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Cho'Gath Build Guide by Jimbo Finelay

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jimbo Finelay

Jungle Cho'gath? legite guide

Jimbo Finelay Last updated on October 31, 2011
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Cho'gath jungle version

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Now before I start, I would like to say that this does work and any trolls should get lost.
In fact, at some point Saintvisous used it, through he said the enemy had to be dumb to be ganked be his Q.
Im not sure if Saintvisous recommends Jungle Cho'Gath but lets give it a try cause it works for me. I will put in a lane cho'gath in up top as well
Now to bussiness.

This picture may not work. :(

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Pros / Cons

1. very tankish and does lots of damage in a team fight
2. greatly contributs to the team by defending, tanking towers, doing nasty damage with Feast and being good at knocking people air bourn so your carry can finish them
3. good at stopping AP carries getting of there abilities with Feral Scream
4. Good if you like being Super-rad big void thingy


1. not good at ganking other than slowing with Exhaust and stopping Flash with Feral Scream
2. The bigger you get, and the more health you get, you get slower3. isn't the best jungler, through it still works

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I take Greater Mark of Health for health to help your size and Feast .
I also take Greater Seal of Replenishment so you don't have to keep on going back to base and Greater Seal of Vitality for health per level, Note Cho'gath isn't a tank, he sertainly is a off tank, but mostly should be played AP off tank, thats why I get these: Greater Seal of Cooldown Reduction for less wait time on Feast , Rupture and Feral Scream .
Its also why I use Greater Glyph of Magic Penetration for magic penatration.
And then I take some Greater Quintessence of Scaling Ability Power .

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Cho'gath in this build is a off tank making me put a bit in defence and some in attack for jungling.
Nothing much to really say here else than what I just said.
But you can go ulility masteries as well, through I wouldn't know which, as I don't use them much cause I don't find the need or want.

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I start off with Cloth Armor for tanking damage and three Health Potion and a Mana Potion to keep you going all day in the jungle without going back for mana.

I go back when I have enough to grab both Boots of Speed and Madred's Razors. This will do a ton of exra damage to the jungle creeps. I get Sorcerer's Shoes for better magic pen and turn Madred's Razors into Wriggle's Lantern , prehaps this is what the wriggles use the Wake up Jeff nowdays.
Ward around with wriggles and keep your team safe, gank lanes after Wriggles or before if you feel good.

I would get a Giant's Belt and Phage for some groovy health and I believe the more health you have, the bigger you get, even with your feast full.

Grap yourself a Catalyst the Protector , and get ready for the Rod of Ages you can grap this a lot earler if your laning but we are not in this build.

Turn Giant's Belt into Sunfire Cape , and we finish the tanky side of things.

Grap Rod of Ages and a Abyssal Mask and grap the last item: Trinity Force and that's that for your items.

It may take a rather long game to finish the build, but its the same with all builds,
and the more money you spend, the better deal and items you get, right? exept if you are shopping in BIG W, naa I kid BIG W

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Start of at wolves, if you use Smite here, than its going to be hard, use it on wrathes.
If you are lucky enough to be playing with friends, then ask some one to help you get Golem straight up, ask them to hit it untill its at half health then tell them to leave, then you smite it and finish it off, telling your mate (Yeah im for Australia deal with it) to go when its at half health, makes it sure that it isn't kill stealed from you.
Then after wolves and wrathes go to lesser golems and finish of, take out Blue buff as much as possible and just go on a Feast rampage and gank when you are level 6.

Counter Jungled,
be carefull, if your going Ranked then the enemy will probally gank you at level one to stop your jungle Route and mess you up, if in ranked, go to the jungle WITH your team and counter, counter gank, if they aren't then your team can help you get blue instead, works out fine.

Counter Jungling them,
If you feel like it, and see someone on the enemy team with smite then head on over to one or the other side of there jungle and wait for them to arive, then kill them with the help of your team, this really messes people up, and I don't really know why but it causes them to die alot for buff minions afterwards for some reason, espesily Shaco strange.

Very important,
wards? yes wards. theses are the best thing in the game, stopping people getting Baron, dragon and who knows? maybe even your team mate from getting killed,
I have found junglers blamming other people for feeding the opisite jungler, well who forgot to place the wards, ehh? As a jungler, its your responsiblity.
Wards are great, in fact, if their getting baron, Flash in when baron is low and smite it to steal baron from them, sure your might die but baron is yours.

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Team work

Cho'gath is good at this, for example in team fights, he can knock all of the enemy team up and also he is scary as anything and is a total nasty with Feast
His Feral Scream makes things hard to fight with, to AP casters, AD carries, and tanks alike.
No-one likes being stunned.

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Ranked play

In ranked play, if no-ones jungling then you jungle, if some can play a jungle character thats isn't cho'gath and do it good, then don't insist you play jungle, because ranked isn't for messing aroung and lots of champs can jungle much better.
Of course if no-ones jungle, then its a good opitunity to do so.

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Skill sequence

[[Vorpal spikes] gives you great creep farming ability and is what you should choose first,
Feral Scream if you are going ability power and is upgraded is great too.
Rupture isn't so much and isn't so great for ganks, but can still be usefull to make people move from a area and be herded around with.
Feast is the ultimate Jungle ult and makes you Soooooo big and tankish.

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Unique skills

I haven't quite yet worked out what his chapter means, but...
Cho'gaths Feast is unique in the way that no other champion has such a grow bigger spell,
This is the only thing about him that is unique, exept maybe his Rupture

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Summoner spells

We take Smite because we jungle and Exhaust to slow people for ganks.
If you want to take Flash , then do what you want.

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Thank you for looking at this guide, I am Jimbo from theGophergamming.
Be sure to check out that link, and the things that my friend Jacob is doing on it,
please rep, and look at my other builds, and vote +1, or -1 and tell me why
I'll see you next time