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Yasuo General Guide by Shuriman Jedi

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shuriman Jedi

I hear you wanna play Yasuo.- A Jedi Build

Shuriman Jedi Last updated on December 31, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Yasuo with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Vel'Koz Easy as well. You can windwall everything but ulti.
Ziggs Its just sad man. YOU CANT BEAT MY WINDWALL!!!. Seriously though you can windwall everything and E past his abilities.
Varus Can Windwall his Q and R. E past it as well.
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Who Am I?

Why hello there my wanderer in training! My name is Shuriman Jedi and I am currently a Plat Yasuo main. I play him at least 5 times a day, and constantly try to learn new things with him. I play him mostly mid lane but you could play him top lane( Watch out though Rivens hang out up there). He can be a very mechanically demanding champ despite what everyone says due to one Whirlwind, Wind Wall, or Sweeping Blade meaning the difference between life and death. He deserves respect and will give you some awesome fun times in return.

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Pros / Cons


+ Sustained Damage
+ Easy to farm with
+ Dat Wind Wall
+ No mana
+ High skill cap and rewarding
Yasuo is easy to farm with due to his Q. Wind wall offers him protection from most skill shots. He is a manaless champion. He is also a very rewarding champion to learn and master.


+ Needs minions to be mobile
+ Can be zoned
+ Can be outbursted
+ Needs knock ups
+ No wave clear until statik
Yasuo can be zoned out of lane pretty hard. He can be outbursted by other assasins. He needs knock ups from teammates sometimes. And has almost no wave clear until statik

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Way of the Wanderer
Shield and doubles crit chance
Yasuo's passive Way of the Wander is awesome. It gives a shield that refills after moving a certain distance and his crit chance is doubled; however keep in mind that it does only 90% damage, and is lowered to a 75% on Steel Tempest

Steel Tempest
Main harass and damage
So a little complicated. This is a AD scaling skill that can critically strike. On the first cast it will hit normally, granting gathering storm for 10 seconds. At two stacks of gathering storm it will unleash a whirlwind which knocks up opponents. Also keep in mind that Q will cap out on attack speed at 60%

Wind Wall
Blocks skill shots
Pretty straight forward. Creates a wall in front of you that block skill shots( Does not block Nautilus ulti for some god reason)

Sweeping Blade
Dash through minions and other champions
This allows Yasuo to dash through minions or champions can deal magic damage. The speed will increase with move speed.

Last Breath
Ulti that gives armor pen
Such a satisfying ability. So first your target must be airborne, and once they are Yasuo will blink to them dealing physical damage and ignores 50% of the targets bonus armor for 15 seconds.

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Summoner Spells

Always take this spell. It's a good escape if you dont have any minions or a good way to flash q for a kill.

Good for securing kills or straight up 1v1s due to grievous wounds.

This can be taken if you're not comfortable with the lane; however never take heal due to other mid laners taking ignite.

This is good for matchups that have a lot of burst and you don't feel comfortable in that lane

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Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage: Give some bonus AD that will be very helpful

[5] Greater Mark of Attack Damage: Okay so I like to run 5 Attack damage marks so that I can have 4 critical chance marks which doubles to having an 8% crit chance in lane

[4] Greater Mark of Critical Chance:Stated above

[9] Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: 9 Flat MR help with not being poked out of lane

[9] Greater Seal of Health: 9 flat health help with fighting dirty AP players.

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Okay so no matter what this is a must on Yasuo. Every good Yasuo will have this item.

I usually prefer to rush this item first, but others like to go blade instead; however I do believe it should be in every good Yasuo build, but its not a must have unlike Statik.

If the enemy team has a lot of tanks this is usually a good pickup due to the passive it gives you and it allows you to put out more Qs due to the attack speed.

I usually take this if I take Greaves because it will make up for the missing Borkt attack speed.

Good boots on Yasuo because theyll grant tenacity and MR, both are crucial on Yasuo. I'm really split on this and Greaves.

So this is a niche pick. If you wanna try this go ahead, but keep in mind that you probably wont want Bortk

Good for that straight out Armor pen on top of your ulti. You can skip out on this and just go for Bortk and BT if youd like.

Good for MR and the passive helps a lot

A very good pickup for armor and health

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Yasuo in Lane

Yasuo in lane is a bully from level 1-3ish. Your goal is to try and get them to back or kill them early (Which is why we take ignite). Reason being is because when they're level 4 will be a little stronger and you wont gain lane dominance back until you hit 6. Ideally by this point you have a zeal and you're beginning to become annoying. Key word being annoying. Yasuo is very good at that, so use it to your advantage and punish every mistake they make. They move into minion wave? Use it to be fast with your E and dodge skill shots, also remember to use your Q while dashing. A nice tip is that when you have 6 and haven't used ulti don't use your ulti on the first knock up unless you have to. This is a good mix up because they'll expect to be ultid or you'll throw them off on the next trade because they wont know if you're going to ulti. Its a simple mind game but effective.

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Yasuo in Mid game

I consider mid game to be 11-13ish. By this point you have a statik completed and you're working on IE/Blade, also keep in mind by this point you should have maybe roamed once and prepared to work another in( Keep in mind scuttle is a good way to move through river); however lets say you're behind. That's fine, happens to everyone. So you probably just got your statik or you have the components. Try to ask your jungler for help( there is no shame in that), or if you see a roam or team fight at dragon, take the kills you can. Trust me you're gonna snowball a lot harder than the hoarder ADC. Keep in mind at this point you should do your best to not die.Buy some wards keep your bushes warded. Finally in all honesty there is nothing wrong with farming a little. Tell your team to try and avoid fighting. Its okay to give up second drag in order to play catch up.

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Late Game/Team fighting

Heheheheheheh ready to annoy the hell out of some nerd. At this point youre full build. I love everything about late game Yasuo. Your blade is letting you cut through tanks, youre a little tanky, and your damage is just insane. In all honesty your goal again is to be annoying. In team fights you have the dashes in order to get to the back line, windwall the adc or just straight out kill him. Your ulti will give you armor pen to even kill the tankiest Sions. Remember to utilize blade. I cant stress how many times it has saved my life. Also a good tip for general awareness is stop. Think to yourself, would you call yourself a noob if you were one of your team mates. If the answer is yes fix it. This game is a lot of self-reflection.

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Unique Skills

Okay so there are a few awesome tricks to Yasuo.

1st is prepping your whirlwind and flashing for the E>Q.
It usually takes people by surprise and is a good way to secure a kill; however you might want to practice it a little in order to get the feeling.

Next is the "Airblade" this one is a little more complicated.( Note: Looks awesome but its not practical)
(In all honesty I couldnt think of how to explain this so Im gonna quote the video description for a better understanding)
It means that when you E-Q something near you, it starts the animation/cooldown, but you teleport to the ennemy to ult, even though the ult is another animation the Q AoE animation isn't canceled and the cooldown goes down during the ultimate. Assuming you have max cd on Q, 1.33 sec, the cooldown will go down during the ultimate animation (1 sec) applying a stack because the AoE animation followed yasuo and Hit the ennemy, granting a stack. When the ult finishes casting, there is a 0.33 cooldown left on Q, giving a second stack for the Tornado 1,33 sec later.

Next is the ability to move through jungle creeps
So first you go into your settings and rebind a key to target champions only. I recommend Space but you could do whatever you'd like. Next you're gonna try and get as close to the monster as possible and then use your E. Its a little hard but its possible, so I recommend practicing it before using it in ranked.

Next is to see how you can squeeze in an auto before you ulti
I cant find a video, but you can auto before they hit the ground and then ulti while theyre airborne.

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Okay so that's my guide! I love Yasuo and in all honesty this is where I learned to play him. So I thought the other Yasuo guides were a little outdated and I wanted to make my own to give back. If you have any suggestions for the guide don't be afraid to tell me (My spelling is atrocious). Thank you!


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