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Ivern Build Guide by Sq_09

Support Ivern Support, the handsome tree guy

Support Ivern Support, the handsome tree guy

Updated on June 28, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sq_09 Build Guide By Sq_09 38 1 87,404 Views 4 Comments
38 1 87,404 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Sq_09 Ivern Build Guide By Sq_09 Updated on June 28, 2020
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Runes: Guardian (Laning Utility)

1 2 3
Bone Plating

Biscuit Delivery
Magical Footwear

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

Ivern Support, the handsome tree guy

By Sq_09
Hey, it‘s me!


I'm Sq_09 and im a casual LoL player!

So ... this is my first non-fun guide, so I might have to write a new introduction for this ... hmmm ... anyways.

Sooo ... have fun with Support Ivern!
Pros & Cons
- good earlygame
- good peel and engage
- unique utility
- literally no one bans him
- Anchient Coin is gone
- can’t actually leash
- falls of a bit
- good luck finding a Rengar adc
Your gameplan as Ivern-support looks roughly like this:
- Support your adc‘s laning phase
- Deny vision on objectives with Brushmaker
- engage teamfights/peel for carrys
- maybe snowball early
- roam a lot

Since you are ... well ... a support, it is your job to protect and help your adc in lane and to make his life as easy as possible. And also since you are ... well ... a support, you are very well suited for this task. In lane you can be very annoying to the enemy laner and you can prepare strong (and partly cheesy) engages. You fall short on poke spells tho, so you gotta rely on your Brushmaker-empowered auto attacks.

Your Brushmaker is very useful in lane, but it‘s also just as useful, when used to deny vision on objectives like Dragon s. It‘s not gonna be able to deal with Stealth Wards but it can deny vision from the river excellently. Bring a Control Ward to your Dragon fights and cover the pit entrance with brushes to completely deny any vision on the objective.

You can engage teamfights with your Rootcaller and you can peel for divers and carrys with Triggerseed. It‘s pretty simple. Find an out of position target and try hitting a Rootcaller for the engage. If your adc is getting dove, you can Triggerseed them to keep them alive. Your Yasuo is going in? Triggerseed him, so he can catch the slowed enemies easier and survive throughout the fight. Cover disengagingallies with Brushmaker and so on.

With runes like Cheap Shot or Aftershock you are able to engage really early in the game with high damage out of brushes. This gives you the ability to snowball your lane fairly well. Engage with a cheesy Rootcaller out of a Brush and get your Brushmaker- and Cheap Shot-empowered auto attack damage in. You are able to burst down the adc or support in most lane matchups to maybe get first blood or just win a first lane fight.

When your adc is recalling or currently dead, you can roam to your midlane to get an engage onto the enemy laner or just to gain some lane priority back. Roaming is very powerful if used correctly and supports are best suited for that because of Mobility Boots and the fact, that they don’t have to completely abandon lane to roam, because they have an adc. Especially Ivern can engage really well out of the midlane-long-brushes, which Cover the entrances to the river.

Daisy! is a great asset to teamfights and one hell of an AI. She can give a strong knockup to enemy champions in teamfights, help you get towers, cs for you, block skillshots, tank damage and much more. If you put her into a teamfight as the only frontline tank tho, she is gonna melt really quickly and your Sentinel friend is gone for good. She takes some time to get used to and some skill to use correctly, but if you can master her she‘s gonna be pretty valuable in lots of different situations.

You have a **** ton of utility, pressure and cheese potential.

In lane as support- Ivern you will want to deny enemy vision with Brushmaker and create engage opportunities.
You can't really Rootcaller-poke as Ivern but you can very well discharge your Spellthief's Edge-stacks with Brushmaker-enhanced auto attacks.
This can be really scary, since your opponents will always have to take care of your AA-harass and be prepared for random engages, if they can't see you.

You don't have to go in on every single Rootcaller. You can try to get some damage in with abilities and if they wanna turn on you, you are gonna have your Triggerseed up, to save your adc.
If you wanna engage with Rootcaller however, you can wait for early defensive utility like Guardian or Black Shield (if you can fake an engage and they're stupid enough), close up by walking and then go in on the positioning of the caught enemy. They won't be rooted anymore, but you can still capitalize on the positioning of the hit champion.
Just like in laning you can deny enemy vision with Brushmaker and prepare engages. You can catch and peel with with Triggerseed and engage and catch with Rootcaller. Daisy! is a very powerful asset to teamfights if used correctly. She can tank damage, knock up carrys and block skillshots. Often she isn't focused much, so she can easily get some knockups off.

Objectives are the same as in laning phase. Cover river and deny any enemy vision on the pits with Brushmakers and Control Wards. You can also steal-engage really well with your Rootcaller and get vision vs Control Wards with your Brushmaker.

Else just do standard support things just like in lane.


These are possible options for Keystones and Runes in every focus. (Keystones/Focuses are ordered by how much I like to use them/think they are useful) I mostly use Resolve as my main focus, since the added sustain and utility make it very good for a support like Ivern. You can also use Inspiration for some cheese and utility.

Resolve: I usually use Resolve as my main focus with Ivern since most of it's keystones are very useful for a support like Ivern. Also the secondary runes are decent utility and sustain option.

These are the useable Runes/Keystones for the Resolve-Focus:


Guardian brings much more suatain, peel and safety into your lane. If can nullify poke and weaken engages. It's usually my main keystone in a more peel-focused build.

Aftershock is a good sustain fighting and snowball option. You can engage with it really well (and really early). It's usually my main Keystone in more sustain and engage focused builds.


Revitalize is a really good option to buff your Triggerseed for added peel and sustain.

Bone Plating is just some standard burst negation. The damage reduction can help you out really well in fights or against burst damage.

Shield Bash gives you better damage early and buffs Triggerseed on yourself. Useful in a surtain or snowball build/runeset.

Demolish brings the standard plating utility. Pretty useful but not a must-have if you wanna use the other runes.

Unflinching can be a very situational rune, you should only pick in certain matchups or in a sustain build. The added tenacity can help you secure kills early and get you out of danger later.

Inspiration: As for most supports, Inspiration is up there, when it comes to rune options. It brings amazing utility (and in this case cheese) and it can help you win lane very well. Definitely a very good secondary-focus for Ivern-support.

These are the useable Runes/Keystones for the Inspiration-Focus:


Unsealed Spellbook is a very fun and useful keystone for Ivern. It adds some versitality to your kit and if you keep track of the enemy jungler, you might be able to steal a buff or two with smite shenanigans.

Glacial Augment is a good slow at the start of a fight. You can engage with it a bit easier and it is a good option out of a bush.

Prototype: Omnistone can be pretty useful on Ivern, since he can use most of them pretty effectively. It's a bit situational and you won't be getting the most out of some keystones but it can work fairly very well.


Magical Footwear gives you better boots. That's it lol.

Biscuit Delivery gives you very good lane sustain, which can be very helpful overall.

You can take Cosmic Insight, if you build many active items and don't necessarily rely on the other keystones of this row.

An occasional Hexflash can be a cheesey engage option and allow for some bush shenanigans. Overall Hextech Flashtraption is a pretty fun rune to use.

Domination: I don't take Domination as a main-focus very often (except for troll builds), but the runes can help you snowball and control lane really well with the added damage and map-control tools.

These are the useable Runes/Keystones for the Domination-Focus:


I am gonna post another Ivern fun guide, which I will (hopefully) link here, when it goes online.

The Guide (Archived so rip that)


Cheap Shot can give you a bit of bonus damage early and help you snowball lane.

Zombie Wards are a good option to gain vision control in important areas and it can save you some wards in laning phase.

Relentless Hunter gives you useful out-of-combat movement speed, which can help you get to lane, roaming and generally moving around the map more quickly.

Sorcery: Although Sorcery's keystones aren't ideal for Ivern, the runes are very useful and it's defineteley considerable to take Sorcery as a secondary-focus for added power.

These are the useable Runes/Keystones for the Sorcery-Focus:


Arcane Comet is a decent extra damage option for Rootcaller engages without recast. It can also poke fairly well.

Summon Aery can be used as a poke option, but since Ivern only has one spell you could actually use to poke, this isn’t very effective. Aery is rather used in peel builds to increase your Triggerseed-shield.


Scorch's extra damage gives your engages more power. Using your Rootcaller to occasionally poke is also a better option now.

Transcendence gives you more lategame CDR, which is generally very nice to have as a support.

If you wanna roam a lot, Waterwalking gets the job done really well. It can help you win dragon/river fights and engage stalemates in the river.

Precision: I only rarely take Precision as a secondary focus. I maybe take Lethal Tempo, if I go Ivern adc, but else I seriously don't use this focus.

These are the useable Runes/Keystones for the Precision-Focus:


If you wanna go Ivern adc ... I guess ... sure! (view Dark Harvest)


I don't really use Legend: Alacrity, but if you want to have Precision as your secondary focus, this is probably the best option.

In some cases you can go Legend: Alacrity for some added AA-damage.


Laning/Early Items:

If you don't have that much gold or you have a rather defensive lane where the enemy has better poke, you can take this for better sustain and lane sustain.

In a more agressive or trading-/fighting-focused lane you can take this for the added mana regen, CDR and shield value.

Your standard support boots. Bring you to lane and around the map more quickly. Good boots for supports overall.

When you are more proactive in fights and stick more with your carries to peel for them, you can also go for these boots.

Either this or Redemption is gonna be you core item, since they both build out of your early items and give you nice base stats. This Item's active is also very useful for teamfights. It's the more agressive variant of the two and I usually start with it when I go for a sustain-build.

Either this or Shurelya's Battlesong is gonna be you core item, since they both build out of your early items and give you nice base stats. This Item's active is also very useful for peeling for your teammates. It's the more defensive variant of the two and I usually start with it when I go for a peel-oriented build.

Other Items:

This item gives you some nice resistances, CDR, mana and the nice passive in teamfights. The passive is incredibly useful in teamfights and adds some nice damage to your team. The slow can also help protecting your backline or just slow the enemy team (assuming you build sustain). I mostly build it in a sustain-focused build.

With this item, you can sustain much more in teamfights vs AP and you can effectively peel for a CCd teammates. This item is basically a QSS for your teammates and it is very useful if the enemy team has mages with strong CC. (e.g: Syndra, Ahri, Cassiopeia)

This Items adds a lot of power to your Triggerseed. It is very strong for peeling and also adds some damage to your spells and makes Daisy! a bit stronger. Overall a very decent item to build if you want to add some more peel to your build.

Protobelt is a very situational (and kinda trolly) item, which gives you useful sustain, AP and the incredibly useful movement-active. The active can bring you closer to enemies, teammates, away from enemies, it can help you line up Rootcallers, the list goes on. It can be incredibly useful in certain games, but I wouldn't build it in every single game, since you could use the gold for more situationally fitting items, if you don't specifically need a protobelt.

If you really want to build sustain and engage teamfights, you can build this to get easier Rootcallers off and get the added slow off as soon as you are in the fight. The added sustain as well as your Triggerseed help surviving in the fight and the mana and CDR are always nice to have.

Twin Shadows grant you AP, useful movement-speed, CDR and of course the jungle-tracker-active. Use the active to track flankers, catch and slow the enemy team, slow an enemy to line up/help your teammates line up skillshots or big Rs and peel for your backline. It's esecially useful vs flankers or assassins.

Assuming you go for sustain and your ADC is ahead, you should build this item most of the time, for the sustain for you and your ADC. The CDR doesn't hurt you either. It is also very cheap, which makes it even easier and faster to get as a good item inbetween.


She is really good at getting ahead in lane early against you. She can break your Brushmaker stealth with her Focused Resolve and she also has a shield, that grants MS, to either block your engage damage or chase you down in a losing fight. Her Mantra-Spells are really strong and unlike you she can reliably poke with Inner Flames. Build sustain and take lane-utility runes to have a better time in lane and hopefully outvalue her in lategame.

more Threads coming soon ...



It's bush time!!! Put some points into your Brushmaker before you begin to max your Rootcaller. Rengar has very good synergy with Ivern for various reasons. First of all: Rengar loves bushes. Your Brushmaker can give Rengar insane mobility and he can get his Leap-Ferocity stack from nearly anywhere. Second: After a Rengar has dealt his big dive-burst-damage, your Triggerseed is an amazing way to get him out of trouble or to finish off survivors. Get yourself a **** ton of CDR for max Brushmaker value and build some peel items to make sure he survives teamfights.

more Synergies coming soon ...
So ... this build is a ton of fun to play, especially together with a rengar player. It brings good and fun utility and is very useful overall. Also you have good early snowballing potential. This is also my first could-be viable build so that's ... a thing, I guess.

I hope you liked this Guide. If you have any feedback or criticism please tell me. I'm glad to get any kind of advice.

Bye, and see you on the rift.

Sq c:

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