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Skarner General Guide by Tehsmeely

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tehsmeely

Jungle Skarner

Tehsmeely Last updated on February 6, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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-This is my first build!
-I have only been playing Skarner recently (Season 3) so of course this guide needs more refinement
-Other preferred builds for Skarner aren't based around Iceborn Gauntlet but this build gives a Skarner who can really penetrate a team and give quick and easy carry kills, rather than being a walking tank. It is a matter if play style and team composition.

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Fairly standard skill build order: max Q first, then W, then E, picking up ultimate when available. I like to pick up the E at level 3 (Which others dont do) but the extra range can move invaluable in some instances and since this build includes some AP by midgame, the spell isn't entirely useless and I dont want to go without it until level 13
Move speed quints - essential for Skarner to gank effectively
Armour Runes / MR Glyphs - Straight up tanky.
Attack speed Marks - Not really ideal build wise but the best option given marks, the attack speed proves useful when given the chance to attack stuff for an extended period of time thanks fro Skarner's passive.
Tanky focus, with bladed armour which is a personal preference. rest of the points are spent in until because Skarner does not need to focus on his damage, he does enough as it is and it's not his job anyway!

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This build focuses around the damage lent by the Iceborn Gauntlet, This really provides all the damage needed and an immense AoE slow. Once this is acquired the aim is just to build tanky as you see fit, with an Aegis/Bulwark if the support doesn't build one as an optional pick-up.

Move speed is also an important factor for ganking and general mobility, so feel free to pick up the Boots of Mobility earlier if needed.

The Shurelya's can also be picked up earlier if the team needs the movespeed for teamfights, otherwise give it a lower priority as there are more useful items.

In my opinion, sightstones are an essential build for all junglers now in S3 so that's definitely a core item

With regards to the Last slot in the end-game build, this will be very situational and in a majority of games you simply won't get this far! But simply grab an Aegis/Bulwark if no one else has one, or grab a Randuin's/Frozen Heart if they are an AD AS based team (For instance if you are getting owned by a fed Vayne) or pick up a Guardian Angel if you get burst down a lot, so you can outlast them in teamfights.

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Jungling/Farming and Ganking

General route is:
1. Smiteless Blue Start:

    smiteless blue (leash)
    red (solo)
    - Look for ganks at mid/bot -

2. Smited Blue Start
    blue (leash)
    - Look to gank mid/bot -

Due to his movespeed issues and lack of major CC pre-lvl6, ganking can seem lacklustre on Skarner before you have your ult. However, if you can get in a nice position and get a slow off with your Q, then ganks work just fine. But importantly if you cant gank just focus on farming up and reaching level 6 and a sheen/boots of mobility as fast as possible.
Post level 6 ganking techniques:
- Power into lane with your Boots of Mobility and W up, if possible go near some enemy minions and hit Q to empower yourself (enabling slow on next Q) and jump into whomever you are ganking. Dont necessarily start out with your Ult, but use it at the most opportune moment depending on who it is, and if your ally in the lane is close enough.
- Counter ganking turret dives or very near turret dives is a great time for Skarner. With your ult up simply march in and hold the offending enemy under the turret or pull them into range.

Important note with Skarner Ultimate:
- > Timing is everything and this takes some time to get your eye in, but if dragging an ulted enemy back, at the very last second turning 180 degrees will end up getting that person significantly further than otherwise and can make a huge difference; so definitely something worth working on!
- > The ult is very useful for stopping an enemy from either channeling a spell (Katarina or Nunu for example) or from finishing off a carry. For this reason if the ult isn't needed for an engage or gank, save it for these important tasks which you will need to think about carefully.

Notes regarding general jungling in season 3:
Season three has shifted jungling focus away from the early game, if you go in with a mentality that you must be super busy early or all is lost you will likely end up behind. Gank if and when you can in early game but don't take massive risks. Purely farming until you are effectively is a viable and often favourable strategy. Importantly don't take **** from needy lanes.

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Late Game / Teamfights

Once you reach lategame you should be fairly tanky but also extremely fast with your W up. Use this to your advantage when facing off with a team; getting in and ulting an AD/AP Carry and delivering them to your team can either give your team an easy carry kill, or initiate a favourable teamfight. Beyond this, attempting the be as central as possible, and getting a nice AoE slow on 4/5 of their team using your Q and the Iceborn Gauntlet will make a huge difference during a teamfight. Depending on the composition of your team your main job will either be protecting your AD/AP carries from their team, or shutting down their carries. Both jobs Skarner is great at, but provided you can catch the carries fairly easily I'd suggest focussing on enemies over bodyguarding. This is important to discuss/agree with your team during the game for optimal teamfighting.


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