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Warwick Build Guide by Last Primarch

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Last Primarch

Junwick: Supporting Your Team

Last Primarch Last updated on April 27, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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// Welcome to my first, and probably only, guide. I am Last Primarch, a Diamond V jungle main, and this is the champion and build that single-handedly took me from Gold II(where I ended Season 2013) to Diamond V in the first four days of Season 2014. Sadly, I dropped down to Plat I due to inactivity. I honestly got bored of WW after 100 ranked games with him and turned my attention to playing normals(because really, he's an astoundingly simple champion to play). I then returned to ranked with Feral Junwick and went 6-1 to regain my diamond rank. I won't call it freelo, but it's damn close.

-The purpose of this guide is to provide a general framework for a competitive jungling Warwick who is focused on supporting strong carries primarily in middle and bottom lane. In other words, this is a guide for friendly, team-loving people who enjoy complimenting good play by their allies.

-You will not solo enemy teams and you will not Highlander your way to victory, but you will be the shield that stands between your carries and defeat and you will be the spike that nails your enemies to floor so they can be wrecked by your friends.

-This is a guide for people who want to practice, learn, or improve their jungle. Junwick is not for the casual jungler who'd rather top but really doesn't want to support. As a safe jungler, he will help you learn the role. As a strong jungler, he will help you win games. And as a simple jungler, he will help you focus your mind on improving your skills at strategy. But he does not, will not, can not carry games if you don't know how to jungle(And that means secure objectives, read the flow of the game, and generally understand the basics of strategy. Being able to clear camps without getting executed is not knowing how to jungle).

-This did take me a while to make, so please do me the kindness of actually testing it before down/up-voting it. Constructive criticism is more than welcome, but insults or flattery are not. Just the facts, my lovely gentlemen.

-All information in white is useful, but deals with explanations and details that you may not care about. Text that looks like this is the absolute minimum that you need to know to play Junwick. And, if you're low-ranked or new to League of Legends, you should probably only pay attention to these bare minimum highlights for your first couple play-throughs until you get a good feel for him.

EDIT AND SHAMELESS PLUG: I'm looking for a five man team that plays regularly, uses a voice-chat system, and needs a jungler to practice with.

SUPER EDIT: None of the above introduction or below advice applies to my experimental secondary Feral Flare WW build. It's very much something that I'm still just beginning to test and I can't give sound advice on it just yet. I haven't played it in ranked, and I won't until I learn a lot more about it. My runes also do not take into account the recent changes, and I'll be figuring that out as I go. Don't worry, this guide will be updated just as soon as I learn how to viably bring Feral Flare to WW.

SUB-SUPER EDIT: Continuing to work on integrating Feral Flare. Added a Changelog at the bottom of the guide. Changed starting items for all Junwick builds. Significantly tweaked item options for Feral Junwick. Introducing Carrywick. Carrywick Disclaimer: Carrywick is exclusively for high-ranked smurfs and similar situations where you can't count on your team to be good. This is not, I repeat, not for people who think they're stuck in "Elo Hell" or anything like that. Carrywick is personally stronger, but makes his team much weaker, do not use it unless you're just having fun in normals.

// SPECIAL THANKS: Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here. Seriously, this was a lifesaver. Without it, I wouldn't even have attempted this.

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+ Incredible Sustain
+ Seriously, Full-Health Ganks Every Time
+ Incredible Ganks After Level 6
+ Low Cooldowns Late Game
+ Strong 1v1
+ Fantastic Clean-up
+ Mind-Boggling Teamfight Buff

// Most of what he does is self-explanatory; he heals, he heals, he heals some more, and occasionally he pins someone to the ground and rips their arms off like a droid just beat him at holo-chess. But the first, last, and most important thing that this guide is about is his W, Hunters Call. When maxed it gives 80% attack speed to WW and 40% attack speed to every teammate nearby. If you've only got one auto-attacker, that's very strong, if you've got two it's unbelievably good. If you've got three? GG and QQ, because the enemy team won't even know what happened to them.

- Low Mana
- Really Low Mana
- If you can't manage your mana, don't play Junwick
- Squishy If He Doesn't Gank Successfully
- Worse, if you die a few times, he'll become close to useless
- Seriously, don't fall behind
- Last, and most importantly, you need your team

// Junwick has three very real, very serious problems that you have to keep in mind at all times. First, your mana will be low unless you carefully watch it and don't Hungering Strike too much. Unless you take blue a lot, but you should be giving that to your team. Second, if you die, or have to back a lot, you'll fall behind. And a behind WW isn't useless, but he's damn bloody close. The last problem is that you need your team. Without them, you're not carrying anything. In particular, a fed ADC is what you really need. The good news, however, is that's Junwick's specialty.

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// I think the tank masteries are fairly self-explanatory, as they're quite strong right now. But, for sake of anyone new, let's sum it up and keep it simple: you need to stay alive. As long as you're alive, your team has vision on low health targets nearby regardless of wards or bushes or walls, and your team keeps the ever-important 40% attack speed buff. Your ADC won't thank you for it, but then, they never thank you for anything, do they?

-Some people may disagree with my choice of going into the support tree, I know many WW players like to take some of the offense masteries. I personally have a 6.6:1 KDA ({Kills+Assists}/Deaths) ratio over 50 games with Junwick in Season 2014, and I think my support masteriess are a relevant part of that. Seriously, those longer jungle buffs and faster movement speeds will save your rump without you ever realizing it.

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

Greater Seal of Scaling Armor

  • Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed: // You get to the enemy faster, you get away from the enemy faster, you go fast enough to scare the hell out of them when you emerge from the jungle. Sometimes they won't even notice you until you're half-way to them.
  • Greater Mark of Attack Damage: // Works together with your Attack Speed from Hunters Call to give you a great deal of early damage, helps up your clear time by a few seconds at the start(and they can be crucial). Attack Speed marks are a perfectly valid choice, and scale slightly better into late game, but I think the early boost from Attack Damage is more useful.
  • Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist: // This helps keep your magic resist up through the low MR of Wit's End while you finish off your Frozen Heart. In fact, if the enemy doesn't have many AP casters(or any at all) you might not need any other MR items.
  • Greater Seal of Scaling Armor: // With the changes I'm switching over to Scaling Armor. Here's my breakdown of why:
    -Flat Armor(9x): 9 Armor(180g)
    -Scaling Armor(9x): 27 Armor at 18(540g)
    -Flat Health(9x): 72(~192g)
    -Scaling Health(9x): 216 at 18(~576g)
    While the health is worth a little more in gold, WW's sustain means that damage reduction is more useful that straight max health. Still, Scaling Health is a perfectly viable choice.

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Summoner Spells

Flash: // While it can help you escape a bad situation, this is most useful for closing the gap to use your ult in early game. With those two gap closers combined, you can often gank straight up lane without worrying about being seen. However, it is best to not blow your flash if you can get close to them safely from another angle.

Smite: // You're jungling, get this. And try not to miss. I do it, you'll do it, even the pro junglers do it. It happens, but it shouldn't. Do better.

Ghost: // You could take this instead of Flash if you really wanted to, but you shouldn't.

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Ability Explanation

  • Eternal Thirst: // Every time you hit someone, they take magic damage and you heal for the same amount. Hitting the same target multiple times stacks this effect, up to a maximum of three stacks. What this means is that you should try to focus one target if you can, but don't be afraid to change it up if you have to. With Junwick's attack speed, you'll quickly be back up to 3 stacks anyway. Early on this isn't much, but by level 18 this ability is getting you 48 damage and 48 healing per strike at max stacks. Seriously, you will duel anyone who isn't fed and crush them. Even Nasus will usually lose to this late game(if he isn't fed, nothing beats fed Nasus late game). Remember, attacking gives health. If you're in a team fight, and you don't think you can get away, then keep attacking. It'll buy your allies a little more time to do what they can.

  • Hungering Strike (Q): // This ability does two things, it nukes the enemy for a significant chunk of their max health, or a flat amount depending on which is higher. It then gives you back 80% of that damage as healing. However, you are naturally squishy, and building Wits End will make it worse. You absolutely must have the mana to use this ability when you gank. The burst damage is incredibly useful, the heal lets you take damage for your laner, and the cooldown is low enough to sometimes use 2-3 times in a gank. That means, to fully use this ability in an extended early gank you will need a blue buff or 2/3+ of your mana bar. If you have blue, cast this constantly. If not, cast only for healing or to help damage enemy champions/dragon/baron.

  • Hunters Call (W): // This. This is Junwick's bread and butter. This is what brings him up from a good mid-game jungler to a solid late-game presence. The attack speed it gives Junwick is huge. Just huge. But what you really need from it is the half-effect it gives to your team. Watch ADCs wreck their lanes without you needing to do much damage, watch Fizz laugh as he suddenly starts wrecking his targets without even using abilities. And its mana cost is so low I barely need to mention it. This ability is patently OP, in every sense of the word, and brings Junwick's somewhat lackluster skillset up from 'meh' to 'awesome'. Best of all, by the end of the game, you can cast it almost the second its duration is over. Plus it will net you so many assists it will boggle your mind. Mmmm, delicious gold and KDA. If you're in a team fight, cast this. If you're near your team, cast this. If you're ganking, cast this. If you're taking tower, you better damn well be -casting this-. And make sure you cast it before you ult!

  • Blood Scent (E): // This ability lets Junwick sense enemies in a fairly large radius who are below 50% health and gives him a hefty bump to his movement speed when he catches their scent. All of which is useful, but the best part is that in team fights low health enemies simply cannot juke into and out of bushes. You will always have vision on them, and so will your carries. This ability should always be on, and you don't need to worry about using it. Just enjoy its delicious effects.

  • Infinite Duress (R): // This is the complicated part of Junwick's list of abilities. Not because it's hard to use. In fact, learning Junwick is ridiculously easy and takes almost no mechanical skills at all. No, this ability is complicated because it has a dozen uses and in every fight you have to decide what to use it for. Do you use it catch that support/tank/carry that stepped an inch too close to you? Do you use it to peel for your carry? Do you simply hit their heaviest damage dealer and keep him out of the fight for almost two seconds? These are decisions you'll have to make in the moment, and this ult used wrong can throw an entire game by getting you killed and taking your team with you when they try to back you up. Keep it simple until you develop your own strategy. Peel for you carries. Someone goes for your ADC? Nail them to the ground. Don't think, don't wonder if you'll get CCed off. Give your ADC time to break free. Save them!

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Ability Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> > >
// Nine out of ten times you won't need to worry about this. He has no especially good sequence that you must follow. Just remember. Always use Hunters Call right at the start of a fight, and if you're fighting 1v1, use Hungering Strike before and after Infinite Duress. For teamfights, save Infinite Duress for the right moment to pin someone powerful down.

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// Take this over the free ward. It lasts longer, it helps scare lanes when you take their ward and generates map presence even when you're not there. But, most importantly, you will almost never be counter-jungling with Junwick so don't bother getting any other trinket.

// Get this on your first back. I don't care what else you can get. Get this first. You need the mana, you want the health, and the extra damage is good too.

// Get this after Spirit Stone. Unless they have no auto-attackers, but I don't think I've ever seen that happen. On your first back, if you can afford this after Spirit Stone, get it. It keeps you alive very well, and has no competition since Spirit of the Ancient Golem gives you Tenacity.

// After Ninja Tabi. Always after. You want the faster boots for better ganks before this item. However, once you get this item, watch jungling become incredibly easy. Health, Cool Down Reduction, extra damage to monsters, Tenacity. This item has it all.

// Junwick has one serious problem as a ganker, and that is that he brings only a little burst and not much after that other than a decent auto-attack. This item adds to your ult's burst by 200 damage, almost doubles your auto-attacking damage through it's bonus damage and attack speed, it gives you the Magic Resist that you need to balance out your Ninja Tabi against a team with both damage types, and even shreds off Magic Resist from the enemy so you do more damage from Eternal Thirst and your AP Carry Team Mate can wreck them.

// So, your whole team has a 40% attack speed buff. And now your enemy has -20% attack speed? Yeah, that seems fair. /sarcasm Oh, and did I mention it basically doubles your mana, gives insane Cool Down Reduction, and makes you laugh in the face of ADCs? Get this. Get it as fast as you can and laugh at how easy the game becomes.

// Very strong against teams with more than one-auto attacker. Especially since you can ult into a teamfight, wait a couple seconds, pop the active and laugh as they all scramble to fight off your team while looking like they're wading through mud. It's especially nice for the extra health it gives you, since so far your only bonus health comes from Spirit of the Ancient Golem.

// This should only be bought against teams that have nothing but auto-attacks, or whose AP Carry has been completely shut down and does nothing. But if they are all auto-attackers, build this and laugh them into submission as your heals keep you alive and their own attacks melt them.

// Need more MR against a high AP team? Grab this. It's the only strong MR item that really makes sense on Junwick, even post nerf. It amplifies all his heals, gives him the last bit of CDR that he needs, and even gives a nice chunk of health to your low-health tank-build.

// This one should be pretty rare. In fact, the only situation where you should build it is if your support is not already doing so and you've accidentally taken too many kills during ganks. That's right, if your kills are higher than your assists, you should be giving back to the team by buying this. Do not buy this and Spirit Visage. Only get one or the other.

// This item -is- incredibly strong on Junwick. There's no doubt of that. However, for this build and this guide, your role is not to carry. Your role is to support. And for that you need to be tanky, and this item does not bring the tankiness. This is usually my last item built, and I only get it so that I do enough damage that their carries can't ignore me. You don't really need the speed steal, you're already fast enough, and you have plenty of sustain. Essentially, this item does what Junwick already does, and so it can be ignored until you get all the cool aura items that help out your team. Still, it's pretty sweet if you do get it.

// I'm not really a fan of this item, post-nerf. While it is unarguably strong on Lanewick, it lacks many of the strengths you want in a jungler. After Wit's End your jungle clear is already fast enough that this adds little too it. One of the main draws of Sunfire Cape is and has always been that it helps you get assists as a tank, but with Hunters Call you should be getting assists on every kill in a team fight anyway. Essentially, this is wasted gold that could be better spent on Frozen Heart or Randuin's Omen.

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Your Jungle

// A diagram to represent this would be insanely complex, so I'll try to explain it all simply. Your early game is very important and should go almost exactly like this.
Here is your specific start path:

-Take blue at Ancient Golems first with smite. Go straight to the Red Buff Lizard and take that with smite, which will come up just in time. Spam Hungering Strike and Hunters Call to keep your health up.

-If top is getting pressured: take the top neutral camp for level 3 and try to gank. Even if it's warded, they may not expect you. Do not try to chase if they get ahead of you, instead back out and remove their ward with sweeper. If they're dumb enough to come back into lane, gank again. If not, leave and laugh as your top lane gets free farm.

-If mid is getting pressured: take the wraiths for level 3 and use the same steps as for top lane.

-Either way, continue to farm wolves/wraiths/golems and gank either top or mid if they get in trouble. This may be the only help top gets from you all game, so try to make it count. Do not simply hang out in bushes and wait. If your gank fails, go right back to farming. If you take damage, that's what the 3 Health potions are for. When you get 1025+ gold, recall and get your first items.

-It should be 6:30 to 7:00 into the game at this point, so head to your blue buff. Grab wolves if it hasn't spawned yet. You'll either hit six now, or after you take the Large Wraith to the side of the Ancient Golem. Time to get busy.

-Bot or mid(whichever is pressured the most) should get your level six gank. Nail the ADC(or support if you really can't get the ADC) or Mid laner to the ground and enjoy your first kill unless you've messed up horribly or the laner is bad. Either way, get back to farming, and grab your red.

-At this point, follow your instincts. Gank when you think it's safe to gank, even if you're not sure you'll get a kill because pressure is good. Farm, farm, farm, and gank every time your ult comes up. I don't care if you want one more camp, ganking is more important. Camp mid and bottom lane like your life depends on it, because your Win/Loss Ratio definitely does. Try not to take kills, but don't worry if you do. Taking it is much better than letting them get away.

-Gank for your most effective laner, and get them fed. If both laners are good, gank for whichever is most likely to get you a kill. For instance, Karthus is much more likely to be unable to escape than a Lucian/Thresh combo. Do not gank bot without your ult unless you're positive of a successful kill. If both lanes are equally good and equally hard to gank, gank for your ADC. You want them fed as much as possible. They are your precious baby, spoil them.

-Recall when you have to, but remember that doing damage to monsters gets you mana now through your Spirit Stone or Spirit of the Ancient Golem and so a simple Hunters Call can give you plenty of damage to clear a camp along with smite while giving you more mana than you spend by quite a bit. The more you recall, the less gold and experience you'll have, so try to stay in jungle until there is a major item you can buy.

-But here's rule #1 of Junwick: Don't die. Don't do it. Never, ever, ever-ever. If you died during laning phase, you screwed up badly or were massively unlucky(probably the former). Junwick is an incredibly safe ganker and jungler. Make use of that. I often get a couple kills and assists before level 6, and I get one at 6 95% of the time because Junwick's ult is just that good. By the time the game hits twelve minutes you should have been involved in 6 to 10 kills if you're doing well. No less than 4, or you're doing very, very badly.

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// I've laid it out in pretty simple terms so far with each stage of this guide, but let me say it once more for perfectly clarity. Teamfights are where you shine, assuming you didn't mess up during laning phase. Make sure your Hunters Call is cast before you ult, and keep casting it every time it comes off cooldown. Your job is to peel for carries and ult into their back line to pin down enemy carries. Just remember, keep not dying. As long as you're doing that, you're winning.

That's the simple version. Here's where it gets more complex. Simply put, when to go in or not is up to you. You have to develop a feel for when to go in all on your own, because the right time for you to go in is not quite the same as the right time for me to go in. Junwick is a strategy champion, not a mechanics champion. If you want to win by reflexes, go find a Lee Sin guide. Junwick is a champion designed to have the maximum effect on a game, with the maximum amount of potential to change it, with the very smallest of actions. Your ults, and your Hunters Call will make or break entire games, and one wrong ult can feed the enemy team an ace. The most important thing is to recognize when you ****ed up, and Admit it to your team. In chat. Immediately. Chances are pretty good that if you ****ed up, you'll have plenty of time to apologize while your respawn timer ticks down.

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Champions of Special Mention

// This is a prime example, but anyone with a skill shot CC is usually a very good friend to have with Junwick. Just ult in, and then let them Chain CC your poor victim to death. Other honorable mentions include Lux, Blitzcrank, Thresh, Zyra, and Elise.
// Frankly, any strong bursty champion works very well with WW. Get two of them on his team and nearby, and anyone he ults will basically get erased.
// Any champion that benefits from attack speed is going to love having Junwick around.

So, to recap, anyone with skill shot CC, burst, or auto-attacks is really good with Junwick. ...yeah, he works in pretty much every comp. Which is why he's a great choice to help raise your rank in solo queue.

// His wide range of CC makes it very easy for him to stop your ult, make sure you're no where near him when you go for it, or that his abilities are on cooldown.
// She is one of the few champions that is regularly successful at kiting WW, and can do a good job of protecting her ADC if she's paying attention. (Most Jannas are airheads though, so you should be fine.)
// Don't ult him while his dodging ability is active. Just don't.
// Kayle's ult can counter the burst of your allies if you all-in on a champion, but doesn't prevent the CC. Simply use your ult for peeling, not engaging.
// She's very strong right now and her CC makes her excellent for peeling WW. Try to either eliminate her early, go in when her abilities are on cool down, or don't ult near her.
// Lulu's ult directly counters Junwick's. Either deliberately bait it out so she can't use it later in the fight, or wait until after she uses her ult before using yours.
// Like Leona Thresh's kit makes him perfect for peeling your ult off his ADC, and he actually tends to be even more effective at it than she is due to low Cool Downs and AoE displacement.
// Wukong's ult can immediately stop your ult if you use your ult on Wukong or somewhere near him. Don't do it. Or make sure his ult hits you before you ult.
// His ult has the same effect as Wukong's. Counter it in the same way.

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A Few Last Notes

// Now, here's the last and most important thing that you must know to play this champion well. Think. Think until it hurts. Hold all the numbers in your head. Dragon Respawn time, Baron Respawn time, Red and Blue buff spawn times on your side, and even on their side if you can. Look at every lane, watch the little dots move and realize who's winning or losing. When a lane is going to push. You won't get it right the first time, the tenth time, and you won't always get it right the fiftieth time. But you'll learn. You'll feel the flow of the game just by glancing at your mini map occasionally.

You'll learn, hopefully, which lanes are losing and whether you can salvage them. And even better, which lanes are winning, and should you bother to help them? As the jungler, and particularly as Junwick, you are the straw that will break the camels back, the finger tip that pushes the scales one way or the other. And with Junwick, just being at the right place, at the right time, and pushing R will win you games.

But here, here is the final and most important truth of winning as Junwick:
You don't win games. Your team mates do. You are merely the catalyst that makes them the absolute best that they can be. If your ADC is bad, you're bad. If your AP Carry can't carry, then you've failed. Your one and only role, is to make sure those two lanes rule the game.

And that means there is one last, and most important skill to Junwick: Compliment your team. Find every little thing they're doing right, and tell them about it. Short words, you don't need to compose a love poem. A simple "Good job, top lane", "Well played, Support" is all you need to do. You don't even need to see what they're doing. Are they 0/2 but still ahead in farm? Compliment them on that. Are they down in farm but made a clutch defensive kill when they got ganked? Pat them on the back and do it with a grin. And never, ever, ever, ever-ever suggest that someone is bad. Suggest being more cautious, or tell them that you baited them into that and you're sorry.

Whatever you do, make sure you are the nicest person they will play with all week. Be there for them, give them crazy great Attack Speed buffs, pin the enemy to the ground, save their life, and tell them that they did all of it. Never suggest jungle carried their lane, never ever suggest that you are making them stronger. Just tell them how awesome they are. It will win you games faster than any fancy plays. I kid you not.

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Final Words

// I know there is a lot of information here, and that some of it is fairly specific. I know also that certain things have been left completely out, either because I couldn't think of them or because I believe that you have to figure some things out for yourself. If you think I've missed/forgotten/ignored something important, please tell me in a friendly and coherent way.

-And remember, always, this is a guide. It is a guide to a specific way to play a champion, and isn't even necessarily the best way to play that champion. It's a way that worked for me, and could work for you, so make it your own and change it however you need to in order to play the game you enjoy.

// SPECIAL THANKS AGAIN: Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here.
Additional credit to Ubnoxius for the chapter banners, it's much appreciated.

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Start - 4/11/2014: Lots of things. Didn't keep track. I'm good at record keeping that way.

4/27/2014: Several Large Changes:
-Added Changelog
-Reworked Starting Items for all builds.
-Tweaked most items sections for Feral Junwick and modified notes.
-Added Carrywick Build(Not Recommended).