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Singed Build Guide by chiefdonut

Jungle Jungle Singed Speed Demon (10.19)

Jungle Jungle Singed Speed Demon (10.19)

Updated on September 15, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author chiefdonut Build Guide By chiefdonut 7 1 28,689 Views 3 Comments
7 1 28,689 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author chiefdonut Singed Build Guide By chiefdonut Updated on September 15, 2020
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Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Nimbus Cloak

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


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LoL Summoner Spell: Chilling Smite

Chilling Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


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Champion Build Guide

Jungle Singed Speed Demon (10.19)

By chiefdonut
My name is Chiefdonut and I pick a champion to main and climb to Gold with each season. I always like to try troll builds in my normal games so Singed seemed like the funniest champion to main for my climb this season. I mostly played him top lane to climb to Gold, but have since been playing a lot of singed jungle and midlane (which I play very similar to jungle and just roam top every time predator is up).

Singed can be quite a strong jungler if you know what you are doing with him. He has a surprisingly strong clear, although people may struggle with it at first (similar to how a diamond Karthus player can clear so much faster than a silver one). His AOE along with help you melt raptors, krugs, and wolves. While there are a few downsides to Singed Jungle (explained below), the biggest on is that you will have to deal with a lot of people dodging. This is my first guide so please show it some love.
*IMPORTANT* Jungle Pathing
If you are new to singed you may struggle with his mana or health sustain, as well as his clear speed, but if you do everything right, these should not be issues. The main thing to conserve mana is you can double tap your q to let out a small puff of gas, which lasts for 3.25 seconds + 3 seconds of damage. This allows to to start red buff in certain scenarios. If you ever kite one or two raptors or mini krugs too far and they reset, just ignore it and continue. They will respawn. Also, your fling can cancel enemy autos if timed right, which can be helpful for clearing buff camps. There are two main ways to perform your first clear as singed.

  1. The basic clear for beginner singed players is at red buff. Since you do not need as much mana with double tapping your q, starting red can help with health sustain and even clear speed. However, Singed usually relies on a pretty solid leash to do this. The path is Red >> Raptors >> wolves >> blue >> gromp. You should be able to do gromp and blue at the same time if you start blue, then smite gromp to aggro it to you. I do not recommend trying to take scuttle unless you know the enemy jungler isn't going for it. The benefit of this clear is that it is fairly easy and can throw off enemies who usually assume you start blue.

  2. The next clear is more complex and can be seen in the video below. The basic idea is that you start in the wolf pit and turn you gas on at 1:27 then walk to blue. The wolves will follow you and reset after losing patience, but then will aggro again from talisman dot. This will allow you to indefinitely aggro and reset them to proc the healing from talisman, creating a very healthy clear. You can then walk over to gromp and aggro it to clear it at the same time as blue buff. Then run to wolves, and with a little luck they will be just starting to come towards you as you finish gromp. After wolves go raptors >> red >> scuttle >> krugs. If done perfectly, you can reach scuttle as it spawns, which takes some practice if you don't get a leash. This clear will take some practice so make sure to head into the practice tool to try it a few times before heading into ranked, or even norms.

Additional clear notes:

  • As seen in the video, we take scuttle near bot lane, which is usually the safer place to take first scuttle, since most (especially low elo junglers) will start at whichever buff their botlane can leash. If you think the enemy jungler is on this side of the map, it is usually safer to just skip scuttle.

  • You can do the same thing at raptors and red buff that you do at wolves and blue by resetting them for health. You can even do them at the same time, although it doesnt make a huge difference because singed kills raptors so fast anyway.

  • Lastly, the video also shows clearing krugs. Only auto/fling the big one at the start and let your poison take care of the smaller one. Once you are down to the final 2 medium krugs, get them to about 25% health and just walk away. Your poison will finish them as well as the small ones that hop out and chase you.
Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Amazing ganks
  • Strong first clear leashless
  • Ton of team fight damage
  • Tanky
  • Fast as ****
  • Can split push late game
  • Can pair fling and smite to secure objectives

  • His clear takes a lot of practice
  • Struggles to take objectives solo
  • You WILL get flamed by both teams and possibly reported if you do bad
  • People will dodge a lot
  • Prone to invades
Tilting The enemy
As Singed in any role, a big part of your job is to tilt the enemy and hopefully make someone rage quit. Of course, we wouldn't want to be toxic, so we need to do more subtle things, like spamming mastery emotes or typing "?" whenever an enemy dies.
A big part of what makes singed a good jungler is that he has so many options for ganks. Usually you should wait to gank until you do your first back to get boots. When thinking about going for a gank, make sure you have at least one of your big cooldowns up(predator ghost or ult), ideally two. The standard gank will entail proccing predator as you head to the lane. You can attack from the side, or run though lane from the direction of base to draft off of your team mates to proc your passive. Once close enough, toss your w on or just in front of the enemy to slow them and cancel any dashes. From there you simply need to turn on poison and fling them onto your team mate. Don't worry too much about flinging them directly into your glue, because it is too hard to do reliably and is usually not necessary anyway. If you will need to ghost and ult early game to catch up to them, don't be afraid to waste those, since predator will be ready for another gank in just a minute.

If you are ganking a champion that can kite hard or escape easily, you will usually want to come from behind to cut off their escape path with your poison trail. Make sure to use your W to ground them if they have dashes. Auto and poison at first, but save your e for either after they get between you and their tower, or just as they are about to get off glue trap and dash away.
Team Fighting
Teamfights are really fun as singed, because you can draft off of everyone and get ridiculously fast as you deal a ton of poison damage. You will usually be the one engaging, which follows the same general plan as for gank engages. Once you have flund back and enemy, try to run through the enemy team with your poison on to slow and damage everyone. After one quick lap, you usually will want to head back to your own team so you don't get focused too hard and you can peel for carries.
Early Item Options
You will always want to rush your jungle item alongside boots. As for which jungle item, I go blue smite 100% of the time and cinderhulk 90+% of the time. Runic echoes has more damage, but since you want to be rushing rylai's + liandry's, you are going to already be pretty squishy for a while, so the extra health is quite nice. Plus, cinderhulk deals extra damage based on health and can clear about as fast as runic echoes anyway.

Boots are situational, but i generally go merc treads. You might be tempted to go swifties, but the extra move speed is pretty insiginificant (especially woth ghost and predator). Swifties can still be a good option, but only if the enemy team has a lot of slows.
Build Rylai's or Liandry's First
When playing top lane singed, both are viable options to rush, but in the jungle you should pretty much always be building rylai's first. This is because you will not be trading as often as you would in top lane. Instead, you will mainly be forcing 2V1 all ins that last less than 5 seconds, so the little extra burn damage would do very little compared to the extra cc offered by rylai's. However Liandry's is still an essential item to build for later teamfights.
Why not Conqueror?
The conqueror nerf a few patches ago hit singed pretty hard. He would rather just fling somebody into his poison and run around than trade autos to stack conqueror. It is still a very viable keystone on singed, but mainly in top lane. Throughout early and mid game, you will be doing short fights, where conqueror can't really stack up. Even in top it can be tricky to reach full stacks, so people often build something like protobelt to give an extra stack and close distance, but since you already delay your core items to make room for cinderhulk, this isn't a very viable option. All this combined with the fact that predator gives you near unstoppable ganks on a 60-90 second cooldown means that predator is a far better keystone for jungle Singed.
Alternative Rune Options
The most flexible rune is your hunter option. I usually go ravenous because it scales hard into the late game and gives you huge healing in team fights. On the other hand, ingenious hunter is also a good option because it synergizes with predator to give you ganks on a smaller cool down. However, by the time you have this fully stacked, laning phase will probably be over, making predator (and therefore ingenious hunter) a little less valuable. You can still take it if you think you'll want to build a zhonya's and/or protobelt. You might think relentless hunter can be good, but with predator, ghost, and your passive, you already have enough movespeed for engages.

Against a team with a ton of cc, you may decide to swap you secondary tree runes for legend: tenacity as well as coup de grace or last stand. I very rarely do this because the sorcery tree offers so many options for movespeed (including waterwalking if you prefer that over celerity), but it can be helpful from time to time.
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