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League of Legends Build Guide Author MISSILLLEAUS

Jungle / Carry Example

MISSILLLEAUS Last updated on April 3, 2017
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Why Diana in the jungle?

First off, to start this guide... Diana Jungle (or AP Melee in the jungle) is hugely helpful when you have AD in the top lane and AD in the mid lane (assuming that you'll have an ADC and a support in the bot lane). Diana gets her gap closer at level 6, which makes her gank ability pre level six, very slow. The enemy will see you walk up to them, and the only way to close the gap is by walking the distance from your enemy to you. In this guide, if Diana can focus staying in the jungle due to strong top and strong mid laners, she can become very successful and powerful... VERY early. At a certain point, because this is a sustain build, Diana can have much higher damage than any lane opponent, very early. Especially so with all of her attack speed via this build.

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Hi Guess What?

You have to realize that no one expects Diana to actually be played like this. No one understands how this works. YOU, MUST, Item rush. This is a build that you need to have strong laners for. If you can be granted coverage to constantly jungle, the enemy team will not be able to stop you by the time you hit 3rd item and you are an item or two items up, on any opponent player. REMEMBER: You are not countering the opponent. With this build, the enemy will be forced to counter you. RUN THE SHOW.

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Farming How to clear Which camp Specific strategy.

We need to consider that Diana's every third attack is AoE. When farming the wolves? Attack order: cast (W), attack small wolf first with one attack, hit other small wolf with 2nd attack, cast (Q), hit big wolf with 3rd and AoE auto attack. This is a necessity in terms of how to clear a jungle early game. Clearing a jungle camp this way will determine whether you have 700 health after the wolves camp, or 325 health after the wolves camp. Normally with all camps, with Diana's (W) she activates a barrier, and then once all 3 bubbles explode, the barrier re-activates. You do not have to time it, but you can time it so that you activate your barrier with (W) and block the first attack of a Gromp and then when your barrier re-activates, it will block the next and 2nd attack from the Gromp, perfectly. This method will block 75% of 2 hits, instead of 100% of 1 hit. Try it out. And for the golems I suggest, 2 hitting the small golem, and then 3rd hitting on the bigger golem(NOT the blue buff). Normally you want to save your 3rd hit for the higher health jungle minion because your third hit will do heavy damage. So you can easily kill the other smaller jungle minions, while chunking at the bigger minion's health because of Diana's AoE capability. At the Wraiths.. Witches.. What are they called now.. Normally I can walk up to the big "witch" and start to hit "her" at the beginning, and have no problem killing the 3 smaller ones with Diana's AoE... Just be careful to watch for when the little witches have low hp so if you need to pick them off you can. Lastly. On the blue buff, normally you do not have to plan it out... but on the red buff for sure, You need to walk in at an angle FROM the bush near the red buff... to land your (Q) Crescent Strike on all 3 minions at the red buff. If you come in directly at the red buff, your (Q) will not land on all 3 jungle minions. When you finish landing the (Q) on all 3 minions, they should be pulled to the corner of the wall right there to attack you, clumped up... for Diana's AoE to shred well :D

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Farming What Route Should I Take?

The route you should take. Start at Gromp, then Blue buff, Then Wolves. After this go the to skuttle bug. Sometimes if I have an aggressive opponent, Start at the Gromp, get the Skuttle bug immediately, get the blue buff and wolves after and then go to the other side of the jungle and start at the 2nd Skuttle bug. If I am not being aggressive, after I get the first skuttle bug, normally I will kill the "witches" camp and then right after, get the 2nd Skuttle bug. Getting the 2 skuttle bugs early will determine which jungler has the macho status. So I suggest going from, Gromp to Blue buff to Wolves to first Skuttle, going through the jungle sneakily AND HIDDEN, to second Skuttle bug, and then going to Witches, to Red buff, to Golems. after this moment, go back to Wolves, then Gromp again, and then Blue buff. Return to base with 1850 and get Devourer, and then save 720 for tear of goddess. This is HUGE. If you can gain 5-7 stacks on Devourer while you RUSH Tear of Goddess... before you move into lane for your first gank? This will be HUGE. You'll immediately realize how great it was that you stacked up quickly. And how nice it is to not have low mana after the gank so you can continue on to more jungle.


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