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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Ryze Build Guide by Asfastasican

Howitzer Ryze (Dominion)

Howitzer Ryze (Dominion)

Updated on November 20, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Asfastasican Build Guide By Asfastasican 11 3 44,068 Views 24 Comments
11 3 44,068 Views 24 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Asfastasican Ryze Build Guide By Asfastasican Updated on November 20, 2011
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This is my friend Bmbrman's Dominion item build. I threw together some runes and masteries together to put it up here on this site.

This build is AMAZING on Dominion!

If most consider to be the swiss army knife of melee champs on Dominion, then is easily his magic damage dealing equivalent. In fact, if doesn't get ample MR, you might even crush him too, seeing as that you won't be auto attacking him. You can never go wrong by picking in Dominion, period.

Outside of getting silenced, exhausted or being completely focus fired, has A LOT of standing power in any fight. He can also kite relatively well and pokes REALLY hard. By the late game, he's also very durable, considering that you're not concerned with getting a ton of ap after getting a strong core mana pool. Couple those perks with him being a pretty good defender and an excellent poker to take enemy points and you'll quickly realize how resilient and powerful is in the new game mode.
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The runes selection is pretty flexible. I'll just show what some of your options are, even though you can have a general caster type page and still make Ryze fight really well in Dominion.

Magic pen reds are pretty standard.

Greater Seal of Knowledge

Mana per level yellows are powerful on Ryze, and maybe only on Ryze. Still by the late game you'll be enjoying the extra damage, larger pool, and health regen.

Personally, I think getting mana regen yellows is overkill on Dominion, but if these are all you have, don't worry about it and use them. You will NEVER go oom if you have these guys combined with tear.

Flat mana blues will give you a strong base of mana to start with, which will help at a windmill fight.

Movement speed quints are great for a couple of simple reasons. You'll only have level 2 boots so these will give you more mobility. Swiftness quints will also help you kite enemies a little bit by letting you move further in between cooldowns.

Greater Quintessence of Knowledge

Mana per level quints are strong on Ryze and you can get them for the same reason you get knowledge yellows.

Magic pen quints are always a good option. You should be able to tank, kite and slowly solo kill any strong off tanks and tanks in the late Dominion game. But still, insight quints will guarantee you will do more damage versus a high magic resist target.
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The above mastery build can be seen as a typical Ryze mastery setup. If you want , go for it, but I'm not 100% that they fixed the expanded mind bug yet or what state it is in currently. I personally prefer for the faster leveling. Sure, getting more mana sounds like a no brainer, but leveling faster will level your skills and stats earlier on in the game. Those leveling perks will offset the possible mana advantage.

Also, I don't bother putting a point into , because getting a little more health or mana out of a health relic won't make or break . With his mana pool and , he will have pretty good health and mana regen.
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The beauty of this build is how strong its core is. Once you have your core, you can upgrade it and finish any item you want depending on the situation or enemy team comp.

You start with and . Why tear? Because getting tear out of the gate will help you start building your mana pool and getting a big mana pool on is top priority.

You then get Sorcerer Shoes and eventually a . During this time, don't be afraid to buy up to 5 and use them liberally. Since your won't ever have mana problems, spending your left over gold on health pots is a smart move.

After , you get two Catalyst the Protector. These two catalysts will give you a cost efficient amount of health and mana during the mid game. No matter which item you upgrade one of them into first, you will always have that leveling passive in place.

After that, you can decide what you want in whatever order you want...

Want to finish your core? Grab then to give yourself spell vamp.

Want to get more stats earlier on during the mid game? Buy .

Want more armor? Get your .

Want to get a huge increase in ap? Upgrade to .

Want magic resist and an aoe nuke? Grab an .
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Skill Sequence

We max out 1st, 2nd, get whenever possible and get one point of at lv 4 and max it last.

Why do we not level up ? Spell Flux is a good spell, but your other two nukes scale with your mana pool. Spell Flux does debuff the enemy's magic resist, but in fast paced Dominion gameplay, spending time to cast just for the sake of debuffing and doing damage isn't worth a cooldown and might get you killed. You would much rather spend that cooldown on blasting the **** out of them with then immediately rooting them to protect yourself with .

serves as filler for your rotation in order to use your passive to lower your other three cooldowns by a second. By using during time gaps in between casts, you allow yourself to maintain your sustained DPS.
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Spell Rotations

The one spell rotation that you can NEVER go wrong with in any situation is...

-> -> -> -> -> -> -> Use whatever is up, focusing on trying to use your as much as possible.

There are three reasons this rotation is NEVER a bad rotation in Dominion.

1. With this rotation, you will do the BEST poke damage.

2. With this rotation, you will also ROOT your target with prison almost immediately.

3. With this rotation you will still do GREAT damage.

You won't be doing top notch sustained damage, but it will be close. Now why don't we go for the best sustained dps rotation? Because you using the root early on in the fight, even champions with gap closers will be rooted away from you or right next to you, allowing you to take a few steps back in between casts. By staying within range and keeping your distance, you will pound you enemies while keeping yourself alive. If you start to panic, just mash your Q E and R all at once to be able to cast that clutch to save your life.

Now, if you want to do the best sustained dps for whatever reason, just start with instead...

-> -> -> -> -> Use whatever is up -> -> etc. etc.

If you want to burst, just start with ...

-> -> use whatever spells on whatever targets you feel will do the most damage (remember that all of your spells will do aoe splash damage during this time)

If you want to kill minions and push a lane fast...

a small minion -> a small minion -> a big minion -> one target to clean them up -> or auto attack to kill a survivor-> etc. etc.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Asfastasican
Asfastasican Ryze Guide
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Howitzer Ryze (Dominion)

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