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Kassadin Build Guide by Fiends Roar

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fiends Roar

Kassadin Guide to Punching people

Fiends Roar Last updated on March 25, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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The Journey to punching

This is gonna be a rather short guide so please understand that this is more of a test that I'm asking people to try. It is an odd attempt to make Kassadin more viable after his rework and more importantly, make him more fun to play.

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Build and Reasons

Ok, so this is the part where I explain my reasoning behind items. If this guide becomes a big hit, I'll put more depth into it but for now, I'm going to just explain the Core items.

Sorcs Shoes: This item needs little explanation on a mage but if you take the point that most of your build will have next to no magic pen, this item will be Highly Recommended. The simple fact is, you will need that little amount to MPen and you will most likely never build another MPen item. (Except for the occasional Abyssal Scepter)

Mercurial Scimitar: Let's face it. Your damage is coming from Auto Attacks now, so a little AD boost will not do you any harm. The main reasoning behind this though, is that you need that active. You are going to die many times before you have that active. Sure you can argue that Banshees is a better choice and I would not disagree. Either is fine but this build is more focused on punching things and this item helps with damage a little more.

Lich Bane: I know what you're thinking "It got nerfred" "It's ****" "Don't build it ever" but you would be surprised to find out that you can actually punch someone for around 700 - 800 damage at max build or around 500 damage if the enemy builds enough MResist. compared to the current state of his Q that will only hit for about 300 damage - 400 if you decide to play old school rift walking silencer with no silence.

Also note that you'll finish with an average amount of AD meaning your damage is actually spread across a little making it harder to counter. You should be able to pop squishies and do a little clean up with these items.

I suggest to keep Dorans blade and Dorans Ring until you have no more room for any other item. This is a safe thing, yo should already be doing this anyway.

Also, Side note, Up at the top, it says with this build, he'll finish with 325 AP. This is actually wrong as it does not count Rabadons Passive. This actually brings his AP to 423. considering that his W scales to 60% of his AP/0.6 AP, that is a major difference that i wanted to clear up.

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Mastery of the Masteries

This is just an exclaimer. I used a fairly popular Diana jungle build guide once and it got me thinking about taking points in certain masteries. With a little tweaking, here's what I ended up with but there are no doubt, better choices to go with.

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Now this is the interesting part. The explanation of the runes.

Marks of HybridPen: Auto Attack, yada yada yada, large damage in magic but a substantial amount in physical as well, yada yada yada, fun punches from the void with love and here we have it, the start of why I came up with the entire build. Think about these marks as the core to what you are playing with and then you can pretty much mix and match to what you see fit.

Seals of Armour: You will need defense. In blind pick, you don't know what you have to defend against so this is one of the options I suggest. It will help you during laning phase while most poke is in the form of Auto Attacks.

Seals of Mana Regen: Always a nice choice but late game, this becomes redundant in the sense that you'll be punching champions while using an ability that costs no mana and refunds a large amount of your mana for hitting enemy champions (I believe it was along the lines of 40% of your missing mana. after a single burst, you'll be back at around 75% of your max mana or you can punch minions for free and restore large amounts while farming!)

Glyths of MResist: Let's face it. Kassadin is now an anti-Mage Mage. You are going to choose him to go against old school mid laners or any Mage with a channeled spell (I.e. Fiddlesticks's Life Drain, Malzahar's Puke of an ult, Galio's Taunting Ult, etc.) the point is that you'll want to be able to kill them and escape before the jungler appears and before they kill you.

Glyths of AP/Scaling AP: Either is also fine but honestly, you'd seriously be better off with the MResist. Sure you can kill everything but at the same time, you'll be easier to kill.

Quints of Lifesteal: HAHAHA! IKR! This is where stuff gets weird. It's a fun thing to take as you'll deal substantial damage in AD (well... you'll deal damage...) and it is great for early game seeing as you'll be punching minions and getting poked.

Quits of AD: take 1 and it will help a little during laning phase. punching minions becomes a little easier and you'll level and rack up gold a lot easier.

Quints of Spell Vamp: THIS! I didn't mention it earlier but it can help FOR MID GAME! Look. It's ok to take, it's probably better than taking the lifesteal quints but your early game will be a little more difficult unless you're last hitting exclusively with your W.

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Simple Playstyles and Punching guides

This is going to be rather simple of an explanation but bare with it. If the guide gets popular, I'll start to go more in depth with the Explanation.

The Goal is simple. Pre Level 6, Punch minions and Q the enemy champion for poke. You do not have any safe means of killing the enemy pre level 6, your only chance is that they get annoyed and try to engage you, in which case you're going to need to stay calm, keep in your minion wave and Q -> E -> W as much as possible. Your Q will(might) save you from a little bit of damage, your E will give you more time to execute your plans and your E will be your main source of damage while supplementing your mana hungry ways. While your E is still Charging, Just Q -> W every chance you get and hope your jungler will help if you are losing the trade.

After hitting 6, you need to focus on the idea that you need to farm, and the enemy can't stop you. Every time they try to farm, you Q them in the face. This will(should) bring them low or at least to the good half health point. this is when it's time to shine. You go straight to R -> E -> Q -> W then fill in with the abilities as they become available. Remember, Spamming you R will cost more each time so in most cases, if you can't kill them before 2 jumps, just leave, the enemy will need to back off and you can return to farming and restoring mana.

MAJOR NOTE: If you haven't realized already, your W resets your auto attack. This means you can weave it into your auto attacks and hit the enemy three times in the time it takes to hit them twice. This is mostly fun but it is also good as it makes your damage a little misleading as in most cases, the enemy will think they can trade evenly with you, then you Auto attack -> W -> Auto Attack and their health drops a large chunk.

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Targets and stuff

This is simple. Never target the Tank or the Jungler until they are the last survivors. Seriously. Your opposing mid laner should be either matching you or be behind, you can leave this guy to your tank for a short while.

You want to jump straight on the ADC, kill them, jump out of the Team fight, and then move to your next high priority target which could be either the support or the mid laner. If you pick on the support, make sure they aren't a tanky support, if it's a leona, you're in trouble, Thresh? You're in trouble. Basically, you'll be better off hitting the mid laner if they aren't dead already, in which case, the one with the lowest health is next.

Try and keep the stacks on your void walk down as I've found with my max build, even with your max mana, the 4th jump is impossible to use.

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End notes

Hello :3 This is the end to my guide. It's an interesting thing that may/may not have been done before. Currently It seems it should work ok'ish but you'll never know.

This is mostly theoretical and it not working is a high possibility.

This is my first Guide and it's more here as an attempt to see how well this will work for everyone else other than myself. Call it, if you will, an experiment.

Thank you for reading the entire guide, I know it was boring and mostly, a collection of text walls so i'm sorry for that ^.^" and remember, play for funs, not hate.