near the lane so we can turn it into a 3 man gank.

When I am decided that I am going I will start picking or have my gold card locked in while I am teleporting. It is optimal to have gold card locked in before teleporting if you can.

The place we should teleport to is behind or infront of the target so that they are trapped between you and your ally.

Once you appear the combo is Deathfire Grasp + Pick A Card (gold card proc) + Wild Cards (remember to keep auto attacking, it all adds up!).

When you are ganking it is optimal to have your Stacked Deck active ready, make sure you take this into account. It is not nessecary but does provide another dose of damage
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Early Game

We need to start off the early game with getting some items, this being Boots & Health Potion x3

Having gold card's utility on the team is actually very useful for invading a enemy buff, so it may be advised to group up with your team and steal the enemy jungler's buff and maybe get first blood. If the jungler is very blue reliant this is a extremely effective strategy.

Once we actually reach the lane though.This is a rough time for TF, the enemy Mid laner,will probably out damage you in all trades so try not to trade with them.Just attempt to farm and get your core item's as fast as possible.

If you find you can harass the enemy laner without taking to much damage you should harass them by using this combo; Stacked Deck+ Wild Cards

The reason for this is your Stacked Deck does give a little bit of burst not much but enough to hurt and Wild Cards is semi easy to land,however your Pick A Card is very predictable, however we can use this to our favour.

You are actually a great lane to gank as you can land a stun card with ease on the opponent allowing the jungler easy ganks, remember if you lock in gold card to early the enemy laner will play passive, you could maybe use this to your advantage. Try not to make it to obvious when you are going to stun them though when the jungler is there.

Leaving your Pick A Card picker on can be beneficial as they do not know which card is coming. I prefer to do this when the jungler is coming to gank, if you do this enough then they will learn to fear you.

Another great way to harass is to pull a red card and hit a minion near them and the AOE will hit them giving you free damage on them.

Once you have reached level 6 we of course take a point in Destiny and we become a big threat to the enemy team. If anyone engages on your team mates you can be there in a instant and punish them for their foolish move.

If you know their Flash is down or their escape ability is on cooldown, feel free to port it and make it rain paper on them.

It is normally quite easy to pickup a kill once you get level 6 because bot and top lane will be level 5 at this time and therefore they will not be expecting it, which is why as soon as I reach 6 I make a point of even if there is a small chance of getting a kill. I should go for it. It will make your enemies be very wary of you and it will make all the lanes very passive which is great for your team.

Remember you need to be looking at your map constantly when you hit level 6!
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Mid Game

This is where TF becomes Twisted Fate.

You should have a Rabadon's Deathcap at this stage or fastly approaching towards it depending on how many kills/assists you got from ganking.

Your primary objectives are to push your lane, gank, take objectives.

You need to be pushing your lane by spamming your Wild Cards & Pick A Card(red) on the minions. This leaves you open to a couple of options, you could steal the enemy jungler's wraiths if you are in a safe enough position or you could decide to take the tower down in mid, with your Blue Cards.

At this stage of the game though the most important thing in my opinion is keeping your eyes on the map! You should be ready to use Destiny at any time, if you secure a kill grab a tower or a dragon, this will help your team snowball really hard. Every time you get an advantage try and press it harder.

Abuse your huge map presence! Without doing this you aren't making full use of Twisted Fate
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Late Game

Your huge right now, you burst down towers faster then your team can with your Lich Bane + Pick A Card combo.

You are left with a variety of opportunities now, I personally prefer to split push BUT only when it is safe to do so and I am against a suitable team for this strategy to work.

However it is also viable to just sit with your team spamming Wild Cardschunking down their HP pools, this makes seiging towers quite easy as your Wild Cards demolishes minions waves with ease.

If you see someone out of position for example their ad carry alone on bot lane you should have enough burst damage to kill him without him being able to do anything thanks to Pick A Card Gold card.

You should always be trying to catch people out Late Game as the death time is huge late game and this makes a huge difference to the amount you can get done when champions are dead. It often leads to a baron or an inhibitor.
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Team Fights

You are an AP Carry don't be the first one in,that's not your job.

Before a team fight start is possible try and poke down the opponent's life bar's by spamming our Wild Cards.

When the actual team fight starts though, you should wait for the initial collision to take place, and try and position yourself so that your Wild Cards will hit as many people as possible, however you should not put yourself in danger while doing this as you will drop in 2 or 3 hits.

You should also be looking for the person who is the biggest trouble to your team and targeting Pick A Card on them, if it is safe to do so.

If people do manage to run away from team fights, with Twisted Fate it is no problem. after them and a free kill for you.

It is also benefical to note the health of enemies and their general direction as you have many options open to you now that the fight is over such as securing a quick baron or pushing down a Tower and Inhibitor, you should make very short work of this with your Proc's.
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Credits & Closing Comments

shaun is a sheep
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