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Jax Build Guide by Pumpkin201

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pumpkin201

Jax Hax!

Pumpkin201 Last updated on September 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
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So you want to play yourself some Jax, yes? Well have no fear, because Jax just happens to be my specialty when it comes to the wonderful game of League of Legends! He may not be the easiest champion to play well at in the game, but he is the most unique in my opinion.

Why is Jax a champion worth playing, you might ask? Well, he just happens to be a self-sustaining power warrior of absolute destruction and doom. That, and he fights with a brass lamp-post and is proud of it!

I've decided to add some proof, so I wanted to log in a day of me playing a few PvP games. I'll update this with ranked games soon, as my team is still being put together.

Please keep in mind that this is my opinion on how to play Jax, and it is also my first guide. So without further ado, let us begin!

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Pros / Cons


  • Wonderful passive, allowing him to take the brunt of any carry's damage
  • Absolutely powerful given the right skill combo
  • Able to tower-dive mid to late game to secure kills
  • Arguably the best ultimate in the game
  • Has the best damn story in the entire game


  • Able to be picked on by ranged early game
  • Tend to get thick-headed and run into fights you can't win
  • Your team tends to think that you'd be able to tank in a team fight
  • Become targeted by the enemy team
  • Lacks any skins worthy of his grace

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- Another viable option could be Greater Mark of Magic Penetration for the magic penetration, but I find the attack speed boost to be just as valuable with this build.

- This is simply the best type of seal available for Jax. There is no contest. Dodge is something that needs to be boosted as much as possible with this champion, being the only warrior that can use the statistic so affectively with one of his abilities: Counter Strike.

- In my opinion, these glyphs are better than any other option available. With the early ability power boost, his Leap Strike, Empower, and Counter Strike will do even more damage. This could be replaced with Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power for the late-game ability power boost, but I don't recommend it.

- Again, just like the seals, these are the best type of quints available for Jax. His dodge statistic is something to be respected...And feared.

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You would see that most other guides put Jax at 21/9/0, so why would I be the rebel that chooses 9/21/0? You see, this champion does not need help with damage, especially with my rune build. The Defensive Tree option is better for him in masteries because of the better buffs in the tree.

Veteran's Scars , Ardor , and Tenacity are all wonderful options for him. These options greatly outweigh the ones that are at the end of the Offensive Tree. I'm not saying that Brute Force , Lethality , and Havoc aren't good options. They just aren't for Jax.

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Every good League of Legends player knows that you can't stick with the same build in every game. One must adapt to their surroundings, weakening their enemy's strengths to amplify their weaknesses. I'll list what every great Jax player will need in my build, and some viable options for tough situations.


Now let it be known that these are the best damn items for Jax to have. I always get these three out of the way first, and it's always a great idea. If you're having troubles sustaining yourself in-lane, get Hextech Gunblade before Guinsoo's Rageblade. ALWAYS get your boots first.


These are a few of the situational items that I have tried using. Banshee's Veil is great in any situation, especially when going up against an annoying Karthus. Force of Nature is wonderful for magic-heavy teams and Frozen Heart for physical-heavy teams. If you're encountering both tough carries and are getting focused down, try getting a Guardian Angel. Of course, there is no limit to what you'd need in a situation. When something complicated arises, use your head! There will always be an item available to help you counter any trouble.

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Skill Sequence

Ah yes, the Grandmaster at Arms' great arsenal!

- This passive cannot be underestimated. This is what will give you 3000-4000 max health at the end of any game, and it fits in perfectly with this offensive build.

- Whether it is taking out pesky stragglers or leaping to your team when in need, this is a wonderful move that will leave many opponents raging. Leap on, my great warrior. Leap on. This is maxed out second.

- This ability is most effective when used in the fabled Empower Leap, but it is also good for taking out jungle enemies faster, easier farming, or boosting your auto-attack. This is maxed out first.

- Jax is a dodger. It's what he does. Do you know what happens when he dodges? He turns an alert enemy into delicious nom-noms. This is why dodging is an excellent statistic on our lamp-post wielding hero. You get in one point early, which will last until you gather the rest at the end of your endeavors.

- I cannot stress how wonderful this ultimate is. It's passive is powerful enough to make gods cry, giving his lamp-post a powerful slam attack on every 3rd hit. Not only this, but each attack is faster than his last, giving him a huge boost in attack speed up to 10 times. This champion is a wrecking machine! Though his passive does most of the work, his active is also extremely useful. You gain a MASSIVE amount of magic resistance for up to 8 seconds! This can be used before leaping into battle, when you're being ganked, or even to counter that annoying Karthus ult! You've done it again, Jax. You've done it again. Take this ability whenever possible.

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Summoner Spells

There are so many summoner spells that could go well with him. I just use my personal favorites: Teleport and Flash. Ignite is another great option for him early-game, as he can leap in and deal the finisher on his foes. Fortify would not be so great on this offensive champion, and Smite is worthless because he is not a great jungler. Just make sure that you use your head when choosing your spells, or you could just go with my great combination.

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Laning Phase

Another great question that I am often asked is what items to start with. The second the game starts up, I grab Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion and head to one of the side-lanes. The armor starts up your Ninja Tabi and the potions keep you in that lane as long as possible.

I cannot tell you how important it is to last-hit those minions. Farming is something that Jax needs to do early-game, especially for some of the more expensive items that dwell within the core of this build. Farm early game, and be agressive when you need to be. Make sure those foes fear the might of your lamp-post!

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Mid Game and Team Fights

During mid-game, you should have both your Ninja Tabi and either Guinsoo's Rageblade or Hextech Gunblade. Make sure that you stick close to a team-mate. You can stray off quite a bit, but if you are being targetted, you need a place to run. You can gank those yummy overextending carries that try to push, or you can be the one securing an enemy tower in the name of your team.

Late game is when the real fun begins. Team fights. This is where Jax really shines. This champion is so unique, that he has his own classified title: Skirmisher. You are NOT the one initiating team fights, and you are also not the one hiding behind the tanks to get your two cents in. You float around the fight and find the important targets. And when you do, you leap in and give them hell!

The most effective skill use in team fights require pin-pointing one enemy and blasting them away into utter oblivion. To begin, you will need to pull off what is called an Empower Leap. This can be done by using Empower and then using Leap Strike on an enemy to drain their health bar by a rediculous amount. If you have Counter Strike available, USE IT! Stunning your enemy renders them useless against your powerful auto-attack passive. If needed, Empower Leap again to finish them off, or you can simply rinse and repeat against any enemies with huge HP pools.

And always remember that you are able to use your Leap Strike to jump to friendly minions or allies. This can even be used to jump to Sight Ward or Vision Ward! Stay smart and alert to get away from your foes.

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I hope you've enjoyed this wonderful build, as it will guide any great Jax player to victory. Before you comment or rate this guide, TRY IT! Do not judge the build before giving it a shot. Once again, this is my first guide, and I would like constructive criticism on how it can improve, if you believe it needs improvements.