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League of Legends Build Guide Author jts2

Jax: crushing skulls

jts2 Last updated on April 18, 2011
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Welcome to my third build - this time on Jax. This is the build I always use when I play him. Created by me of course, but inspired by others. With this build, you will have a lot of HP, AP, and attack speed. Just what you need as a bruiser.

Stick as close to the guide as possible for best results, but remember that everything is situational!

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Pros / Cons

-High initiation damage
-One of the best 1v1/toe-to-toe fighters in the game, if not the best
-A good chaser and escaper
-An AoE stun that works with your dodge
-Pretty good farming once you get the AS items
-Can easily jungle once you get a little lifesteal/spellvamp
-Not too hard to learn
-A decent harasser

-Takes him a few attacks for his damage to really get going
-A lot of single target damage, little AoE capability
-Not a good initiator to team fights, if he is focused, he's dead
-If you don't get a good start or don't farm enough, you're useless

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This is a fantastic passive, and it's what makes Jax a bruiser. The more AP/AD, the more HP. Awesome.

Your initiator. This should ALWAYS be used in combination with to initiate/chase unless you are running away. Empower --> Leap Strike. Keep in mind you can use this to leap to friendly minions, as well as wards, and mushrooms!

With this build, this will hurt. Quite a bit. Your spell vamp will heal you a nice little bit as well. Use this whenever possible in a fight for max damage.

Mmm yummy. Anti-AD spell. Dodge, stun, chop away. No problem. Use this whenever it becomes available.

Now this is where a LOT of your damage comes from, and is what makes Jax such a great 1v1. Every attack, your attack speed increases. Every third attack, a massive amount of bonus magic damage. This is why we get a lot of AP in this build, along with attack speed. The active is ehh, but hell, maybe it could save you. Plus this has AMAZINGsynergy with

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I chose this because you will be AP heavy, and you won't have much Magic Pen. These always help a little bit.
This is a no-brainer. You should always get these, more dodge, more stunning. More stunning, less time taking damage, more time dealing it.
AP/Level will help endgame and go nice with your Deathcap. These can be replaced if you feel you need to.
These are negotiable as well, however this will help a little early game. You can change these if you feel like you need to.

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Summoner Spells

My Choices
This is really great for chasing. Although you don't need it to 1v1, it will help you fight against the people that catch you off guard when you're at 50% from that Teemo you just stomped.
Again, chasing. Running. Helps you get in range to get off your and then slow them with

Viable Choices
I love flash as a summoner spell, and you can use it for pretty much anything. It's a very flexible spell. Flash --> Leap Strike is pretty win.
Not a bad spell for Jax. This will help you with first blood, or just ignite that one dude with low HP in the team fight, and chop away at someone else. Win.

Decent Choices
Not too bad. I don't use this because Jax has enough escaping power, especially if allies are nearby. Plus you should be doing the stunning anyways!
Because of Jax's attack speed and high damage output, it makes him a good backdoor. He can level towers fairly quickly. Teleport isn't bad for Jax.
Nothing else should really be used.

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Skill Sequence


^ LOL GET IT??? ^

For those of you who don't know what 4 is, delete your :C drive.

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I chose 9/21/0 for a bit more survivability - however 21/9/0 is just as good. If you do 21/9/0, be sure to get Nimbleness. This helps Jax a lot.

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As usual, items are situational and can be changed. However, for max damage, stick to this build for the most part.

Explanations for my item choices, and other viable items

This is a no-brainer for Jax. You need the dodge for your Counter Strike.

This is the best item in the game for Jax IMO, and it's in every Jax build for a reason. This has incredible synergy with your ult.

I feel that many Jax builds leave this out. I'm not exactly sure why. Attack speed, AP, CDR? Mmmmm. This will help you get your Rageblade and Ult stacks up pretty damn fast. Awesome.

This is great for hybrid Jax - AD, AP, and some spellvamp/lifesteal. And a slow, of course. I always get this item.

Now, this is where the build gets interesting. This will give you a ton of AP, which effects all your abilities. However, if you want, is just as viable. Choose wisely.

I love this item for Jax. HP, AP, and a slow. This will help you a lot with catching up to people.

Viable items

This is a good item for Jax. If you don't want a , get this.

Now, I haven't tested this item on Jax. However, it seems like a pretty good one if you have a . Feedback?

This seems like a pretty decent item on Jax. I usually don't get this, but it seems like it would work.

What not to get

You don't need this because of Rylai's.

Not for this build. You have a lot of HP, but I don't see why you would need this.

I have seen Jax's with this... please god no.

This is not for this build. You get plenty of AS from

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Early game, Jax is easily zoned. Once he gets a few ranks of , he can and then to them for good harassing. Other than that, your true farming ability comes after you get your ultimate and a

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This is an interesting build for Jax - tell me what you think. Thanks for reading, and VOTE!

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