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Amumu Build Guide by Aseafy

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aseafy

I'll Cut your Wrists for you - a Guide to Making Friends

Aseafy Last updated on May 8, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello community! This is Aseafy with a quick guide for the building of Amumu. While this guide will only explain my build and set-up choices, as well as exploring amumu's abilities, you can find my Twisted Treeline guide right here:


Make sure you read the guide above with this guide, which is embedded in the picture, as this guide is only complete when combined. As I said earlier, this guide will explain my choices only. It will not go in-depth. So without any more waiting, let's start the guide! Now why would I want to play amumu? Amumu is one of the strongest ap tanks, and can deal insane damage that is very unexpected. Amumu also has one of the best ultimates in the game, as well as a long range stun. (:

While he is not broken, he is a very strong pick and can turn games around. Even though he is a tank, he can 1v1 almost everyone, and can carry fairly easily when fed. This is because of his low cooldown skills, and aoe damage. Once you learn how to hit your Bandage Toss more consistently, you will be a huge threat to anyone on the map. (through the wall bandage tosses)

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration: In combination with amumu's passive and the item we are buying, these marks will allow us to do a lot of damage. There is not really any other option for an AP tank except armor reds. However, I would suggest you use magic penetration.

Greater Seal of Armor: These armor runes are needed because we are building tanky. They allow us to take more damage not only in lane, but in the jungle once we need to. Health per level runes are viable, but they lack early game power. I would not recommend mana regen runes, because you should not be running out of mana very often, and you can recall once you do.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: We want flat magic resistance for early game power. This ensures that we will be all-around tanky. You can replace these if the enemy has absolutely no ap on their team, however, there are not many good choices. Choose whatever you like.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power: Because of amumu's very high scaling ratios, we want these quints for early game damage. If you do not think you need these, you can use movement speed quints instead. You can also opt in for magic penetration quints.

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The 9 points in the offensive tree are pretty much inarguable because they give amumu so much with just 9 points. Summoner's Wrath is really important for your Exhaust. Arcane Knowledge gives us some % magic penetration, which is always good. Remember that the percent penetration gets calculated before the flat penetration, which means we will be doing A LOT of damage.

The 21 points in the defensive tree are all targeted towards being more tanky. Durability is a pretty obvious choice because it leads up to Veteran's Scars . I take 3 points in both Resistance and Hardiness because it is free armor and magic resistance. You will find this helpful in the early game.

Unyielding and Block offer free damage mitigation, which is actually better than flat armor because it cannot be pierced. Enemy AD champions will deal a huge 5 less damage, and while it may not sound that huge, in reality, it is.

The next several points can be reallocated anywhere you want, because there are so many choices and it is really up to the player to decide. Tenacious , Legendary Armor , Juggernaut , Reinforced Armor and Good Hands are all decent choices. I chose tenacious and legendary armor simply because I like them as masteries. Tenacious allows me to be less strict while choosing what boots to buy, because I like buying Sorcerer's Shoes a lot of the time.

Finally, Honor Guard is the last point in the tree and is a nice finish to all the tanky masteries we have already taken. While this 3% is not that much, all our defensive choices will add up to a good amount later.

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Summoner Spells

The 2 summoner spells I use for amumu are flash and exhaust for obvious reasons. While some people may want to run Ghost, I feel amumu needs to be more "spontaneous". You lose a lot of opportunities with ghost, for example, I see 3 enemies clumped up, I can flash into my Curse of the Sad Mummy. Ghost simply does not do that for me.

I run exhaust because while I am a carry, my main role is to be the teams tank. I would rather have my teammates secure kills with Ignite. Each team needs at least 1 exhaust, if not 2. I feel that by taking Exhaust and giving kills to my teammates, I can feed my team. As well, because I will be in the middle of every fight, I can apply Exhaust to the appropriate target.

Something else to consider is Summoner's Wrath . It works extremely well with amumu's passive, Cursed Touch, and the main build. ( Blackfire Torch and Abyssal Mask.) That means that I can do more damage with exhaust.

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THE MAIN BUILD is something that you can follow, but you do not have to build exactly. Also, every team should have one player with abyssal scepter and one player with shurelyas reverie. That is why these two items have been placed in the main build.

At the beginning of the game, we have 825 gold to spend. While many people buy offensive items, I do not think amumu is good at playing offensive in the early game, because he does not have much damage to back it up. My goal is to farm through the early game. In order to not get zoned, I buy Boots of Speed first. I then buy either magic resistance or cloth armor depending on the enemy picks. Please do not start with a doran's ring, because you will be taking harass in lane, and without any sustain, you will be forced back to base earlier than you want.

x5 OR x2

Our next early game goal is Blackfire Torch. At this point in the game, it is best to buy our gold per 10 items, that we are building into other items. Kage’s lucky pick is a part of blackfire torch, however, if you feel like you are already ahead, you do not need to buy your gold per 10 items at this point.

Why is Blackfire Torch so Important?

It gives us all the stats we want. From ability power, to magic penetration, to health, and cooldown reduction. Finally, the passive damage from Blackfire Torch synergizes very well with amumu's Despair. Late game, the percent damage will be huge, and it will be near true damage with all of amumu's magic penetration.

kage's lucky pickphilosopher's stone OR kage's lucky pick

Now we can finish our tier 2 boots. You can finish them earlier if you feel like you cannot catch up to your opponents. You have 3 choices. However, keep in mind the items you will be buying later. If you are getting Abyssal Mask next, you may want to buy Ninja Tabi instead of Mercury's Treads to balance your resistances.

You will now want to buy more tanky items. Will I recommend getting Abyssal Mask and a shurelya's reverie, it really depends on what your team needs. Rylai's Crystal Scepter is perfect if you are getting kited, and Randuin's Omen or Frozen Heart if you feel like the enemy ad is too strong. Anyways, you can choose your remaining items from this fine selection. While there may be some viable items outside the ones listed below, these items really shine above the rest. These items range from magic resistance to armor to health to damage.

Your team needs more Damage

Your team is getting Kited

shurelya's reverie

You need MR

You need armor

Cooldown Reduction
shurelya's reverie

You will want to have around 25-40% cooldown reduction with your items, so you cannot buy only straight up damage or armor and magic resistance. This is for the cooldown on your Bandage Toss mainly. The lower the cooldown, the more you will contribute to the fight. It also increases your mobility. The cooldown reduction will help you cap off your cooldown reduction using an elixir.

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Passive: Cursed Touch
This passive fits in very good with an ap tank, and allows you to deal your insane damage while still being tanky. It can also help your teammates if any of them deal ap damage. Please remember that you ACTUALLY HAVE TO AUTOATTACK THEM for this passive to proc.

This is amumu's gapcloser, nuke, and stun. It can be used in sooo many ways, which is what makes it such a good ability. However, this skill is what seperates the good amumu's from the bad amumu's, because landing it may be a bit tricky. If at first you do not succeed, do not give up. Skill shots are hard to land and take practice.
  • You can use this to get over terrain, or escape. By throwing this at a jungle camp, you can get over a wall. Whether you are escaping or chasing, it can be very handy to position yourself near a neutral camp.
  • Try not to use this ability right away, and walk toward your enemy when ganking. They may start walking in a different direction/diagonals, which will allow you to get closer to them. It is very unlikely that you will hit a long range q in comparison to a short ranged one.
  • When heading to your jungle from your lane, use bandage toss over the wall to save time.

This is an area of effect ability that drains mana when it is toggled on. It does not deal much damage at all early game, but because it deals percent health damage, it hurts the enemies late game. You will mostly want to use this skill for the jungle only.

This is amumu's main early damage, and it scales into the late game with a high ap ratio. It does a lot of area of effect damage, and also gets a lower cooldown when you are hit (by creeps and enemies). As well, it mitigates damage taken from attacks. Overall, this is a very nice skill for an ap tank that is always near his enemies during a fight.
  • If you fight an enemy 1v1 beside his minions, this ability will have a lower cooldown because the enemy minions will be hitting you.
  • Learn the radius of this ability so that you can harass in lane. While it has a very short range, melee champions will be forced to either take your harass or be zoned.
  • Because this skill has a cast time, you may not want to use it while chasing a low enemy, but rather let your Despair kill him.

This is amumu's ultimate, a huge area of effect nuke and stun (not a full stun, but is very close to acting like one). Most people do not expect this ability to nuke them, which is why it is so broken with ap amumu. Added with your w and e, the aoe damage you can deal with amumu amounts to a lot.
  • If you can hit 3 players with this in an equal or slightly losing game, you will most likely win the team fight.
  • You may want to use this before Bandage Toss in a gank to ensure that you will land your bandage toss, cc locking them.
  • The cooldown is really long early game, and you should tell your team to play safe while it is down. However, do not think that you are useless without this ability. You still deal insane damage.
  • Try to land this with your teammates nearby, not when you teammates are coming to the fight. This is a mistake I see a lot of amumu's do. You want to use the stun to its greatest advantage.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence is actually a bit situational for amumu, because you need to put points differently depending on how you are doing (winning or losing). The sequence I have in the cheat sheet is for the average game where you may be equal or winning by a bit.

The general points are added like this in order from most important to least important:

at level 1, we want to grab Tantrum first. While it does not do much for us, it allows us to farm at a bit further range, or harass low range enemies. Because of the damage mitigation, you can tank a few more shots as well. Also, amumu can jungle with tantrum by itself.

at level 2, we grab bandage toss. We do not grab despair because it is almost useless at this point of the game, and amumu can jungle perfectly fine without it for a bit. Bandage toss allows us to be more aggresive in lane, and receive ganks better.

From here on, things may be tricky. Our goal is to max bandage toss as fast as possible. Why? Because it is actually a nuke ability. The cooldown also reduces each time we level it up. The cooldown on bandage toss at level 1 is horrible.
So why don't we just max it?

We cannot, because we need tantrum for our sustained damage. Tantrum will deal more damage, as well as hit things in an aoe. It is hard to miss tantrum, but really really easy to miss a bandage toss. By maxing bandage toss first, we lose a lot of reliable damage. In order to compensate for this, we try to max our bandage as soon as possible, while taking points in tantrum. Which leads us to different skill sequences.

After you are level 5-7, you will have 3-4 points in Tantrum. If we feel like we are doing good, and we are slightly ahead, we may want to start putting our points into Bandage Toss. Tantrum will still deal loads of damage.

You should only try this once you have a lot of experience with Amumu, however, because by not maxing Tantrum as soon as possible, you are saying that you can hit your Bandage Tosses. If you cannot consistently land this skill shot, maxing Bandage Toss will just be a waste of time.

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Early Game:
From levels 1-5 you may want to just farm the lane and jungle. Once you can, you should clear the jungle so that you do not have to share gold with your bot lane partner. Until you hit level 5, you are relatively weak. Also, amumu needs items to be a threat. Wait until you have an item or so built, like a Haunting Guise.

Once you hit 6, you start becoming a threat. You should be able to have a bigger presence than before, and as well a big ganking presence. You should try to hit level 6 in the jungle when you can, and gank your enemy with your ultimate by surprise.

Mid Game:
From here on, you want to bully the enemy team around. You should be clearing you jungle very frequently, because you can do it without taking any damage. Amumu is not the strongest champion at the moment, but he can duel and burst the enemy unexpectedly. When fighting 1 on 1, try to save your ultimate so that you can cc lock them and kill them. That way they cannot run away.

Late Game:
By now, you are a terror. You should have several items built. You are super tanky, and can deal huge amounts of damage. Try to initiate on the enemy by surprise. Also, look for times where you can initiate on the squishiest member of their team. Amumu can actually burst down glass cannon champions by himself at this stage.

Your strength is team fighting. You deal so much area of effect damage at this point because most of your abilities are in a circle around yourself. If you have not given the enemy too big of a lead by now, you should end up winning teamfights.

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And that is the end to this short amumu build/guide. If you missed it at the start, I will say again that this guide needs to be read with:

I hope you can use this build successfully, and that this guide has taught you something. Thank you for reading this, and I wish you good lucky in your future games!

Have fun!