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Jax Build Guide by Deltoriasis

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Deltoriasis

Jax: The Untouchable - V2.2

Deltoriasis Last updated on November 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Guide to Jax: The Untouchable

This is how I play Jax, and my plan for him when I finally hit 30. I know some of you can criticize on me since I'm still a noob. But just give this build a chance.

I've tried multiple characters in this game, and Jax is by far my favorite and the one I will probably use to the end. He is very very very fun and very good to play with. And I have been doing especially good with him in dominion.

I'd like to thank 87alphaone ( for some help with my page and build. And 2side1 for the basis of my build.

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You really hate getting owned by some tanky dps, or by someone with insane burst dps, or stuns galore. Well I may just have a solution for you. Jax.
We all have some people that we can, in no way, beat 1v1. Jax is one of those characters. Lots of people focus Jax down, double, triple and quadruple team him to win. They learn that you can CC him and keep him from dodging and can focus him down if they have enough burst dps, or dps in general. This can be a problem, even with my build. But if you get this build complete, and watch for 3v1 ganks, then you should be fine.

2.1 Edit notes:
--I've made a small change in the Skill Sequence and added some extra info in item purchase
--I've also made changes in the Mastery Tree

2.2 Edit Notes:
-- Small addition in Farming/Teamwork/Towers
-- Little bit extra in Skill Sequence

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Heal is something I am personally partial to in every match up and character, but I have been told and seen some play with something that is really good for Jax, Ghost I was never a fan of this spell until I tried it out. It is nice to be able to escape if needed, or to close the gap on a runaway. I also go for Exhaust. Exhaust is great for high dps people who seem to burst you down to nothing. It can save you from many deaths.

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I have altered my Mastery since I noticed a big bump in it. There isn't enough points to get it where I want it, so I've been working it where I like it, and I think I have found that place.


Cripple - 1/1 point
Archmage's Savvy - 3/3 points
Alacrity - 4/4 points
Archaic Knowledge - 1/1 point
Sunder - 3/3 points
Deadliness 1/3 points
Lethality 3/3 points
Havoc 1/1 points

Resistance - 3/3 points
Hardiness - 1/3 points
Evasion - 4/4 points
Nimbleness - 1/1 point

I focused my masteries on two main things. Dodge and attack speed. With the way Jax's Ulti works, Attack speed just speeds that process up even more, which can extremely benefit you especially with Guinsoo's Blade I also went along with Sunder (That way it bypasses their armor some) and Archaic Knowledge , the faster you damage them, the faster they die and less they can Cc you.

Cripple Is obvious for me since I use Exhaust.

Archmage's Savvy Works well with my AP.

Alacrity Is good because the faster I can hit, the faster Guinsoo's Rageblade's passive gets stacking, and the fast I get life from my two Hextech Gunblades.

Archaic Knowledge and Sunder are there so my attacks bypass armor and magic resistance more, that way the damage can be dealt more directly and we can finish them off faster.

Resistance Was more to get down the defense tree, but it does help against burst casters such as Veigar late game.

Hardiness Was only to enter the tree more.

Evasion and Nimbleness are to increase the dodge rating, it helps us stay alive, and Counter Attack is ready more often if we dodge more often.

Lethality and Havoc both will increase damage output to make sure the enemy drops fast.

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Skill Sequence

I find that most games I closely follow my sequence, but some I stray a bit.
When I'm laning against someone like Katarina or Shaco, I really like having more points in Counter Strike So I can stun them and their little barrage attacks don't do as much damage. Sometimes when against someone like Ashe or Tristana or a ranged of the sort, I like having more to Leap Strike. It all really dsepends upon the enemy and what you need to adapt to.

Passive = Relentless Assault - Jax's prowess with weapons and armor increase his fortitude as he gains equipment: Jax gains 3 health per point of Attack Damage received from items. Jax gains 2 health per point of Ability Power received from items.

Leap Strike - Jax leaps toward a target. If it's an enemy, he smacks it in the face with his lamppost.

Empower - Jax's charges his weapon with energy, causing his next attack to deal bonus magic damage.

Counter Strike - Jax's prowess allows him to dodge enemy attacks frequently. After avoiding an attack Jax can quickly stun surrounding enemies.

Relentless Assault Jax's greatest talent lies in his ability to grow stronger with every attack. Each successive attack increases his attack speed temporarily, and every 2nd blow will devastate his target. Jax can activate the spell to gain bonus magic resist.

These spells all work well together. Leap Strike can be used as an escape route, or an initiator, or even a finisher when they are on the run. It is a very good ability to have, most people favor it, I on the other hand favor Empower.

Empower is a good spell to give your next hit a large burst of power. I usually focus on Empower a little more than the other spells, although I try to keep them all kind of even throughout. A lot of people seem to like the fact that Leap Strike when fully leveled, can be a killer when the enemy is running, but I use it along with Empower to buff my next hit, then Leap Strike to them and both of those spells work together very nicely. I just focus more on Empower since I'm in a fight more than I am needing to chase them down for a finisher, and with a good tank, you need something powerful.

Counter Strike is something that seems to be unwanted until the later game, but I have found it benefits me early game a large amount. You can use it to stun and enemy as they begin to run. Or if they decide to Turret dive after you, you can stun them to let the turret get one mroe hit in. Leap Strike to a runner, and if your Counter Strike is available, stun them, and their dead. I just find it beneficial all throughout the game.

Relentless Assault has its main benefit in the passive area. That attack speed build up is what my whole build works off of. Attack speed increases, AP increases with Guinsoo's Rageblade, Life increases with the AP increase, and your life barely drops with the two Hextech Gunblades. This all falls together here. And the Magic Resistance when activated isn't bad, but it's not a focus for me.

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Greater Mark of Attack Speed - 9
Greater Seal of Evasion - 9
Greater Glyph of Attack Speed - 9
Greater Quintessence of Evasion - 3

The marks and glyphs work together to increase attack speed. Which when you add that into the description of Relentless Assault, I think you'll see the point.

The Seals and Quintessences are for dodge chance. Less hits = less deaths. And Counter Strike is ready more.

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Ninja Tabi
Guinsoo's Rageblade
Hextech Gunblade X 2
Lich Bane
Infinity Edge

Ninja Tabi
-In classic I go for the basic boot to it first, then purchase it next.
-In dominion, I get it first, then the Vampiric Scepter to work toward my Hextech Gunblade.

Guinsoo's Rageblade
-In Classic, I will get both the Blasting Wand and Pickaxe before finishing the recipe.
-In Dominion I usually get the Blasting Wand then go straight to Guinsoo's Rageblade

Hextech Gunblade X 2
-In both Classic and Dominion, I usually alter the way I finish this recipe. Sometimes I will build the Bilgewater Cutlass and others I build the Hextech Revolver. It all depends on my opponents and what I need more at the moment. I always do make sure to finish one Hextech Gunblade before starting another.

Lich Bane
- Lich Bane can be built in any way you need to during the game. Some of your may ask why I use it. But it's the passive. Lich Banes Passive is that when you use an ability, your next attack will do 100% damage based on your Ability Power. If Jax has his stacks from Guinsoo's Rageblade then his AP is buffed up, so that attack will be devastating.

Infinity Edge
- You can also build this one any way you deem fit during the match. It could switch places with Lich Bane Depending on opponents, but since it gives you an increase in Crit damage, and crit chance, it works well with Jax's attack speed when his stacks are up, so crits come more often.

If need be, you could put in some armor, or just about anything in place of Lich Bane or Infinity Edge. That's up to you and the match, I just prefer these two.

I've found I have a problem with defense built Rumble, in which extra armor would come in handy probably, but I'm not sure.

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Farming/Team Work/Towers

Farming needs to be done carefully in the early game, so that Jax doesn't get gank'd. Keep farming, and by level 6, the farming speed with increase a lot. That allows you to get money and level faster than some others.

Try and play defensive with Jax. If you try to push to hard, you'll end up getting stunned and focused down if your not careful.

I like lane-ing with a range, or another good Melee. Just gotta to watch for stuns or double teams.

Towers are pretty easy to handle once your attack speed is stacked. You can drop a tower faster than any other Champion. There is no problem there.

In dominion, I try to defend really hard. Normally when I'm at a tower, They won't come near it unless there are 3 or 4. So I find defending to be easy in dominion, unless your team mates don't find defense important, then you can really just do what you want cause they already threw the game.

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Troublesome 1v1's

I've had a problem against a very defensive built Rammus and Rumble. Couldn't take them1v1. I'm really not sure how to Take them out. Any tips would be nice.

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Jax is a speedy damage dealer with a lot to offer on a lot of different styles and builds. this is my favorite by far. He can take almost anything out very very fast. 1v1, 2v1, 3v1, Jax can handle it all if played well and carefully. Especially with a good team backing him up.

I hope you enjoy this build and give it a try. You won't be disappointed.


    Turrets fall fast
    Minions go down fast, even in large groups
    Enemies cannot touch you unless you are stunned multiple times and not allowed for
    your speed to stack
    Fun to play!

    Stuns can cause you problems
    Team ganks can take you out easily