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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Viktor Build Guide by Heyth

In-Depth guide to Viktory!

In-Depth guide to Viktory!

Updated on February 12, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Heyth Build Guide By Heyth 236 34 878,456 Views 116 Comments
236 34 878,456 Views 116 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Heyth Viktor Build Guide By Heyth Updated on February 12, 2012
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  • LoL Champion: Viktor
  • LoL Champion: Viktor



Good Evening all!

My name is Heyth, and i have been playing league of legends since the start of 2011. A little background on me, I was stuck in the 1200 region of ELO until i got serious, currently middle ranged 1500's-1600's, feel free to add me to duo or just to chat, always up for it.

I main AP carries or AD ranged, in the past i've had my eye on champions like Xerath, Brand or Cassiopeia, and mained all three. Other AD's include Vayne, Corki and Tristana.

Do feel free to check out my youtube channel, which in the future i will build up and become very active with videos/contests/etc.
I also reccomend viewing:
and check out his videos!

Please do not down-vote, flame or do any other negative action just because the cheat sheet is incorrect in your opinion, or lacks anything. I will suggest you make a comment on this, after your have checked the following things:
Please check the whole build before you proceed do judge.

Read the FAQ, and see if your question might be in there.
If all above is done, feel free to leave a comment. I beg you not to down-vote or do anything else negatively before you have submitted a comment and I've answered you

Possible questions you may ask
Why should i read you're guide and listen to you?
That's a fair question. Personally i believe i have enough experience to be of worth to the people who read my guides, i also believe that i am a decent player, and there's always something to learn from other players. I suppose you could just give it a read, if you don't like it, you don't have to come back! :p Plus i made that awesome pun in the title...

Introducing: Viktor, The Machine Herald.

Skill level /10? = 7
Effectiveness /10? = 8
Strength Early Game /10 = 7.5 (great poke and shield, but could get outlaned by AD ranged).
Strength Mid Game /10 = 8.5 (I believe this is where he truely shines most!)
Strength Late Game /10 = 8 (Assuming you did well mid game, you shouldn't drop off especialy with your good ratios.
Fun /10 = 8.5 (Skillshot, nukes, stuns, shield, i think he's very good :)

Who is Viktor?
At the present time of this guide, Viktor was the newest champion to be released. Infact, i would go as far to say, he is the strangest champion to be released and one of the hardest to master.

What is Viktor's role?
Victor can perform a number of different roles, really any champion can perform every role. It's a matter of whether they are good or specialise at the role that matters the most.
Viktor has very good AP ratios on his abilities, so i would focus him around AP Carry/Support AP, which is what i'll be doing in this guide.

How strong is Viktor compared to other AP carries?
I believe that he is on par with other AP carries, such as Brand. He provides great CC with his Gravity Field, has a silence to interrupt channeling abilities with Chaos Storm, A long range poke with Death Ray and has a single target nuke with an additional shielding affect Power Transfer.

Throughout the guide i'll explain more about his abilities, including his passive. But for now, let's take it slow.

NOTE: Build 1 is my preferred build, and the one i will be enforcing throughout this guide. However, build 2 is the other possibilities, including maxing his poke first rather then shield. Both are viable but have their uses and pros/cons.

I'll be talking about the Augments in big detail. First in a big summary of all three and the hex core, then in their own sections of how to use them right.

Things this guide will cover:
[*] How to lane
[*] His pros/cons
[*] His potential
[*] Best use of his abilities
[*] Item builds
[*] Mastery builds
[*] Rune builds
[*] The Hex Core!
[*] MORE!
One more thing before i start..

This guide will hopefully change this ^
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12-29-2011 = Viktor created and brought into the fields of justice
1/1/2012 = Date of guide creation

1/3/2012 = Added Warding/Pros and cons/Videos and screenshots/And updated a few things.
1/3/2012 = Edited all the links and icons, now are proper and show names of the items/abilities.
1/3/2012 = Confirmed that Hex Core upgrades actually cost 1000, instead of 1200. Thanks for the update guys!
1/10/2012 = So photobucket decided to delete all my photos cuz i was too popular, i had to use a different website -.- 20 minutes !
1/11/2012 = my guide hit 100k views, 82% like and on the free week of viktor! thanks everyone!
1/15/2012 = 200k! wooot!
1/27/2012 = sorry i've been gone for a bit, but i should be back soon!
2/6/2012 = Viktor buff! Viktor

Power Transfer missile speed increased to 2000 from 1400
Gravity Field activation time reduced to 0.25 seconds from 0.5
Fixed a bug where Chaos Storm's tooltip stated that it dealt less damage than it actually did

Thanks for all the feedback, i'v tested all the bugs you guys have told me:
As for the damage per second on Death Ray when upgraded, according to you it is the base damage only, however i have tested this with 86 AP, 205 damage death ray (level 4) and it dealt 22 damage per second. 30% of 205+86=87.3 , and the damage dealt was 88, so i think it does the additional damage too.

NOTE: I'v heard a rumour that Riot plans on lowering the price of the Hex Core upgrades to 1000 Gold, so keep this in mind for the future if its true!



Damage 49 (+3 / per level)
Health 385 (+78 / per level)
Mana 240 (+50 / per level)
Move Speed 310 (+0 / per level)
Armor 12 (+4 / per level)
Spell Block 30 (+0 / per level)
Health Regen 1.35 (+0.13 / per level)
Mana Regen 0.86 (+0.09 / per level)
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Pros / Cons


+ Good Ratios
+ Skillshot with
+ Easy to play, hard to master.
+ A new AP Carry
+ Good farmer with
+ With his full kit, a lot of burst
+ AOE Stun and silence!


- Hard to Master
- Aimed a lot
- Needs to stay alive for full 7 seconds to get most out of his ultimate
- Short range on most spells
- If you spam his poke, will run out of mana easily without blue buff

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Make sure you watch them in High Definition!

In the above video, it's just an example of how Viktor is more of a burst champion. You see sion with shield active drop right down to 0 health within moments. Yes, im aware shaco did a bit of the damage but you get the idea :)
Another video showing his capable burst, however it shows a mistake on my behalf. I assumed that the enemy sion would run directly towards his tower, so i placed my Gravity Field a bit behind him. however he runs around it, a costly mistake and if it was a team fight, would have been my death. However i follow up by killing trynd, suprising him of my burst before he's able to use his ultimate.

Another mistake i made, is that i didn't control the cloud after i casted it. Thus, the damage over time part of it became useless because it wasn't even following Sion.
Okay now this video is what i want to get across the most. When it comes to trading hits, don't always assume that just because your Power Transfer gives you a shield, that it will shield the incoming damage directly after you cast. Also remember that, judging by your distance between you and the targetted unit, there will be a brief delay in which the skill returns to you.
In the video i use my skill to harass sion, however the shield does not come up in time and doesn't block the damage from his stun. If your going to harass champions with a ranged poke, i suggest using Death Ray, and even maxing it first is a possibility if you like early game harassing.

^NOTE: This has been altered, however it may still be a problem so it's worth watching. will update soon.
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Chapter 5

Recent buffs, make me change a few opinions.

Augment of Gravity is definately the strongest choice.
Power Transfer is a good ability to poke with now, both that and Death Ray are on equal strengths so its basically priority.
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Ability Explanation
Ability Sequence Order

> > >

I think this is the best sequence choice for abilities, basically to get the most damage out possible for Viktor, at the same time being safe for a gank with .

[*] Evolving Technology: There's as section under "The Hex Core" That describes this!

[*] Power Transfer (Q): A single target Nuke, dealing magic damage with an ability power ratio of 0.65, returning a shield to Viktor withstanding 40% of the damage dealt by the ability. Great for a poking ability, although it has short range. An important thing to bare in mind is, that the shield is not instant. I can't tell you how many times i'v gone to poke someone and the shield hasn't arrived in time to block their returning-poke. this was recently increased, however it's still a bit iffy so just be careful.

TIP: You can now use this ability to poke! just bare in mind its still not instant so be cautious.

[*] Gravity Field (W): An Area of Affect Slow, and also stun if the enemy remains inside it for 1.5 seconds. A great ability to zone with, and in team fights its incredible if you can land it around a lot of champions.
Massive buff to this ability, now intervals of .25 seconds instead of .5, which definately made my favourite augment, gravity.

TIP: This ability is great for counter-ganking! If you see an enemy melee champion coming to gank you, put the field AROUND you, so that when they come inside it to attack you, they get slowed and stunned. If it's a ranged champion attempting to gank, try to estimate where they will be in order to get the full stun off. It's a lot easier to countergank a melee champion rather then a ranged with this spell.

[*] Death Ray (E): A lot like Rumble The Equalizer, it's basically a line of laser that deals damage to anything that comes into contact with it. a good thing to remember is, where you first select is NOT the finishing point, it's the start! so the max range is actually further then indicated by the ability, as it indicates the max casting range. It's a great poke, and when paired with augment of death becomes a very painful poke indeed. Reveals areas that are out of vision, such as the brush!

TIP: Combined with Rylais, it's a lot easier to land your Gravity Field for almost certain stunlock.

[*] Chaos Storm (R): By far, my favourite ability of Viktor. Completely overpowered in the right hands, and yet people haven't seen it's full extent yet.
First off, it's 150/250/350 damage burst to all units in the area targetted, then an additonal 40/60/80 damage per second for 7 seconds, and the cloud is able to follow units and be moved to where Viktor pleases. Also remember that, the further the cloud is to you, the slower it goes. so try to keep it close.
Not only that, it also silences champions for 0.5 seconds, similar to Blitzcrank ultimate.
Can be handy to stop channelling spells.
Both aspects of his ultimate have a great ratio concidering they last for so long.

TIP: Always remember to control the cloud! There's been so many times that i've forgotten to control the cloud, so my damage has been extremely lacking! You can set it to auto-follow a unit, so i recommend that. But be careful because the further away from you the cloud is, the slower it becomes. I like to keep it by my side at all times!

It follows invisible champions too!

Should you get into a fight, i suggest the following order of ability use, depending on the distance between you and the enemy:

> > > (If they are within range of power transfer!)

> > > (If they aren't within range, but are within range of Death ray since the slow (assuming you have rylais), will help you land the full effect of Chaos Storm)

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells

[Flash]: Despite the nerf, i still think that this spell is very worth getting. It can still save your life by flashing over the wall, or getting out of range from someone. Even positioning yourself differently because of your short range, or flashing in for the quick kill. The flash nerf didn't do much, i still use this spell most games and wont change it.
[Ignite]: Great for the extra damage to finish someone off! This paired with your for the extra damage over time can completely destroy someone. And even better, it reduces healing effects and is true damage so it isn't weakened by magic resistance! What more could you want?

[Exhuast]: Can be handy to save your life when you're targetted by their ranged AD or their AP carry, but aside from that i feel that ignite is a better choice.

The other summoner spells can be used, such as:
: Can be helpful to boost your early game, allowing you to stay in lane longer and letting you choose different seals rather then mana regen per 5, since you have free mana on demand! Infinite harass with death ray too.
: Great spell for certain circumstances, especially when it comes to being out of position. This spell can turn 1v1 into 1v2, completely turn the tables on an even battle in your favor. It can also bring you back to lane quicker, so you don't miss a lot of experience. However it has a channel time, and can be interupted. So it's best to teleport out of view when you use it!

But these are situational and completely dependant on the users likings. pick and choose as you may :)
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
For Quintessences, i use:

Greater Quintessence of Potency ( )
Reasoning is as follows:

It takes til level 11 until the per level quintessences match up to the flat quintessences, in terms of Ap amounts. If Viktor is going to dominate a game, i feel that he needs the edge before that time. Hence why i use the Flats.
Other possibilities include:

[*] AP per level ( ) If you want the late game boost instead of the early game boost, kicks in around about level 12.

[*] Magic Penetration ( ) If you prefer these over Ability Power boosts.

As for Marks

Greater Mark of Insight ( )

as standard, i use flat magic penetration for both early game and late game boost. Don't really need to reason for this choice.

For Seals, it's probably the hardest choice and most variable.

Greater Seal of Replinishment

I have put Mana regen/5 ( ). This is only because i feel he can spam alot early game and win his lane, especially since he has a very strong poking power.
Other possibilities include:

[*] health per level (greater seal of vitality) | for a boost in max health later in the game.

[*] Gold per 10 ( ) | If you feel you just wont make the money ingame/will probably lose you're lane. Although i'd leave this role to items such as Philosopher's Stonephilosopher's stone or Kage's lucky Pickkage's lucky pick.

[*] Armor Flats ( ) | in the case that you'd be taking a few hits from minions, and you want that damage reduced. Also helps when tower diving but it's easily avoided.

For Glyphs:

Greater Glyph of Force ( )

I like using ap per level. My reasoning is as follows: Ap flats are great, however i believe that Viktor's damage revolves around the burst from his ultimate included. AP flats give .99 Ap, thus the .17 AP from the per level glyphs will be on par with flat runes at level 5-6, around the time that he levels up his ultimate. But it's very justifiable, if you prefer to go for an early kill with his basic abilities, you can use the flat runes instead.
Other options are:

[*] Greater Glyph of potency ( ), if you want the early game boost instead of late game.

[*] Greater Glyph of Focus ( ) in the event that you prefer cooldown reduction over AP bonus.

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This is a basic format, includes:
In Offense
[*] improved ignite [!]
[*] 3/4 AP [!]
[*] 4% Cooldown Reduction [!]
[*] 10% Magic Pentration [!]
[*] 1.5% increased damage dealt
[*] +18 AP at level 18 [!]
[*] AP increased by 5% [!]
[*] Damage dealt increased by 6% when the opponent under 40% health [!]

In Utility
[*] Improved flash [!]
[*] +216 mana at level 18 [!]
[*] 3 mana regen per 5 seconds [!]
[*] -1 second on recall timer
[*] Buff duration increase [!]

[!] = Important/Stronger mastery spells for Viktor

You can also put 9 in defence if you like having then extra sustainability.
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When it comes to items, i'm going to do farming/items/stages of the game in one big chapter.

Early Game

Farming with Viktor, i haven't found any trouble. Aside from the low damage, i've found it easy to last hit with him. His attack animation is rather fast, and smooth, so you shouldn't have trouble. If you find yourself missing a few creeps, you can always use Power Transfer to last hit with, since it's low mana cost and it gives a nice shield with a small cooldown. You can also harass with Death Ray for a lot of damage and no risk of being hit in return since it has long range.

It's at this time when you can consider a few things. If you cannot see your opponent in lane, you should call miss. Proceed to PUSH the lane, assuming they've gone back or going to gank, and once the lane is pushed you can either go back yourself, or could even try for a gank yourself. Your Gravity Field combined with other champions CC, can be a devastating combination, and is almost certain kill if the stun is popped. I believe that as mid lane, you have as equal responsibility to control the other lanes as the jungler does. If bottom lane is doing bad, you can go help it, but just make sure your lane is pushed before you go.

An important thing to remember about early game, is that you are going to get ganked by their jungler. Especially if you are dominating their middle. Luckily, there are little eyes called wards which are our little friends in these shaky situations. For info on this, read the ward section!

If you're still having trouble, you can always practice in a custom game to get used to his last hit motion.

I start, with either Doran's Ring or Boots and 3 Health Potion. I then farm up enough gold to get either a total of 3 Doran's Ring or a Needlessly Large Rod, around 1600 gold. I then upgrade my Boots to Sorcerer's Shoes.

If i start with Needlessly Large Rod, i'll build into Rabadon's Deathcap straight away, so i'll have it by midgame, otherwise i'll build Rylai's Crystal Scepter and hope to have it by midgame.

Mid Game

By this time, you should either have Sorcerer's Shoes and either Rylai's Crystal Scepter and 3 Doran's Ring, or a Rabadon's Deathcap. At this stage, i'd buy one of the above items, that you're missing. So if you bought Rabadon's Deathcap, then get Rylai's Crystal Scepter. And vice-versa.

If the opponent starts stacking magic resistance, i'd then move onto Void Staff, if they have a lot of magic damage you can consider Abyssal Mask for the magic resistance and it has a handy passive which will aid your ability damage.

If you're doing really well, you can also consider Mejai's Soulstealer, but i wouldn't recommend it.

Concider your hex core at this time

Late game

By this time it's all about team fights.
Stay with your team, and don't get out of position, because it can cost the game for your team.

Your job in team fights is to basically blow your entire kit on the enemy team, focusing mainly on either their AD carry, Support or Ap carry.
Focusing their tanks is a waste of time.

By this time you should have Sorcerer's Shoes, Rabadon's Deathcap, Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Void Staff.

At this point, items become very situational.

If you are getting targetted by a single CC, you can get a Banshee's Veil.
If you are getting suppressed by a move like Nether Grasp, then you can buy Quicksilver Sash.
If you are simply getting targetted by every of their champions, or mainly thier AD carry, get a Zhonya's Hourglass. You're ultimate will still be moveable while you're in the invulnerable form aswell!
If you are dying too quickly and need a way to avert their targetting, grab a Guardian Angel.
If you haven't yet got it, and you are getting targetted by magic damaging enemies, you can grab Abyssal Mask.

Here i will describe in detail the ideal build:
: Give 20 magic penetration, meaning 20 of their magic resistance becomes worthless. combined with your runes of magic penetration, it will make your damage very high.
: Gives a flat 140 Ability Power, and also increases your overall Ability Power by 30%. Best Ability Power item in the game, hands down. However it comes at a high price, but makes the best out of it's passive once you hit a high amount of ability power.
: A great item for your abilities, since you have relatively long pokes with your Death Ray, you can slow your opponents down to land your Gravity Field easier incase you didn't have the hex core upgrade for it.
: Best item to ruin the opponents magic resistance. 40% magic penetration means that 40% of their magic resistance, becomes useless. This in addition to you're boots and runes, makes a lot of their magic resistance useless! Great item!
: A perfect item in the event that the opponent is stacking Health without getting much magic resistance, such as Vladimir or Cho'Gath. Deals a % of their current health in magic damage, so it's best to use it at the start of the combination.
Concider your hex core at this time, if it isn't already upgraded.

Other options

Lich Bane Lich bane also works if you like using it, but i'm not a big fan of it.
Hextech Revolver A good item but its situational/personal perference, upgraded to Will of the Ancients can benefit the entire team too.
Rod of Ages a great item for health and sustain early game, especially with Catalyst of Aeons.
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How much MR/Magic Penetration do you need?

Credits to the creator of the image
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1. This ward grants vision of all paths to middle lane, from blue teams jungle (Blue golem side). If you can get a ward in this location, you shouldn't have much trouble from this side of the area and plus you'll be helping your jungler by keeping an eye on anyone who intends to steal his jungle!

2. This ward shows the wraith camp, and if it is placed a little lower it will also show the route going right towards dragon, aswell as the entire road headed mid and vision of the river . A very good ward spot!

3. This ward is a great one, it shows a heap of vision, aswell as shows a little bit of dragon. So you will know if the enemy team is doing dragon, and it is shielded by the shrub aswell so if someone has oracles, they will have to walk into the brush to see it. It shows vision in the opening above, left and right.

4. This ward is the same as #2, but mirrorly reversed so it's on the other side of the map, same spot. Show's the exact same values but on the opposing side.

5. This ward is a quick placement ward, can be placed from over the ledge and is for those unable to get into the river due to the fear of a gank. It shows decent vision but has limited by the shrub in the middle of the river. It WILL alert you however if a jungler comes from that side.

6. This ward is to show if you are getting ganked, or if your opponent is going to gank a different lane. It will show every possible route of heading towards bot lane from middle lane, so there's no blind spot here (unless they go through your jungle or right around). It also indicates when the opponent is getting BLUE BUFF so theres a possible steal opportunity when you see it!

Above is a basic diagram that shows the main warding placements, in order of priority. Since this guide focus' on mid lane AP carry, i'd use the ward placement points of 3 and 4.
Credits to the creator of the diagram, for more information on warding as a topic see:
I strongly recommend viewing that guide, it will change your gameplay completely!
You can find the guide on the Top Rated Guides on Mobafire, and it's called "Warding Helper, More the your eyes can see".
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The Hex Core

Okay so i've left this discussion to be performed on it's own little chapter because i feel it has a massive effect on his gameplay. Early game it doesn't really matter much, as i do not upgrade his Hex Core until later on.

Now i've read alot of guides on Viktor, and i think that hardly any of them discuss this, and it's importance is extremely high.

Viktors passive, is Evolving Technology.
Taken directly from the Wiki: Viktor starts with a Hex Core that provides him with stats and can be upgraded into one of the three augments, that benefit one of his abilities each. The Hex Core can only be upgraded once and cannot be sold back to the shop.

At first glance, it looks like a great passive which can help your champion a ton!

Although like all things, it has it's cons.

- Once chosen, cannot be changed.
- Costs gold to upgrade (1000).
- Takes up an Item Slot.

Now the Hex Core is also only available to Viktor, if you didn't already know.

Anyway back to the Hex Core.

Straight out, it gives +3 Ability Power per level, which is actually pretty cool for a free item that you're given at the start of every game!

The trick with the Hex Core is knowing WHEN and TO WHAT do you upgrade it.

I'll start with the when.

in the short time that i'v played Viktor, i have seen some Viktor's upgrade their Hex Core as their first item, as their last item, sometimes even not at all. I have seen some complete and utterly useless viktors, then again i'v seen some complete dominant ones.

In my opinion, it depends on what you're upgrading it to, which decides when you're upgrading it.

Lets run through the three available augments.
Augment of Death
[*] +3 Ability Power per level
[*] +45 Ability power
[*] Death Ray sets fire to enemies, dealing 30% additional magic damage over 4 seconds.

Costs: 1000

Augment of Gravity
[*] +3 Ability Power per level
[*] +200 Mana
[*] +10% Cooldown Reduction +5 Mana Regen per 5 seconds
[*] Gravity Field has an additional 30% cast range.

Costs: 1000

Augment of Power
[*] +3 Ability Power per level
[*] +265 Health
[*] +9 Health per level
[*] Power Transfer increases Viktor's Movement Speed by 30% for 3 seconds.

Costs: 1000

Each one clearly has its plus and minus sides.

Augment of Power is more for survivability, and if anything, should be built early in the game. Specifically for it's extra health boost, but also because it gives the extra 30% movement speed when you cast Power Transfer. This synergizes well with his ultimate, because it gives you the movement speed bonus to catch up to the cloud if it's further away, thus making the cloud faster aswell since you're near it.

Augment of Gravity tends to be my favourite, because i really like the additional 30% cast range on his Gravity Field. With the additional range, it allows me to cast the field on the area around the unit being hit at MAX RANGE of Death Ray. I find this augment best upgraded after purchasing Rylai's Crystal Scepter. With the recent buff to Gravity Field, this augment is now a definate.

Augment of Death is more for the players who like damage! 30% additional damage on his poke is insanely good, infact it's a toss between death and gravity when choosing the augments in my opinion. The flat ability power works great, but i honestly believe it comes down to the ability buffs which decides this. Now when you think about it, if your Death Ray deals 200 damage, an additional 30% of that is 60 extra damage over 4 seconds. Even if it deals 500 damage, it's still 150 extra damage over 4 seconds. So really, like Gravity, this augment can be upgraded anytime from mid game - late game. However i strongly think that it's best to upgrade it once you get some decent ability power, otherwise the bonus damage is just going to waste.

Mostly i think it is just Personal liking, but i'd leave the augments to be upgraded a bit later in the game, mid to late game ideally.

Bare in mind!
And i've done this before, You cannot sell them back! So don't do what i did, buying Gravity intending to sell and buy death later in the game, then come to a big surprise when you were not able to sell back to the shop.
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Augment of Gravity

As suggested, the augment of gravity excels at many things, but i would like to focus on the range.

AS you can see from the above image, viktors Gravity Field clearly does not reach into the middle of top lane, so in order to use it you'd have to move into vision, therefore risking a flash. however, once you buy augment of gravity:

Some other examples are:
NOTE: Moving a little above this area, on the corner, will allow you to cast his move in the opening of dragon, directly.

In my opinion, this Augment is the best out of them all.
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Augment of Power

Now i know not much of this augment, seeing as i rarely get it. However i do know a few things that i can explain.

It grants nice health bonus, health regen and a sweet bonus to your Power Transfer. The 30% bonus movement speed is a terrific boost, especially when you're chasing a champion, or fleeing from one. Keep in mind that it is instant bonus, meaning it doesn't activate once the attack hits, rather when it casts straight away.

Some handy things to do:
If an enemy has a lot of magic resistance, that is chasing you, and you are near creeps. Unless you have a rylais, i would suggest using your Power Transfer on the nearest creep, since it will do maximum damage, grant the movement speed bonus and give you a larger shield then if you used it on a champion who would reduce its damage.
In the event that you have rylais, its always a good idea to use it on the champion to achieve the slow bonus.

Lead in with Power Transfer, so you get the bonus movement speed, thus landing your other spells easier.
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Augment of Death

By far, the most popular choice of augments, is Augment of Death.

Simply because most people will play Viktor as an AP Carry and this benefits the damage most of all. The most discussed issue when it comes to this augment is when to buy it, but i have covered that already.

The main attraction to this item is the 30% extra damage over 4 seconds when using Death Ray. This, combined with Ignite and the damage per second on his ultimate, Chaos Storm, can be an incredibly strong combination. And the stronger you get, the more damage it does due to its percent bonus, not a flat damage bonus. (Thus making it benefit most from stacking AP items).

The only downside to this item, is that it gives no sustain aside from if it's combined with spell vamp, and that it may be tough to hit his Death Ray on occasions, thus making the item half useless if you miss your skillshots every time.

My only tip is that you use Death Ray after they get slowed/stunned by Gravity Field, to ensure that you hit one or multiple units.

It's also a good thing that it improves your farming! so that those creeps that lived on that little hp after taking a death ray to the face, will now die due to the damage over time effect!
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In ranked, i believe Viktor will be a great champion because he synergises so well with other champions, especially with his Gravity Field. He can initiate, and also clean up. Only bad thing, is he hasn't got anything to support his allies aside from his AOE stun/slow.

I would still play him as an Ability Power Carry in mid lane, as he easily outlanes most of the champions.

Hopefully we'll see him in higher ELO games and everyone will catch onto his true strength.

[*] Will fill this in with more detail once i use him ALOT in ranked play.
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Another important thing, i know i've already mentioned some of this..

If you spam your moves, especially his Death Ray, you WILL run out of mana eventually. Luckily for you, chances are.. you have a jungler!

And what do good junglers do? Give you blue buff!

Once you get blue buff, spam spam spam spam spam away. But be careful not to lose it to their ap carry or you'll be in trouble.

Other then that, i wouldn't play Viktor as a jungler, seeing as only his Death Ray seems viable enough to use as a farming tool. But if your jungler doesn't mind, feel free to take out the wraiths every now and then if you feel up to it, it's a good way to catch up on CS if you are behind.

When it comes to Red Buff, should you happen to have it, it gets applied by using his Power Transfer. So it's sorta like a lesser version of Rylai's!

However an important thing to remember, is just because you may not be playing jungle, doesn't mean you shouldn't gank. Especially with your Gravity Field, it can set up a potential gank to get one or two kills, to save your jungler from doing the work. Remember you have a lot of CC, put it all to good use! Make sure your lane is pushing before you leave to gank, otherwise by the time you come back you'll be losing experience because of the tower killing the units.

[*] WIll fill this in more once i play him more to do with jungling.
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Who does he synergise with?

An important aspect of Viktor is that, like i said, He synergises well with other champions.

Champions like:

Miss Fortune
Nunu & Willump

Or basically anyone who has a hard CC, or a lot of CC can be deadly when combined with Viktor.

My favourite would have to be Viktor + Kennen, the amount of stuns is unreal and the damage is crazy.

Champions to Avoid

I'm not sure if it's just me, but iv had an aweful lot of trouble vsing certain champions, so i'll tell you them and hopefully you can prepare yourself.

Viktor, in my experience, is outlaned by:

[*] Ranged AD, such as Caitlyn, Vayne, Ashe.
-This is mainly because if you were to poke with your abilities, they can simply out range you with their auto attack. And when it comes to Ashe's Volley or Miss Fortunes Double Up, it can cause quite a problem exchanging hits with you. I tended to beat them in lane after level 6-7 but before then is just hell.
[*] High Magic Resistance Champions, such as Galio
-This is obvious enough, he is one hell of a pain to vs for any champion but specifically mages, especially with that terrific ultimate.
[*] Champions with high lane sustain/shields
-With this one, it's not that much of a big issue, but its more of a pain long term wise. Versing champions like Morgana, who have both Spell Vamp for lane sustain and Black Shield to soak up your magic damage, can be quite a pain. Especially because your abilities are not instant, so there is plenty of time for her to trigger black shield before your power transfer actually connects with her.
-Other champions like Sion i haven't had that much of a problem with, apart from early game when his shield burst is high. I believe Viktor has the burst potential for a low mana cost to repeatedly pop his shield before it exploders, so against Sion you should have that much of a problem.
-LEBLANC. SHE WILL OUTBURST YOU! Unless you can land your Gravity Field on her, i would stay far away from her as possible.

Now that's the bad side, what about the good side??

Easy champions to verse:
[*] MELEE!
-Have to be in melee range to exchange hits, therefore you can poke with Power Transfer and have the shield back in time to soak up the damage.
-Low Health AP Carries, such as Annie or Brand (Brand may be tough at times though). Remember your poke with Death Ray is a lot further then most spells can reach, apart from Xerath, you'll find rarely any AP Carry is able to outrange you.
-Low health Jungle ganks! I can't tell you how many times i'v had a fiddle come out from the brush, and iv simply ulted and combo'd him and he died instantly, giving me a double kill. Don't be afraid, because your burst along with your ultimate is actually extremely high.

[*] Will update with more and more champion combinations!
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Well this is my first guide, so give me a break if its ****.

It took me about 4 hours, have wanted to do one for a while and i really like viktor so i decided to do it.

Feel free to leave a comment/like it, took alot of effort so some feedback will be nice.

Other then that, goodluck with your future Viktor games!

- Heyth
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