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League of Legends Build Guide Author DaAlbinoBlackGuy


DaAlbinoBlackGuy Last updated on April 14, 2013
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This is my Hybrid Master Yi build. It combines ability power Master Yi with attack damage Master Yi. This is a remake of the original, the reason that I decided to change the build is that I thought that it did not have enough ability power or attack speed. Those are crucial things to a Hybrid Master Yi. As we all know, attack damage Master Yi is a combination in itself, it combines attack damage with attack speed. Since I could not get these things with the combination items, I decided to make a totally different item build. I focus on ability power for the start of it, and then make a transition into attack damage items. I do this because it will give the great early game of ability power Master Yi to you in the beginning, and the great late game of attack damage Master Yi in the end of the game, with an ability power touch to it. This is one of the ways that Hybrid Master Yi can be formed, and I do not think that you can get enough of either attack damage, attack speed or ability power with the combination items. So here is my build with the two types separated and later, combined.

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This Master Yi will be a mid laner. This is because he is ability power for most of the early game (except for the Berserker's Greaves) and ability power Master Yi usually go mid. Since there are no lanes in late game for the most part, this Master Yi will not have to worry about where he will go late game. You may not always want to go mid with this Master Yi but it is my recommendation. You may want to switch the two parts around (attack damage first) and go top lane or bottom lane, but again, that is not my recommendation. He needs not a lane late game. He destroys all late game except for the very, very tanky and champions like Jax.

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Stats For Trial Game

Score Card

The reason it says that my role was AP is that is what I was early game, and I couldn't exactly select "Hybrid".
" K D A CS
AP DaAlbinoBlackGuy 18 1 11 223

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence is fairly simple. Since you are a hybrid Master Yi, you max Wuju Style and Alpha Strike first, but save Meditate for the end. The reason you do this, is because when you lane mid you poke a lot with your Alpha Strike when you are ability power Master Yi and you do not do a lot of auto attacks aside from farming. You do take an early point in Meditate though to keep in lane a lot longer. You do max Wuju Style along with Alpha Strike, because after all, it is a Hybrid Master Yi and Hybrid Master Yi has attack damage too, so you would naturally max Wuju Style too because it gives attack damage buffs. The skill sequence is almost purely situational. If you are against a lane with better poke, than you might choose to max Meditate second or first as to not get destroyed by their poke. If you have the better poke however, then you might just choose to continue maxing as I suggest, but it is all situational.

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Alpha Strike

This is all your poke, your gap closer, and your killing tool for some of the time. You must use this wisely early game as a misuse of it can lead to you running out of mana or using Meditate too much because you got trapped in a "bad" situation. For the poke, you have to hit the minions near the enemy champion, as they might suspect you are Alpha Striking them for the kill, and they might run away giving you the perfect poke as you hit them as one of the 4 "extra" targets. Overall, a pretty badass skill.


This is your heal. You use it all game to recover **** tons of health. Early game, it is your sustain, and it pisses people off because they have to hurt you all over again from nearly full after you use it. Late game, if you have maxed it, you can painfully annoy the enemy team by simply meditating while they try to kill you while your team picks them off and kills them. You will use this spell depending on how risky you are. If you are very risky, you will use this spell A LOT. If you are not risky, you will use this spell when you are being poked A LOT. Overall, a great heal, and a great lane keeper.

Wuju Style

This is your primary attack damage buff early game. You will use it to pick off the champion you are laneing against after you have poked them a lot. The passive increases your attack damage by 15,20,25,30,35 attack damage. It is a good buff early game to have which is why I max it along with Alpha Strike. Its active is what you will use a lot to kill. It doubles the passive making your attack damage increase by 30,40,50,60 and 70. It will help you get many kills early and late game. It will serve as a buff for jungling, farming and killing. It is overall a very useful buff and a very useful tool in many situations.


OH BABY! This is your "steroid" ability. It buffs your movement speed by 40% and your attack speed by 60%. The best part though, is if you kill with it active, it REFRESHES all of your cooldowns so you can do it AGAIN! If you assist in a kill, then your cooldowns are refreshed by half, so essentially with Highlander, 2 assists = 1 kill. This will be your buff for killing, chasing and escaping. It is great for dueling and teamfights. They can never catch you if you Highlander away from them unless its another Master Yi. Overall, a badass steroid and a great killer/chaser/escaping tool.

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This is your first item because it builds into Berserker's Greaves. It is a good starting item that gives a good attack speed buff for Master Yi early game. This will help you follow up with auto attacks after you Alpha Strike and will help you with farming. It also gives you enough left over money to buy 2 Health Potions which will help you stay in lane before you reach level 2.

Berserker's Greaves

This gives you a 20% attack speed buff and more movement speed to get you to 400 movement speed. It well help, as the Dagger does in following up with auto attacks after you Alpha Strike and for farming, and it will boost your attack speed to more when you use Highlander to chase down and kill your opponent. You can enchant these boots for whatever you want.


This gives you a good buff with mana and ability power to help you with your early game ability power. You will not run out of mana as frequently now and you will do more damage with your Alpha Strike and you will heal more with your Meditate. It also gives a handy passive which makes your next auto attack deal bonus physical damage after you use a spell/ability. This will help you to get that extra poke in after you use Alpha Strike and you will also be able to farm easier. You sell the Sheen later on when you run out of space for the rest of your items.

Needlessly Large Rod

This will not end up as an item on its own. It will build into a Rabadon's Deathcap which will help you deal more damage/heal more with your abilities. The reason why I put this as an individual is because it will give you a great ability power buff that will give you an advantage as opposed to getting a Blasting Wand instead.

Rabadon's Deathcap

This is a great ability power item for most ability power champions to use. It gives 120 ability power right away which is a great buff for laning and for using Alpha Strike and for using Meditate. It also has a unique passive that is what is really good about this item, your ability power is increased by 30% of your total ability power. So, when you buy more ability power items, the passive takes into affect and you gain more ability power.

Zhonya's Hourglass

This is another great ability power item. What sets Zhonya's Hourglass apart from many others is its armor bonus and its unique passive. It is very good for sustaining more damage as Master Yi so you can kill more people. Its unique passive is what can be really effective against burst champions. You go into stasis and you are unable to take damage, but you are also unable to give damage. The reason why this can be great is because burst champions cannot give consistent damage, so if you shield yourself for the burst, you can just pick up some quick kills and then get the hell out of there.

Last Whisper

This is your source of armor penetration. This is only situational though. I use this most of the time because normally, if you are getting dominated by an attack damage champion, you build armor. So, if you are against sensible opponents and you are dominating then you should need some armor penetration. This also gives a good attack damage buff, to help you on the attack damage side of this Master Yi.

Blade of the Ruined King

This gives a ton of bonuses. A good attack damage buff, a good attack speed buff, a good lifesteal buff and it has pretty epic passives and actives. First of all, this is purely situational, this item is best against high health targets due to its passive. If there are no high health targets, refer to situational items. It's passive makes you deal 5% of your opponents health in bonus physical damage, this damage does not apply to lifesteal though, which is why I do not always take it, but you can see why it is very effective against high health targets. It's active deals 15% of the targets maximum health in bonus physical damage and heals you for the same amount, it also steals 30% of the targets movement speed for 2 seconds. This active is very useful for fighting against high health targets, chasing enemy champions and running away from them.

Guardian Angel

This is a great item for all champions. It gives you a second life to do some more killing. It also gives a good armor and magic resist buff to help you with sustain. Sometimes, when you are killing people as Master Yi, you can't finish them off and it really frustrates you. This item eliminates that problem. Guardian Angel's passive gives a second life to help kill those enemies that were left behind that you almost killed. This is a great item for all champions.

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Situational Items

Items To Replace Blade of the Ruined King

The Bloodthirster

This is an item that gives more attack damage and lifesteal than the Blade of the Ruined King. This would only be chosen if your opponents were not very high health. The bonus physical damage from the unique passive does not stack with lifesteal. I recommend that if you use this item, farm it up quickly by going to the jungle or farming the minions.

Ravenous Hydra

This is an ok item to replace the Blade of the Ruined King. It gives 75 attack damage which is more than The Bloodthirster before it is fully farmed and more than the Blade of the Ruined King, it also has +15 health regeneration which can help you if you cannot use your lifesteal. It has a handy passive for farming which makes your attacks deal damage to the surrounding enemies based on how close they are to your target. It has a maximum of 60% and a minimum of 20%. This is also handy for regaining health through lifesteal because lifesteal applies to the damage you deal to the surrounding enemies of your target so you can regain health quickly. Its active is pretty much the same except you deal even more damage to YOUR surrounding enemies. Get this item if you feel you need more damage and health regain to stay in fights without going back.

Items To Replace Last Whisper

Infinity Edge

This is your basic replacement for the Last Whisper. You get a great attack damage buff and a critical strike chance buff. Along with a buff to your critical strikes making them deal 250% of your auto attacks instead of 200%. This is a great item that you might get if they have absolutely no armor items. This is one of your best options when facing a low/medium health - no armor items team.

Executioner's Calling

This is a great item to use against high lifesteal opponents. It gives a decent attack damage buff and a good critical strike chance buff. But what you really want out of this item is its passive. On hit, you apply grevious wounds to your target reducing its health regeneration and healing by 50% for 1.5 seconds. This is great because you can just simply cut their lifesteal in half and take them out with your superiorness.

Maw of Malmortius

This is a good item against an ability power heavy team. It gives a good attack damage buff that will help you with farming and killing and such and it also gives a great magic resistance buff that will help you against their spells. Whats great about it is its two passives. The first one gives attack damage based on your missing health. So like Tryndamere, you get stronger the longer you stay in a fight/the more you get damaged. It's second passive, gives a shield that absorbs 400 magic damage upon receiving magic damage that would put you below 30% health.

Frozen Mallet

This is a great health/attack damage item that you can buy if you feel that your health is not high enough or your enemies are escaping you too often. It gives a great health buff (+700!) which really helps your survivability. It gives a decent attack damage buff, but you don't buy this item for its attack damage buff, I can tell you that. Its passive is really good for killing, you slow your targets movement speed by 40% for 1.5 seconds. It is the one of the best items for catching up and killing low health targets, medium health targets and even high health targets.

Hextech Gunblade

This is a great hybrid item. It gives attack damage, ability power, lifesteal and spell vamp. This will help your sustain, your damage with your abilities and with your attacks. And also it has a great active. The active deals damage to your target based on your ability power and slows your target which can help you a lot to catch up and go for the kill. This item is just filler, there is no actual situation where this item would be best.


This is a great item for Master Yi. It gives a great attack speed buff, a great movement speed multiplier and a decent attack damage and cooldown reduction buff. It also has a tenacity buff that is really good on Master Yi because he falls to pretty much any kind of crowd control (stuns, knockups etc.) and this item reduces that kind of crowd control by 35%. The only kind of crowd control that you cannot reduce is hard crowd control like knockups and knockbacks. This helps a lot with your overall Master Yi. This, like the Hextech Gunblade, has no particular situation where you would buy this item and it would be great in that situation. It is just an overall good item for Master Yi, buy it any time, and it will be a good buy.

The Black Cleaver

This has a lot of buffs that are beneficial to your Master Yi. It has armor penetration, attack damage, health, and cooldown reduction. The longer you stay in a fight with this item, the stronger you will become because of this items passive. On hit, you reduce the targets armor for 5% for 4 seconds, and this effect stacks up to 5 times for a maximum penetration of 25%. This is good against an armor building team and it has some good buffs to your attack damage and overall needs on the side. This, has no specific situation where it would be THE BEST ITEM to have, but it is good against an armor building team.

Warmog's Armor

This is an item that makes you tankier. It gives the highest health buff in the game (+1000!) and it also gives a health regeneration buff. If you are feeling that you are too low health to survive in fights, but you are doing enough damage (after the Blade of the Ruined King/options) then you should get this item. It helps your survivability A LOT and you will be able to take much more damage before you have to back off, and it gives you more turret diving potential if you have too.

Spirit Visage

This is just a trial item for me. I am not sure how good it is, but if you know how good it is, then by all means, use this item. I am just putting what I have been told about this item in this little paragraph about it. This has a great magic resistance buff that will help you even more after you get your Guardian Angel and it will also help you before you get the Guardian Angel. It also gives 20% cooldown reduction which can help you get your abilities out there faster and get more of them out there. It also has a health buff that can help your survivability, but if you are considering this item because of its HEALTH buff then, that is not a good choice, this buff is not very significant if you buy this item. Whats great about it is its passive. It increases healing, health regeneration, life steal and spell vamp by 20% each. Now, correct me if I am wrong in the comments after you read this (the information was from a 3rd party) the Spirit Visage increases them by 20% each, adding for the life steal and spell vamp. This can be very useful because it will increase your life steal and it will give you 20% spell vamp, helping you regain health simply by using Alpha Strike. No idea where it could be used, so use at your own discretion.

Items To Replace Zhonya's Hourglass

Deathfire Grasp

This is one of three ability power items that grants 120 ability power right at the start without adding any of the passives in. This is the only possible replacement for a Zhonya's Hourglass that I consider to be a good choice since you need as much ability power as possible in just 2 items. This grants 10% cooldown reduction along with its ability power bonus and it has an epic active. The active deals 15% of the targets maximum health in magic damage then amplifies all the magic damage they take for the next 4 seconds by 20%. And, it only has a 60 second cooldown, so you can use it repeatedly in teamfights, or just for poke. By the way, I was kidding about it being the only possible replacement, but it is a good choice for a replacement. I will talk about further replacements below. This has no particular situation where it would be great/perfect, but it is a good item overall, just not as good as Zhonya's Hourglass at overall benefits. But again, it is your choice and it may fit your situation well. As its active is badass in teamfights where your team has a lot of magic damage.

Void Staff

Great magic penetration buff, decent ability power buff. Great if the enemy team is stacking magic resist.

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Me, DaAlbinoBlackGuy (on NA), for creating most of the build and writing it, to help you experience the AWESOME hybrid Master Yi at all levels.

Mariopwns, DatItalianGuy888 (on NA), for helping me with the items and inspiring me to create my own "Tryndaboss" on Mobafire.