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Karma Build Guide by KarmaTheGodess

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KarmaTheGodess

Karma protector of the good and destruction of the evil

KarmaTheGodess Last updated on May 13, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello. I am MariosTheGreatCY and welcome to my build guide to an underestimated but very fun and powerful champ. Karma is IMHO one of the most enjoyable champions to play and requires little skill to learn her but a hell lot of skill to master her.
In this guide I intend to give advice how to play karma as an APC mid laner. We will start by giving a general overview of Karma explaining who she is and what role she can play in a team . We will follow this up with some advantages and disadvantages of her kit. Her pros and cons will be justified by explaining her skills and abilities and how we can take advantages of the various items available for her. Finally we will give a summary of the overall guide.
So if you would like to master a champ that can kite, protect,cc and deal tons of damage, then you are in the right place!!

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General Overview

Karma has always been a very unpopular champion. The reasons behind this is basically because no one takes the time to know her. Her abilities and title as a "support" may seem weak but if you combine them she has a unique kit that can power up a whole team even if she falls behind in early game. Even though Karma is regarded as a Support IMHO she is best as a mid or even a top laner. Her kit allows her to bully her opponent in the lane, especially if the opposing champion is a melee champion. She can farm easily (even though her auto-atacks don't help much) with her Q +AA. She is relatively hard to gank because of her
Inspire but she is also a good ganker herself because of her Focused Resolve and slow of Inner Flame. Karma has amazing AOE burst. Her Mantra + Inner Flame can drop almost any player to half (or even less) health with a single blow. Finally karma is an excellent kiter and she can protect her whole team with Mantra + Inspire.

From what is been said above, it should be clear that karma is a powerful pick because can offer excellent utility skills as well as protection and huge AOE damage! So if you are looking for all these features, Karma is your pick. At this point it should be a good time to discuss what are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing karma.

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Pros / Cons

Karma as all champions is not perfect. In this section we shall discuss in detai her advantages and disadvantages.


+Strong Laner and farmer. Can farm from a safe distance and push large minion waves easily with her Mantra+ Inner Flame= Soulflare.
+Great Sustain and hard to kill because of her Inspire
+Difficult to gank and can survive most strong ganks.
+Difficult to dive because she can link you with her Mantra + Focused Resolve = Renewal and then inner flame you to death.
+Good crowd control.
+Has ultimate from level 1 (3 ultimates to chose from).
+Strong team damage and burst with one of the largest AOE damages the game has.
+One of the most unique champions in the game also unpopular which makes it difficult for players to counter in ranks!
+Can see invisible champions like shako, wukong, rengas, akali etc .
+Can be a bully if you chose to be (deny farm to melee opponents easily).
+Can bring great utility to the team and protect a whole team with Mantra + Inspire= Defiance
+Mana Efficient


-Her main damage is a skill shot. May be difficult to land and easily dodged.
-No real passive (not sure if this is true).
-Requires fast reactions when choosing ulti and combos.
-Easy to learn. Very difficult to master .
-Squishy without her abilities
-Requires farm.
-People rage when they see her go mid because she is unpopular.

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In his section we will talk about the suggested runes of this build. Note that these runes are general AP runes. They can be altered if you chose to go more tankier or if you feel you need more CR . I will also do an experimental build with Spellvamp runes. I sugest the runes that can be seen at the beginning of this guide as I believe those give the maximum potential for a skilful karma. Alternately you can switch mana regeneration seals for armour seals.

Preferred Runes:


Greater Mark of Precision

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
  • Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration:These ,in my opinion, are the most viable marks at the moment. They offer you handy magic penetration and make sure that the spells of Karma get closer to true damage. You need these runes to ignore as much as magic resistance possible of your enemy team. It also offers you Arm Pen which helps you last hit and harass your opponent with AA. I don't recommend full magic penetration runes cz the difference is not that much.
  • Greater Seal of Armor: These runes help karma against auto-attacks and also give her armor to be a bit more tankier.
  • Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power: These runes give karma more ability power while she is scaling up lvl. They are better than normal flat ap runes because they give you more ap after mid game. These runes could be replaced by cooldown reduction runes or maybe even magic resistance runes. However I believe a skilful karma should fall towards scaling AP runes.
  • Greater Quintessence of Ability Power these quintessence's are to give you more ap at the beginning. I will try and reaplace them with spell vamp in the future just so I can experiment and see if I can heal myself.

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In this section we will talk about the masteries that suit a strong offesive AP karma

Karma's passive allows her to reduce her ultimate when she hits enemy champions with spells or auto-attacks. We try to take advantage of this in the mastery page by giving her 15 % cooldown reduction, but we also try to give her as much damage possible in order to make her a real APC. Giving her this much cooldown reduction allows us to use our ulti 3-4 times in a single teamfight ,that is if we combine her with the correct items and position.


As you can see from the masteries we try to take all the offensive masteries that are available for Karma. We then leave the defensive almost empty besides some health regeneration. Instead we try to buff further up her already astonishing mana effieciency by giving her more mana regeneration. At this point we will go in more detail why we chose each mastery.

Offensive tree:

  • Sorcery: this mastery gives karma a total 5 % Cooldown when maxed. This is a very solid and viable mastery for her. The reason this is a good mastery is because of karmas nature as a mage. A mage depends on it's abilities/spells to do damage. As a result cooldown reduction will allow Karma to use her spells more often. Attack damage wont do any good to karma.
  • Butcher : This mastery is useful in order for karma to get last hits easier. Also it can be upgraded to Feast.
  • Feast: gives 2 health for each minion and 1 mana. This allows karma to stay longer in the lane and get more gold and experience.
  • Expose Weakness : this is a very interesting mastery. It is useful in teamfights. Since karma does AOE damage, she can allow your whole team to deal 1% more damage for 3 sec. This might change the outcome of a whole teamfight so I believe it is great for karma.
  • Mental Force even though this mastery doesn't help much in early game it can help a bit in late. it also allows us to upgrade it to very nice masteries further in the tree.
  • Arcane Mastery pretty straight forward. Just remember more AP= more damage and shielding when using yr spells.
  • Executioner : This solid mastery is a useful mastery. Most of the times you will be in a situation when your opponent is below 50 % of his health. So this mastery if maxed will give you some good extra damage.
  • Archmage : This mastery is great since it will give you a significant amount of AP especially in late game.
  • Spell Weaving : Since you will be autoatacking a lot you can get up to 3 % more damage on your spells.
  • Devastating Strikes : Give you magic penetration which makes your abilities to get closer to true damage. It also gives u some armor penetration which helps you on last hitting and harassing in early game.
  • Arcane Blade : Gives your autoattacks some damage which you help you in many situations.
  • Havoc : Solid mastery that give you 3 % extra damage which is excellent.

Defensive tree:

  • Recovery : 2 points on this mastery and you will have 2 more health regeneration per 5 seconds. Helps you stay in lane longer.

Utility tree:

  • Fleet of Foot: 1 point on this mastery and you will have 1 % more movement speed. Combined with Inspire this can make you one very fast.
  • Meditation : Three points are enough to get the mana regeneration karma need in early game.

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In this section we will talk in more detail about the items we can have for a good karma. My preference is to go as offensive as possible. The reason why I chose to go offensive (a little defensive with a Rylai's) is because I can position my self very well when I have karma. I can nuke people from a safe distance and kite easily. This is why I believe defensive items decrease my potential since I try not to die and do as much damage as possible from a safe distance. Also karma's shield provides me enough chance to get out of most situations alive.

Starting items:

2 X + 3 X +

I like to start with these items because with the skill and expirience I have with karma I can stay a very long time in lane. Also this item allows me to rush Athene's Unholy Grail. We will explain later why we chose Athene's Unholy Grail.
Many players like starting with Boots of Speed or a Doran's Ring. A Doran's Ring might be a good item if you feel that you need some extra ap. But it will slow down your build. As for Boots of Speed, I don't recommend them at this stage. They give you unnecessary speed. Why unnecessary? You wont be ganking at at this stage and you also have your Inspire in case you need some speed to avoid skillshots or ganks. Also your Q allows you to harass and farm from a safe distance, as a result, Boots of Speed can be acquired at a later stage.

Sweeping Lens: This is the trinket of my choice. Why do I chose this trinket instead of Warding Totem like other mid laners normally suggest? The reason is simple. You will be buying wards either way. Why not deny the vision of the mid laner and keep vision just for yourself. Furthermore this can be sueful when you roam or when you team is going to do dragon and baron. Also this allows you to see invisible units like teemo's shrooms or even champions. As a result this is much useful item than Warding Totem.

First and second back:

, , or ,

On our first return we try to solve any possible mana problems by finishing Chalice of Harmony. This will not only give you some mana sustain but it will also provide you with magic resistance which is very useful against AP champions. You should get 2 Stealth Ward's in order to keep you aware of possible ganks. If its possible to get Fiendish Codex then get it. If not then take boots. It is also good to spend any remaining gold on Health Potion's in order to survive without any problems and stay in the lane longer. At your second back or at worst at your third you should be able to finish Athene's Unholy Grail and Sorcerer's Shoes. These shoes will give you the extra magic penetration that makes your spells get closer to true damage.

Essential items:

, ,

Why are these items essential? Why do i prefere a Rylai's Crystal Scepter from a Rod of Ages? Rylai's gives you the same amount of of ap as rod of ages however it gives you no mana and less health than Rod of Ages. As a result, many will chose Rod of Ages which is a great substitution item. I might be shifting my self to rode of ages, but I believe a Rylai's is much more useful because it adds a constant powerful slow on your Focused Resolve which helps on kiting (especially players like udyr nad nasus) and rooting your enemies. So I believe we can sacrifice some mana and health ( which we don't really need) in order to get that extra slow. Also it procs with your Q and Defiance can slow up the whole enemy team.
Rabadon's Deathcap is a must on all AP's. Its gives you an enormous amount of AP which is simply essential for a mage.
Liandry's Torment Is a godo magic penetration item. A good substitution would be Void Staff, but I prefere this one in order to take down tanky champions and get some health.

**Tip before buying Rylai's: I try to get Giant's Belt first in order to survive. If I cant, I try to get Blasting Wand. If i cant get that either I go for Amplifying Tome. However if you have the money always try to get the most expensive item first except in situational times.

Take 1 depending on situation

, , , ,

Void Staff is a good items if you have many players with tanky magic resistance builds. This will give you enough magic penetration in order for your spells to do the max affect possible.

Abyssal Mask is useful when you have against you many AP champions. It can save your life but it can also lower your opponents magic resistance. Definitely a nice item you could add.

Morellonomicon: is a very nice item. It has a fair amount of AP but give you a very good amount of cooldown reduction and mana regeneration. You may add this in the place of Athene's Unholy Grail if you want to go glass cannon but I only suggest this items against players with good regeneration/lifesteal/spellvamp like
Nasus, Swain, Ryze, Singed, Dr. Mundo etc because of its amazing passive (grievous wounds) .

Zhonya's Hourglass is a great item to grant you armor but also it has a great active which can save you if they try to focus you in team-fights. Definitely a considerable item if you also take in the ammount of AP it gives.

Deathfire Grasp: This is a powerful item for those who want to get in their enemy's face. It gives you some extra cooldown but it also gives you a large amount of AP. Furthermore if you manage to get close to you enemy you can nuke them with your active.

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Summoner Spells

Not much to talk about in this section. All I will say us that I prefer Flash and Ignite. Flash is good in order to get out in tight situation's or do those extreme plays to get a kill or save a teammate. Ignite is a good spell for extra damage to finish off your opponent or to prevent him from healing (mundo, master yi,nasus etc..0

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Skill Sequence - Abilities

In this section we will talk about Karma's abilities. What they do, how useful they are and in which order we should chose to upgrade them. Note that karma has a unique kit and is one of the best poke champs in the game.

I max first Inner Flame. The reason why I do this is because it the spell that does the most damage and its spamable. Also it can help me harass and farm easily and it also slows enemies. I then max Focused Resolve in order to get more damage and to heal myself in situations needed. I am sceptical whether I should upgrade Inspire before Focused Resolve but I usually max it last exept when I play karma as a supp. I max my ulti whenever I have an opportunity as everyone normally does.


"Damaging enemy champions with abilities refreshes 2 seconds of Mantra's cooldown, and half that amount on basic attacks against enemy champions."

Many people call this a useless passive. They even say things like "Karma has no passive". I strongly disagree with them. This passive is PERFECT for karma. It allows her tu sue her ulti up to 4 times in a teamfight. The outcome she can nuke and shield her team while surviving herself. That is if she is positioned well.

-Try to hit your enemies with autoatacks (at laning phase mainly).
-Try to hit them with spells (hitting multiple enemies with one Inner Flame couldowns your Mantra 2 * the enemies you have hit. e.g. hits 2 enemis then 4 sec cooldown).
- Focused Resolve can cooldown your ulti by 6 Sec)

"Fires a blast of energy that explodes on enemy contact dealing 80 / 125 / 170 / 215 / 260 (+60% of ability power) magic damage to enemies in the area and slowing them by 25% for 1.25 seconds."

Mantra bonus

So lets do the maths here: At level 16 maxed Q with 500 AP, a single Soulflare can do 785 + 150%AP if full affect takes place=785+750=1535 damage in an area affect shot! If it gets all 5 champs it can do 5*1535=7675 damage in a single blow!! So karma is useless you say? Think again.

-This slows the enemies(y) so use it to help your teamates chase or to escape when they are running away.
-Use it wisely to farm from a safe distance (when you have the appropriate mana)
-Use it to harass your enemy and deny him farm. Combine it with Mantra
-use it to check if someone is in the bush. You will hear the sound if it hits someone.
-use it to kite the enemy when they chasing you.

"Karma forms a tether to target enemy champion, revealing and damaging the target for 60 / 110 / 160 / 210 / 260 (+60% of ability power) magic damage over 2 seconds, dealing 10 / 18.33 / 26.67 / 35 / 43.33 (+10% of ability power) magic damage at 0.66-second intervals. Gathering Fire is applied every time this ability damages. If the tether is not broken after the 2 seconds, the target is rooted for 1 / 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2 seconds."

Mantra bonus

So this ability not only it can do some decent damage,not only it can root a champion up to 2 sec (with a low cooldown to use it again), not only it lowers your mantra by (6 sec) but it also heals you for more than 1/5 of your missing health. Combine with a rylai's it can slow the opponent significantly.

-Use it on melee champs to root them.
-Use it when kiting a champ or running away.
-Use it with Mantra to heal yourself while damaging your opponent.
-Use it to reveal champs like Akali, Rengar, Shaco, Wukong etc..
-Try to combine it with inspire. see your healthbar staying the same while his diminishes dramatically.
-Once Vladimir is linked his "untargetable" can not save him.

"Karma shields target ally, which absorbs 80 / 120 / 160 / 200 / 240 (+50% of ability power) damage for 4 seconds and grants the target 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 % bonus movement speed for 1.5 sconds."

Mantra bonus

This ability can save your life. It absorbs a decent amount of damage and it also grants up to 60% movement speed. Use this when kiting people or to save your teammate. If you combine it with Mantra you provide Shield to the whole team and also does damage per second to any enemy near. This is very useful in team-fights.

-try to use defiance in teamfights or when your team gets caught out of position.
-Use alt+e from keyboard to shield yourelf when needed (in a gank) and combine it with Focused Resolve and Inner Flame / Soulflare

"Karma empowers her next ability cast within the next 8 seconds, adding an additional effect. Empowered abilities share the same cooldown as their basic form.

Karma begins with one rank in Mantra and can increase it at levels 6, 11, and 16. Ranks in Mantra improve the additional effects of empowered abilities."

-Try to use your Mantra as much as possible by hitting you enemies with AA and abilities.

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Karma is a very strong laner. When played mid a good karma will not require the blue buffs (but if she can get one it sure will benefit her :P). The enemy cant gank her easily because of her Inspire --> Focused Resolve--> Inner Flame combo. She can easily get away. She can also farm from a safe distance while harassing her opponent. In this section we will talk in more detail about the laning phase. We will explain the whole process and at the end we will provide a list of players karma is strong against.

Early game - farm and deny farm

As we already said many times, Karma, can farm from a safe distance while denying farm for her opponent. In this guide its recommended you take the Butcher and Feast masteries in order to last hit easier and stay in the lane longer. Try to use those masteries, since they are most useful in early phases of the game. How do you use them? By simply last hitting. You wait for the right timing in order to hit the minion right before it's health goes to 0. In this way you wont push your lane a lot, reducing the chances of yourself getting ganked. At this point it would be good to recommended NEVER to push without warding the vital points and without knowing where the rest of the enemy team is.

Also we recommend 2 Faerie Charm's. These along with your masteries should provide you with enough mana to use your abilities frequently. Do not overdo it though before getting Chalice of Harmony. Try to keep some mana available for at least 2-3 spells in case of an emergency.
When I say "use your abilities frequently" what do I mean? Try to farm with your autoatacks but you can also use Inner Flame to last hit minions that are close to your opponent and in that way you will hit your opponent since it is an aoe damage. Try to Mantra+ Inner Flame= Soulflare your opponent whenever you are 100 % sure it will hit him. Note that Soulflare has a large explosion radius and so if you hit minions directly in front of your opponent it will hit him too (believe me the damage is massive and it scares the fck out of him). Try to avoid close combat. In case he uses spells to reach you, use your Inspire to shield yourself (alt+e to cast shield directly on yourself) and get speed to avoid spells or skillshots like Brand's Pillar of Flame or Lux's Lucent Singularity. If minions are out of your reach use a normal inner flame to get them. However, try not to do this frequently because you will push your lane and starve from mana. In case you need to push your lane fast you can use Soulflare to push it in no time.

Golden rule: try to deny your opponent farm. Whenever you see an opportunity hit him with inner flame. This will make you a bully and will deny him farm. If he continues to try and get farm his health will decrease dramatically overtime and it will be easy for you to get the kill. In the case you manage in some way to drop his health to 1/3 or below and you are sure that there are no possibilities of getting ganked, try to Soulflare him (he will then be slowed) then Inspire yourself (you will get speed and a shield) and try to Focused Resolve him. If this succeeds you will have him rooted and should able to finish him with an Inner Flame by then (or maybe an Ignite). If you don't get the kill because he flashes and manages to go back, no wories, you just took out his flash making him venerable for a gank by your jungler. Another benefit will be the free farm you will get and some hits on his tower. However remember your priority is to farm and not to get a kill at this stage.

By the time you go back you will get Chalice of Harmony and so you wont be having any mana problems. You will be able to spam your Q Inner Flame more frequently and harass more. Also you should have wards and try to use your Sweeping Lens to deny vision to your opponent by clearing his wards.

Your jungler ganks your lane:

What do you do when your jungler decides to gank your lane? First ask your jungler not to gank you before level 4. Why? Because karma is not that useful for a gank before then and she doest have her root ability ready. At level 4 you will have 2 points on Inner Flame and 1 on each Inspire and Focused Resolve. This will allow you to do a full combo and successfully help your jungler give you the kill. The process is as follows.

0) Make sure the area where your jungler is coming from is free from wards and any enemy jungler.

1) Wait for your junglr to get ready and make sure he is. In the meantime allow your enmy to push towards/overextend.

2.1) Choice of initiation 1: Soulflare your enemy Inspire yourself and Focused Resolve your opponent in order to get him rooted -->(then) repeat if possible or spam inner flame

2.2) Choice of initiation 2: Inspire yourself and Renewal on the enemy to root him then Inner Flame him. (then) repeat if possible or spam inner flame.

2.3) Choice of initiation 3: if your jungler has any cc and believes he can initiate better allow him to do it.

3) Try to "q" your opponent as much as possible (slowing him) and Focused Resolve him to root him. Keep an eye on your health and your teamates health. If any of you are getting low Inspire appropriately. If the gank is a complete fail then ping for back and make sure you keep both safe using your kit.If enemy jungler shows up decide whether you can or not win the fight if you can stay if not inspire appropriately and leave.

Golden Tips: -Always notify your jungler what you are about to do. Give a signal and wait for a signal.
-Evaluate whether you can or not get the kill. Evaluate the risk/ the consequences a potential failure might have.
-Always have map awareness and watch out for enemy ganks.
-Try not to sacrifice your ally to get the kill but try to protect both yourself and your ally.
-Know the abilities of your jungler and your opponent and know how skillful player your junger is.

Enemy junlger ganks your lane:

Here we will talk about one of the toughest situations a mid laner might have at this stage. It is best not to get caught in a gank but in case you do get caught things can get nasty. In this case, just like the case we talked earlier, critical decision is required. You must evaluate your position in seconds and decide whether you can handle both of your opponents in a smart way or whether you should run for it with a smart way. In most cases you will have to run for it. In this case Inspire yourself run towards your tower while inner flaming them and Focused Resolve them if they attempt to chase you and dive you. In most cases they will not chase you so you will make it to the tower safely. In case they do, you wont be able to Focused Resolve both of them. So chose to link and root the one that has more potential of causing your death. If you root him in your tower inner flame him to slow him down and you might get a free kill.
An advice: NEVER dive a karma. In the case you are low in health and they attempt to dive you, what do you do? You inspire yourself, run further in the torrent while linking them with Renewal. Renewal will restore most of your missing health , it will damage your opponent and root him. He will then get hit by the tower so try to Inner Flame him to slow him and allow the tower to finish him off.

Objectives and roaming in laning phase:

During the laning phase it wont just be you and the mid opponent. Remember that this is a team game and so you should not only think for yourself, but for the whole team. Your primary objective is to farm and take down the enemy's tower. However, you must try to complete these objectives without sacrificing your opponents and without feeding the opponent mid player or jungler. So, if you have the chance to take a tower and keep you and your teamates alive then take it. If you cant then you better leave it for later instead of getting killed. In special occasions it is better to take the tower and sacrifice helping your bot mates who are getting 4 vs 2 ganked.

If you see that you can get a double kill and save your ally teamates without giving your enemy team some objectives then gank bot (we will explain ganking in a different section). Further objectives are to help your jungler counter-jungle when you can and take dragons.

Roaming: In case you over-pushed your lane and you cant do anything valuable it would be great to gank other lanes and help your teamates win their lane. How to gank and who to gank will be available in a following section.

As a karma player I feel better leaving the blue to a jungler who requires it instead of taking it. So I never demand a blue. However, I will welcome it if its available.

Mid Game - Help Teamates and keep the presure

Mid game is ideally when the first torrent falls and hence laning phase falls. It will be idealy in 12-15 min of gametime. How do you know if you as an individual is doing well? Well fiirst of all, you will not have fed them. Secondary, you will not have lost your tower. Third, idealy you will have taken your opponents tower or damaged it severely. Fourth, you will have equal or more farm than your opposing player.

When the first tower falls then roaming usually starts. So.. You have now taken your opponents tower. U might not have had any kills and you might not have died at all. Your next priorities should be to keep your torrent 'alive' ( if possible push your lane) and gank (CAREFUL HERE) your winning teammates! Yes, thats right, your winning teammates. Why your winning teammates?Because in this way you will give them further advantage and you wont risk yourself a lot. Also if you mange to help him win his lane he can help the losing lane. There are some situations where non of your lanes are winning. In those situations, good luck. Evaluate which one is best to gank and do so.

In case you lose your tower ( happens even to the best) try to keep the pressure by pushing. Try taking the tower. But still your primary goals is to help your wining teammate. This will give you a chance to catch up. Fortunately even if karma had a bad early game she is still useful. She can shield slow and snare.


Before we go into late game and team-fights it would be good to analyse the ganking process that you must usually follow with karma in order to be successful. Karma has mobility with her Inspire which gives her a significant amount of movement speed. It helps her get to the desired lane fast. If you are about to gank a lane (early game or close to mid game) you must first make sure your lane wont be in danger by pushing it. Try asking your jungler to follow your gank. Use Inspire ( you could use it up to 2 times to get yourself from mid to bot or top) to run faster. When you approach the lane of your desire ping accordingly so your jungler or top/bot lanes knows what you are about to do. When you are ready, Inspire yourself to move faster Mantra + Inner Flame = Soulflare your enemie in ordr to do massive damage on him and slow him. Then Focused Resolve him in order to snare him and keep autoatacking him. You will probably have another matnra avaiable so Soulflare him again and you should have a successful gank.

**Variations may apply. It depends on how much HP you have. What escape methods your opponent has. What score your opponent has. What abilities our teamates have.

Who should I gank and when!??

As we already mentioned when ganking you should make sure that you will gain more then what you might potentially sacrifice. Abandoning your lane constantly, letting your opposing mid player free farm and take your tower, just so you can gank is not worth it at all. Remember farm is very important so preferably while in laning you will gank only when you see good opportunities. You should gank winning lanes not lost lanes. Why? Because ganking a losing lane will have a small percentage open for success, it is more difficult and more risky. However, when ganking a winning lane you will have a larger percentage of success. You will eliminate any chances of the enemy team getting back into the game and you will also free up a lane which could help you later on win the whole game. In some rare cases it is good to gank a specific lane to ensure it wins e.g with or against nasus (with: to ensure he has a good early, against: to ensure he doesnt have a good early game).

Late game:

As it looks turns out to be (IMHO) late games is maybe the most important stage of the game in season 4. Many easy games are lost because players tend to think that they will snowball in Late and as a result they throw games that they were ahead on a large scale. So first thing is first: Late games requires extra caution not to throw the game. Late games is also the objective phase where the most objectives will be taken and a lot of team fights will happen. (****to be continued****)

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Coming Soon 20/5/2014!!!

-Laning (fixes and small finishes)
-Laning/champion specific
-Mid game
-Ganking (fixes/corrections and finishes)
-Late game
-team Work
-useful tips and tricks
-Updates and experimental