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Sion Build Guide by blitzboon

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author blitzboon

Just AP Sion <Stun Boom Bang>

blitzboon Last updated on October 5, 2011
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Welcome to my favourite Champ named Sion:)

If you decide to play Sion there will be one question:" AD or AP?".
I can give you an answer play Sion OP!!

I have played LoL for around a year now and tried lots of Champions,
but none was as amazing as AP Sion.

Another point why I wrote this guide is that the last patch was a nice buff for Sion.
But no other guide was updated after this buff, so I created my own one.

I will try to show you why he is the perfect champ and I hope you will enjoy my first guide;)

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Naturally Sion has 4 abilities like every champion.

The only diffrence is that 2 of his abilities are very nice if you play him as an AD champ and the other 2 are better with AP Sion.

First of all the 2 AP supported abilities:

1. Cryptic Gaze:

- Scales 1:1 with your AP and stuns your enemy

- Nice chasing skill

- Constant mana cost -> the first ability we will max

2. Death's Caress

- Scales 1:1 with your AP and can be used to attack enemys or to safe your ***

- Hits all enemys around you with full dmg

- the second skill we will max

Because of this combo Sion is such a amazing champ.

Both abilities have a basic damage of around 300 +100% AP.
End game you will have around 450 AP.
Your basic attack damage will be around 110.

300+450 =750 Damage per ability -> 1500 Damage + your Lich Bane autohit(110 + 450)= 2060 DMG

Thats why I call it <Stun Boom Bang> you will see what I mean if you try my guide ;)

At last we have our 2 AD supported abilities:

3. Enrage

- Some AD -> scales with Sheen and helps you destroying towers

- Nice effect -> gives you more max HP with every last hit

4. Cannibalism

- Not the best ultimate for AP Sion but some heal can always be nice during laning-phase

- You get very much AS during your ult that helps you giving a champ the last hit or destroying a tower much faster

- The healing effect on your mates is more than not considerable cause you are an AP champ :D

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Pros / Cons


- Hard Nuke
- Stun with high DMG output on one Champ
- Big Shield to safe you or to cause a high DMG output on all enemys around you
- Q and W scale 1:1 with your AP
- Gaining more and more live with your E


- Hard to understand that you are not God and that you will need your team ;)
- "Useless" ult nice to heal yourself a bit but its an AP Build so dont care about your ult ;)

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These are my preferred runes:


Magicpen -> best for every AP Champ


Greater Seal of Replenishment Flat Mana/5sec -> You will need high ManaRegg


CD Reduction -> As Sion you have just 2 good abilities so we need CD Reduction


Flat AP -> To give us more BOOM early game

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9/0/21 Like the most AP champs

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Core - Items

- First buy a Dorans Ring -> HP, AP and Mana/5sec = The best start item with AP Sion

- Next are the normal boots ->Speed +1 = Give you the speed that you need to annoy your enemys ;)

- Now its time to get Sheen -> AP, Mana, nice Passive = some BOOM and your autohits hit much harder between your 2 abilities

- Optional you can buy this before Sheen (just buy it if your lane is easy to handly and you will get much kills) -> AP per Stack + 20-Stack-Passive -> Much Boom! You will get focused!!

- Finish your Boots -> Speed + 2 and MagicPen = More BOOOM

- Rylais -> HP, AP, Slow = It will make you strong enough to hit very hard and to be tough enough to fight

- Rabadon -> AP, AP and more AP = BOOOOOOM!!!

- Finish your Lich Bane -> Mana, AP, MagicResist, much better Passive = An autohit + 100% of your AP just amazing

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The last Item

If you dont buy Mejai's you will have just 5 items in your build.
Most games you wont need a 6th item cause the game is over before you have completed your build ;)

But if there is such a rare match you have very much different choices :)
I will list you my preferred ones:)

The 6th item:

1. Guardian Angel -> AP Sion is a annoying char ;) With a guardian angel you will come back after your death and **** up your enemys a 2nd time :D

2. You feel your BOOM is not hard enough take some extra AP like an Abyssal Scepter + some MagicResist or Will of the Ancients if you have one more hard AP nuker like Brand:)

3. If you feel that your enemys try to focus you or they have much CC's get this. Some mana, hp and a nice effect.

4. Hextech Gunblade ;) yes it seems strange but you will be suprised how nice it is to get healed by your abilities (most games I would prefer the other 2 options)

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Summoner Spells

My Summoner Spells are like shown above:

Ghost (Chasing Enemys running away from you to get them in your stun and BOOM them)
Ignite (Nice early game. Running out of the jungle -> Stun -> Shield -> Ignite = Safe kill)

You can take flash if you want just try a bit and you will get the feeling what fits to you :)

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Farming is very easy with AP Sion. You will recognize that your shield will kill waves of minions with one explosion just watch the map where a big minion wave is moving straight to your tower and erase them.

Your E is a nice feature cause every minion kill will give you more life even if you kill them with your abilities :)

So try to get much waves BOOM them and get tougher every time :)

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Early Game:

Dominate your lane!!
If you are 2 vs 2 on bot or top lane annoy your enemys as much as possible. Hide in the bush activate your shield and run out Stun->Shield->Autohit.
Repeat this as often as possible but dont waste your mana on champs with high life regg or life leach:)

If your mate is not too ******ed you will have a very easy laning phase with much kills/assists and underleveled enemys.

Gank the lanes!!

If you are 2 vs 1 on top lane you can help your mates easily.
Ganking begins by reaching level 4. Now you will have your shoes and you should start ganking mid and bot lane.

Be sure that your mate on top can hold the lane alone!

Smart -> Win!!

Sion is also nice on solo lane 1 vs 1 or 1 vs 2.
Just play smart and dont waste your mana.
Wards have the highest priority when your are solo to prevent ganks!

Mid Game:

Once you have destroyed the enemys tower and you have some kills mid game begins.
Now you should start ganking all lanes. Getting some wards is always helpfull!

Your stun will be hard and your shield too so gank and get as much kills/assists as possible!

If no one needs it, take blue buff as often as possible:)

End Game:

Now End Game starts...well there are alot of people who think AP Sion is not good, that AD Sion would be the master of End Game...but let me tell you they are wrong :D

When End Game starts you should have about 5-8 kills and some nice items.
The only difficult thing is to play smart.
All in all you are no range but you are as dangerous as the others.

Starting a fight by stunning a squishy walking alone in the jungle or stunning kata/nunu/ww while they try to ult.

Sqhishys will die in one second just play smart and play with your team...dont run into 5 enemys stunning one and crying after your death why your team didnt help you.

Play with your team and End Game will be funny cause you can see 3 enemys chasing your ad carry and at the time they see you running straight to them they will turn around and run as fast as they can;)

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Game History

Some of my games :)

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Yes this is the end of my guide and I hope you enjoyed reading it.

I hope you can understand now why I play Sion and why he is such an amazing champ.

Just remember that LoL is a ****ing teamgame and if you want to be succesfull fight together with your team to win.

Please comment as much as you can and give me some feedback.
I'm happy about every comment.Please try to avoid troll and senseless comments :)

If you like my guide try it and vote for me!

Greetz Blitzboon