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Kha'Zix Build Guide by Seneido

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Seneido

Kha'Zix - King of the Jungle (Jungle Guide)

Seneido Last updated on January 11, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threat Champion Notes
Jax Doesn't really have a stun and even his thoughtnes is nothing im comparrison to Khazix damage output.
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Welcome to my Kha'Zix Guide. This champion is difficult to play, cause he is squishy. But if you can survive you will deal a huge amount of damage in a short time. He is one of the best, if not THE BEST jungler at the moment.

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Pros / Cons

+ Huge Burst Damage
+ 2 Escape Skills
+ 1 Slowdown Skill
- Most Squishy Jungler
- No CC for Lane Cleaning
- Fast running out of Mana
Khazix is great for ganks to kills the enemy fast. He jumps in, lands his shots and GTFO out of it, running through the lanes. With his Leap and Void Spike its nearly impossible to escape him. If you get in a fight you need to win fast. You need the moment of surprise otherwise you lose to fast with your low health. He also isn't sustainable enough for team fights. Without Mana he is quite useless.

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Summoner Spells

You will need this as a escape tool or use it to pursuit enemies. Standard Spell. Smite gives you extra damages needed against monsters cause Khazix is squishy Alternativly you can take ignite for more damage if you want to play risky.

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Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

You are a burst type so you need to make pure Damage. Taste their Fear bases comepletly on this attribute. You could also uses these place for Armor Penetration, which is better for End Game. But my item set give me enough of it so i focus on pure Attack Damage.

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

You can exchange those against Scalaing Damages ones, but I prefer those to have a better early game. With enough kills you won't need those in the End Game.

Greater Seal of Armor

Don't use this space for Regen Health. You shouldn't be hit, but if then Armor ones are more effective in the beginning cause they give you a percentage protection. More health isn't as effective. (Same for the masteries)

Greater Glyph of Mana Regen

You need Mana Regen cause all the damage you do is thanks to skills. They don't consume much but you don't want to run out of mana. You can exchange those against Scaling Regen, but I prefer those to have a better early game. In the End Game enemy champs have a huge CD on revival to get your mana back.

Greater Glyph of CD Reduction

Khazix does most of his damage through skills so you need a low CD. You won't need more Mana Regen and usng the Glyph for Attack Damage is a bit of a waste. Also the Cd Reduction helps you early with undeveloped skills.

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I max Sorcery cause you do most of your damage with your skill Taste Their Fear and not through auto attacks. you hit rate isn't so important thanks to that.

I also use Double-Edged Sword to maximize my damage output. its a risky mastery because you receive more damage as well but as a good jungler you try not to get hit.

I also use Dangerous Game to get a bit of missing health from kills. Sometime you gank and get followed by the enemies jungler. This few percentage bonus health could be enough to make an escape. At least you have an advantage with it against using another mastery.

My other points go down the normal AD damage rout to maximize my burst throughout till lvl 18. My last and only point goes to Fury which is the best mastery from the available options. You could also spent it on Feast but yu won't take many minions from lanes and later on its not so important anymore in relevance to attack speed. It could be one hit to make the difference in a fight.

Recovery is kinda useless for Khazix play style cause you shouldn't get hit in the first place. You won't have time to recover so your points are better spent on Enchanted Armor . With that you get less damage in fights like you did with your runes as well.

Tough Skin and the other points are spent on masteries to make jungeling easier. They aren't much useful later on but its beneficial for your state. Remember that KhaZix is squishy and without them you will have it difficult to kill the first few monsters. The faster you clear them the faster you can gank lanes.

I don't go for the health masteries like Juggernaut cause it doesn't make much of a difference. 3% of barely anything isn't much. That skill is more suited for tanks.

If you have some spare points left you can use them for the utility tree and add some points to Fleet of Foot to gank faster. I didn't choose to do so because Kha'Zix is already fast and i get boots quite soon.

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Skill Attack Sequence

Insert other ability paths with:

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Normaly you hide. You run out of the bush using Void Assault invisibility, using Leap to jump straight to you enemy. Then you hit him with Void Spike so he gets slowed down and kill him with Taste Their Fear. You can skip the leap if the enemy is near you and use the skills to escape. Same goes for Void Assault. Both skills are your ambuish or escape skill.

> > >

Taste Their Fear does even more damage if the target is isolated, which means of there is no other champion around him. This comes in handy for ganks against mid and top who are usually alone.

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Skill Evolving Sequence

Kha'Zix Ulti ( Void Assault) has the unique ability to evolve his other skills. IT mkes them stronger and give its advanced features. Void Spike for example shots 3 shots instead of just one. You can evolve 3 of 4 skills till lvl 18.

> >

I evolve Taste Their Fear first cause this is how you makemost of your damage damage. It gives you a massive damage boost. Always use this attack first.

Then I evolve Void Spike first to get a better slowdown on enemies. Most of the time the turrets aren't down till i reach lvl1 so its necessary to not let them escape. It also add 2 more shots to make it easier to hit the target or nearby champs like in the Duo Bot lane. If you aren't skilled to hit them with your spike, evolve this one first. I normaly play Ezreal and thats why I nearly don't miss those.

The last one i evolve is Leap, which widen its range. In the End Game its great to pursuit fleeing enemis or to escape battlefield.

The ulti itself is something i don't evolve, cause the advances are rather weak in comparrision to the other skills. Another second stealth isn't necessary, because you are fast enough with boots. Also you won't need it so often in team fights. 2 times using it are enough.

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Jungling is something everyone does different but somehow it works eitherway as long as you always use Smite. The more you use it the more it does damage which will be helpful against champs later too.

There are better routes but that really depends on the situation. If you start bottom and reach the top to gank them its nice, but not if your bot lane needs help right from the start. Thats why I focus on the 2 types that could be always the case. Jungle with and without help. The red line stands for the first run and the blue for the second. The places for the monsters are the same for the upper right starting place, just mirrored.

This means you can do all the jungle stuff in the enemy jungle. If you know their champ needs the blue buff first, then you could steal with your team the red buff so their jungler is at a disadvantage later on. This procedure is risky and should only be done be teammates that know each other and for jungler who tried jungler a couple of times.


Without help from your teammates you start with small enemies. ancient krug or golems on the bottom of your jungle. killing both shouldn't be hard with Smite. Killing both gives you your first lvl which you will need. Then i go to crimson raptor . On the way i use my first health potion and the second while fighing after the frist finished its effects. Then it goes straight to greater murk wolf . If you have enough health left you can try gromp but normally i go back to base and upgrade my machete.

In the second run i go for gromp if he is left and blue sentinel . Normally you prefer the red buff, but the blue one isn't that bad either for Kha'Zix. You also save time not running all over the map. If you go for Red Brambleback last you could took enough time to do jungling again with respawn monsters. Which one you start is up to you. Doing ancient krug again could bring you near bot to gank them.


Helpis nice for the jungler but bad for those in the lanes. They lose crucial time to get a good start. Most of them time its just the supp who helps you out for a few basic attacks but they are enough. This time you start straight with Red Brambleback who gives you the necessary red buffs. This means you can fight more monsters in the first run. After him you go down to get the ancient krug . You should have nearly all your health for them thanks to your teammates. Afterwards you go to crimson raptor and greater murk wolf using your potions to get them. Most of the time you have enough left to kill gromp too. Your smite should be ready again just for him.

In the second run i go for gromp if he is left and blue sentinel . After them you can either gank top with most of your health left and a good position or go back to the bottom part of the jungle to get the respawn monsters again.

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Normally you want to take Dragon as fast as you can. Many jungler can take him alone with enough time but Kha'Zix isn't made for that. You are to squishy even later in the game to take him head on. You should gank the bot lanes and attack Dragon with your teammates. This way you can rather clear him fast thanks to your output burst and support from the support.

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Team Fights

Team fights aren't Kha'Zix thing. You are squishy and will die instantly if you are unlucky. Its not necessary your role to be the last man standing. You job is it to approach their ADC and other important players sneaky, do as much damage as you can and at best kill him. The tank is the last person you should focus even though you have the most damage.

Another nice situation is if the team fights is right in the middle and the enemies fleeing from you. With your skills you can pursuit eac own of them easily to Ace their team.

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Update History

11.01.2015 - Suggestion incorporated from the user emoriam
10.01.2015 - Published