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Kha'Zix Build Guide by Ahri likes that

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ahri likes that

Kha`Zix Jungle Season 4

Ahri likes that Last updated on October 29, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Kha'Zix with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Hecarim Easy Matchup. You can outdamage him hard, if he isnt far ahead. Dont invade him, his Jgl clear time is very nice. Better countergank, if he has no e he is a freekill if you get the slow on him.
Maokai Countergank him, clear his Jungle, no prolem he is slow.
Master Yi INVADE!!!!! If you dont stop him from farming, a good yi will delete everything in late.
Xin Zhao You can jump away, wait till his w and q is out and kill him.
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Hi, my IGN is McDive and i am Platin 5 in Solo Queue.
I main Jungle and Midlane, Most Played Champs Kha`Zix, Rengar, Ziggs, Caitlyn and Thresh.

In Season 4 i climbed from Silver 4 to Platin 5 by playing Kha.
My Winrate is at 77% atm.

Im streaming from time to time on twitch.

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You prefer to start at Blue Buff, cause you need the early CDR and Manareg.
After Blue pick up Red Buff, but save your warding trinket for the bush near red (if anyone might try to camp you).
At least farm another jungle camp (wraiths or wolves).
You should have 1 healpot left.

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Now its time to win lanes!

Watch minimap all the time.
If an emey lane is pushing, go there and gank safely from behind.

Your gank mechanic:

1: Use your W to slow, after that Q him and proc your passive slow with an AA. Now you can follow up with e and kill him with more AAs and a Q.

2: Jump with e on Lane and use w + Q (If lane isnt pushed hard.)

At your 2. Back change your trinket to Sweeping Lens. If you gank top or bot clean wards at first.

Map Awareness:

Locate the enemy jungler when he is ganking. If he is bot, ward his Top Jungle and clear it or gank Top/Mid.

If you are near the lane that gets ganked by enemy jungler, come from behind and ping your mates to reengage (if possible). Thats the best way to get easy kills.

Care that you are not more than 1 lvl behind of the enemy laner, or he might try a turnaround.

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Try to take every objective you can take.
You killed Top/Midlaner? Take the tower.
You killed enemy jungler or botlane? take drake or bot tower.

I recommend to not try early nash - you cant tank it, so your team will get very low.
Better try it at 25-30min.

You got 2 envolves now, so you are the strongest reset champ ever: They can never run away, you always got your jump.

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Now its time to Teamfight.

Rule 1: You dont engage.

Rule 2: You arent the tank.

Rule 3: You MUST hit your w on as many enemys as possible. (resets by assists!)

You are a tanky assasin.
Try to kill squishy targets or finish kills. They cant focus you as long as you got ult.
Watch your mates in TF, protect the ADC and Midlaner by helping them vs offtanks like Panth.

Your w will dominate the teamfight, cause u slow whole enemy team.

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Team Work

Interesting Thing.
After you noticed that the community is full of trolls, feeders and flamers you should learn to live with it.
Its kinda easy:
There are games you can win and games you cant.
Unfortunately, many of the games you CAN win you have to carry on your own - means: Your team is like a bunch of creeps, and the enemys are playing like a premade team.
Here i recommend to build Hydra and Banshees - you can burst targets on your own and you got a sick jungle clear time.

But if you can communicate with your team (means they are humans, not pidgets), you can lead your team to win.

Start with good communication at ganks - you go bot? "omw bot!" You gank a lane? Ping like madness on enemy laner and try to leave kills.

Later on you can make dragon or baron calls - you job as a good jungler! If your call is bad, your team will loose, so decide wisely.

At the same time you should force your team to take turrets, and you should keep lanes - means you defend the tower (easy going, just press w).

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My Standart Envolve: (Based on the actual meta)

W -> E -> Q

Reason: W is the crazy monsterskill on Kha - he gives him everything he needs!
- good jungle sustain
- aoe slow
- poke
- not easy to dodge

After that envolve e, cause this gives you the resets on your jump and much more range.

Your Q has a nice scaling on AD, i recommend to envolve it last - for more burst in late.

Your Ult isnt worth to envolve in my opinion, cause u would loose one of your other skills for a little bit more stealth.

Other choices:

E->W->Q (sick ganks)

Q->E->W (buy Hydra after jungle item for maximum Burst - u need to get very fed, cause when you are IN a fight you can press w and heal.