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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BBC Ameisenheld


BBC Ameisenheld Last updated on March 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Buying Order

The general Info about the buying order can be found in Section 8: Skills.
I just want to give some startup info about the buying order before the real guide starts.
Meki Pendant and 2 Health Potion are the startup, simply to stay in the lane long enough.
At first backport you will have a random amount of money. There will be games where you got 3k gold and there will be games where you got 400 or less.
If you have 1100gold ore more buy the Sorcerer's Shoes (in normal 1on1 on mid-lane situations)
These shoes give you speed but never underestimate their damage potential.
The reason why I put Tear of the Goddess earlyer is pretty simple. If you're doing well you should be able to buy both, and if your doing bad you won't have much more than 700, equals the Tear and one Sight Ward.
'Normal' Games really got few.

The early Rubby Crystal after Archangel's Staff is no must but in many games that tad more hp helps when it comes to escaping, especially if you tend to play as aggressive as me.

What you buy first with Morello's Evil Tome and Rabadon's Deathcap is situational, buy what you have the money for. Situational max benefit is the keyword.

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17/03/2011 - Version 1.0b
19/03/2011 - Version 1.0c some small fixes with Names, added Buying Order description
25/03/2011 - Version 1.1 added chapters 'Champion select screen' and 'Communication' and finished the 'Summoner Spell' chapter.
28/03/2011 - Version 1.1b added the chapter 'Misskilled Anivias', updated 'Base Items' a bit

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AD - Attack damage
AoE - Area of Effect
AP - Ability Power
cc - Crowd controll (stuns, slows, fear, ect.)
cdr - cooldown reduction
Cooldown - The time a spell needs until it's up for use again
DPS - Damage per second, or those who do the most damage.
Early game - The game from level 1 to level 8 (Laning phase, might last longer)
Mid game - The game from level 9 to level 15 (Ganking Phase, might last shorter)
Lategame - The game from level 16 to level 18 (Teambash Phase, might happen earlier)
Gank - Trapping a champion on one lane with the help of another player, usually ends with a kill
HP - Hitpoints, the number that's in the lifebar
imo - In my opinion, I do write it although everything here is obviously only MY opinion
jungler - Someone who is killing the creeps in the jungle and won't be seen on the lane early on
Lasthit - Make the finishing hit on a minion
Lvl - short form of level
Minion - The little guys coming from the Nexus's
mPen - Magic penetration
mReg - Mana regeneration
MR - Magic resist
RoA - Rod of Ages, learn this short form, players tend to use it ingame
Skillshot - An ability that you shoot per Hand and aren't guaranteed to hit someone
Wall - Crystallize
XP - Experience points.
Zone - You prevent an enemy hero from getting lasthits and/or XP.

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Anivia is a Char with many deficits but when you play her correctly she can compensate them herself.
So her biggest weakness is you, the player, that just doesn't know what to do with her, or just misuse her skills.
This guide will try two things
1. Try to teach you how to play with her and how to react to common situations
2. Teach you to play Anivia as a DES: deadly effective support.
This might sound somewhat similar to you but it isn't. Playing her as a DES means you play her ranked, while simply learning to play her means you are something between summoner level 13 and 30 and just want to test her.
No matter how fed you get with Anivia, you will never be able to really take down a tank 1on1 (as long as the player isn't named toast or something like that)
Anivias midgame is very strong and this guide focuses on that, while she loses most of her killing potential in late game.
But after all she's still a support and you better play her like that. This guide will neither teach you how to get fed nor is it based on getting kills.

Guide Top

Champion select screen

Why do I write something about the phase before you even picked Anivia?
It's simple, you might not pick Anivia.
Don't pick her if your team has too much Magic Damage, don't pick her if your team has no tank and don't pick her if your team has no Jungler, that's my oppinion.
NEVER lock in before everyone has chosen a hero, if you want to play Anivia then click on her and wait for the others. Normally players will only chose their firstclicked heros if someone picks someone that doesn't fit in the current setup and theres no reason for you to act otherwise. (You won't have such problems in ranked games, only wait for your buddy who picks together with you)
Change your masteries (if needed) as soon as you feel the setup won't change significantly anymore and either change your masteries regularly or exercise a bit with them. You might find yourself in situations where you have not more than 15 seconds left to change your hero, masteries, summoner spells and runesetup.
If you play Anivia regularly make sure you won't need more than 10 seconds to change your masteries and summoner spells.

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration - The only Mark that is really good on Anivia, if you don't have them, buy them. They are worth the cost and can be sued on every magic damage champ, and currently we have many more than those with normal damage.
Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power - I prefer these instead of cdr, because when I use my abilities I want them to hit hard enough to make the enemy ache, plus the fact that in many games I end up with no AP from items until lvl 12. You can use your cdr runes too, but if you want to buy new runes for Anivia buy the Force Glyphs, they are much cheaper.
Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration - The Seals are a big discussion on Anivia and I might go and buy Greater Seal of Scaling Ability Power to replace the Clarity runes. Flat HP Seals work Fine, Flat mReg works too (After you bought Archangel you won't have big Mana problems anyway, because the biggest Mana problems are early game) but after all I still recommend the Seals of Clarity for late-game Mana support to simply be able to leave your Glacial Storm on the ground longer than usual.

The Quints are a section for themselves I'd say, because if you have the IP to buy any Quint-setup I recommend here you should be able to play Anivia without reading a guide.
I'd simply recommend you to use the runes you have and don't waste your IP for some weak benefits, because nearly every popular Quint is usefull.
Flat HP Quints provide you with 78 additional Health, a nice boost.
Speed Quints might give you the tad additional speed you need.
AP Quints For early damage or leveling AP Quints for midgame damage.
mPen Quints for late game damage.

I use two leveling AP Quints and one flat HP regeneration Quint. The Flat HP regeneration Quint is really useful for my playstyle, simply because it really helps you to longer stay in the lane, especially against other Anivias.

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Well, 9/0/21 is pretty everything you can do with Anivia (okay you can be funny and pick 0/0/30 or something like that, but 9/0/21 is the only really effective thing)
In most cases you'll have your Utility Masteries so skill them together with presence of the master for minimum cooldowns. Intelligence is also kind of obvious. Anivia is one of the slowest Champions ingame so get Quickness for the little speed you might need to stay away from your enemy or back off soon enough from a harass attempt. Meditation is for better mReg, Awareness for faster leveling and Perseverance for additional regeneration.
Three points in Archmage's savvy, four points in Sorcery and one Point in Archaic knowledge is really everything you can do. If you love Exhaust then pick the mastery, elsewhere Deadliness is really all you can do.
You can experiment a bit if you want, e.g. picking Expanded Mind or Greed. I used those when I began playing Anivia but now end up with the above explained build every time.

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Summoner Spells

When I play Anivia I always go with and . The reason is simple, if you're playing well you'll be one of the best farmers and top level (as long as no one gets fed) so Clarity allows you to stay in the lane longer while Teleport allows you to port back, buy something and be back at the Minions without losing money or XP.
Please don't get me wrong on clarity; don't use it whenever you're out of Mana to brainlessly spam your abilities. When you are out of Mana early game and your opponent is at low hp, than THIS is the time where the use of clarity should be obvious. Try to stun your opponent with Flash Frost, put out Clarity and Frostbite him, then place a Glacial Storm under him and hit him with 1 or 2 autoattacks, if he isn't dead by now you shouldn't have wasted you clarity.
Your enemy will get aggressive as soon as you don't have Mana and no matter how high your elo is, someone might always forget that your clarity is up, so use it. Anivia is godly in punishing those who think she's an easy kill.

One trick you should remember with your Teleport, when you get trapped in the wrong jungle and you see that you can't escape because you get slowed to hard, you are out of mana, or some more champions are coming the way you are going, simply fly to the next bush and start to Teleport to a home turret. It won't work often but it works more often than you guess.
The chasing enemy doesn't expects you to just stand there lonely, and because you're in a bush you have an additional half second or if you're lucky up to 1 1/2 seconds until you get attacked. So if you do this ask yourself: am I able to survive this guy behind me for 3 seconds? If not, just let yourself be killed by a champion of your choice (if possible) or even better: by a turret or Creep, they might not get the extra gold and XP for this, but don't waste your teleport if you'll die anyway. When you're alive again you can just Teleport to where you want, that's much better than running all the way (or in this case: flying).

Alternatives and bad ideas:
Exhaust - The reach is too short for Anivia imo, so only pick it if you like it
Flash - The probably most popular Anivia Summoner Spell. It gives you the ability to flash over your wall if you placed it wrong, it gives you the ability to escape in the jungle, it gives you the ability to hop a tad out of difficult situations, you'll get used to it fast and allways when you REALLY need it it will be on cooldown. If you use your abilities well you can have those extra escaping potential yourself. Take it when you know you play versus another Anivia and use it to attack her when she tries to stun you.
Ghost - Speedy Birdy. Neither needed nor recommended, if you have the time to fly away with ghost you should be able to fly away without ghost, even on level 1 you already have a slow and a stun!
Ignite - Finisher and 10 extra AP early on are nice, but just like exhaust it's usage radius is extremely limited. Can be great though.
Clairvoyance - Take this when you play full support or have extreme problems with being ganked.
Heal - You can kill me? NO! you can't. One more skill to punish those who think they could snack you.
Revive - YES we killed her egg, DAMN there she is again. If you need it you died so you only need it if you do mistakes (acting human, huh?) Only really good sitaution to pick it is when your whole team picks it together with teleport and buys many wards. So after a teamfight your whole team can revive and finish everything off and push 1 or 2 towers.
Smite - "For the epic jungle Anivia!!!!!" Jungle Anivia? please... NO!
Cleanse - AntiStun, really helpfull against cc heavy teams.
Fortify - Sometimes usefull, but on a cooldown thats a bit too high plus it's better on a tanky hero with taunt.
Rally - Never got used to this with any hero. Good for games with many static teamfights (you can allways see that before the game starts, right?)

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Q) Flash Frost
This is your stun, your main Damage initiator and most important, your skillshot.
It flies extremely slow compared to other skillshots so DON'T TRY TO SHOOT CHAMPIONS WHO ARE HOPPING AROUND LIKE RABBITS! but keep in mind the stun has a big AoE.

Many guys say that this is your main skill and somehow they are right, although I disagree.
You freeze everything the ball flies through and stun where it explodes.
So early game you'll rush in when you hit and keep away when you miss.
Play always carefully when it's on cooldown because before lvl 6 you haven't got a single defense option and really no damage output.

Best situations to shoot this are
1 - An enemy comes nearer to lasthit a minion
2 - An enemy rushes/ports in to hit/kill you
3 - An enemy chases you
4 - You just planted a wall and there's a small gap at one side where the enemys are coming through
5 - You just failed at planting a wall and the enemy you wanted on your side is on the other
6 - There's no one around and you can kill minions ( Flash Frost on lvl3+ with around 100AP kills the mage-minions in one shot if you aim well)

When to explode:
That's one of the really hard things on Anivia (beside the use of her wall)
If you let the ball fly through an enemy and explode it right afterwards you will double hit them, but if your opponent runs away an early explode might mean you still stun him before he can get away.
So only go for double damage when you are sure you'll hit because it's most important to have them chilled and stunned for maximum damage output.

I nearly always shoot it at max distance, minding the doublehit and I really don't recommend to get nearer until you really know your combo will kill them.
Anivia is crucial with her cooldowns, so if you use your combo and the opponent has enough HP left that he doesn't run away he will obviously try to kill you.
Shooting at max distance means that you have enough room to move around and flee.

W) Crystallize
If you need it get it early, if you get kills without dying often get it late. (Often in mid game means 3+deaths without double the number in kills, though I prefer fewer kills with zero deaths)
With this skill you'll plant a wall which is hilariously small at lvl 1 so if you skill it early, you better directly get it to lvl 2 at least.
If you get it late... Nevermind you can't skill anything else anyway.

The wall is bugged so if you plant a wall about 1-2mm in front of an enemy it might just shift through it while all followers are trapped behind.
If it looks like the enemy gets away just plant a Glacial Storm under it for a mini-slow and build the wall next.
You'll get just the extra room you need to make sure your wall will be solid.
(Your wall needs some time to really be set up, around 0,3sec imo)

The next useful time to use it is when you are fleeing yourself. Completely block the path behind you when you're in the jungle, or halfway block the path when you're on a lane or the river.
Make sure your wall tends to one side so 99% of the enemies will go for the side you choose. Just stun them with your Flash Frost and if no one of them has a stun and someone is at low health, Frostbite him, place a glacial storm under them and keep running/flying.
If you managed to get a kill this way the chances that they just let you run are good. (Of course the above explained tactic also works without Crystallize, but with the wall you can make sure you stun all of them because they will all take the shortest path (except that scary 1%)

The third and probably most useful utility of Crystallize is that it gives sight.
The bigger the wall the bigger the area you'll be able to see until the wall has melted.
So this is one of the main reasons to get it early. When top or bottom lane is missing someone just timely plant a wall in the side bush and he will either run away or rush in (timely means 'instantly' if they are slow in writing miss and it means 'in 10 seconds' when they do it fast). If he just keeps on standing there he's an idiot and deservers to eat a Flash Frost (don't try to Frostbite him if he's out of reach)
If he rushes in: q-e but if he runs away just let him unless the lane that called the miss is coming from behind to catch him.

The fourth option you have with Crystallize is to push someone around. If you plant the wall on an opponent he will shift through it and end on one side.
The push is minimal so use it only for one purpose: to stop Nunu & Willumps ultimate. You can also use your Flash Frost but when it's on cooldown...

E) Frostbite
This is Anivias main skill in my opinion. It does the most damage, it will always hit and it will even fly after porting enemies (Some will also waste their flash to die near their tower.... weird people...)
Some time ago there was a wonderful combo shooting Frostbite and immediately planting Glacial Storm under him, but since the Mana costs for planting got extremely high don't do this.
Wait until you stunned him with Flash Frost.

R) Glacial Storm
Your ulti, your Mana eater, your teamslow.
That's it, except the fact that it also slows the attack speed.
Plant it under teamfights, plant it where the team is running, plant it when you see you'll hit with Flash Frost.
And most important: only place it when you have enough Mana (except teamfights)
In a teamfight you should think about your damage potential and sometimes just don't shoot your Frostbite to keep your glacial storm running 1 or 2 seconds longer.

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The egg

The most common rule about Anivia I read was 'play aggressive when you have it, play passive when you don't have it'.
Your enemies will use it and simply zone you out. I think this 'rule' gives a completely wrong view on Anivia, don't even think about playing overly aggressive without teammates near you or near the enemy tower. When you get killed near their tower while trying to kill them, the tower will crush you and your unmovable egg, unless you have bought some extra health and are lvl 18 or stacked some armor (and the enemy is nice enough not to attack you). Lvl 15 Anivia with Rod of Ages dies near their tower? Fail.
You have to know when your egg is up and you have to know when it's down, yes. If you have 3 teammates following 3 enemys into their jungle and your egg is up? Go and hop in, stun them, damage them, block their path, slow them and risk being beaten back to egg form.
If you are at very low health and your enemy is at 50% or something like that, fly around your tower and act like a big Snack, some will try to kill you and either get killed themselves or just scratched by the tower, but if you see he doesn't want you, make a backport, or he will either outfarm you or kill you with the help of someone.
If you don't have your egg, don't play passive. Play NORMAL. Every other hero dies when he gets killed so why should an Anivia player say 'play passive when you can die just like everyone else'?
Allways play aggressive in the laning phase, if your enemy is aggressive too? Just play the punisher. Your opponent is passive? Try to zone him, but be careful enough, he might just hunt you all the way back, so if you start playing Anivia just satisfy yourself with waiting for that attacks of your opponent and call yourself 'THA PUNI5H3R' or something like that.

Being careful with this Anivia build is the only rule here. Your abilities are all you have when it comes to escaping. If you harass someone and someone comes to kill you, you are pretty lost. Without help from someone two enemies will always be able to kill you and your egg (That doesn't mean you can't escape ganks, with slow, stun and a wall you can escape extremely well, but when they got you they will most probably slow you and once you're on complete cooldown you're lost, it'S just a question of time. So think about how far you can fly until they will catch you.)

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Base Items

Archangel's Staff is in my opinion more than useful on Anivia, you get a huge AP buff, a steady growing Mana Pool and most important: a huge Mana regeneration. With this little staff you can harass so much better without the need of changing your game style.

The Sorcerer's Shoes are a standard mage item I'd say. Buy Mercury's Treads if they have massive cc but normally your positioning should be good enough so you don't get caught in something overly dangerous. If you have many melee champions on the opposite side and got extremely fed early you can buy Ninja Tabi too for some funny situations (An Anivia that just doesn't run away).

The Rod of Ages (RoA) is the only survivability item in this guide that is not optional (The 50 Armor from Zhonya's shouldn't be really helping you to 'survive' because whenever an AD champ is able to focus you long enough in this late part of the game you'll be dead anyway). Get it early so it can build up, but buy Archangel first for the mReg.

Morello's Evil Tome - If you're doing well and don't take high damage buy this before you get RoA. The additional mReg and the cdr pushes your damage output pretty hard. Can replace Rod of Ages if you don't have problems with taking damage.

Rabadon's Deathcap - If the game lasts long enough.

Zhonya's Hourglass - If the game lasts too long. Get this much earlier if they have strong ad dps or a good Karthus (So you can use the active to block the ulti).

Guide Top

Optional Items

At first you have to say EVERY Item is situational. I also played games where I used none of the Base Items, but those are the ones I end up with in most cases (a usual game will end with archangel, sorc. Boots, RoA and either a Blasting Wand or a Needlessly large Rod)

Frozen Heart - When I get it, I usually get it as 4th item. It provides a good cdr and some Mana to cope with the result; together with Archangel you'll get 15ap, but the only real reason you should get this for are the 99armor it provides. This is HUGE and your survivability will be really pushed, but of course you should only get this if you are only killed by normal damage (get used to click 'death recab' every time you die until you know what damage type everyone is doing, sometimes it's not the matter whether they go AD or AP, so better look it up)

Guardian Angel - And they have to kill you 3 times, really fun to watch but when they can get you once they usually have the time to get you 2 more times, get this item late cause it provides nothing but survivability (but against magic and normal damage, unlike the other optional items).

Abyssal Mask - Good item if you have problems with enemy champs like Fiddlesticks, Ryze or Veigar or the enemy casters buy Banshee's Veil, replaces Zhonyas Hourglass but buy it after RoA.

Void Staff This item is so optional that you really did something wrong if you have to buy it. It's only worth on Anivia if the whole team stacks MR. And this either happens if your whole team is doing magic damage and your normal damage can be ignored, or if you scarred them so hard that they are all afraid of you and you are fed while your team isn't.
So if you whole team only does magic damage, why the hell did you picked Anivia? Or why didn't you told you team that you have already too much magic damage?
And if you scarred them of so hard, why didn't you support your team more so they also got kills? And why couldn't you finish by now, before they collected all the money to buy heavy MR? Replaces Morellos tome.

Mejai's Soulstealer - This book is the terror itself when it comes to getting fed. So if you play against morons and got a 3.0 k/d in the first ten minutes buy this at once, but only in this case. You will have heavy Mana issues when you are used to get Archangel Staff at first and now have this one. The only reason to get this is pure power, so if you're a decent Anivia player you can buy this every normal game, but if you keep on playing ranked you will face the time where you won't always be able to keep up a positive k/d ratio. Mejai's is weak at the beginning, it needs stacks to be good, so you have to somehow get over this period. One more important note is ALWAYS sell this when you start failing and your stacks drop to somewhere below 5. Mejai's + 3 stacks kind of equals a Blasting Wand which can be build in very great items, Mejai's not. Replaces Zhonyas Hourglass (except the fact that you buy this early).

Lich Bane - This Item is very great with Anivia but the costs are high and many guys just don't take use of it. When you have it autoattack regularly, this means after every single spell you shoot (except your Q-E combo, this one's too fast, and it's more important that your Frostbite hits).
Buy this one if you want to surprise the enemy with high normal damage, if you are fed and have to push towers, if you like Sheen, or if you just want some more Movement speed. Replaces Morellos Tome or Zhonyas Hourglass.

Elixir of Brilliance - I'm not a fan of those but after you finished your first 3 items and need some extra power buy this. CDR and AP is everything you'll need to be much stronger for 3 minutes. But I prefer to buy wards with spare money, so I don't recommend buying them regularly.

Shurelya's Reverie - Only buy this item when you have to play full support, if you don't know what this means, don't buy it. Replaces Morellos tome or RoA.

Banshee's Veil - I'm not a fan of this but when you bought a Catalyst the Protector and need more survivability you can get this instead of the RoA. In most cases Anivia dies it's not a single stun that stops her from getting away, so the passive is mostly useless.

Archangel's Staff - This Item is a Base Item AND an optional Item. If you're doing well and your team has little or no magic damage output you can go for 3 Archangel's Staff, Rabadon's Deathcap, Sorcerer's Shoes and one survivability Item.

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Misskilled Anivias

Some players tend to use the same skillsequence every time while some players change it regularly.
YOu should be trying to use the same skill sequence in regular games but be experimental enough to try out everything so can use another build in irregular games and just don't have problems with misskilled Anivias.
Most players know it, you're buying something, exit shop as soon as possible and skilled something totaly wrong. Playing mid with Crystalize as first skill aint funny versus most players.
So what to do?
Option 1 is to simply not use that skill and wait for level 3, hoping you won't misclick again.
Option 2 is to use the skill (Use or don't use, that's the question). IF your enemie knows Anivia he will be surprised by your 'tactic' of skilling. And hopefully don't harrass you to death.
Be sure they will try it, so better use your wall to either keep him away from you or keep him a bit longer near the tower.
If your first skill was Frostbite you can use it to lasthit 1 or 2 creeps befor reaching level 2. Back of far enough so you won't loose much health till then an loose some XP if you have to, but immidiately start rushing him when reaching lvl 2.

While leveling up you can do nice combos with Anivia, so practice using Ctrl + (Q,W,E,R) to level your skills and try to harrass your opponent whenever you will level up with the next creep.
So if you hit with Flash Frost you should level E or R so you do more damage then expected. Especially the lvl 5 to lvl 6 rush can be gamechanging because your enemy doesn't expect you to be able to slow and attack him with multiple autoattacks after the stun.

PS: I have found some players who got afraid whenever I put my lvl 1 wall on them. I hope you can figure out yourself how to proceed with them.

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Early Game

If you can, go mid. If you have to, go solo top. Try to avoid duo lane and don't even think about jungling.
Anivia has one of the weakest and slowest ranged attacks ingame. So if you are new to Anivia try to play 1 or 2 free games with or without bots where all you do is learning how to lasthit minions.
Once you've learned the timing it's not that big deal and you should be only roughly behind other midlaners on the number of creep kills.

Playing mid:
Mid-lane is the best place for Anivia. She has a great reach with her autoattack and can slow/stun harassers.
First rule is farming, farming, farming. The second is harassing. When you wait for a good time to shoot your Flash Frost it's always perfect to kill 1-3 minions with it so you haven't totally wasted the Mana if you don't hit.
But be careful, the cooldown is the big thing early game. so only fly after your Flash Frost if it looks like it should hit.
And don't shoot your stun as soon as it's off from cooldown. Always wait for a good timing and if it doesn't come: wait longer, it will come.
The 'rules' when to harass are under the skill description.

Don't be greedy if you kill your opponent on mid lane. It might happen but doesn't mean you're a god or something. Use the gold you got through it and buy some wards.
Those will keep you living much longer than just more AP.
Buying order for mid: mReg, speed, mReg, AP, just like I described in the item build.

One last important thing for playing mid: if they push, say thanks and let them push! If you manage to stun them under your tower it will be painful for them.
Most players run away soon enough that the tower won't hit them but they start to fear the tower and this will reduce their lasthits.
But never ever push with Anivia on mid without backup while your opponent lives and has much health.
If your opponent is at low health: push, if your whole team backs you up: push. but don't make the mistake to stay away from your own tower, especially if they have a jungler.
If you're near the tower and someone comes from behind to gank you, you can stun him but he will still be near enough to kill you and even if you might kill him cause he's to squishy the laner himself is still there, shooting at you.

Playing solo top:
Solo top is somehow more dangerous because it will be ganked more often, but thanks to your stun you don't have that much to worry about.
Get your wall early for a better escape potential and stay near the top bushes and don't attack their towers unless your opponent is dead and you are not afraid of their jungler.
Buying order is: mReg, speed, mReg, cdr, AP

Solo top vs. two:
Soloing two at once as Anivia is one of the funniest things that might happen to you.
Never push (Unless you play against complete fools and you got like 5 kills that early)
Especially opponents you tend to be afraid of like Kassadin, Vladimir or Xin Zhao are good there.
Play passive. Don't worry if you miss some XP in the beginning of the game and only lasthit when they are far away.
The only way for you to really farm will be shooting your Flash Frost, at best when their champions are trapped between their own minions.
So early on you should only shoot your Flash Frost and don't get close enough for Frostbite unless you stunned them both or they are split up enough that the other one isn't able to attack you.
Keep on harassing until one is at low health. Then simply finish him off with your Q-E combo if he's dumb enough. More experienced players have either enough health to survive the combo, a Heal held back, or backport early enough, but hey... experienced players have a jungler in their team so the situation wouldn't exist ;)
You will reach your true potential by lvl 6. If you did everything right your opponents will be lvl 4. Just wait until you are near your tower. Harass them with Q-E until they have something between 30 and 50% health left (depending on how squishy they are)
Then go in and either stun them first or place Glacial Storm under them to have a bigger chance of hitting them/him with the stun (at best you stun them in your glacial storm) then Frostbite and back off again, the other boy will still live.
So the buying order is: mReg, speed, AP, AP, mReg
You need a much higher damage output than normal cause you will be able to land fewer hits than normal, so make sure they hit hard.

Duo Lane:
Good partners for a duo lane with Anivia are Carry champions with a stun or slow. Don't go on a duo lane with a tank or a support, you will just be pushed to death, so if you have to duo with someone like that simply don't pick Anivia.
Good Partners (imo) are: Twitch, Ashe, Evelynn, Akali, Morgana, Lux, Veigar and Karthus.
They all have a good damage output and can either slow or stun their opponents. So if your opponents are focusing them you can stun and slow you enemies enough so you teammate can get away or just kill them, and if they focus you you can stun and slow the enemies enough so your teammate can kill them.
Morgana/ Lux, Twitch and Karthus are most fun to duo with, so try it out.

With Morgana and Lux you have two mages with stuns and an extremely nice reach. If the enemy stands besides the tower you can just harass/kill her without even being hit by the tower.

With Twitch you can lay great traps or make your enemy tower hug all day long. so don't push. If they come out, let twitch go in the bushes and wait until they are near the creeps, then it's your turn to stun one or two of them and Frostbite one. Everything Twitch has to do now is finish him of. But speak with twitch, many Twitch players tend to push and push and push...

With Karthus on your side you can even shut down Tanks. Place your skills in this way: Wall of Pain for the slow and MR reduction, then Flash Frost to stun and slow, and then everything you have to hit him to death. If you have skilled Crystallize place a wall behind him, so he has to run through the Wall of Pain again or just sit there and wait.

Buying order depends on Teammate, mReg, speed, AP if you have a good time nuking them
mReg, speed, mReg, AP if you have to slow/stun them a lot,
or mReg, AP, mReg, speed if they keep on pushing you to your own tower.

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The longer the game lasts the more important it gets that you hit with your stun.
Always run around with your team, but keep an eye on the minimap. You have very good farming abilities and should try to get every greater crowd of minions.
If you don't have one of the top 3 creepkills at the end of the game you either played wrong, simply had a bad team, or dominated the opponents so you never had the time to farm creepwaves.

Please keep in mind that no matter how much damage you throw around you are NOT the carry. Play as support. Stun the most dangerous enemy or take out a good support. NEVER attack alone, although you CAN defend alone.
Tower defending at around lvl 16 with Anivia is a really funny thing to do unless they have someone overfed.
Their tank(s) don't have enough health to stand in the fire of the tower for overly long and they do less enough damage to not kill the tower within a second.
If you stand alone at the tower get a bit behind it so they can't see you from far away and their tank maybe runs in to tank it, sees you, runs away and get 2 shots from the tower; but most Tower pushes will come together with creeps, so it's most important to knock those out so the tower can shoot champions.
If their ranged champions run away as soon as they see you just put a wall behind the melee champions, put glacial storm under them and shoot a Flash Frost in their direction so that you will hit them, regardless if they stay or try to run away, Frostbite one and of they are (either dead or running for their lives, or they try to kill you... might happen sometimes).
If they stay just leave the Glacial Storm running and use your autoattack.
If the whole team stays at the tower even though you're coming place your glacial storm in the mid between the tower and them so you'll hit every minion and most or all of the champions, then stun their ranged champions, place a wall between you and their melee champions if they try to attack you and shoot your Frostbite at the one with the lowest hp. If you are lucky enough you can save the tower and even get one or two kills this way.
But ONLY do this when you have your egg ready. If not, shoot your Flash Frost at the Melee champions, Frostbite them and back off again (or place your glacial storm if someone is at low-hp)

Attacking with Anivia is a bit more difficult. If you have to initiate try to shoot your Flash Frost through some obstacle so the enemy has no time to run away, place your pool under him, shoot your Frostbite and place your wall that he can't run away and only 1 or 2 champions can help her. (Difficult strategy and only possible if someone overextends slightly)
If someone overextends just too much simply put a wall behind him put your pool in his fleeing path but near enough that you immediately slow him, stun him, Frostbite him and if your team isn't sleeping or you're fed he'll be sooner dead than he can think 'damn I'm much too lonely here'

I don't recommend planting the wall at the beginning of a team battle unless you can really half their team (which is only possible in the jungle). Wait for a good chance for your wall to either cut off the fleeing path of someone or keep those casters and ranged carries away long enough to kill this small hopping killer rabbit in the mid of your team or even better: stop this Malphite tank to rush in and crash your whole team.
Blocking away their tank is mostly more useful than blocking their carry, because you have enough AoE Slow and stun to knock out 2 carries at once (Knock out doesn't mean killing here!).

Anivias Midgame is very strong so you'll get most kills here but don't get greedy in the lategame, it's normal that you will only get supports there (with some exceptions of course).

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Your enemies

There are good and bad opponents on the mid lane when you play Anivia. If you meet someone who crushes you, you aren't just a 'noob who better l2p' even if your whole team is saying so. It's possible that you really just suck, but it's really much more likely that you simply did some 'deadly' mistakes. Watch for your mistakes and work on how to solve them if you want to get better, if you think 'nah, **** off I'm pro, you suck' you really wasted your time reading through this guide.
With Anivia you can play against every Champion in mid lane, some need extra tactics, and some need you to simply be not too greedy. So I'll try to give you some Champion specific advices.

Kassadin - Aka the Champ mages hate mid. You should love him. He's one of the few champs that are even squishier than you plus he really has some problems to destroy your egg before you pop out. You shouldn't be afraid of Kassadin, but you really should erase this idea of leveling Crystalize before level 14.
Before level 6 the thing is pretty simple, you are better than him, when he comes in to harass you, stun him, your reach is bigger, if he stays behind, okay, then don't let him catch many creeps. Be careful when attacking him, his reach with Null Sphere is smaller than you Flash Frost but while you shoot it he might just come near enough to silence you, so you might lose your extra damage for Frostbite, so try to stun him before he can silence you, but always shoot your frostbite because you do more damage than him (unless he has many flat AP runes and Quints, then just wait for his attacks, because he has to attack or his runes will be pretty useless very soon)
After level 6 the thing gets tricky, because you need very good reactions. Kassadin will port in and throw his spell combo on you, so NEVER try to shoot him with Flash Frost unless he is out of Mana, he will just port over your stun and say thx while he runs away. So possibility one is to wait for him to port in, shoot a Flash Frost on him and immediately let it explode when it reaches him because you won't be able to explode it after you got silenced. When you are silenced use your autoattack (if you think you can still damage him harder than he does with you) or fly away (if you're afraid of him punching you down, or you want to get an egg near your tower) the second option is whenever he ports to place a Glacial Storm in his path and immediately throw a Frostbite at him when he pops up. This technique has a higher rate of success, but will also eat more Mana. If he doesn't run away as soon as he pulled his spells and you're still at 50%HP min, place a wall behind him if you have one (which should only occur in lategame) so he has to backport again or be eaten up by a real combo from your spells (shoot Flash Frost when Frostbite is on 1.5 - 2 seconds cooldown).

Vladimir - One simple rule: when you see that he's skilled enough to use his Sanguine Pool whenever you shoot your Flash Frost at him STOP SHOOTING! Just wait until he uses it and then you can go for revenge. He can pretty simple harass you with Transfusion but he has to get pretty close, so make him push to your own tower, and be just as far away that he starts running to you, then shoot your Flash Frost at him and back off, he can either use his Sanguine Pool or get stunned (where you should immediately go back to Frostbite him). If he used his pool just go after him because your Flash Frost has a lower cooldown.
After you reached level 6 you can go more aggressive if you've been doing well by now, one possibility is to shoot Flash Frost at him and lay your Glacial Storm in the direction he's pooling, so you can Frostbite him as long as he's not tower hugging.
If you've not been doing that well you should wait for him to harass you, then place your Glacial Storm to where he's going. He will either pool directly or come closer, you can either go nearer too or wait for him to come close enough. Keep an eye to where he drops to his Sanguine Pool because you have to stun him with Flash Frost before he can do so (if you are near enough you can still stun him, even if he has perfect reaction times), then Frostbite him and fly back. If this doesn't work out do not try this again. He didn't fail once to that kind of trick and so he won't fail now. Call for a gank, or try to make him use his Sanguine Pool without being hit too hard and without shooting Flash Frost, because you need it to make damage. Always remember your skills and your autoattack have a bigger reach than his.
Don't harass [[Vladimir] too hard early game if you see he can stand it. You will waste your Mana while he is able to regain HP. But if you are able to zone him, Vlad is ****ed.

Veigar - you do MUCH more damage to him as long as you don't get hit by his Dark Matter early game, plus he has some Mana problems if he lasthits creeps with Balefull Strike. On lvl 1 Balefull Strike has 8 seconds cooldown, and on lvl two 7, use this to your adventage, you can harass him whenever he uses this power to lasthit a creep, or throw it at whatever he wants. He will either skill Dark Matter on level two, but you can easily dodge this, but if you did too well he skills Event Horizon and this will result in a stun without damage, wow.
Event Horizon together with Dark Matter can hurt you somewhat but not as much as you'll hurt him. When he reaches level 6 his damage potential increases by far, but not that far that he could kill you with one combo unless you totally failed and he already killed you 4 times.
If he's good and you've been mostly unable to stun him with Flash Frost don't stack too much AP early, since this will occur in higher damage received from his ultimate. Try to get more Mana and Mana regeneration first so you can spam your abilities.
When you shift into endgame Veigar will be stronger than you unless you dominated him (if he's at least 2 levels below you and got 1 kill at max you did a very good job), so don't simply run to him and attack him, wait until you can hit with your Q-E combo and then back off. Try to learn how he places his Event Horizon so you can dodge it sometimes when he gets too close, because if you get stunned you are mostly dead. If you died once this way, buy an Abyssal Mask so you can survive this combo once again (when you're on full health of course).

Xin Zhao - This is the hardest hero to mid against with Anivia imo, as long as the player that plays him is completely aware of what Xin can do.
Try to harass him early to figure out his level of skill. If he's bad, push him as hard as you can without dying, if he's good stop playing overly aggressive on level two and start playing carefully on level three (you should always play 'carefully' but play a bit more carful than normal).
Don't shoot your Flash Frost on him since he will rush in and beat you down, knowing that he does more damage and his attacks will heal him.
Keep farming and shoot Flash Frost if needed to get some lasthits and prepare for the counterattack after level 6.
Place your Glacial Storm so far away from Xin Zhao that he's standing at the edge of it and the storm is between you and him, next throw your Frostbite at him and if he rushes towards you, stun him directly, don't go for double damage or he might throw you in the air where you can't explode it. If he stands within your pool, let it on the ground while you run away, if he's outside the Glacial Storm just run away as fast as you can. Wait for the cooldowns, look at your Mana and attack again.
You have to be very careful with your positioning, and care for ganks, but if you manage to keep out of range from Xin you should win without problems, but don't attack him when you're on low Mana and he has enough health left, since he will just kill minions to regenerate his health while you are unable to hit him. Hit him hard in a short time to make him be scared.
Even if your opponent is good you should be able to zone him after 2 combos.

Karthus - Keep moving or his Lay Waste will hit you harder then you like it, but it's reach is a tad shorter than your Flash Frost so when he comes that bit nearer to put down one of these under you, stun him and either autoattack him (on level 1) or throw your Frostbite and then an autoattack.
Your Damage output is much higher than Karthus as long as you stay mobile. Try to guess when he will lay his Wall of Pain, if you get caught in it stun Karthus and slow him with your Glacial Storm and run until your Flash Frost is off from cooldown and counter attack.
Without his wall he has a very limited damage output.
If the Krthus is good buy a Zhonya's Hourglass early on to stop his ultimate, since in lategame your egg won't be ready every time he uses it.
For first blood you should remember that he stays alive after death, but won't be able to kill your egg even if he kills you after he died.

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Wards are a must in ranked games, but also really help you in normal mode. When I get First blood on mid lane with Anivia I usually port back to shop and buy some Wards plus my normal gear.
Whenever you start owning on a lane the opposite team will try to gank you more than usual. So I'd recommend putting a ward in each of the Bushes to the sides (when playing mid) or one ward either directly on the river or into that bush (if playing top or bot).
Buy green wards if everything is normal and pink wards if they have 2 champions that can turn invisible. When they have one invisible champ buy green wads and put one pink on the part of the lane where you're flying mostly. In many cases you will be able to get a kill of an unaware Twitch or Evelynn and you have a chance to stun a Shaco early enough that he loses his stealth and his auto crit.
If a Teemo stealthes next to your pink ward it is very important to laugh loudly before putting your Glacial Storm under him, throwing your Flash Frost at him and to crush him with your Frostbite. After this 90% sure kill you can write a 'wtf wallhack!' in the public chat if you like.

If no one else in your team buys wards you should take your ward from the lower side of the river and put it in the small bush near the dragon. You won't be able to see what's in the bush that's next to you but this sot gives much bigger control over the map than the other.
Keep on buying wards while the game develops, but put them according to the situation, you might want to ward the dragon, you might want to ward the enemies' jungle if your team is doing well and you might want to ward your jungle if they keep on pushing.
If you're not sure where to place them, just ask your team ('got 2 wards, where shall I place them') in most cases someone will ping some spots on the map. Sometimes someone give you a description in the chat, and if the team keeps silent, just put them into areas where you are afraid enemies might come out.

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Earlier in the guide you read things like "If your enemy isn't named toast" "good and bad opponents" or "if your team isn't sleeping".
Sometimes the game is just about skill, but mostly it is based on communication. If your team knows what you are doing they can help you if you ened it, if a ganker is jungling but writes that he'll come for a gank you can prepare and maybe hit him a bit already so the gank will get easier.

In LoL you will find endless discussions about communication in and befor a game. If you watch some livestreams of High Elo players you will most probably get a completely wrong view on the things.
So here are some rules:

  1. Be friendly, always! It doesn't matter if you think that your team consist of ******ed morrons, they are humans so encounter them with respect. (Yes, there are these smurf accounts who don't deserve it, but more to them later on)
  2. Don't be offensive. This is pretty much what i said in 1) but just to clear this up, beeing offensive is unfriendly plus you might be reportet and if you crossed the line too hard you might get banned.
  3. Don't act like you are 'Mr. Pro' that knows everything, you don't.
  4. Kills don't equal skill, so if someone dies too often give him tips if you're able to, and if someone gets many kills but you still see something he could do better: tell him.
  5. Try to spot mistakes before they happen, or at least before they have consequences.

So much about the theory, how can you tell someone with 1000wins that he does something wrong?
Act carefully (just like your gameplay) and deadly effective (Ever read that before?).
Option 1 is to ask him questions like "Why didn't you activate your E?", "Why didn't you got back off a bit", "Do you need help?", "Need a gank?" or a classical "Why didn't you say miss?".

Those are all questions for AFTER something happened. Option 2 is to give him direct tips or short commands but the chances he might get angry or simply ignore what you said are increasing the longer that guy played LoL. Try to build a flair for every Teammate, the easiest way to do so is to start communication in the champion picking phase.

If you have someone that writes much easy comments will give you a higher rate of succes e.g: "Corki incoming" instead of pinging while writing 'ss corki', "What about a little bash at their blue?" instead of 'gank at blue?' and "Someone wants to kill this Kassadin?" instead of "gank Kass pls".

If you have players that tend to throw arround phrases like 'noob', 'stfu' or 'u suck' you can either ignore him or scratch his ego. He thinks that he's either best player ingame or best player of your team so you can either point out some mistakes he did or go a bit together with him (either call for a gank or ask him if he would like a gank) but please ignore him if he calls you noob.
If you want you can answer something like 'if you think so' or a direct 'need some help xxxx?' but don't answer 'you're the noob!!!!!!' ('Multiple exclamation marks are a sure sign of a diseased mind').
The more raging players a game has the worse it will get.

If you have players that are few in words and don't write anything more than 'ss' you should just give them commands if they need some, he will either keep quite and most probably try to do what you said or start writing 'noob'. Look in the above section for those.

If you have new players you can do pretty anything but spamming the chat with 'noob, noob, noob'.
They ARE noobs, and your opponents will realize that. A simple "need help with your char?" or "want some game tips?" can help wonders if he's willing to learn (players that reach level 30 somehow loose that ability it seems).

If you do everything i said above you'll be pretty busy writing ingame, so take what you want from the things up there. Sometimes you jsut need to poing if someone misses, sometimes it's best to write "miss xxx" and sometimes you should write "ss coming top/bot" while flying after that guy.
Communication is like the ability to walk. Everyone can learn it but everyone does it on his own specific way but just that bit tad individual that it might be unrecognizable.
SO try to find the way hog your games run smoothiest but also see it the other way around, if you did some mistakes ask your team what you can do better and if your team wants to do something and you think it's mad, write it but do it with them.
It's a team-game so if your team dies because you didn't wanted to go where they were going they will reasonable hate you. If you go with them and everyone of you died try to say what was the problem so that mistake might not occur again.

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Closing Comments

This is only the beta stadium of this build.
Pictures will come, more specific heros will come, more detailed ward palcement will come and Ranked game roles and tactics will come.
And I will fix some images that aren't displayed yet.

Feel free to comment and vote.
Please give me the vote the guide deserves, not the vote for the mood you're currently in.
If you think it's ********.. just say it :P

Have a nice day and thanks for reading.