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League of Legends Build Guide Author soodie

Jax - Offtank Style

soodie Last updated on May 14, 2011
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Hi, welcome to my jax guide. I see many jax failing out there in normal and elo hell. The reason is, most play him incorrect. Jax isnt just a nuker/assassin/and so on. He gets all the time (doesnt matter what else in ur team is) focused... Jax played as nuker is maybe funny. But you will fail very fast against a team with some CC/magic dmg...

I play jax as a offtank/nuker. Reason: This build works very fine with his passive and also with his Dodge he gets through his Counter Strike.

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Pros / Cons


- great at dueling
- good burst
- gets health without building it
- really good survivability if played well


- stacks don't last long (cc/kiting can get rid of them)
- all the time focussed

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Summoner Spells


Perfect for survivability. Jump in, nuke, get away with flash in dangerous situations.

I like ignite for jax. Its a good counter against all the heal. You can be sure, if they have a good taric/soraka, they will instantly heal up their carry your just eating. just put ignite on the target and kick his ***. Its also awesome to get some kills in early game.


If they have much CC, take Cleanse instead of Ignite and you will be fine. If you pick Cleanse. Remember to put one point to Willpower for better CD.

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I go 9/21/0. I put 9 points for Archaic Knowledge for more Magicpenetration in the offensive tree and 21 points in the defensive tree due to you are an offtank. Extra dodge from Evasion and extra movementspeed from Nimbleness are awesome for escaping and also tanking. Healthpoints from Veteran's Scars are awesome early and also a good synergy for your Atma's Impaler. Ardor gives you also some AP and Defence which is a perfect combination for Jax.

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9x Greater Mark of Magic Penetration - This is for sure for your nukes. Its great early for harassing squishy enemies and also in lategame its a great dmg pusher.


9x Greater Seal of Evasion - Jax main attribute is Dodge. Due to dodge jax is a perfect candidate for an off tank. Just with Ninja Tabi and Runes you get arount 23% chance to dodge. In late you get +18% due to Counter Strike. So its perfect against physical damage.


9x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist - I prefere this ones because you are an offtank. Thanks to your dodge you will be able to encounter physical damage really good. Your problem will be the enemy's hard nukers which will focus you. For this MagicResistance is in my opinion the best you can get.


3x Greater Quintessence of Evasion - Same like the Seals. Pushing your dodge against their physical carries.


With these Runes i think you will have the best mix of nuke damage and survivability as an Offtank. Your goal is to kill their carries fast. With these runes you can be successfull if played well.

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+ 5x


I usually start with a Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potions. I think this is very good for your laning phase. You got some armor and enought Potions to farm a lot. You can use your Cloth Armor for your Ninja Tabis so it's really no waste of gold.

Some ppl prefere Doran's Shield first. I think its also a good starter item. Feel free to take a Doran's Shield instead of Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potions.

Early Game

Try to farm as much as possible so you can finish your Ninja Tabi (550g) and get a Sheen (1260g). You will need 1810g for these two items. Try to get some more so you can get also some Health Potions and Sight Wards.

Mid Game

Get a Bilgewater Cutlass for some lifeleech and ad. Trinity Force is your first to get item. You get HP, Mana, AS, MS... What the hell you want more? Perfect mix of all Jax needs.

Late Game


Finish your Hextech Gunblade and start with your defence. If they have much CC get a Banshee's Veil. If they just have MagicDamage, get a Force of Nature. Due to your passive you will get for every AP/AD from items HealthPoints. So whats the perfect damage push item in harmony with hp? Correct. Atma's Impaler. You get damage, critical chance and defense. Perfect! The Rylai's Crystal Scepter you normaly should never get because the game ends earlier. Rylai's Crystal Scepter is perfect for survivability because you get HP thanks to the AP boost, chaseing because of the slow, damage dealing and is a good synergy for Atma's Impaler.

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Laning Phase


The really best thing for jax is to lane with a supporter like Janna, Soraka, Taric and more. But the most important thing is: The supporter must leave the lasthits to you. You are very itemdependant and the supporter is not.

I also saw some Jaxes laning solo mid. This will work also very good if your enemy is squishy. Harass him with your Empower/ Leap Strike Combo and you can roam them really easy.

Try to just lasthit and roam. Bad is if you always sit on their tower because your jungle cant gang like that. I always have games as jungler where botlane always pushing like hell but flaming why i'm not ganging...

Important: As a jax player, you will automatically will get greedy and want kills. This is a huuuuge fault! Harass, farm and kill if it's a sure and save kill. Dont dive... this is ********... if you die all the work is for nothing


Jax has a really strong midgame. Try to gang with red buff and get some kills. But never forget to farm. Jax is one of these special heros which will be most ignored while laning... That means: if ur soloing on alane and the enemy team are all on other lanes pushing or something, they mostly will ignore Jax pushing a lane so you can farm very easy.
Put wards on dragon while ganging and also try to ward their jungle. There is nothing easier than to kill an half low enemy jungler as Jax.
Try to get towers and farm, farm, farm


In teamfights, wait until your tank initiates. Then jump in to the enemies carry try killing him. As said, if they have a healer, put ignite on him and try to kill him as fast as possible. Dont forget to use your ulti when you get focused and also spam your stun in good situations.

Most important: ONLY start fights if your sure you can win. Dont start already lost fights!

Push, win fights, get baron nashor and push to end.

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Ranked Play

I think this is one of the only builds which will work for ranked. Jax is alway misplayed as a nuker and will die really fast because he gets always nuked. As an offtank you can own their carry and also irritate their healers. Due to that much Armor and also MagicResistance from Runes/Masteries/Items and ulty you will tank pretty hard. Imagine in a teamfight 1 Counter Strike stun while stunning 3-4 of them... This is ****ing cruel for them and a huge benefit for your team.

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You will see. If you will play Jax, more or less everyone is flaming because they think Jax is weak. But in the right hands and right played, Jax is one of the most dangerous Anti Carry and offtank! But it needs much of training and a lot of self-discipline to get NOT greedy! As soon you get greedy, you will fail as jax. Play as a team, do your job, and you will win a lot of games.