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Shyvana Build Guide by jacksonecac

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jacksonecac

Jackson's Jungle Shyvana Guide (Remastered)

jacksonecac Last updated on September 4, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey Guys Jackson here with another guide on Shyvana. Recently I have been playing Shyvana non-stop, she is my favorite jungler and I love everything about her. I have tried many different builds with her, focusing on physical dmg, magic dmg, counter jungling, all summoner spells, and a million different mastery pages. I finally went back to SV's build and I think he has it on lock down.

The runes and masteries I have taken from SV after studying Shyvana for a very long time. I do not take credit for this part of the build, however the strategy and item build is all me.

Im excited to share this information with you and to elaborate on how to play this style of Shyvana better.

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Runes are posted above.
9x Greater Seals of Resilience and
9x Greater Glyph of Shielding

Seals and Glyphs are standard on most junglers.

Marks and quintessences are where most of the junglers vary in their rune builds.

6xgreater mark of desolation Greater Mark of Desolation
3x Greater mark of Alacrity
3x Greater Quintessence of Swiftness

The Armor Penetration is going to allow Shyvana to jungle faster, it is also going to allow her to do even more damage.

The Attack Speed is going to allow Shyvana to reduce the cooldown on her faster because of her passive

Finally, the Movement Speed is going to allow Shyvana to move even faster. Her and her Quints are going to make her exceptional at catching enemies, counter jungling, and closing gaps.

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For Masteries I run 9-21-0. I am not going to describe or icon each mastery point, you can check that out on your own. However what you get from specing into 9-21-0 is:


exhaust reduces MR and Armor of a target by 10. - great for ganking
Physical Damage
Spell Penetration


Reduced Damage
Movement Speed

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I like starting boots because I like to gank and counter-jungle very early and you need the movement speed to get around and away from enemies or toward them.


Mercury's treads are almost always better than any other option, simply because regardless if the enemy team is mostly physical, they most likely still have some Crowd Control abilities, and so the tenacity from Mercury's treads will help you shake some of it off. Heart of Gold will you give you some extra health and income early on and I recommend buying it asap. Wriggle's Lantern is going to give you a good mix of dmg, lifesteal, armor and a free ward that is going to help you jungle faster and sustain longer in the jungle. Aegis of the Legion is a good all around item for most junglers because it gives you armor, MR, and health, all three of these things are needed for a jungler to be able to stay in a team fight and do some damage without taking too much damage. Oracle's is also very important on Shyvana so that she can gank while knowing she isn't seen by the enemies. Shyvana also clears wards very quickly with her and so it is less likely that she is going to get caught while clearing enemy wards. This also adds a psychological debuff on the enemy team because they now are constantly worried about being ganked because they do not have vision on the minimap.


The heart of Gold turns into randuin's later which will give you more armor and an activated slow that will help you keep enemies near you so you can take them out. Frozen Mallet is a great item for the health and the slow proc that it gives because Shyvana is very reliant on Red Buff and so the frozen mallet will allow you to let the Attack Damage Carry take the Red Buff, while you are still able to slow the enemies with your auto attacks. Wit's End is staple on Shyvana, It should be in her core build but there are too many items in her core already. Wit's End gives you more MR, and the attack speed you need to constantly slow enemies with your auto attacks, and it allows your to come off of cooldown much faster.

Late Items/Substitutes

If you get to the point where you have to sell your wriggle's lantern for another item, you did something wrong and the game is going too long.

Significant Spot

When you get to the point where your build looks like this:

Then your next two items are Randuin's Omen and Frozen Mallet. Now I would suggest getting the Mallet before the Randuin's however you may notice that you have no open inventory slots and both items are going to cost a significant amount of money. Therefore I suggest that while you farm up the gold for these two big purchases you invest in and both of these will add health, damage, attack speed, and critical strike chance. All of these stats will help you do more during a team fight and will give you a little bit of a boost until you can make those big purchases.

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Skill Sequence

You want to start wtih
Get one stack in
then get one in
Now max and
Get your at 6, 11, and 16
Finally max when everything else is finished.


    Shyvana's melee attacks enhance her abilities.
    Twin Bite - Reduces the cooldown by 0.5 seconds.
    Burnout - Extends the duration by 1 second to a maximum of 6 seconds.
    Flame Breath - Deals 15% of the ability's damage to debuffed targets.
    Dragon's Descent - Attacks generate 2 Fury and Shyvana passively gains Fury over time while in human form.
    Shyvana strikes twice on her next attack. The second attack will deal 80 / 85 / 90 / 95 / 100 % of her attack damage as physical damage. Both attacks trigger On-Hit effects and Fury of the Dragonborn effects.
    Dragon Form: Twin Bite cleaves all units in front of Shyvana. Each unit hit will be dealt on-hit effects and grant Fury twice.
    During the next 3 seconds, Shyvana will deal 25 / 40 / 55 / 70 / 85 (+0.2 per bonus attack damage) magic damage each second to nearby enemies and her movement speed will be greatly increased by 30 / 35 / 40 / 40 / 50 %. Shyvana's movement speed bonus itself will be reduced multiplicatively by 15% for every second that passes.
    Dragon Form: Shyvana now scorches the earth where she walks, leaving a trail of fire for 5 seconds that will continually deal magic damage to enemies that pass over it.
    Shyvana unleashes a fireball forward in a line that will hit the first enemy it hits, dealing 80 / 125 / 170 / 215 / 260 (+60% of ability power) magic damage to it and reducing their armor by 15% for 4 seconds.
    Dragon Form: Flame Breath engulfs all units in a cone in front of Shyvana.
    Passive: Shyvana reinforces her scales, increasing her armor and magic resistance by 10 / 15 / 20. These defensive bonuses are doubled while in Dragon Form.
    Active: Shyvana transforms into a dragon and dashes to a target location. Enemies along her path take 200 / 300 / 400 (+70% of ability power) magic damage and are pushed toward her target location. Shyvanna must have a full fury bar to use this spell.
    While in Dragon Form, Shyvana will lose 6 fury every second. Once her Fury bar is empty, she will return to her normal state.

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Summoner Spells

I feel that Exhaust is 100% necessary on Jungle Shyvana
-Shyvana had very little Crowd Control and so having exhaust is critical in order to land ganks properly
Smite is a non-negotiable necessity on Every Jungler
-Smite allows for faster clear times and better control over buffs on the map as well as Dragon and Baron control.
The only time I would bring flash instead of exhaust is if I was planning on counter-jungling constantly and If I have a team that is incapable/not smart enough to back me up. You will need another out besides dragon form.

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Shyvana clears the jungle extremely quick. She has her which, if you are following my guide, you will max before your other abilities, making you move faster and do a lot of aoe damage to the enemies in the jungle.

Red Buff is critical to maintain control over. Shyvana once again has almost 0 Crowd Control and so she needs the on-hit slow effect that comes from attack when she has Red Buff. Make sure that you know the timer of this particular buff especially and guard it and take it whenever you can.

I start wraiths-red buff when I begin the game. This allows for a very good moment to gank right off the bat. You know for a fact that you are faster than any champions on the enemy team because you have burnout, movement speed quints, and boots. You then pick a target. Is everyone running flash? If not what are they running? Ghost? Exhaust counters Ghost so you need to gank them. If everyone has flash I recommend ganking either top or a lane that is pushed very far forward. Do you research before you even finish taking red so you know where you are going to gank right off the bat, and let your team know too so that they can help. Typically this will be a gank top.

If they have flash:

At this point in the game the enemies won't have wards up yet and so the enemy will not see you waiting to gank. Have your team mate start the fight. Then you charge in with burnout and twin bite ready to hit (with red buff it will add a slowing effect). About this time the enemy will flash, use your exhaust ( or use it just before you think they will flash, its a preference thing). Try to get more auto attacks in without taking tower hits. Have your team mate ignite them and either red buff ticks or igiite ticks should secure first blood.

If they do not have flash:

Have your team-mate initiate, burnout into them and twinbite to proc the slowing effect from red buff. Keep hammering down on them until they die, if you think they could get away, use your exhaust and secure the kill for your team.

Now that you or your team mate got a kill, you need to decide what to do:

Have potions:

Clear your jungle, look for any other easy ganks (if enemy flashes are down), clear until you need to go back or have enough for heart of gold.

Do not:

Farm until you have to go back, if you do not have enough for heart of gold yet, buy parts of wriggles to help you farm better and get heart of gold as soon as you can after that.

Your exhaust is down for 210 seconds, since your red buff is also down, you have 0 CC to gank with and therefore you most likely will not be able to accomplish a successful gank. This is when you counter-jungle. Ward their jungle so you can see if the enemy is coming for you and you are safe. Clear the buffs, leave small amounts of minions in their smaller creep camps, do your jungle and repeat until you either can get red buff again, or your exhaust is off of cooldown.

Map of Counter Jungling and Path to take and where to ward. (if you know the enemy red timer, take that first, otherwise) :
Shavana has high early level damage, so do not be afraid to dual with the enemy jungler if you cross pathes. This will take some practice to know who you can fight and who you cannot. Also watch the minimap to make sure that the enemy team is not coming to help their jungler kill you. If this is the case, signal your team to help or try to use your ultimate over a wall to escape.

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Team Work

Shyvana can work a couple of ways in a team fight.

If you are not the initiator:

Wait for your team to initiate on the enemy and try to ultimate into as many of the enemy as possible (use burnout when you are mid-air). Also look for ways to push the enemies toward your team. use flame breath to remove the enemies armor and then use twin bite. This combo will do the maximum amount of damage possible.

If you are the initiator:

Let your team know that you are going in, and if they have any champions that synergize with Shyvana to use those abilities to combo with you. Try to hit as many as possible with your ultimate, try to push them into a corner or a choke point. Do not let them scatter.

Synergize Well With Shyvana

She gives Shyvana the ball, Shyvana hits them with ultimate, Orianna uses her ultimate. Huge damage!

Galio synergizes just because you can ultimate into a galio ultimate and it keeps the enemies contained and in one spot.

Darius's pull, if pulling multiple enemies makes an ideal situation for your burnout, flame breath and twin bite to do maximum damage because all of the enemies are in close proximity.

*Any champion that keeps enemies close together works well with Shyvana

When NOT to use Shyvana

If your team does not have any gap closing AOE abilities such as malphite, orionna, wuukong, nautilus, blitzcrank etc. Shyvana is not a good choice for this game, especially if the other team has a lot of poke, Ezreal, Nidalee etc. This is because the enemy team canp poke your team down to low health during a team fight before it is even engaged. The only way that you could possibly engage is if Shyvana ultied into the enemy, however even if you hit an enemy, you pushed them away from your team and you would be kited to death.

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Pros / Cons

Fast Jungle Clear Times
Great Counter Jungling
Strong Early Ganks
Lots of AOE dmg in a teamfight
snowballs well
good at brawling

Little to No CC
No gap closing w.o ultimate
reliant on exhaust
reliant on red buff

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Countering the Cons

Best way to counter the cons is practice. The more you play, the less the cons will show in your play style. You will learn to control your and the enemy red buff effectively.

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Shyvana Spotlight

*Please do not listen to Phreak's build, strategy, or build order.

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Video Guide

Coming Soon!

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I would definitely recommend to any junglers to learn how to play Shyvana well, she is very under-rated and a good Shyvana can carry games whether that be solo queue or in a team environment.

Please comment below with any questions or comments. If you would like my to elaborate on anything or you want me to analyze anything that is going on with your or my build.

NA - G4 Jackson