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Illaoi Build Guide by itaiiki

Top Illaoi build and runes (Patch 12.6) (Diamond 2 Illaoi 300k mastery points)

Top Illaoi build and runes (Patch 12.6) (Diamond 2 Illaoi 300k mastery points)

Updated on August 28, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author itaiiki Build Guide By itaiiki 5,886 Views 0 Comments
5,886 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author itaiiki Illaoi Build Guide By itaiiki Updated on August 28, 2022
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Runes: Conqueror vs melee matchups

1 2
Presence of Mind
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Bone Plating

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Champion Build Guide

Illaoi build and runes (Patch 12.6) (Diamond 2 Illaoi 300k mastery points)

By itaiiki
Explanation about items
Cull- You can buy it early game if you have 450 gold to spare buy it in low pressure lanes where you don't need the early power since this item is free 180 gold after you get 100 cs and sell it.

Mystic choice- (Divine Sunderer)- has great synergy with your W and will allow you to deal tons of damage by spamming W and healing you alot in the process the mystic passive is also great for illaoi I take this mystic almost every game

(Frostfire Gauntlet)- Makes you more tanky against burst comps and the passive has good synergy by allowing you to slow enemies with W and making the tentacles more likely to hit. Decent choice against squishy enemies where you don't need more damage and to counter comps with alot of burst.

(Goredrinker)- Only viable against alot of melee enemy champions to allow you to hit mutliple people with the active I will only consider picking this mystic against 3-4 melee champions with low mobility and even then Divine Sunderer could be better.

(Trinity force)- Don't personally like this mystic but some people do, the main purpose of this mystic is to make you destory turrets insanely fast although the attack speed is pretty wasted otherwise, also makes you faster which is nice you can pick it up if you are facing mainly squishy champions.

(Stridebreaker)- Don't personally like this mystic but some poeple do, the main purpose of this mystic is to jump on someone with W and slow them to ensure tentacles hit you can build it in ranged matchups and if the enemy has mainly ranged champions to allow you to catch up to them easier.

Common items- Build these most games

Black cleaver- Great item for illaoi I build it most games the stats are great and armor cleave allows you to shred tanks and also incraese your whole team DPS during teamfights because it makes your other AD carries deal more damage, also this item grants you movement speed when you hit enemy champions, consider buying it every game even against squishy comps but if the enemy has no champions who build armor then you can skip it if you wish.

Hullbreaker- Really good item for illaoi although it is not a core item like some people think I sometimes build it and sometimes not if you are not building Black cleaver you can build this second after mystic this item is really good but it forces you to stay side lane when sometimes you need to teamfight or you already got all the turrets make sure to sell it later when you are full build and you need to teamfight

Sterak's Gage- Great item for illaoi because she has high base AD and also great AD scalling this item does exactly what illaoi wants which is to survive burst to prolong fight and heal from tentacles great 3rd item choice against mixed enemy damage

Deathdance- Similar to Sterak's Gage in it's use it makes you survive burst and last longer in fights but the condition here is that you have to get takedowns to heal and prevent the bleed if the enemy is heavy AD it's a better choice because it grants you armor but against mixed damage Sterak's Gage is the safer option

Spirit Visage- Great item for illaoi increases your healing from your passive and Divine sunderer and deathdance so better synergy if you got them too, also makes enchanters that heal on your team stronger so if you soarka/yuumi or an enchanter that builds moonstone consider getting this item.

Chempunk Sword- If you need anti heal get this, thornmail is a bait illaoi has no hard CC to enable the increased thronmail healcut but she can easily get enemies under 50% with chempunk sword and the stats are solid for illaoi

Maw of Malmortius- This is a really good item against heavy AP teams or if the enemy team has high AP burst champions like vladimir or veigar, keep in mind this replaces
Sterak's Gage also if you build it consider getting Deathdance with it since they both make you survive longer and have good synergy with each other because of the bleed and omnivamp.

Force of nature- Solid choice against heavy AP teams and especially agiainst high DPS dot mages that buiid Liandry's Anguish if they are burst AP instead Spirit Visage or Maw of Malmortius are usually the better choice, one more thing about this item is that it stakcs from CC and not only magic damage so can stack very quickly against heavy CC.

Guardian Angel- Usually the last item in the build the passive is really good not much to say make sure you sell it and replace it with a different item when it's on cooldown and you are swimming in excuss gold.

Niche items- Rare buys but can be good in certain moments.

Silvermere Dawn- If you really need to cleanse an enemy CC or you are against mordekaiser

Randuin's Omen- Against heavy crit users or assassins the active can also be used to peel your carries by staying on them and reducing the enemy DPS when they engage.

Frozen heart- If they have a fed vayne the attack speed slow is nice and in general can be a good item against enemies that rely on auto attacks and on-hits.

Gargoyle Stoneplate- Can be a good buy if you are the only frontline and you need to prevent alot of burst

Serylda's Grudge- Makes your tentacles slow on hit and deal more damage it doesn't grant you any more survivability but can be a good choice if you need to burst enemies quickly and provide slows for your team.

Anathema's Chains- You can buy it if the enemy team has only 1 main threat also a cool trick if the enemy has 4 AD and 1 AP or 4 AP and 1 AD you put it on the 1 AD or AP and then build resists only for the other so for example if the enemy is 4 AD and 1 AP you put the vendetta on the AP and then build full armor and you will be exteremly tanky and don't need magic resist (Work the other way aswell)

Deadman plate- Replaces boots not much to say but it's better than boots late game

Elixers: Get the red one most of the times yellow one if you really need tenacity or you have gone for a more tanky illaoi build and less damage.

Thats it for now I did the guide for only builds and runes I might make it a full guide in the future if I feel like it.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author itaiiki
itaiiki Illaoi Guide
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