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Jax Build Guide by Prolar

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Prolar

Jax Master at Dominion

Prolar Last updated on September 27, 2011
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Hi there Mobafire I'm Prolar and this is my first attempt at a guide for well...anything.

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Dominion Play style

Dominion is a very high paced game of Point control. In dominion you start at level 3, gain more gold, constantly gain experience, and everyone on the map gains a buff specifically made for dominion. With all these factors you want to have high mobility and high damage output and you want to get it as soon as possible.

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Skill Sequence

This is pretty standard for all Jax.

- Equipment Mastery is Jax's passive which increases his health based on how much attack damage and ability power he has. This is one reason why you get the and . It increases your health quite a bit along with giving you more early damage to help you damage other chamions at lower levels.

- Leap strike is Jax's chase/escape ability. He jumps toward his target and if it is an enemy does damage to it. Pairing this skill with gives him very strong poke at low levels.

- Empower is just an ability that causes Jax's next attack do deal higher damage. During combat with a champion constantly keep this on cooldown because combined with his ultimate Jax will do incredible damage and crush any squishy.

- Counter strike is Jax's defensive ability with a twist, whenever you dodge an attack you gain and AoE stun that deals damage and stuns for 1 second. I like to fight some minions until I get this up and then Leap Strike/Empower and then stun for maximum damage to the nearest squishy.

- Relentless Assault is what make's Jax very dangerous. Each time you attack a target you gain a stacking attack speed buff along with every third strike dealing additional damage to your target. When activated it gives you bonus magic resist based on 100% of your dodge percentage. This helps you when fighting mages.

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Rune Selection

In dominion you gain levels very quickly so based on this the Runes with Per level stats could be used and may even give you an edge over the competition because of the extra stats you have.

- or More damage and health, need I say more?

- or Again, more damage and health. The AD marks and quints go very well with Jax because his two of his Key abilities gain a very high amount of his attack damage in extra damage on the skill.

- More dodge means more which also means more damage and survivability.

- or Jax has a fairly low base magic resistance and these glyphs help him out with that. The MR per level glyphs will make you more tanky at later levels than the flat MR glyphs.

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For masteries I like to go with 0/15/15 Dodge is wonderful on Jax and guess what happens when you dodge...MORE MOVEMENT SPEED. You basically get all the durability you need.

The key points in your mastery choices are the 15 points in utility. The reduced time spent dead, the Increased EXP gain, extra gold per 10 and the increased movement speed are just way to good to pass up for dominion and should probably be required for every champ. Of course for those champions that don't have mana you may switch around a few points but always be sure to get those key points.

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In the beginning of dominion you start with 1375 gold to spend.

Start of the game.

Mobility, damage, and extra health. What more could you want? I always start this way because each item can be changed into a core item and will benefit you greatly at the start of the game.

Core Items

All of these items are very obtainable in a normal game of Dominion but the key is to push for that Guinsoo's Stackblade and Ninja tabi ASAP. These items will give you the most durability and damage output the fastest. Sanguine Blade is another item that stacks more damage along with giving you even more durability and life steal. Hextech Gunblade is a very complex and awesome item, more damage which of course means more HP, life steal, and even a ranged slow that does damage.

Endgame Items

If you somehow still haven't won yet then you can invest in these two items. Atma's goes very well with Jax's passive ability as it gives you even more damage for the extra health you already have. Also it even gives you more survivability in the fact that it has extra armor and Crit. "Crit doesn't give you survivability!" Says who? You have life steal, the more you crit the more health you steal from your target, this means MORE HEALING. Can't go wrong with Atma's.

I foresee Force of Nature being a very powerful Item on this map. Movement speed, health regen and magic resist make it a wonderful anti mage item and the added bonus is because Jax's health gets so high the health regen is very significant.

The last two items are interchangeable depending on what you feel you need first.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells I like to go with Ghost and Garrison.

Ghost to get to points faster, get away from ganks, and of course chase down and destroy your enemies.

Garrison is a Dominion only spell that is a lot like but has both defensive and offensive uses. Say the entire enemy team is coming to capture a single point. You head there with your team, garrison your turret and ace their team with the assistance of your super turret. Another scenario is you have an enemy team member that you could normally easily kill off their turret standing within turret range. If you garrison their turret you render it practically useless while you quickly destroy your target.

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Jax is a fairly high mobility, high damage burly dps champion. He fits Dominion like a glove and tears up the competition. I hope this guide helped make you a better dominion player.

Read it thoroughly and critique/ compliment in the comments below.

Thank you for reading my first guide for League of Legends!