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Jarvan IV Build Guide by deathcross96

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author deathcross96

Jarvan IV jungle - Easy to play, hard to master - How to be

deathcross96 Last updated on October 3, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello everyone, I'm deathcross96 and welcome to my Jarvan IV jungle guide. I play Jarvan IV a lot and for me, jungle is the best way for Jarvan IV to carry everyone
My guide is focused on teamwork, building for team. Because, for me, playing as a strong and stable team is the best way to win and improve ourself

This is League of Legends. If you want to be Legend, play as a League

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Pros / Cons

[*] Higher dam output in the early mid
[*] Clearing jungle moderate-high
[*] Easy to gank, counter gank
[*] Ultimate is very useful in many situation
[*] Doesn't require high mechanics to play
[*] Safe pick
[*] His look is so awesome
[*] Doesn't deal too much dam in late
[*] Combo is easy to do but also have chance to fail
[*] Need skill to use ulti in the right time
[*] Can't carry the team in late game

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
This is the runes for almost every AD jungle
Greater Mark of Attack Damage and Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage give you ton of dam to clear jungle fast and easy gank
Greater Seal of Armor and Greater Glyph of Magic Resist help you to substain
You can replace Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage for some Greater Quintessence of Armor Penetration but the effect is lower

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As an AD jungle and a good ganker in early game, this masteries will help you to fight in the early with a high dam ouput.
You can replace some point of offense for defense if you want more tanky but items will help you a lot

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is a must-have spell for every jungle. Without it, you can't jungle
is a best choice for almost every champion. It can help you initiate, escaping and do a lot of awesome combo with Jarvan IV

Other spells are not useful for jungle Jarvan IV

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Skill introduction

Martial Cadence
Jarvan IV's initial basic attack on a target deals bonus physical damage. This effect cannot occur again on the same target for a short duration

Spoiler: Click to view

Dragon Strike
Jarvan IV extends his lance, dealing physical damage and lowering the Armor of all enemies in its path. Additionally, this will pull Jarvan to his Demacian Standard, knocking up enemies in his path.
Spoiler: Click to view

Golden Aegis
Jarvan IV calls upon the ancient kings of Demacia to shield him from harm and slow surrounding enemies
Spoiler: Click to view

Demacian Standard
Jarvan IV carries the pride of Demacia, passively granting him bonus Attack Speed and Armor. Activating Demacian Standard allows Jarvan IV to place a Demacian flag that deals magic damage on impact and grants Attack Speed to nearby allied champions
Spoiler: Click to view

Jarvan IV heroically leaps into battle at a target with such force that he terraforms the surrounding area to create an arena around them
Spoiler: Click to view

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Skill Sequence

Why I max Dragon Strike but not Demacian Standard ?
- In early game, Jarvan IV deal a lot of damage. Level up Dragon Strike will reduce the cooldown and increase the dam, it will help you if you play offensive
- Level up Demacian Standard will give more bonus but in early, those bonus aren't too useful. One point in level 1 will help you clear jungle faster than Dragon Strike because your allies will have the bonus as to help you lower the health of jungle minions

Why I don't max Golden Aegis second?
- As I say, Jarvan IV is very strong early, mid game. So you want to deal as much as dam as you can in early game to snowball all lanes. In late, the shield will be more useful

Cataclysm Allways level up when you can

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Items and laning phrase

This build will focus on Jarvan IVjungle with early, mid dam and late tanky

Start with Hunter's Machete and 4x Health Potion
Trinket is usually Warding Totem, but if your team want to invade, buy Sweeping Lens is not a bad idea

The first time you go back for shopping, don't rush Spirit Stone or Spirit of the Elder Lizard right away. Buying 2x Long Sword, some Stealth Ward and Vision Ward is better. Buy some Health Potion or a Boots of Speed if you have enough money. Change to Sweeping Lens
Spoiler: Click to view

Finish your Spirit of the Elder Lizard, always buy some wards when shopping because with vision, you can control the whole game
After, you can buy The Brutalizer to have more dam or Hexdrinker to have more substain againts magic. Buy one things then build tanky right away
If the enemies teams deal more physical, [Ninja Tabi and Warden's Mail are your best choice
If the enemies teams deal more magic, Mercury's Treads and Spectre's Cowl help you a lot

At this moment, you can't deal a lot of dam anymore but you are more tanky now
Finish all tanky items like Randuin's Omen Thornmail Guardian Angel or Banshee's Veil
If you can, having a Locket of the Iron Solari will help your team a lot
If you want more dam, have Last Whisper is not a bad idea
Upgrade to Oracle's Lens to control vision

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Jungling - Duel

You can start either red or blue

Spoiler: Click to view

Thanks for the Martial Cadence, you can clear better.
Spoiler: Click to view

Jarvan IV is very great at duel 1-1 but he is not the best
After the neft, Lee Sin is no longer too strong but a pro can outplay you by dodging your combo - your main damage. Don't worry, even a pro can't always dodge. Lee Sin early game is very powerful, but you can counter-ganking him quite easily
His isolation Taste Their Fear is too strong in the jungle, you cannot duel with him. Trying to counter-ganking because Kha'Zix isn't very tanky in early
Like Kha'Zix, jungle is his home and you cannot win him like that. Try to play safe and counter-ganking or ganking. Rengar isn't good before lvl 6
Her combo hurt a lot and she can dodge your combo by Rappel But, Jarvan IV is good in ganking and counter-ganking so try to do that

All other jungles, Jarvan IV can win in duel or can apply pressure on their jungle. So be smart, farming and ganking.

Tips: Gaining vision will help you counter-ganking and ganking more successful

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Combo: Basic and Advances

BASIC COMBO 1: E -> Q -> W
Place your Demacian Standard and then using Dragon Strike to the place of Demacian Standard The Golden Aegis will slow all of them. This is the easiest combo but people can also fail by pressing Q before E. Pratice will help you to combo faster

BASIC COMBO 2: E -> Q -> (Flash) -> R -> (W)
When ganking, you want to approach as fast as you can (before they get in tower range). This combo help you to approach and Cataclysm will lock all of them for a perfect ganking
You can use Golden Aegis to slow them

BASIC COMBO 3: W -> E Q -> (Flash) -> R
This will deal againts ennemies with flash or escaping abilities. Approach them and slow with Golden Aegis When they escape, use combo EQ to stop them then R (Flash if they flash too)
Spoiler: Click to view

This is a very hard combo. You will deal no dam but it's is an initiate very suprisingly. No one can react to this
SSB's Dandy perform this combo very perfect

In general, Jarvan IV's combos aren't impossible but to use it wisely is a big problem to all players. Pratice and apply in many situations to acquire the experience

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Last Wisper

This is my first build so there are some fault and there isn't perfect
Leave a feedback will help me a lot
Thanks guys
Wish everyone can master Jarvan IV

This is League of Legends. If you want to be Legend, play as a League