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Ryze Build Guide by TribeZ

I will Ryze-

By TribeZ | Updated on May 24, 2019

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1 2 3
Phase Rush
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Ravenous Hunter
Taste of Blood

+1-10% CDR (lvls 1-18)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2 3 4
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Middle Lane
Ranked #59 in
Middle Lane
Win 48%
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This guide is still in maintance--- therefore advice is highly appreciated

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My summoner Name is Searching4Skill on EUW, i aint the new Faker and ill never be. This guide is Addressed to Bronze/Silver Gold/plat everything upwards i dont really have experience with/ they probably dont need a guide like this anyways. I played quite some Rice and since 8.4 (to 8.5) im having a winrate about 80+% (totally 70% by now.
We are now n Season 9 i recently got plat and know that in my current state of Tilt, fokus and champion pool i wont climb hard or atleast wont have fun while doing so which is why im currently creating this guid. It will tell myself how to play Ryze (starting 9.10) and we will see if it brouht results in when i got diamond

To keep it short: Ryze playstile is About staying Rather Save and Comboing/ Cathcin opponents of guard; Shoving Waves and Roaming. Ryze is an Allrounder therefor its rather difficult to exactly say how u should play. To not suck: Spam E; Go B asap for Tear; Go Catalyst and Push; Roam PLay it safely and more like a Supporter for ur Jgl till u get ur Seraphs ( and Rabadons) then u are Op if normally scaling for Game time and u can easily Force dives etc with ur R (i pref Rabadons over Void vs few Mr bc of Ryze Q Shield and dual Scaling due to his passive)

Mainly i wanted this guide to appeal for Ryze but at the moment i am getting aware of it beeing more like a general guide, so i will probbly add other champions to it aswell, looking especially at Katarina, Yasuo (Ekko, Sylas and Vladimir are other champions im thinking about aswell, please let me know in the comment section below)
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Generel Playstyle

Ryze is good at splitpushing, dpsing and Catching.
He has Great 1v1 Potential and can eaily use the enemys rotations to get a numbers advantage or sneak objectives due to his R.
If u are the Teams carry then Focus on Surviving while deling dmg. U can kite relatvily well due to EWQ/ WEQ ur Qs passive aswell as Seraphs Shield.More about how to properly Teamfight/ fight skirmishers is late to be explained.
Catching is kind of like Twisted fate. Ryze has relatively high Waveclear and mostlikely is played with ghost (at least for my Playstyle). Therefore u can Push fast and Ult right behind the Bot, Toplane or Catch the enemys Jgler bc Supporting ur jglers invades. When Cathcing People its better to EWQ instead of WEQ bc u should get followuped by ur own team and (normally) dont need the dmg but the CC.
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General Tactics/advices

Tear B: Freezing the lane/slightly pushing till cannonwave (Matchup dependant) and hardshoving the cannonwave lets u B diretly for Tear. Before make sure u are trading out ur Mana (and hp) for the enemys aswell as having pushed in so u dont lose CS but instead getting a slow push against u.
Ward the enemys jungle entrances/ Island brush on the side which he will come from. This doesnt just help urself but also everyone else in the team to not feed/ beeing able to go more aggro (vision isnt just for urself so laning ur sidebrushes normally is ******** especially bc it mostoften is 2late by then anyways(gapcloser).

After Tping/running bak to lane u will have an advantage in Mana and waveclear. Do not spam ur mana randomly so u go oom before he does but make sure u will keep the mana lead so he has to B before u which means for him losing Gold and Exp aswell as still having an Item disadvantage. U dont have to fore anything. Just Poke him down a lil by spreading EQ onto them a few times while shoving. If he stay he will constantly be pushed in which means u will have more Impact on the Game AND he will lose CS to the turret. Having ghost is especially great at that stage bc ur Jgler is free to do whatever he likes bc u have a lead and push aswell as Mobility and PnC CC. Especially if u have a Premate Jgl one Catch is almost guaranteed.
By then u should have Catalyst and simply keep on with the playstyle u used yet. Simply be preset on the Map. U will hardcarry later.

After havin RoA stacked (better take abyssal when vs Ap and enough dmg in ur team) and Seraphs Embrace u got a big Powerspike. In the Early game u didnt quite have the Ap and dmg might have lacked. By then tho u can force objectives while beeing relatively save due to the SE shield.

By now u normally get 2 big choices. Splitting for 1v1/ numbers adv. or Teamfighting. Because of ur WAveclear a ryze normally should shove in one Wave and then Group up and Catch enemies OOP. with ur R.
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In Teamfights u are the one Who can Engage by EWing an Enemy (carry) who is oop and bursting him down. Afterwards u either won the fight or they will reengage. Disengage then! Just dont die. Do not use ****ty EQEQEQEQ but abuse ur Qpassive shield, Seraphs Embrace and Sums to let ur Frontline Peel and getting into position. U then are able to reengage bc ur W is upagain AND u have ur R to dive the Backline while their Frontline is fighting urs.

If u are behind as Ryze u can still Comeback and be useful by Simply catching with EW. Building hyper Aggressive Ap carry ****mostlikely will make u feed. Build situational /Tanky for then, even a Frozen heart can be fine. Do build AP tho if ur Team lacks dmg since ur Scaling as Ryze is pretty good and u definitly have chances of coming back.
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Now the (wayyy) longer version (this will take me ages)

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1. The junglers

1st: Carnivore (No great clear, strong early/snowball)

Playing with a carnivore means for you as midlaner to support his aggressive playstyle, goind for the lanepriority is a must because most carnivores (udyr or Lee sin for example) wont wait for you to have pressure but just straightup int their ***es off if the enemy mid is there to help first. If you want to lay ryze, this means carefully watching out for your junglers position and spending your mana for the push if he is hyperaggressiv. Honestly this is not just for the carnivore but especially for them, because they are the first to spam ff or hard int if you didnt support their inentionally feeding playstyle. You will want to ward inside the enemys Jungle and should be able to make them feed hard once they get in vision.

2nd: Omnivore (allround)
They are the junglers you have to care the least about because carnivores (for the most part) wont invade to kill them, since the risk for dying still exists, in the veryyyy early game you will have to be able to instantly rotate, but after a lil bit of scaling--- lvl 6 for example, the junglers should be pretty fine on their own, while the carnivore is probably inting/useless by then if he didnt get fed

3rd : Herbivore (scaling) Defensive roations will be important, keep your laner under control. You dont have to kill them tho, because your jungler should be outscaling the enemys, bulding safe shoud be the way to go (Zhonyas/hp/even pots or going biscuits/corupting etc.)
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1.1 Clearspeed difference

Rather simple: How much AoE damage with how much cooldowns does which jungler have?
is the enemy a carnivore or an omnivore?

You should rather easily be able to understand which route they will go depending on (primarily) these 2 factors, 3rd one would be sustain and 4th gold (if he got fed)
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The Botlaners

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Their scaling

So there will be (especially) one adc that scales better than the other, therefore he will be rather forced to do something, especially looking at draven this kind of lane should be set behind, because they will have pretty much no chance to comeback whatsoever and if you are on the earlygamechamps side you want to support them before they can int their natural lead away.


Early: Be there for any counterroams possible
Late: Punish the early gamefokused enemy for any mistake possible

Normally you want to set your fokus on the botlane due to the dragon priority and the direct impact on four players instead of 2 in the toplane
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Their lanetype

The main winconditions for botlaners are:
Trading (outsustaining)

Here are what you want to do depening on which kind of winning condition your team is in favor:
Harassing/Sustaining-> there will most certainly be an opportunity for a minioncrashdive, watch the enemys amount of pots/Tp or simply hover over the minimap to see if there is an option to dive, if they always recall early they will fall behind due to minions dying to turret anyways.

All in/ Catch this will be a sign for you to be proactive in the general botside of the map due to probably winning every skirmish/teamfight in the early game and the great catching potential of the enemy jungler when the vision (and vision denial) is given if you want to roam there, do so when your ally are coming from base so they wont get widdled down before the fight breaks out.
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Firstly: i dont touch tank lanes exept they grant me freekills due to the enormous lockdowns which can easily get you kills if you, they will bring you ahead but wont really actively change the position of your team. Most tanks are undying anyways and if they get ahead they wont be able to bully the enemy out of lane..... they might tilt because its annoying to play vs tanks but thats it.

Poke/sustain-> crashdive

Allin-- help them secure their first blood and they should snowball out of control
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Your lane