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Kennen Build Guide by xMANSx

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xMANSx

Kennen - Stun machine (AD+AS build)

xMANSx Last updated on December 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Kennen was my lovely champion when i just started to play in League of Legends. In those days was Zhonya's Ring in game. It was a best item for Kennen, which make's Kennen amazing champion (AP dps / AP carry). But once, the greatest Zhonya's Ring has been broken into two items - Rabadon's Deathcap and Zhonya's Hourglass. Afther that, Kennen became unnecessary, useless. New item builds was not so good than old, with Zhonya's Ring... Only units of people played by Kennen, and usualy they became feeders. It was terrible time. Learning to play old Kennen with new items. And I had to forget about my lovely champion...

Some peoples tryed to make some different buildes - AD carry, AS carry (basically Kennen - is AP carry). AS builds was funny - playing "stun machine". But that build did'nt have enough attack damage. And some days ago i found an interesting GUIDE. And on the basis of it guilde I also have written this guide for Dominion game mode.

In Dominion game mode we have a very nive buff - +15% APr. So, we can try to make AD+AS Kennen. We will dont need AP, because our advantage first of all - stuns. We can torture the opponent one only stuns having only good AS. Also, we'll have and very very nice AD.

AD - Attack Damage;
AS - Attack Speed;
AP - Ability Point;
DPS - Damage per second;
APr - Armor penetration;
MPr - Magic penetration;
Ar - Armor;
MR - Magic Resistance;
CD - Cooldown;
AOE - Area of effect (massive effect);

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Pros / Cons

  • Very often STUNs;
  • Huge AS;
  • Good physical DPS;
  • Nice movement speed (Boots+ Trinity Force+ Electrical Surge);
  • Low CD skills (except ultimate skill);
  • AOE ultimate skill + AOE stun;

  • Very squishy (early-mid game);
  • Very long time CD ultimate skill;
  • Expensice item build;
  • Energy regeneraion is slow, so dont watse it;
  • Dont have any healing abilities;

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Greater Mark of Desolation
Greater Mark of Desolation

+14.94 Armor Penetration

Greater Seal of Resilience

+12.69 Armor

Greater Glyph of Warding

+13.41 Magic Resistance

Greater Quintessence of Fortitude

+78 HP at 1st lvl

NOTE: But it's only my opinion to runes build, you can alse change Greater Quintessence of Health on Greater Quintessence of Desolation (x3 = +9.9 APr).

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Summoner Spells

Flash is a very good spell for Kennen, it can help to escape, or initiate a battle. Also, we can leave from Jarvan IV ultimate by Flash.

Ignite will help's with killing, especially at early game.

Other useful Spells:
  • Ghost - take it if you dont like Flash. But IMO, it is useless, because we have Lightning Rush;
  • Exhaust - good choose vs DPS champions and can help to escape, or kill an opponent;
  • Cleance - will remove any 'control' skill/spell on you.
Useless (in my opinion) spells for Kennen in Dominion: Clairvoyance, Clarity, Revive, Smite, Promote, Heal.

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I selected 21/9/0 masteries, because Kennen is need an Armor, or he will feed always and anywhere. Some armor, some magic resistance, some dodge, +48 hp, iscreased attack speed - it all need's for this Kennen build as AD+AS 'stun-machine'.

In old masteries i took 21/9/0. But now we have new masteries and i must re-create masteries build. Let's see... Unfortunatelly, DEFENCE masteries isn't as good as old masteries... And new masteries have some new options, which maybe better.

Now i take 24/6/0, because now we have only with masteries:
+3 AD
+6% ASPD (very important for this build)
+4% Cooldown Reduction
+16% APr (+10, +6)
+3% lifesteal
+6% Damage

But we lose some too better options - Defence, Additional HP, A bit of dodge and etc...

I think new sequence will be better. And last words about masteries - you can take Summoner's Insight for 15 sec CD Flash.

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Skill Sequence

...... ...... ...... ......

1. Passive skill

Mark of the Storm is amazing passive skill, you must use it ALL TIME. Every still put on the enemy 1 Mark of the Storm. The enemy is stunned at 1 second at 3 Marks of the Storm. It is one of best passive skills, so you can interrupt many ult's of other champions! (f.e. Katarina, Ezreal (while he is preparing to shot), Nunu & Willump, Fiddlesticks (while he is preparing to jump), Pantheon and etc). So it is very useful passive skill. Also after stun, Kennen gains 25 energy. About energy i will tell later.

2. Q - Thundering Shuriken

Very good harassment tool with low CD, so we can spamming this skill. Thundering Shuriken will helps us to:
* check enemy in the bush;
* check an invisible enemy (hit or not hit);
* harass enemy at enemy's capture point;
* interrupt a capturing point by enemies.
So it is too good skill.

3. W - Electrical Surge

Electrical Surge will damage even in invisible enemies (which have Mark of the Storm) or in the bush. But it is not main effect. Passive effect is more good! Every 5th auto-attack Kennen will put on the enemy Mark of the Storm and make's additional damage. It is very important. Before battle/gank be sure, that u have a charged shuriken in the hands. Look at the picture. In the right side we have a 'charged' shuriken. That is what about i talking.

4. E - Lightning Rush

Lightning Rush too will damage invisible enemies, grant Kennen a bit additional movement speed and increase Armor and Magic Resistance. It take's a big amount of energy, and refund 40 energy if you hit an enemy (but only once time by skill using). So it's like a mini- Ghost with shield.

5. R - Slicing Maelstrom

Kennen's ultimate skill is Slicing Maelstrom. It have AOE damage and you can stun some opponents almost simultaneously. It will hit's 15 times (at 3 lvl) but not more than 3 on the one target. A Mark of the Storm is applied to enemies each time they are hit. Nice skill to group battle.

By the way, i dont have any specific skill sequence in battle. It everytime is different. Dont forget, that Kennen can make's stun by stun - and it is his advantage. Also, try to hold distance between you and enemy, because Kennen have a distance attack. If you play vs Katarina - be ready to stun at once she use ult. If vs Jarvan IV - be ready to use Flash at once he use ult. Be arranged under game.

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Items - Start Items

Item Sequence

Prospector's Blade

Health Potion

Health Potion

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Items - Core - Boots

Item Sequence

Mercury's Treads

Berserker's Greaves
Then, we must decide, what kind ofBoots we are need. Usualy in Dominion game players take's Physical DPS champions. So if your enemies have much Physical DPS, take Ninja Tabi. In my opinion it is good choise. BUT! If enemies have more Magic Carry champions than Physical, then take Mercury's Treads. And if you sure in your experience, take Berserker's Greaves, but i am strogly recommend take Ninja Tabi anyway. So, let's continue:

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Items - Core - Attack speed + Attack damage

After buying Boots we need to get more Attack Speed and some Attack Damage. Also, we still have Prospector's Blade. Next items:


Recurve Bow



Trinity Force

Kitae's Bloodrazor

Recurve Bow


Wit's End

There is more detailed:
After Boots need's to buy: Recurve Bow, then Sheen. Recurve Bow combine in Kitae's Bloodrazor. Then buy Phage, Zeal and combine with Sheen in Trinity Force. Buy another Recurve Bow and combine it in Wit's End. So you will have 1 empty slot for the Last item.

So at this moment we have next item sequence:
Item Sequence

Ninja Tabi

Kitae's Bloodrazor

Trinity Force

Wit's End

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Items - Last items

At the last items I would prefer The Black Cleaver. Because that item will give more Attack Speed and grants us to low enemy's Armor. But LAST item's must be situational. Probably you would be necessary for Force of Nature or Thornmail, or some targeted items (ex. against Jax - Sword of the Divine). Anyway, it is your decision.

Other nice items for 'last' item:
- Frozen Mallet
- The Black Cleaver
- Force of Nature
- Thornmail
- Tiamat
- Entropy
- Odyn's Veil

And after buing 'last' item, i would advise to sell Prospector's Blade and buy Frozen Mallet - we are need that HP and with Frozen Mallet's slowing no one can escape from Kennen!

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Good example of final items sequence

Item Sequence

Kitae's Bloodrazor

Trinity Force

Wit's End

The Black Cleaver

Frozen Mallet

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About healing (LifeSteal)

About magical vamp - to me it nothing to tell.

But this build grant Kennen a huge AS and AD. So I tryed to buy Vampiric Scepter and at other game Sanguine Blade for trying heal self by LifeSteal. I have been disappointed. I do not know why, but it was very small (returned HP) and couldn't interrupt attack of the opponent. So i drop this thing to some other days.

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Last words

This is VERY expensice item build. But with all items, Kennen will be a King of Dominion. It is very fun - making one by one stun's in a few seconds and make a very good gamage. But, again, Kennen is very squishy. You must be careful at walking on the map, or at defending capture point in solo.

Good luck and have fun! ^_^

P.S. this picture is not mine work =)

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History of guide

22.10.2011 - Guide was created.
12.12.2011 - Changed masteries with new table of masteries.