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Hecarim Build Guide by Maltz

Jungle In Depth Hecarim guide from former Rank 1 Hecarim EUW (9.16)

Jungle In Depth Hecarim guide from former Rank 1 Hecarim EUW (9.16)

Updated on August 16, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Maltz Build Guide By Maltz 37 4 75,383 Views 3 Comments
37 4 75,383 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Maltz Hecarim Build Guide By Maltz Updated on August 16, 2019
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Runes: Conqueror

1 2
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace



1 2 3
1. Ignite Smite
LoL Summoner Spell: Challenging Smite

Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Hello and Welcome to this guide!

First of all thank you for reading, if you have any feedback i will happily accept it since this is my first guide.
My name is Jacob, im 19 years old and from Denmark, my ign is "Maltz"
I play semi-professional League of Legends, i started playing League in season 4 and competetive in season 7 where i peaked Diamond 2 64lp and also hit was Hecarim one trick.
In season 8 and 9 i peaked 170-190lp Master tier.
In Season 7 i was according to the number 1 Hecarim on EUW and with several hundred games on the champ in high elo i hope i can help you learn a thing or two about the champion and hopefully master him yourself!

I sometimes stream at and will answer all questions asked som please drop by and say Hi :D
Pros and Cons
+Super fun to play
+Snowballs very hard
+Good teamfighting
+Good in most teamcomps
+Good ganks

+Very bad if behind
+Weak late game
+Bad vs Heavy CC comps

INNATE: Hecarim gains 15% − 30% (based on level) of his bonus Movement speed icon movement speed as bonus attack damage.

- This is one of the things that defines Hecarim and people remember him for
Movespeed = Damage. It synergises really well with his E Devastating Charge
and the runes Predator, Waterwalking and Celerity

ACTIVE: Hecarim cleaves nearby enemies, dealing Attack damage physical damage, reduced to 66.6% against minions.
If Hecarim damages at least one enemy with Rampage, its base Cooldown reduction icon cooldown is reduced by 1 second and the damage is increased by 5% for 8 seconds, stacking up to twice.

- His key damage ability abilities low CD that becomes even lower when fully stacked
the thing that enables Conqueror and also has great synergy with Sheen
This is the ability you max first no matter what since it is your main source of

ACTIVE: Hecarim surrounds himself with the spirit of dread for 4 seconds, dealing Ability power magic damage per second to all enemies within its reach.
While Spirit of Dread is active, Hecarim is Heal power healed for 30% of the damage taken by enemies from any source within the area, capped from minions and monsters.

- This allows for Hecarim to stay healthy in his jungle clear and also heal insane
ammounts in teamfights.
Junglers should max this ability last since E Devastating Charge is too good
in jungle not to max second because of the utility and gank pressure it offers
In toplane you max this second for sustain in lane and its ability to heal extra
off champions

ACTIVE: Hecarim is temporarily Ghost ghosted and gains Movement speed icon bonus movement speed for 4 seconds, beginning at 25% and increasing to 75% over 3 seconds.
While Hecarim is charging, his next basic attack gains 50 − 250 (based on distance traveled) Range icon bonus range and causes him to Dash dash to his target, Airborne icon knocking them back 250 − 450 (based on distance traveled) units and dealing modified physical damage, up to double the amount based on distance traveled, ending its effects in the process.

- This is Hecarims main utility spell helping him get around the map and gank lanes
also synergises well with his passive Warpath
Max it second in jungle and third in toplane (as mentioned above)

ACTIVE: Hecarim summons spectral riders and Dash dashes in the target direction with them Unstoppable icon unstoppably, dealing magic damage to all enemies in their path.
Enemies within range of where Hecarim stops are also made to Flee icon flee from him for 0.75 − 1.5 (based on distance traveled) seconds, also gradually Slow icon slowing them by up to 99% over the duration. This slow cannot be reduced.

The wave of spectral riders travels through Onslaught of Shadows's full length, regardless of where Hecarim himself stops.

- Hecarims Ultimate ability very versatile in terms of engage and skirmishing but
because it is not a targeted ability it can also be used to get out of sticky
situations or stealing objectives like Baron or Drake
Take points in this whenever you can (lvl 6, 11 and 16)

this page is what i normally run on Hecarim only with Legend: Tenacity in some cases

Conqueror is by far the best rune choice on Hecarim It is fairly easy to proc and with the true damage and healing it is without a doubt the best rune for Hecarim at the moment.

Triumph is the only choice since Overheal and Presence of Mind dosent really offer Hecarim much

You go Legend: Alacrity into most comps but if the enemy is heavy CC oriented Legend: Tenacity is the right choiche, alongside Mercury´s Treads it helps Hecarim survive a lot of sticky situations

Coup de Grace is a solid option and by far the most consistent Last Stand is viable but i is very few games where it would be better than Coup de Grace While Cut Down dosent even come close to the other two

Secondary i go Celerity and Waterwalking it gives you a lot of burst and helps you contest scuttle easier while also giving additional damage because of Hecarims Passive Warpath

Another option secondary is Magical Footwear alongside Futures Market or Cosmic Insight
I personally barely go Cosmic Insight when i go inspiration secondary as i find that Futures Market often helps get that extra gold to get the Warrior or Sheen powerspike which can determine whether or not you win some fights in the early game
Predator is not as good on Hecarim as Conqueror. It gives you way better gank potential early game but you fall off way harder mid/late game

Besides that i go Att. speed, Adaptive Force and Armor. Attack speed is simply too good to say no to in the jungle which is why i go it over another Adaptive Force

Most succesfull pathing i have used on Hecarim is quite simple
Blue -> Wolves -> Raptors -> Red At this point i am almost full health, lvl 3 with double buffs and have ignite.
After this i look Mid or Bot and see if any of the lanes are gankable and gank if they are

You mirror this on Redside if executed well you can very easily snowball out of control early game
If they are not gankable i go clear Krugs -> Botside Scuttle and then look after gank again or see if i can either get top scuttle or get enemy gromp.
After this you recall always think about if you can gank and what enemy jungle i doing. after clearing one more time you should be lvl 6 and have way it way easier with ganking.

When pathing it is important to maintain a nice balance between farming and ganking, it is not a good idea to gank when you have all you camps up, the more effecient way would be to clear some and while they are spawning you can look after other things.
Though with that being said if there is an obvious easy gank opportunity you should take it and leave the camps.

Defensive warding helps a lot vs matchups you know will try and invade and kill you early game like Kha'Zix.
A well placed defensive ward can spot him going allowing you to go to his jungle instead or call in your laners and either kill or force him out.
When ganking as Hecarim you have a few options, you can eihter:
Come rushing in with Devastating Charge from outside the opponents vision line thereby cathing them off guard, you often want to do this from behind the enemy since Devastating Charge is a knockback and it is more effecient to knock the enemy into your teammaes instead of away :D

If lets say enemy botlane have a Thresh and i come in to gank i cant just rush at him with Devastating Charge since he will just Flay me away into while my E will still go off ending in me ****him him away while i get slowed and knocked away myself.
To avoid this i use my Onslaught of Shadows instead since it ignores CC which allows me to get behind Thresh or Enemy ADC and knocking them into my teammates for an easy kill.
It is always important taking into account what tools the enemy have to survive the gank and what you can do to play around that.

After you get a succesfull gank it is important to consider what to do next and go these things through your head:
1. Does my laner need help to push out and reset the wave or is it freezing? (Freezing is where you allow enemy minions to kill your own thereby deying that gold and exp from the enemy laner)
2. What can i get out of this? Drake? Herald? Turret Plates? always use the kill to get an objective, this is a very effecient way to get leads
3. Where is the enemy jungler? If i just ganked top i will immidiately ping my botlane to back off since i know that the enemy jungler is looking to retaliate for the lead we just got in the topside

Ganking winning lanes is often a good idea and can win you games if you use it to get objectives. Ganking with an objective in mind is also what you often should do like: Ganking botlane getting 1 kill and calling your botlane in to help you secure infernal drake
Tips and Tricks (Good things to remember)
Always autoattack after using Rampage as it gets off the Sheen proc and allows you to deal ridiculous ammounts of dmg.

In general it is very difficult to initiate teamfights, if you are the only engage on the team try and come in from a flank position and then use Stopwatch after getting Onslaught of Shadows fear off and allowing your team to hit. Else look for picks in sidelanes

In my first clear i pull Greater Murk wolf into midlane and right before they loose aggro i finish them with my Q, This allows me to go to raptors with max Q stacks making my clear much healthier

Always be aware of your Conqueror stacks since this is what will win you fights try and stay in the fight as long as possible spamming Q after you get the Conqueror procced

Always try to use Devastating Charge at max stacks (100) If i am coming in from a flank i like to use Devastating Charge at one of their carries and then following up with Onslaught of Shadows right after this gives the maximum CC duration on the target and helps you stay on them incase they Flash the initial Devastating Charge

In skirmishes it is very effective to use Ignite at the same time as you use Spirit of Dread as you also heal from the dmg being dealt from ignite that way, in combination with Conqueror this makes you heal for insane ammounts

You can use Hecarim E to Dash over small walls if there is a enemy on the other side. This interaction can be used to get out of Jarvan IVs Cataclysm and some of the small walls in summoners Rift.
Hecarim is a really fun champion with the potential to 1v9 most games
All Feedback is appreciated and if you have any suggestions for extra things i should add please say so! If you would take the time to vote on the guide it will also be highly appreciated.
You can also turn into my stream and ask questions if you have any
Thank you for Reading :D
League of Legends Build Guide Author Maltz
Maltz Hecarim Guide
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In Depth Hecarim guide from former Rank 1 Hecarim EUW (9.16)

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