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Jinx Build Guide by Ehlekar

AD Carry Jinx - Shoot fast, hit hard, score kills

AD Carry Jinx - Shoot fast, hit hard, score kills

Updated on January 9, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ehlekar Build Guide By Ehlekar 15,810 Views 5 Comments
15,810 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ehlekar Jinx Build Guide By Ehlekar Updated on January 9, 2014
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Hey there! Firstly, a warning to everyone using this guide: this is my first ever Mobafire guide, and I hope you guys find it useful. Unfortunately, at the time of me writing this, I am but a Level 23, so there is theorizing when it comes to the Runes and Masteries. Not to worry, I am certain it won't let you down. (I hope)
Jinx is, for me, a great AD Carry on Summoner's Rift. Put together with certain Supports, she can deal tonnes of damage and come out of team fights the last (wo)man standing. I'm gonna show you how to do this. So, sit back, relax, and read ahead for what I believe is a strong AD Carry build, especially when you get to your team fights!
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Pros and Cons

Jinx, for me, is a very strong champion to play, especially late game when you're doing up to 1000 DPS (yes, it happens!). However, she does have a few weaknesses. Here's her Pros and Cons.

  • Switcheroo! increases her Attack Speed when using Pow-Pow, which built on, can make her clear out waves of minions in an unbelievable short amount of time, and also gives her great DPS.
  • She can be built to hunt down and destroy champions without taking more than a scratch (done this before, trust me on this).
  • Her passive, Get Excited! allows her to chase retreating champions after winning a Team Fight with ease, and both Zap! and Flame Chompers! will allow your team to catch up to clear out a lane of champions with ease.

  • She is an AD Carry, and therefore extremely "squishy". When targeted, she needs her Support to stun champions and protect her whilst retreating, else she can be easy pickings.
  • Champions with an invisibility ability (like Teemo) can easily lie in wait until you pass, and surprise you. This can lead to you going down pretty easily. To counter this, take Vision Wards with you to reveal invisible enemies, or bring someone with you - that way, the champion should go down in a 2v1, or not even attack you, knowing they are likely going to die.
  • She does not have an escape ability, and so relies on well timed Flame Chompers! and accurate Zap!s to get away. This can be helped by taking Flash, but it needs to be used at precise times where they cannot use theirs to easily catch you.
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Press the Attack
Lethal Tempo
Phase Rush
Honestly, when it comes to Runes, I use the same global Rune Page. It is designed for AD Carrys, but helps everyone else out a little. Here is what I suggest you use, instead of my current page:

9x Greater Mark of Scaling Attack Damage
This is going to add to your Attack Damage by giving you an extra 21.87 Attack Damage - It gets that extra bit of Attack Damage that will, with my usual build, put you at over 350 AD. Doesn't seem much to what others get, but I'll expand on this later.

9x Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
This will increase your Magic Resist so those pesky AP champions aren't doing too much damage to you - but be aware, I usually have this as my only Magic Resist, and it can be the fatal flaw in this build.

9x Greater Seal of Flat Armor
The boost to your armor is similar to that of Magic Resist - it gives you slightly better chances in team battles. I choose this as a Flat rune because it helps more in Early Game Laning against the opposition.

1x Greater Quint of Flat Attack Damage
This is to simply boost your Early Game Attack Damage, and help you out-lane your opposite ADC.

2x Greater Quint of Scaling Attack Damage
By now, you're gaining significant Attack Damage from your runes, which makes all the difference in your final build.
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I picked Fury to max out first. This deals in specifically Attack Damage, which you want. Pretty simple there. Then I got Sorcery so that your spells and abilities will take less time to cooldown, which can make the difference when you're being chased and you need to lay down your Flame Chompers!. As for Butcher , you'll likely be picking off the weakest minions whilst farming, and it gives a little extra damage, which you'll find useful. It also opens up Feast, which will then restore some health and mana whilst farming. I then max out Brute Force and Executioner , as well as grabbing Martial Mastery so that you deal a good amount of extra damage to half-injured champions. After all, you're gonna want to take them out quicker when they've got lower health to get away before a gank or they themselves escape. Dangerous Game is extremely helpful in team fights as well, if you've taken significant damage, and Warlord does increased bonus damage to allow you to do even more damage; after all, who doesn't like to bring pain? Finishing off the champions will restore a nice section of health and mana, preparing you for the next champion to kill. I finished this tree by maxing Devastating Strikes and adding Havoc , just so that you get the most you can from this tree.

I gave only 4 points into this mastery tree, so that you have some amount of protection. Block will slightly reduce your oppositions attack onto you, and you want to deny them as much damage as you yourself can without effecting your own build. Enchanted Armor will then add a little extra protection too. I don't particularly like the standard 21/9/0 mastery other ADC players use, as I like to utilize the Offensive Tree a bit more.

I only picked Scout for this mastery for one pure reason - supports hiding in bushes with their AD Carrys waiting for you to get close enough to pull in. Trust me here, I have been dragged into bushes many times, and only just managed to escape alive, when I am trying to simply ward it. Scout gives you extra distance between you and them, and can truly be a life-saver.
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First things first, you want to grab a Long Sword, as many [Health Potion]]s as possible, and a Stealth Ward. The Long Sword gives you a slight increase to damage, which is useful early game, and the potions will heal you and keep you fighting. I picked a Stealth Ward so that you can ward the bushes on Bot Lane and prevent their team from hiding in them.
When you first come back, try to buy the Vampiric Scepter first to soon build into Bloodthirster. This will give you Life Steal, which is highly recommended by many (or so I think). You want to get this as early as possible, as if you're dealing damage and healing at the same time against an enemy ADC, you can beat them. Try and grab Boots as well. Extra movement speed is useful when retreating.
Then you'll want to continue to completing your Bloodthirster. Buy a B. F. Sword, and if you have enough money, a Cloak of Agility. You will now have some Critial Strike chance, which is highly useful, as well as more Attack Damage. When you have enough money, grab yourself your Bloodthirster, and start healing significantly off each attack.
As Jinx, her Switcheroo! ability Switcheroo! will increase her Attack Speed passively when using Pow-Pow. This is why you need to work up to getting Runaan's Hurricane and Berserker's Greaves. Trust me, Runaan's Hurricane may be an item people do not view highly, but it does get you dealing a lot of damage to multiple people, and greatly increases your Attack Speed. If you do not wish to use this, switch to a Statikk Shiv or a Phantom Dancer, instead; any of them work, I just find that Runaan's Hurricane is the better item. By the time you have bought these, you should have maxed out your Switcheroo!, or nearly have done, and this will get you to over 2.00 Attack Speed, as well as dealing damage to multiple enemies per attack. You also get a true feeling for using a minigun.
Soon, buy a Pickaxe. It's just a little extra Attack Damage, which is very useful. If you have enough, buy another B. F. Sword instead. Get an Infinity Edge as soon as you can, and then upgrade your Totem. 1 in 4 hits will now do a lot of damage, and you will heal a lot from them too. With the current build, you should be doing a Critical Strike once every two seconds!
The items you currently have are the main builders of Attack Damage. Now, you want Armor Penetration. Get a Last Whisper first so that you are doing a good amount of damage to their champions, and then finish the build with a Black Cleaver. With your final build, you should be going into Team Fights doing massive amounts of damage, especially against their less armored champions.
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Jinx is a Bot AD Carry, and so is naturally going to go Bot Lane. She will also require a Support (obviously). I like my Supports to be like Blitzcrank, who's Rocket Grab can pull champions in, you slow/stun them, and you get an easy kill. Or, they could have a stun, which allows you to then get to them, slow/stun, and another easy kill. However, before you do any of that, you're going to want to farm like crazy. Target the minions in the middle of the fray, which aren't taking too much damage first to seize their gold without interference. That way, there is little chance of them being stolen by greedy minions who will likely spend the money in taverns, getting drunk. When there are minions, however, very close to death, you want to finish them off. Get as much gold and XP as possible when farming. But be wary - the opposition will likely be doing to same. It's a good idea that, if they get too close, you start attacking them. This will scare them off, as they will try not getting hit. If they get too close, block their path with your Flame Chompers! so that they are delayed and you can get to a safe distance. When you are injured firstly, retreat to under your tower and heal with your potions. Do not b back unless necessary! Try to get as much gold as possible before going back to your base, but be careful for the opposition - they will want to prevent you from dominating your lane, whatever the cost. Keep warding bushes, too; if you don't have wards available, use your Flame Chompers! for a quick peak to check if anyone is there. When you Recall, enemy champions will hide inside a bush, waiting for the wave of minions to pass, and jump out on you. Don't forget to ward the river too; when dominating your lane, the enemy team will try to gank you and prevent you from taking the towers. Eventually, the game will start to shift to Mid lane - hopefully by this time you will have half of your build complete. If not, don't worry, as you can still go back to Bot lane and farm for extra gold. During team fights, keep some distance so that you're hitting the champions but aren't able to be attacked easily by their melee champions. Save your Super Mega Death Rocket! for until their team breaks, or for when you see an opportunity to turn the fight around into your favor. The same can go for your Zap!, as it's slow will allow your team to catch the enemy, or it can deal some needed damage against champions. By the time it comes to late games, what you want to do is hang back slightly - stay behind your team, and fight from a distance to prevent being targeted. Otherwise, you'll get 5 champions targeting you, and you'll go down very quickly. Keeping this up throughout the whole game is crucial; if you get in too close to champions, you'll end up feeding them.
When you finally reach their Nexus, target the turrets as much as possible whilst staying alive - they should go down easily with you there, but be wary for enemy champions attempting to disrupt this.
If, however, you are defending, stay next to your Nexus so you have the protection of two turret. Keep the melee champions away from the turrets using your Flame Chompers! to stun them on the edge of the turret's attack radius, and use Fishbones from your Switcheroo! to clear out the hordes of minions.
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So, you now have yourself a way of playing my favourite AD Carry. Please, if you have any queries/issues/suggestions, tell me in the Discussion, so that I may help out as much as possible. Thanks for reading!
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Change Log

Just so everyone knows, here's where I post what I've changed to the guide.

  • Created Guide

  • Changed item order to buy Runaan's Hurricane later
  • Added Change Log
  • Fixed item, champions, and terminology links and pictures
  • Added Runes and Masteries for each chapter
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ehlekar
Ehlekar Jinx Guide
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Jinx - Shoot fast, hit hard, score kills

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