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Ahri Build Guide by tsulz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tsulz

I'm sure they used to have health....

tsulz Last updated on December 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Im tsulz, and if your reading this, then you have probably looking for a long time to find a guide on how to play fox lady. Well, I'm pretty sure you found it, depending on what your looking for. This guide will show you how to build Ahri and how to use her somewhat effectively. She is still new, so I may make some tweaks, and I'm willing to try any different ideas you would like to present in the comment area way down the page. And I also apologize that this guide isn't as shiny as the other awesome ones out there.

A quick side note note about mobility. I will suggest 3 different upgrades to your movement speed that you may be skeptical of. I looked at other Ahri guides and it turns out that getting as much AP as possible. This isn't a bad option, but the higher the movement speed you have, the more useful you are to your team. I have walked through a ganking team and survived because of movement. So Lich Bane, Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed, and Swiftness are all well spent points, even more so on a character with such low base movement. Try it, you'll thank me later.

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Masteries/Summoner Spells

I'm going to take you step by step, so the first place you'll go is your masteries. I like to play Ahri as a full out burst character, and for that I put as many points as I can to get Executioner . Put as much as you can into the AP buffs, summoners wrath, and Havoc . For those of you concerned about your health, I'd say don't, but if still want to, take defense masteries to get veterans scars, as it is the only high ranking defense mastery that is really viable for the points it costs imo. Take sprint, as all characters need mobility, and therefore the more the merrier. Also take meditation as Ahri goes oom fast. Normally you wouldn't need this, but since her lane presence is amazing from her passive, Soul Eater(yes this is Nasus' ability as well) you want to be able to use it and not worry that your mana will run out, and therefore, your hp.

For newer players, take the masteries to give the most benefit. For example if your level 9, take summoners wrath(I'll explain later), 3 points in Mental Force , 4 in Sorcery, and 1 in Arcane Knowledge . This is essential on any AP based character, which are reliant on their ability damage and ability usage.

I combined this section because it's important that you take a Summoner Spell that corresponds with you mastery choices. Why? Because Summoner Spell inhancments are AMAZING! Abilities that have combat benefits like Ignite and Exhaust are solid picks for carries like Ahri. Taking these points are well spent, and probably the most beneficial for characters below level 9. The following are Summoner Spells I recommend, and some that can be useful:

The Big Guns:
The OP Summoner Spell. Let me explain: About to get ganked? Flash. Is your opponent getting away? Flash. Is your girlfriend convinced you don't have a D***? Flash. See what I mean? Solves every problem.....

Early game, Ahri sometimes cant get that little bit of extra health. She is a ability reliant character, after all. So a couple auto attacks and an Ignite will finish the job. It also gives you AP while on cool down.

Like Flash, but worse. You can't go over walls, but you can 1v1 the living $*** out of just about anyone.

As you are a burst character, this will give you an instance of being a complete monster. Make sure you don't waste it though, because the cool down on this makes you cry. The down side to this is that it only serves one purpose, unlike Ignite which can deal with low hp tanks, healers, and those pesky run aways.

The Not great, but still ok list:
Meh, really bad flash. Godly on some characters, not you.

For the defensive people who don't believe in killing their enemies for a 1 to 1 trade(Trading 1 for 1 is a terrible idea actually. 1 for 2 though.....)

Again, for those of you who are scared of death. But remember, it won't help you late game.

This is good if you need to practice your mid capabilities, and is always a nice cruch for newer guys.


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First off, young LOL players who are still not lvl 20.... DON'T BUY RUNES. The benefit they give at tire 1 and 2 is horrible and a waste of IP. Once you get to 20, start buying them, because it's going to be a long ride. However, there are some runes that are great on all champions, and they are as follows:
Quintessence: for Health, Movement Speed, and Health Regen. For this build though, you're going to want 0-3 Greater Quintessence of Ability Power or Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
Marks: Either get armor pen or magic pen. For this build magic pen.
Seal: Armor, health (you rarely see people recommend, but I like it), or health regen. For this guide, you'll want Greater Seal of Replenishment.
Glyph: Just take cool down reduction- it works on every champ. Except maybe Udyr?

The set up for these runes is to give you sustained mana production, some early sustained damage output, and movement speed. The reason movement is great, is because League of Legends is a game of being at the right place at the right time. Some characters do this better than others, your one of them. Taking one movement speed is enough, but dodging early skill shots like Brand's Pillar of Flame requires more hustle, and if your reaction time is bad, you need these.

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Skill Sequence

My skill sequence for Ahri is very basic. Take your main harass/amazing farming ability, Orb of Deception, first and max it asap. Then take Fox-Fire and max it second. Take one rank in Charm and max it last. Ultimate always takes priority.
Fox-Fire vs Charm:
Yes, charm is an amazing ability, and has good damage, as well as a duration increasing cc per rank. But it is almost as hard to land as Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab or Amumu's Bandage Toss. For this reason, fox-fire is far superior. It auto hits champions, and the damage output is much greater. Enough said, let's move on.

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Alright, the goods. What separates you from everyone else, and what will make you kill everything else (hopefully).

To start out:
Take Meki Pendant, Doran's Ring, or Amplifying Tome. Take red potions accordingly as always.
When you go back, you're going to want to start working towards your big items with smaller items, or some boots. Good options for this include: Mejai's Soulstealer, Hextech Revolver, Fiendish Codex, Tear of the Goddess, or start buying Blasting Wands. If you look at this main build, you're gonna need a couple. Haunting Guise is also a good starting item. For boots grab them Sorcerer's Shoes

"Big Items"
Since I rush Tear of the Goddess, this is always part of my build. The mana regen is essential, as you almost never have to go back to base. Combined with Will of the Ancients, or just a Hextech Revolver can work wonders.

icon=Rabadon's Deathcap size=40 Get it. Love it. C'mon, do I really need to explain getting this?

Follow up your last 2 items with this, and have enough damage to kill most groups, as this adds your AP total to your auto attack damage, which with Rabadon's Deathcap, makes for some devastating damage.

This can go on any AP character. It has everything you need to stick around and farm. Then your allies get spell vamp too, so that's reason enough.

Buy this to counter an opposing fed AP carry. It will also enhance your team's ability to deal AP damage in team fights, just like WOA. Let the good times roll.

? Ya, go for it. I don't recommend it though because it cost way too much and only gives a small amount of damage output compared to other items.

Same deal as with RoA, above. I do love this guy to death (I have good memories of this on Katarina, Mordekaiser, and many others), but your mobility is high, so leave the slowing and such to your tank/support, or whoever.

Hey that's not a tank taking no damage from my abilities... wait now he his! ^^ If that precious true damage isn't doing the trick, this will, and the tank will likely start dying a lot more.

Great for ability power buff from your deathcap and mastery. Right now all you AP is increased by 35%, so this actually gives you 135 AP instead of 100.

High amounts of hp on your enemies? With a 20 stacked mejais and deathcap, your hitting down people for over half their health. And that works on tanks like butter.

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StepByStep Laning Phase Guide

If you want a step by step game guide, here it is. One rule though: do what I say to do. Don't go picking other items because you think it is more viable. At some point I may post a video, but don't expect it. Following this, expect to get a lot of kills, and a maybe a lot of deaths. But that is the price you pay for playing my style of Ahri. This guide is assuming you're going to the middle lane, as Ahri is a beast there.

Whenever you level up, choose the corresponding skill to your level, as displayed way up there ^ (that was supposed to be an arrow). Also, as below it, grab a Meki Pendant and two health potions.

Lvl 1 and 2:
Skill explanation: For now, just try to stay alive. You can't do enough damage right now to matter, so just get last hits, which will be much easier to get later.

Side note about last hits: Last hits are THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT thing to do in order to be an effective LOL player. A LOL player without the ability to last hit is like Michael Jordan without any arms (I would say hands, but he'd still probably make all them shots).

Item explanation: None
Lvl 3-5:
Skill explanation: Anywho, at lvl 3 your harass just got bigger. Start grabbing minions with your orb at higher health, and trying to hit your lane opponent with the ball both ways. The best way to do this is by catching him in the middle of his minions. Most "good" mids are a little cocky, so they don't take movement quints or masteries. This makes hitting with your orb easier, as they can't dodge it.
Fox-fire will also help harassing the enemy down. Whenever you hit the opponent with your orb, walk away right after and get out of their range, preferably almost to your tower. Hitting the mid with little chunks at a time, instead of all at once, will cause him to be more confident in staying in lane. For this reason don't abuse fox-fire's ability for harassment.

Item explanation: If you go back because your health is too low, make sure you have at least 605 gold to buy a Tear of the Goddess. Once you get this you can spam your skills all you want, and each time you use one, it gives benefits for Archangel's Staff

Lvl 6:
Skill explanation: If you have done this right, you have zoned your opponent(maybe even made him go back), and his health is a little below half. If this situation occurs, kill him. Activate fox-fire, ult once, throw a charm, and respond to if you hit or miss. If you hit, follow up with an orb, and ignite into your ult until dead. If you missed, ult again, orb, ult, ignite. Flash out if necessary.
Oh, and a big tip: Don't do this unless you know there are no gankers lurking in the side bushes. I get over anxious sometimes myself, it happens to everybody, so don't kick yourself if you die via gank.

Item explanation: If done successfully, go get a mejai's and a some boots.

Lvl 7+:

Go forth, young one, you have graduated from laning academy....
Continue to harass with your orb. The sooner you get the hang of orbing, the sooner you'll start racking up kills. Now, items, there are two situations:
1. Mejai's is not getting stacks. Buy a deathcap.
2 Mejai's is getting stacks. Buy Archangel's Staff. If you continue stacking, get deathcap anyways. It will make the AP from the Mejai's much more deadly.

This situation calls for....

AD damage killing you? Zhonya's Hourglass.
AP killing you? Lich Bane and/or Abyssal Mask
CC killing you? Zhonya's Hourglass and/or Quicksilver Sash- eeeeeeew, no AP bonus :(
They have too much health? You're gonna buy it later anyways... Deathfire Grasp
Obviously, if they are scared of you, they bought resist: Void Staff/ Haunting Guise

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Mid/Late Game

As Ahri, you are an assassin first, a carry after. What do I mean by this? Don't engage headlong into team fights; you'll be destroyed. Since you are a good guide follower, you took movement upgrades like Lich Bane, Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed, and Swiftness . Because of this, you can run into a team after everyone has blown their first round of crowd control effects, and Fox-Fire-> Orb of Deception-> Spirit Rushx3 will do devastating AOE to the other team. Since you are an amazing assassin, stragglers can easily be caught will an ult or two, or a flash, as well as a Charm. This is really all you need to know. If you have a great crowd controller like Blitzcrank, Alistar, Amumu, etc. follow that character around like a lost puppy and wait for them to hit something, and then burst ftw.

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That's really how I play Ahri. This build style has been good to me, as I get consistent mid lanes won and present huge amounts of damage to the enemy team. As I said before, she is still new, so any suggestions are welcome. I will be adding new chapters as soon as I figure out how to use reorders. If you do well using this guide, post your score and username; I'll include it in the guide.