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Ornn Build Guide by C-137

Top In-depth guide to Ornn Top Lane

Top In-depth guide to Ornn Top Lane

Updated on November 15, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author C-137 Build Guide By C-137 48,870 Views 1 Comments
48,870 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author C-137 Ornn Build Guide By C-137 Updated on November 15, 2017
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Iron Skin
Second Wind

The Ultimate Hat


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Hi everyone, I'm C-137, my summoner name is St0nepc and this is my Ornn Guide. I worked hard to make this guide the best I could, and I would appreciate any and all feedback that you guys may provide.
Ornn is amazing champion, and takes the role of Tank/Initiator. Honestly I chose him because I wanted to get out of hell that is called bronze league, I haven't played LoL in a while ( 4 years to be precise ), and after playing/loosing and getting degraded to lower divisions I gave a Ornn a try. This beast of a champion helped me propel my self from bronze V to silver III in matter of couple of weeks, and I am gunning for gold right now.
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Pros / Cons


+ Can shop from anywhere
+ Has a lot of CC
+ Brittle prolongs CC spell effects
+ Extremely tanky champion
+ Passive provides team with masterwork items


- Not enough mana regeneration for spaming spells
- Slow moving
- Can be poked down
- Can't buy wards or potions with his passive
- Can't escape if caught off guard
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Since I am playing Ornn as top lane tank/initiator/colossus/noob stomper and such, I chose Resolve rune path since it seems to be the most beneficial for top lane Ornn

I chose Aftershock since Ornn has 3 movement impairing skills, so it goes really well with Volcanic Rupture, Searing Charge and Call of the Forge God.

I got Demolish because I like to push hard and destroy towers fast.

Iron Skin will give you nice resistances early game plus some armor from healing.

Second Wind you will get hit a lot, this will ensure you survive your lane and trade blows with your opposing lane champion.

sorceryis secondary path because:

The Ultimate Hat is what I chose because I like to cast my ult like maniac, and this allows me to cast Call of the Forge God every 35 seconds with my items at level 16.

Scorch allows me to play aggressive and do some damage early game.

Know that this selection of runes is not finalized and will be changed / improved accordingly.
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Summoner Spells

Flash: Is a great Get Out of Jail Free card. I use Flash on Ornn to escape ganks or to run down escaping opponent.

Teleport: Great for getting around. I tried useing other spells but nothing works good for Ornn like Teleport. It enables you to quickly join teamfights, split push lanes or you can use it to get back into lane quickly when you're forced to back to base.
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Burn evertything
Use this item if your opponent is heavy ad champion, as it gives you good amount of HP,armor and AOE damage. Also it gives you better farm opportunity when top laning. Consider upgrading it to Forgefire Cape Forgefire Cape later in a game as it provides you with more HP and armor.

Magic ressistance
This item is great for Ornn when going against heavy ap champion. Abyssal Mask gives Ornn much needed mana and hp, magic res, and its passive makes enemy champions take 10% more ap damage making this item fantastic on him.

Righteous glory
The Turbo Chemtank provides Ornn with movement speed and more CC, also really nice item to have for initiating fights or if you need to run away from a fight.

Hp overload
Warmog's Armor Extremely good item for Ornn, I buy it every time. Massive boost of HP and HP regeneration.

More resistances
Gargoyle Stoneplate works great for Ornn, more armor, more magic ressistance, plus it has unique active witch will give you bonus 40% HP. Buy it if your team is in need of a bigger tank.

Mercury's treads
Provides Ornn with more magic resistance and helps when dealing with enemy CC. These are generally the best boots for Ornn and only boots I buy him.

More CC !
Iceborn Gauntlet will help your team because it slows the movement speed of enemies so your team can catch up. Provides Ornn with slow, mana and cooldown reduction.

More Magic resistance
Another good item that goes well with Ornn, buy this when going against ap heavy enemy team. Also it provides you with cooldown reduction, witch is nice.

I don't buy it that often, but it is a good item to have when facing strong ad carry.
It is a good item when you want a to deal with the enemy ADC's lifesteal.
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Skill Explanation

livingLiving Forge Ornn can purchase items from anywhere on the field. (Can't purchase consumable items, potions, wards etc.) Forging an item takes 4 seconds and the process is interrupted if Ornn attacks or is attacked by enemy champion, disabling Living Forge for 4 sec. In addition, once Ornn reaches level 13 he enables his teammates and him self to purchase MASTERWORK items in the shop.

Volcanic Rupture(Q) Ornn slams his hammer into the ground, sending a fissure in the target direction. Fissure stops at maximum range or 200 units behind a hit enemy champion, dealing physical damage and slowing enemies hit for 2 seconds. After a 1.125-second delay Volcanic Rupture magma pillar erupts.

Bellows Breath(W) Ornn shields himself for 12% of his maximum health for 2.5 seconds and marches unstoppably in the target direction . He belches fire over a cone in front of him, dealing magic damage, the final bout of flame will apply Brittle. Using Bellows breath makes you unstoppable, witch means that CC abilities will have no effect on you during that time.

Searing Charge(E) Ornn charges forward, dealing physical damage to enemies he passes through, stopping upon colliding with terrain. If Ornn collides with terrain while charging he creates a shockwave that deals increased physical damage and knocks up enemies within for 1 second. Searing Charge can damage enemies twice. Volcanic Rupture Magma pillars or player created terrain will be destroyed upon impact. This spell is also great when you need to escape from or maybe pursue your enemies.

Call Of The Forge God(R) FIRST CAST:Ornn summons an elemental that stampedes toward him, dealing magic damage and slowing enemies hit for 2 seconds.
SECOND CAST: OrnnOrnn dashes forward in the target direction. If Ornn collides with the elemental, he headbutts it, sending it stampeding again in the new direction. Call of the Forge God can damage enemies twice.
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Skill sequence and game play

Early game

At Level 1 you'll be taking Bellows Breath because the shield helps in laning phase when enemy tries to poke you down. Try to play safe, don't trade blows if you don't have to, try and farm. Max this ability first.

At Level 2 get Volcanic Rupture witch will go nicely with Bellows Breath, continue laning the same, but now if push comes to show you can deal some nice damage if your opponent tries to bully you.

At Level 3 you will take Searing Charge, when paired with other abilities will make your opposing laner think twice before trying to bully you. Now you can start doing some bullying of your own, first strike them with Bellows Breath to apply brittle than throw Volcanic Rupture witch will slow and do some damage and finaly do Searing Charge, you will want to do Searing Charge towards terrain or magma pillar that your Volcanic Rupture created, this will stun and damage enemy champion.
Searing Charge can help you escape enemy ganks and ambushes.

At Level 6 take your ult Call of the Forge God. Always take your ult when you get a chance, this is the most important ability for Ornn. Call of the Forge God is amazing ability it allows you to initiate and stop champs that are trying to runaway, and much more.

Ornn skill combo:

When laning Engage with Bellows Breath, than strike with Volcanic Rupture to slow down opponent and then use Searing Charge to do more damage and knock your opponent up, to finalize use Call of the Forge God. Repeat until threat is eliminated.

For team fights you will want to start with Call of the Forge God so your team can close in on enemy team, than Bellows Breath to apply brittle effect so your teammates CC will last longer, now strike with Volcanic Rupture for some more CC and finish with Searing Charge.


Mana is a big problem for Ornn so play safe, don use your spells willy-nilly, if your jungler is coming to gank be sure to have enough mana for successful combo.

Watch your minimap constantly, if your bot lane has ward in a bush and you have your ult ready, Teleport bot and engage.

Ornn is slow so don't overextend, you can easily get caught out of position and ganked.
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Ornn is an extremely fun champion to play, even though he can be though to master. If you have any comments, questions or inquiry about my guide, please don't hesitate to ask any questions and I will do my best to answer them all.

Upvoate if you liked the guide, and downvote if you feel it is absolutely necessary. If you do downvote, please inform me of why, and perhaps I can remedy any mistakes I have made.

This guide is not fully finished, I think there is more I can add /explain about this champion. I will edit this guide more tommorow.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author C-137
C-137 Ornn Guide
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In-depth guide to Ornn Top Lane

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