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Quinn Build Guide by Zeldea

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zeldea

It's a Bird! It's a Carry! - An In-Depth Quinn Guide

Zeldea Last updated on March 3, 2013
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Tag Team
Hello! I'm Zeldea and this is my (first guide) on the newest champion, Quinn. Quinn is a fast paced assassin type AD carry that I usually prefer in bottom lane. She can farm and harass perfectly with both her Harrier and Blinding Assault, putting her ahead of most AD carries (in my opinion). With her generally low cooldowns and her ultimate, Tag Team it makes for a fast, kill securing machine. She is a great addition to the League family and will hopefully make good of her stay.

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Pros & Cons

Soaring Pros

+ Not weak!
+ Great early game
+ Quinn and Valor are both equally strong
+ Some would say she's OP
+ Has 2 "escapes"
+ Semi reveal skill
+ Pretty design

Quinn can be a game changer early game and sometimes mid game with her skill set and strength. Her ability to tower dive and escape with little damage makes her excel as an ADC.
Important Cons

- Strange in team fights
- Has a chance of being nerfed
- Quinn herself is a bit slow
- Can be item reliant
- Some say her voice is too "bland"
- Kind of squishy
- Skillshots!

Although these do make Quinn fall back on SOME level with all other ADCs, I still think she can push beyond these to remain strong if you can aim well with Blinding Assault and harass with Harrier.

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The way I build Quinn with masteries is very similar to how I build Miss Fortune. A good amount of defense, and most of your masteries set in offense. Specifically your Fury for a major boost in attack speed, and Sunder for the armor pen you don't get from runes.

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Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Attack Damage
  • Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage: Although it doesn't immediately show in early laning, these runes help so much for the MAJOR attack boost mid and late game.
  • Greater Mark of Attack Damage: I debated with myself on whether or not these or armor penetration would compliment Quinn better, seeing as she doesn't use any skills with armor pen, and the armor pen given if you can buy a Guardian Angel, this was an automatic choice.
  • Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: Ah, I love this one. This rune is helpful for those pesky supports that go aggro with AP. Although they'll usually do little damage, it helps to keep the enemy support out of the picture.
  • Greater Seal of Armor: This is seriously one of the most underestimated things among my friends. This extra boost of armor can seriously help you with survivability in lane and in game overall.

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Ability Explanation

Ability Explanation

Tag Team

This passive is one of the best I've seen for an AD carry. The occasional 4.5 second mark comes at perfect moments (unless you're incredibly unlucky) to mark that final shot on someone running away or picking off low health enemies in team fights. Quinn's range is pretty good as it is, so if you're not by a tower, try to hit those marked.

I would say this ability is your second most important. It is a skill shot that also has an AoE and a blind. It's perfect for hitting champions trying to hide behind minions, as it dishes out equal damage in the area hit. As for Valor, this skill is pretty much the same, except melee, which I would suggest using after slowing an enemy with Vault. Maxing this skill is my second priority.

Ah the AoE reveal. This is pretty much Hawkshot but with a shorter range. Don't underestimate how good it is! Although some still suggest to get wards (which I can agree with), using this while you are attacking a tower and it's been "silent" too long, or even while roaming in the jungle mid/late game, can create a perfect counter or escape. But that's not all, it also gives a slight speed boost when you attack those marked with Harrier, giving you a chance to quickly take out an enemy. As for Valor, it gives him a major speed boost up to 80% when maxed out. Maxing this is my last priority although putting 2 in it before you hit 11 or 16 isn't a bad idea.

This is why Quinn is high mobility and the perfect poker. Using Blinding Assault and then rushing a Vault ESPECIALLY when there are loads of minions around, can harass the enemy carry HEAVILY and give an escape from the additional bounce off (which mind you has a large range). I also suggest using this while chasing an enemy with or without allies because of it's 2 second slow. As for Valor, it does the same exact thing, except no additional bounce off. I max this out first because of it's high usage to me both in laning and in team fights.

Tag Team
Casting Tag Team will switch out Quinn for Valor on the Field of Justice for a max 20 seconds. On top of that, Valor gains 80% movement speed while out of combat, and 20% in combat. I use this for chasing down enemies or even tower diving to secure the kill. Your second "ulti" is Skystrike which is a great finisher when chasing an enemy or even hitting multiple enemies in a team fight. Never underestimate the low health-damage increase from Skystrike!

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells

Preferred Spells

Never a bad choice with any AD carry. Since Quinn has no flash-type escapes. It's great for tree hoping or even turret hoping.

Personally this is a semi-advanced spell for the typical AD carry because it can save you from a cheap early death, don't forget about it mid game!

The most overused spell on almost all champions. It helps to secure an early kill, but it blows when you get killed with it. If you're lucky, the enemy will ignite you at half health.

So-so Spells

I strangely see this a lot on AD carries, and if used correctly it can save you from an ignite, damage over time move, etc.

I wouldn't really suggest this unless you're smart with Quinn's Vault while escaping. You should usually take Flash.

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Item Sequence

The Bloodthirster

Blade of the Ruined King

Infinity Edge

Last Whisper

Phantom Dancer


I usually go with this unless I'm feeling the enemy comp can be squashed. It offers a bit of an escape and a quick comeback to the lane.

This is the more "confident" choice, which I think applies to most other AD carries. You get a nice boost in damage to possibly secure your kill. Personally I don't take this unless I know who is supporting me, or if the other carry is someone very squishy like Vayne or Ezreal.

Early Game/Core Items

This really should be your go-to item for all AD carries, but on Quinn it fine tunes how she plays the rest of the game. Usually I start out with a Vampiric Scepter for the life steal, put in some minimal attack speed, then finish out with the B. F. Sword and complete the recipe.

This can be a possible replacement for The Bloodthirster especially if the enemy team is a tanky/high health comp. The major life steal and attack speed stacked with another speed item like Phantom Dancer or Runaan's Hurricane.

CRITICAL CHANCE! A lot of people will worship this item for the major damage, but the crits are very helpful! Building this with a Phantom Dancer will equate to crits every other second!

This is usually my go to for major attack speed + critical chance. It gives you the best overall out of all items, with 50 attack speed and 30 critical chance. Busting out high crits will heavily favor you late game.

Now this isn't really an early game item, but oh god does it work great. This is usually a mid game (if you're doing VERY well) or late game item. The major armor penetration that you don't have from your runes (but a TINY bit from masteries) can really do great against enemies that have built up on armor items like Guardian Angel, Randuin's Omen, etc.

Situational Defense

Once again another typical but great item for AD carries. The armor and magic defense plus the "troll" unique passive as some would call it. You're able to step right back up and try to finish off the last members of the enemy team.

Well, although this is a pretty versatile item on everyone because of it's massive health. It's extremely situational for Quinn. You really want to be building something with health and or armor.

I have only tried this out twice on Quinn, and it's not bad nor is it great. If you believe that team fights are a problem for your game. You might want to pick up this item.

This is actually a pretty helpful item for it's great passive. Since I personally have issues with Quinn's speed while chasing people (sometimes even after boots). But it's still the second day of release. Regardless, it's a great item to have.

Situational Speed

A second go to for me because it has the highest attack speed bonus and the great passive to hit 2 other targets at once. I thought since it's favored on other carries like Varus, Teemo, and Caitlyn. I would give it a go on Quinn, and it partially favors her, although I would suggest Phantom Dancer unless you feel confident with your playstyle.

Perfect farming item used on champs like Gangplank and Miss Fortune. This is my least suggested item for Quinn although it isn't bad on her. With the shocking poke every other second, you can take out a good amount of health on several champions at once.

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Early Game

There are two ways to start your bottom laning process. The first is the jungler leash way: If you have a jungler and you're on the blue team, they might want to start with the Elder Lizard , help them leash it or protect the jungle in the bushes near Dragon . If you're on purple team, help the jungler with getting the Ancient Golem . Once the leashing is over on either side, and assuming you didn't take too long to leash, the minions will have almost gotten to the middle of bottom lane, where you can start farming minions.

The second is if you aren't required to leash, in which you and your support should get to lane as soon as possible, so you can facecheck with Blinding Assault. The rest of that situation depends on whether the enemy was in that bush or not. Leaving the rest up to luck. Hopefully you didn't encounter a dangerous early fight, and soon you can begin your farming. Farming is fairly simple with Quinn, as it is with most AD carries. Last hit minions. Don't get carried away with your Harrier on minions or even on the enemy carry.

Early harassing should be easy with a simple Vault through a crowd of minions, or a Blinding Assault if a pathway is cleared for a good shot. If the enemy attempts to go aggro, poke them with a Blinding Assault and an additional Vault if you feel lucky.

If you are winning your lane, be careful of the enemy jungler (if there is one). Occasionally use your Heightened Senses near river for a semi wider watch out for any ganks. Your support should still have wards up regardless of this skill. Otherwise, try to take out the enemy tower. Once you've finished that, start roaming and try to hit mid lane a lot (especially if it's in trouble). Try not to leave your support in bottom lane alone, as they'll be prone to ganks.

Mid Game

This is the point where I think it's semi safe for Quinn to roam alone, I do suggest trying to complete the following things:

[*] Destroy a tower in mid or bot lane.
[*] Always help where it is needed, if a lane is fine, don't stay there.
[*] Kill Dragon with your jungler. The gold will help your entire team.

The thing to worry about with mid game is there is a slight chance for the enemy team to bump itself back (if you are winning). Be careful for ganks. If they're really bad they'll bring the entire team for killing one member of your team. Team fights usually start around this time as well, my advice is to always focus the enemy AD carry and or tank with Vault, as not focusing either of those players could lead to an ace. Try to Tag Team but stay safe as you will be melee at this time. If you know you are going to die, Skystrike to dish out the final damage and help your team get the last kills.

Late Game

This is where the game gets really intense. You and your team will have probably tried or wanted to take out mid lane up to the inhibitor turret. None of your teammates, nor you should be roaming alone AT ALL. The enemy team will most likely be sticking together. Be careful for those "alone" in certain lanes, you could be backdoored! Heightened Senses is essential at this time because it could possibly save your team from an unexpected ambush anywhere. Your team should try getting Dragon again at this time. Don't get Baron until you are all strong enough and the enemy team is defending their base from a (hopefully) pushed inhibitor on mid lane.

Baron is purely optional unless you feel you need the extra boost of damage and gold for your final items. Remember to try and stay alive throughout this time and recall often especially if you're below 50% to 60% health.

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Comboing pre-6 is fairly easy if you know how to play your cards right. Securing kills is a bit harder but you can still dish out major damage.


After level 6 changes a LOT with comboing. So this is a persistent combo I use almost the entire game after level 6. It's perfect for securing kills and sometime's you'll get the kill before step 5.

>>Tag Team>>>

Speed from Tag Team shouldn't require you to use Flash to secure the kill. Unless they go past their outer tower.

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"Best" Supports

Good GOD he has great synergy with Quinn! It's a perfect balance of damage and healing. The occasional Imbue is just enough to help you stay in lane. As for attacking, using your Vault and then his Dazzle, followed up by a final Blinding Assault, you can dish out MAJOR damage on the enemy carry.

Only played a few games so far with this combo, but it is a perfect tower diving combo. Remember this, if an enemy is at a tower, send a Blinding Assault, then Vault into the enemy and finally, have your Thresh Dark Passage to save you from dying from the turret.

More to be added soon!

Okay Supports

This is the safest lane parter (for almost all AD carries) because you'll just be healed plus the occasional Infuse. You will be WEAK on the offense side unless your Soraka goes full AP.

This is actually a pretty decent lane if your partner is smart. The double slow from both Vault and Ice Blast, you could definitely secure a kill. Although if we're gonna discuss good offensive support combos, Taric is the preferred choice.

Another safe lane choice. A pretty good more occasional heal and some good pokes from Hymn of Valor, although you'll probably be running out of mana apart from laning with Soraka. I will say the 1.5 stun from Crescendo is very helpful with the Vault & Blinding Assault combo.

More to be added soon!

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Enemy Carries & Stomping on Them

Will be added soon!

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I hope you all enjoyed my in depth guide on the newest AD carry, Quinn. I promise to complete this week with a almost full list of enemies and supports! If there is anything you suggest or think looks good, let me know! Lastly I would love to thank jhoijhoi for the guide template and tips on adjusting the look of your guide! Enjoy Quinn on the Field of Justice!