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Jarvan IV Build Guide by MallyxLloyd

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MallyxLloyd

Jarvan, just Jarvan

MallyxLloyd Last updated on January 16, 2012
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Off-tank Jarvan. Often overlooked but very strong. Having the ability to jump over walls, check brushes, locking enemies and so much more. Jarvan is by far my favorite and best off-tank!

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Pros / Cons

Pro's :
- Strong solo laner
- Can take a beating
- Can give a beating :D
- easily jump over walls
- great last hitter
- Demacian Standard = great team buff
- *insert all other thousand pro's*

Cons :
- Countered by Blind
- Ulti is very situational
- Mana hungry early game
- ...

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Greater Mark of Desolation The more armorpen = the more damage you dish out, pretty straight forward.

More chance of dodging attacks, very nice synergy with the Mastery.

Cooldown reduction is always nice to have. Again, pretty straight forward.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation Even more armorpen = even more damage you dish out.

Other possible picks

Greater Seal of Vitality Extra health late game, also the better pick your your fighting enemies that do not rely on auto attacking.

Extra MR endgame means more magic damage you can take.

The extra health helps big time early game.

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Skill Sequence

FULL OF WIN PASSIVE! This will help you last hit, and deal tons of damage to enemy champions. I approve!

Alot of other people will tell you to max out Dragon Strike first. Because enemies won't have high amounts of armor and because Demacian Standard has a better Range, choose to max this out second instead of first.
I won't use this ability often. Mostly to knock-up enemies in combo with Demacian Standard, to kill creeps from a distance or to harass.

I max this ability out last. It's not a very strong shield but I mainly get it for it's slow. You can save allied champions by slowing your enemies, or simply make it easier for you to chase them.

By far my favorite ability. Giving you a passive armor and attack speed boost, I max this ability out first. Not only does it a nice amount of damage and is it easy to aim, in combo with Dragon Strike it can Knock up enemies. It can also be used to block skill shots.

Jarvans ulti. To often I see Jarvans using Cataclysm at very bad moments. In my opinion, it should NEVER be used in a team fight, because it will block your allies. You are better off using this on lone enemies, or when a team fight is over and your chasing down those last 2 low on health enemies to lock them in place. But don't forget it's very easy to escape thanks to summoner spells : . Champion Abilities : Hell, I've even seen a Fiddlesticks use his to get out.

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I take 0/21/9 : defensive masteries so you would be able to take a beating from the start. Taking Nimbleness for lucky dodges with speed boosts. Veteran's Scars for extra health early game and Ardor for the extra attack speed

In Utility I take Awareness for power leveling. Greed is not needed but was in my opionion the best pick, if you want something diffrent you can use Utility Master, providing you will be taking some buffs.

if you were to take the Summoner spell Put the extra point from Greed in Cripple .

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Summoner Spells

blink, great for escaping ganks, Catching up with enemies, getting over small walls.

Same as flash, great for escaping and catching up, altough you already will have a good movement speed after you get Trinity Force

Great for getting the upperhand in a 1 vs 1 when fighting an AD strong enemy( ,...) but also another epic slow.

Only take this, if your fighting a CC heavy team. but a REALLY cc heavy team.

Slightly less recommened

I would only take this if I was fighting a team that is made out of atleast 2 of the following : , , , , , , , , ,...

In my opinion, there should always be one person in your team with teleport. It's extremely handy to stop backdoors, to backdoor yourself or to quickly join your team before an epic team fight erupts.

I do not approve you taking these unless if your a very low level. They aren't good summoner spells for later levels. Altough they can have a small use in saving you/laning partner or staying in your lane.

These last Summoner spells fall under a category of no one ever uses them, or completely useless to Jarvan, in other words :
I won't lie, it is possible that you might die. But revive is ALWAYS a no go.

35 extra AD = nothing, waste of a summoner spell.

this is more of a tank thing.

this is more of a jungler thing.

this is more of a support thing.

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Core build :

: AD, AS, AP, Movmement speed, Health, Mana, Crit strike and a VERY strong passive that will make you dish out incredible amounts of damage, in 2 words(+ exclamation mark) : THE WORKS!

Movement speed, Attack speed, deal moar damage!

philosopher's stone Mana regen, health regen and Gold over time, this item is a must early game to counter Jarvans energy hungryness.


Once you have these items you'll have the movement speed, damage and some survivabilty But we still have room for more items, here is a list of item I often buy with Jarvan

followed by giving Health, damage, mana, crit chance, armor, MR,... best used against a balanced team.

Great when fighting fed enemy AP's. Also giving you even more movement speed!

Good against AP teams, giving you AD and an automatic Shield.

Everytime you fight enemies with some CC, you will get this item for it's tenacity. It will also cancel out mana problems, but try to keep Philosopher's stone as long as you can for it's gold over time passive. Only once you feel CC is becomming a real problem you can upgrade!

giving Armor and magic resistance, to complete it with an auto revive passive, the enemies are bound to hate you :D

Enemies starting to build armor? the extra Armorpen is the awnser! Build Avarice blade, then grade philosophers stone up to Eleisa's Mircale so you maintain the steady gold income!

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Early game Jarvan will not dish out much damage, this means your stuck to last hitting creeps with your passive and harassing with Demacian standard OR Dragon Strike untill you get your Sheen Starting from then, you will harass enemies with the following combo : Demacian Standard --> Dragon strike(knocking them up in the air, ofcourse) --> 1 auto attack to trigger both Sheen and your passive --> Golden Aegis(Optinal, depending if the enemy will try to counter harass)


Time to gank gank gank! look for a target that has pushed his lane, Ping him once your nearby so your allies know your gonna go for him and very important LOOK AT HIS SUMMONER SPELLS. Exhaust can easily leave you useless, if they have Ghost or Flash they can easily escape you. Your standard combo is Demacian Standard-->Dragon Strike--> auto attack--> Golden Aegis-->OPTINAL : if the enemy starts running and is going to get away, use your ulti to lock them in place! Do not use your ulti if you or your allies can finish him.
If there are however no ganking possibilities, Push a tower or help another lane harassing
the enemy. When the coast is clear, always try to take Dragon, bt ask help from an ally so it would go faster.


Now you should be in a state of almost complete build, You should never go solo, always stick with the team, in team fights, your primary goal is to kill any enemies carries. However, if there is an enemy with a channeling ulti(,...) you can stop that with your Demacian Standard + Dragon strike combo


Jarvan is more the capable of solo laning; Your goals shall be the following :
- DO NOT NOT FARM(Double negative)
- DO NOT LOSE YOUR TURRET(1 exception to this rule : strong early game ranged champions like screwing you up)

Often Jarvan will not have the farming power to keep the incoming waves of minions at bay, and the champions that will be hitting you won't make it easier on you. the best option is to towerhug and last hit creeps wih your passive. However if an enemy melee decides to be kewl and start hitting on your turret, you use your Standard combo of Demacian Standard --> Dragon Strike --> auto attack.
Once you hit lvl 6 things will become alot more fun, and most enemies won't even dare to attack your tower due to your ulti, which you will use to lock them in range of the turret once the creeps are almost dead, any creep still alive you can quickly finish off with Dragon strike and Demacian standard
If your jungler comes to gank, no matter how low you are on health, always throw in a Demacian Standard for him, extra AS and armor will surely be welcome :D

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Map awerness = MUST

Often you hear someone QQ because some random champion did no call MIA or SS. Now there is not much we can do about this, they choose to not call and by flaming them they will not suddenly start calling misses. This is one of the reasons we use WARDS
In each game, you should atleast buy 3 wards ATLEAST! On the following map you'll see the best spots to place them :

-ENEMY RED/BLUE BUFF(if they have a jungler)



So do not nagg someone didn't call MIA or SS, for you didn't put down a ward! Ofcourse I'm not saying you shouldn't call SS at all...

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Guide against Stealth

Suppose your laning against a damned or
it's the beginning of the game, you don't have oracle and you do not wanna towerhug this lane phase out

The stealth charachters won't have the damage to finish you off, that is why they rely on their laning partner to deal most of the damage, so if their laning partner suddenly goes crazy and comes running towards you, you just know that the stealth champion is close enough to attack you, utilize this information, back off once you see him running towards you!

If however, your still having trouble, buy a and put it in the middle of the lane, so you can see them at all times!

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30/06/11 : -build Published, yippee! ^^

- Ranked games outcomes!
- hopefully some vids!
- ...!

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Some Final words

Well, this being my second build for my second favorite Champion!
I would again, like some constructive critisism, if you find any spelling errors, or hard to read parts, let me know and I'll see what I can do!
Any questions? don't hesitate to ask!
and most of all :

Ingame and outgame, Sheen kicks your ***!(See what I did there? :D )

Now go out there, and shout DEMACIA!!!!!

Well I archived this build because of the one troll vote..that and mobafire refusing to do anything against trolls