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Lux Build Guide by NonLegitament

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NonLegitament

Imma firin' a Lux Lazer

NonLegitament Last updated on July 1, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Early Game

When you buy Boots and three health pots just go on down to mid lane as soon as possible. NEVER GO FURTHER THAN YOUR TURRET'S SIGHT!!! It is a gank waiting to happen. Stay by your tower/turret until minions spawn. When minions spawn, walk into them so they go around you, delaying their arrival. Don't push the turrets until 7-10 minutes in to the game or when your turret has been reached. When the enemy does not arrive make sure to say "mid mia" and stay back. FARM WHEN SAFE AND POSSIBLE. Last hit so you don't have to keep poking at the minions, and pay attention to which minion is being focused more. If you're against a skill shot champ then STAY BEHIND YOUR MINIONS and don't stay still. Don't use your health potions until you are less than 50% health. When up against a serious burst damage champion, try not to get hit by anything, and keep as much of your HP as you can have. If you are less than 25% health then pop 2 health potions and stay by your turret. When you are against a tag on skill champion, just try to stay away from their range and on the other side of the minion line. As soon as your minions are gone, go back to the turret and wait for the next line. When out of health potions, buy only 3 at a time so you don't get too dependent on them. You should't need them by 15-20 minutes into the game or by level 6 depending on progress and how far ahead you are in levels and minion kills.

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Mid Game

As soon as you get your lazer (yes I know I spelled it wrong), make sure you use it wisely. When you first recall buy sight wards for non-stealthed, or vision wards for people who can be invisible, such as Evelyn and Teemo. *Note If you are up against a Teemo, buy oracles elixir(consumables) and destroy as many mushrooms as possible. If the enemies have a lot of crowd control (stun, knock up, slow, fear, etc.)make sure you buy a Banshee's Veil. When aiming your ult, make sure you know their movement speed and where they are going. Aim where they are about to go to in half a second. Check to see how much damage it does and how much health/magic resist/health regeneration your target has. each bar divided by black lines represent 100 health, and the thicker black lines are 1000 health. If they have a lot of magic resist then get Abyssal Scepter or Voidstaff. Remember to use your Deathfire Grasp, it can be used as an extra Ignite on escaping champions when you are out of mana (oom). If you feel like pissing of your enemies big time, then get Liandry's Torment. When you are oom, tell your teammates so they don't rage at you for "not helping."

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Late Game

When inhibitor turrets are being damaged, get your team to stick together and follow this simple formation:
ranged and supports behind
melee tanks/carries in front
Do not split apart, you should not be more than a centimeter apart on the screen. Here is what you should look like: (r=ranged m=melee)
m m m (front)
r r
m m(front)
r r r
r r r r
m m(front)
m r m(less tanky, squishy)
If you are all ranged then put the squishiest people in the back.
Use this formation when you begin a hard lane push, or when entering a serious team fight/gank.
If you are all melee (except you since you are Lux) the put the tankier people in front.
When being back-doored, switch positions to face the enemy as soon as possible. BE CAREFUL, THEY MIGHT COME IN TWO DIRECTIONS.
When surrounded, here is another formation: (r=ranged/squishy m=melee/tanky)

m m (tank, where more people are)
r r (ranged, squishy, support, where mostly protected)
m (melee, AD carries, where less people are)

Stick together at all costs. Face the direction where two enemies are, and cast out your bind in a way that two enemies will be caught, if they are side by side and you have to break formation, hit the one with less health, and cast Lucent Singularity where the other 3 champs are headed, detonating it when they are about to get out. If there is one champ on one side, then bind him/her and Lucent Singularity everyone else. This should start the fight, unless someone else has. Even if the fight has been started, do this anyways to deal damage to as many people as possible. When an enemy is out of reach, take a shot at your ult. When out of mana, use Deathfire Grasp on someone of your choice.

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Combos and Escaping

Bind -> Lucent Singularity -> basic attack(passive) -> Deathfire Grasp(optional) -> Detonate Lucent Singularity -> basic attack(passive) if SAFE -> Ult if desired and if it will be a certain kill
Bind -> Lucent Singularity -> Passive -> Detonate Lucent sungularity
(To save ally) Prismatic Barrier -> Lucent Singularity (use on slow attackers) OR Light Binding (use on faster enemy)

When being chased, it is likely that you will run towards your base. Instead, run in the direction of the ENEMY base to be a master juker. Go through bushes/brush, go to a safe direction, and recall. They will either fall for it and run around like idiots, or they'll read this guide and follow you. If they don't fall for it, use your Lucent Singularity in brush to slow them down and detonate if you want. Bind them if they get close enough and shield yourself. Make sure to ping for help, pressing 'G' and clicking on a location will make a help ping. This also applies to the fall back ping when pressing 'V'. When you have successfully escaped, recall as soon as possible, but if they are still chasing you, run to the nearest ally so they can hopefully save you. Do not run to them if they are low health or recalling or they might be taken by surprise and get killed. Make sure they are strong, full healthed (or at least 75%). When you are out on mana, just keep running all over the jungle to frustrate them, and place some wards if you have any on you.

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How to Troll ;)

If you feel like trolling with Lux, then just spam AP so your lazer will do stupid damage. Or you can be a tank and buy a Warmog's and Guardian Angel to piss everyone off to the max. AD carry Lux also works. Get your masteries to only damage increasing points so you can do some serious armor shredding. Be sure to buy Bloodthirster, Infinity Edge, Last Whisper, and a Phantom Dancer to make everyone rage at you. Another effective way is to go tanky AND AD carry. Get whatever you deem troll-worthy to piss everyone off. Don't forget to lazer them and see how much damage it can do. Counter jungle the whole jungle and take the buffs(even yours if the whole team is trolling and there's no jungler), plant wards so you know when to counter that camp again. If you want, get some life steal and attack speed to increase the troll level of your champ.
-Happy Trolling! ;)

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If you need/want it, you can get cool down reduction. Ionian Boots of Lucidity and Morellonomicon should do the trick if you want low cool downs (cd). Your skills should be very low after the two of these are built. Again this is an optional decision depending on what is happening in the game and how you play Lux. Be careful of what you buy, some items might not be as good as others, think of what you NEED, not necessarily want.

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Note on Summoner Spells

If you are a low Summoner level and you don't have Flash or Ignite, then Ghost and Exhaust should do. or you can use heal if you want, but i don't recommend it for mid lane. Teleport is an option...but I honestly don't think she needs it. If you think it's relevant then go right ahead. If you are using Teleport, plant alot of wards so you can teleport to those too. Clarity and Cleanse may come in handy too, but I think you will be fine with Ghost and Exhaust, or Flash and Ignite.