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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Im Helping! - a Jarvan Guide(In Depth,Tank,Jungle,Strategy)

LoL Guides Last updated on March 8, 2012
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 0

Honor Guard

Defense: 9

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 21

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Pros / Cons


-Great Mobility
-Takes Damage well
-Good jungle
-Ganks are great


-Slow Jungle
-No lifesteal or sustain for jungle
-Vulnerable to Counterjungle
-Skill Reliant
-You can kill teammates with Catacylsm
-Mediocre Damage
-Can be ignored easily

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Summoner Spells

Smite is obvious for jungling. For all of you that think its not necessary it IS necessary! Obviously it makes grabbing buffs earlier quicker but that isnt the reason for smite. Smite is for buff, dragon, and baron control and for counter jungling.

I absolutely love this SS, especially for Jarvan. This allows you for good and easy escape in many situations and the ability to chase enemies for the kill. Additionally, this can get you out of your own Cataclysm when your Q or E is on cooldown. A great escape combo is your QE combo over a wall then a Flash over a wall.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Good ability in combination with Demacian Standard. The armor reduction provides great utility. Damage is mediocre so i max it last. Your not suppose to deal much damage anyway.

i love the shield because you become extremely tanky in teamfights and ganks. Cooldown isn't bad so you can use it once or twice in teamfights. The slows is AMAZING for ganks which is what you will be doing A LOT mid game. The slow levels up per level so i max it second.

The passive is fantastic for jungling. You can clear jungle camps faster and without losing as much HP. The damage drop on the flag is pretty good and can provide unsuspected nuke. The aura is FANTASTIC for teamfights as your AD carry will have better attack speed and theirs will be dealing less damage. The cooldown is pretty low while leveling and the Combo to knockup is INSANE with ganking and initiating. With all these reasons i max it first.

People think this isn't a great ultimate because people can Flash out of it but if you utilize it right. You need to gank well and force people to flash out from a deadly knockup slow combo. You need to target enemies with no Flash available or with allies with high CC. I think its a great ultimate because it groups up enemies for AoE and again it's great for ganks. Damage is also fantastic and the cooldown isn't too high so its available often.

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Masteries are usual jungle masteries with a 0/9/21 tree. I don't take offensive jungle masteries because the points in utility are more important for Jarvan IV

The armor gives good defenses for early jungle. Health regeneration is also great and the damage reflection to minions allows you to clear minions a tad faster.

I like experience and mana regeneration. Experience is a given for jungling and Jarvan IV is very mana hungry without blue buff.

I also like movement speed to help for initiating teamfights and ganks.

Cooldown reduction allows you to spam your aura and knockup a lot more often. Also that crazy ultimate can be used more often.

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Greater Mark of Desolation
Greater Quintessence of Desolation You will be dealing good damage late game and you dont want to waste an item slot on armor pen. Also you will be doing more than 100% damage to neutral monsters in beginning.

You will take less damage from neutral monsters in the beginning. Also makes you tankier, which is great for counterjungling.

Because of spending most of your time in the jungle, you won't need much MR early. This will make you tanky against Casters late game and will especially work out seeming you build mostly armor in the beginning.

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This is great early game item for jungle Jarvam especially since he has slow jungle. He already has great sustain so Cloth Armor isn't needed as much.

Fantastic item for any jungler. Jarvan has a generally slow jungle, the proc on Wriggle's Lantern allows him to stay on pace with other junglers. The lifesteal is great. He can sustain the jungle forever and never have to go back to fountain with this, bonus armor, and armor from E. While also the bonus damage makes him a real problem in ganks.

Mercury Treads Merc Treads are great for any tank. Ganks will be alot easier because of the tenacity. Additionally, MR is good against casters. Also,in team fights they will usually blow CC on you because your first to initiate. Overall good boot choice.

Phage is great for the extra damage and health. Makes you a little beefier and a little more of a threat. The Slow proc is crazy good for ganks though. Combined with you W they'll be constantly slowed.


Fantastic item in early game. You'll be virtually unkillable. As a tank, you will be taking ALOT of damage, especially early when your not as tanky. The armor is insane and will bring you over 110 armor easily. The MR will bring you over 80 with no problem. No one will have any penetration so your resist and armor will be double as effective. Not to mention you get a 2nd chance if you die. Heck when people see that aura they try not to target you at all.


Gives you a fantastic amount of health, you'll be plenty tanky. Additionally, you will get damage. The little damage chunks from Wriggle's Lantern and Frozen Mallet look small but when combined you will do very nice damage. The best part about this item though is that 40% slow. Seeming you will gank alot this slow is VERY CRUCIAL! You will be guaranteed kills with the slow.


Additional armor to make you extra tanky, crit chance is very great seeming you will auto attack most of the time. The best part again is that passive. 2% of Max HP turns into damage. Combined with Frozen Mallet you will be doing what Phreak calls *Tons of Damage*. You will be something to attack and won't be easily ignored.




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Jungle Route:

-Blue Golem
-Enemy Wratihs(Depending on Enemy Jungler)
-Own Wraiths
-Lizard Elder

Always start at wolves. Gives you great jump start in jungle while Blue Golem is spawning and shaves off a few seconds of your jungle time.

Blue Golem is required. Jarvan is super mana hungry and your basically can't jungle without it until level 6(vulnerable to counter jungle). Also, you wouldn't be able to gank well while oom.

I like to steal enemy wraiths usually because it denies them XP and gold while it gives me some. Also its faster there than to my own wraiths.

Ganking with Jarvan a lot is recommended. Jarvan isn't made for sitting in the jungle. He has strong ganks and gives lanes early advantages. I'll get into more detail about that later.

Counter Jungle is also good on Jarvan. He has easy escape if he gets in trouble and he can clear camps at decent pace. Again, more detail later.

Ward alot, More detail later

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Coming Soon

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Counterjungling is very important to jungling. A big part of your job as a jungler is to have buff and dragon control, and to make the enemy jungler underleveled, underfed, and half-useless.

When I jungle with Jarvan IV i like to go for enemy wraiths after blue golem, usually. Early game is the most crucial time in the game to counter jungle. In the early game most junglers can't clear the jungle fast at all and making them underleveled prevents their ganks and gives you and your lanes an advantage.

Stealing buffs is a great way to counterjungle. You gain buffs to make it easier to jungle and gank while you prevent that ability for them. It also pisses them off. When you steal buffs try yo get rid of your buffs as quick as possible or to ward, because that enemy jungler may come after your buff right away.

When i Smite steal i usually ward the buffs. I also note when they spawn. When the enemy jungler is taking that buff i look at Smite and see how much damage it does. I click on the buff and right when i can use Smite I steal it. If they are low i rush in for the kill.

Always be aware of where you are when counterjungling and where your enemies are. If your deep in enemy jungle when enemies are MIA and none of your teammates are around. GET OUT. You will most likely get ganked and put the enemy jungler in an advantage. Also if your gonna counterjungle tell your teammates to be ready to help.

Also, Take note of who your facing against in the jungle. If your facing an Amumu It is a dream come true for you and you can counterjungle him all day with not much of a threat. If your against a Skarner or Dr.Mundo you want to ward that enemy jungle if your going to counterjungle because they will clear the jungle faster than you.

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As a jungler, especially Jarvan IV You want to gank ALOT. As a jungle you have to most control over how your team does than anyone else. By ganking all lanes successfully your team has a huge lane advantage and usually ends up in a win.

When picking a lane to gank, note who has CC in the lane(allied)and also note enemy CC. This can greatly determine how easy the gank will be or how well it ends up. Great Allied laners are Alistar Kennen and Nasus. You should also know how much damage your allies will do and see if you have a weak laner like Ashe.

You also need to know if the bush your ganking from is warded. If so, gank another lane or find another gank route.

You need to know how far the enemies are pushed. If they are over extended you need to try to damage them or just kill them.

Know if they have an escape or if they have flash up. Make sure you slow them before you think they are going to Flash or try to use an escape. Remember, you don't always need a kill in a gank. Making someone burn Flash or an ultimate is a successful gank. Even damaging opponent or making them B is great and gives laner an advantage.

Finally note enemy health and mana. Health is most important when knowing where to tank. If they are below 50% HP try to gank them and take in account everything i already said. Mana is also important especially if ganking mid. If a Veigar is over extended and only has 20 mana and can't use his stun, gank him and make the most of the opportunity.

As Jarvan IV When ganking lay down a Demacian Standard IN FRONT of the enemy unless they are standing still. This makes it a sure thing that you get the knock up. Immediately after knocking an opponent up use Golden Aegis for a nice slow. If they Flash away use Cataclysm

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Team Fights

Usually as Jarvan IV you will be the initiator and tank for the team fights. You need to place Demacian Standard behind the enemies or in the middle of them. You then will Dragon Strike and have a devastating knock up on all the enemies. Use your shield right in the middle of everyone to slow them all. When an Ally is channeling a devastation skillshot or AoE ultimate like Arcane Barrage or Death Lotus you should ult as well as you will keep all enemies in place and make that allied ultimate more devastating.

Also after teamfights or when your team is pushing a turret place down a Demacian Standard to increase allied attack speed and nail the turret down faster.

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Buff Control

Coming Soon

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Wards are extremely important when jungling anyone. I stress its not the supports job to do all of the warding. She should usually ward so should you. Don't make your carries ward because they desperately need that gold. Get wards almost every time you go back to heal or get items.

Important places to ward IN ORDER of most important to least important are:

-Enemy Blue
-Enemy Red
-Your Jungle Entrances
-Enemy Jungle Entrances
-Behind Baron Terrain
-Your Blue
-Your Red

Pics will come sometime soon (Unless im Lazy)

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Summoner Name is: parnellyx

Jarvan is a very strong jungler in my opinion in the right hands. His late game is great with not many extreme cons. He is easy to play but hard to master.

i will place updates below: