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Kha'Zix Build Guide by Archangel808

Assassin Kha'Zix the Jungle Assassin

Assassin Kha'Zix the Jungle Assassin

Updated on March 26, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Archangel808 Build Guide By Archangel808 3 3 13,324 Views 5 Comments
3 3 13,324 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Archangel808 Kha'Zix Build Guide By Archangel808 Updated on March 26, 2013
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Hey guys and gals since this is my first guide I guess I should introduce myself a little. Hailing from the U.S I play on the Northern American Server, I play a little everyday when I can and when I do I prefer to jungle as Amummu, Kha'Zix or Rammus or support as just about anyone though I consider myself best with Karma, Taric and Alitar. I play the game more for fun than anything and I enjoy friendly players who support each other. I admit that I'm not the best player, I don't do ranked, none of that, HOWEVER this game is 60% skill 20% build 10% luck and I can provide at least 20% because my builds seem to work well for my friends. I hope to get a team of players with a mindset similar to me and have lots of fun, maybe even mess around in ranked for a little bit, I may be rather young but I am far wiser and much more mature than others my age. I am open to comments on how this guide works and how I could improve, try to stay mature and non-vulgar in the comments though. My username is Archangel808 if you would like to add me, I do not care about level or skill, well most of the time XD. Cheers mates and good luck with the guide and see you on the field of justice. (sorry if the writing is a bit much)
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A little bit about Kha'Zix

Kha'Zix is a fantastic Jungle and an even more fantastic assassin, he gains extra damage when striking from the bush or from recently out of sight, his Taste Their Fear does great damage on single targets when in 1v1s, his Void Spike gives him a lot of health when maxed and his Leap gives him a lot of mobility as well and his Void Assault lets him sneak up on unsuspecting targets. He comes with a unique "evolving" aspect. If you ever face off against a Rengar as Kha'Zix prepare for a war of greatness.
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I take0-21-9, the twenty-one points in Defense gives Kha'Zix much needed health and armor along with the damage reduction. Nine points in Utility for reduced flash cooldown, movement speed, further reduced summoner spells and the extended buff duration.
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I took armor seals to improve survive-ability in jungle and out, I grab magic resist glyphs mainly because its a pain to get as an Ad assassin, I took armor penetration quintessences because Armor penetration > Attack damage, lastly I get scaling attack damage to help with damage through out the entire match.
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Summoner Spells.

Smite is very much needed because you are jungling, rather obvious.
I like to take Flash because it helps when trying to escape or gank.
Ghost is good, it helps speed up jungling as well as roaming and ganking along with escaping.
Heal I guess can be good if you are REALLY bad at jungling.
Exhaust is good to help with escaping or securing kills.
Cleanse is one I do not really like to use but if the enemy team has a lot of CC I guess it can be okay.
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When jungling as Kha'Zix you NEED to take your Void Spike first because it gives you area of effect damage and it returns health. At level two taking your Taste Their Fear is important because of its high damage and low cost. I like to put another point in my Void Spike at level three to help me with my jungling since I'm not the best, but if you feel confident enough take your Leap at level three and gank. I continue to level Void Spike as a priority for the poke and health it gives. Okay, now for the evolutions I always saw this as rather tricky but I have sort of figured it out. At level six take your Void Assault and evolve your Void Spike, this gives Kha'Zix the ability to clear entire waves of minons in one spell and it lets you jungle MUCH more effectively. I evolve Leap at level 11 because it lets Kha'Zix to be much more mobile and gank better. For the longest time I pondered which ability to evolve last and I decided after playing around that evolving your Taste Their Fear last is a better choice then evolving your Void Assault, it allows you to do single out targets and "Tear them a new one" so much faster and the extra auto attack range is great for getting off that extra hit or two against a target.
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Items and Situational Buys

This build allows for Kha'Zix to be a lot harder to kill while still being a beast at doing what he does best, killing. For the situational buys it is as the name suggest reliant on what is happening in your match, the Randuin's Omen and Sunfire Aegis are great for when you want to get some extra armor and health. The Banshee's Veil is for when the other team has a AP Nuker like Ryze or [LeBlanc. A Trinity Force is overall a great item for any champion and provides a little of everything. If the other team has a champ like Cho'Gath or Singed a Blade of the Ruined King is a great item because of the attack speed and health percentage damage. A Last Whisper is great against champions like Rammus or Malphite where as a Infinity Edge will give you straight damage and lots of it. Lastly a Ravenous Hydra is great for if you decide to push really hard.
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Pros & Cons

- Very menacing appearance
- Great sustain in later levels
- AMAZING 1v1 potential
- Godlike at cleaning up a team fight
- Extremely Mobile
- Great farming
- Versatile

- Easily locked up by CC
- Countered by many
- Weak early game
- Confusing play-style
- ALWAYS FOCUSED (not kidding, it is REALLY annoying -_-
- Hunted by Rengar
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I know that jungling is rather simple yet rather complicated, it is different for all champs but pretty much the same. Kha'Zix starts at wolves, then blue (at this point Kha'Zix is level two and has his Taste Their Fear, this requires you to kill all the small mobs with W and once done with that use Taste Their Fear on the "big" mob.) from blue kill wraiths and then with Smite up kill red, from red get golems, then wraiths, then wolves, recall and gank, from here you can do what you see fit.
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Kha'Zix is a great assassin, he can clear minion waves and pushes even better, he is prone to being focused and being CC'd. [/b]He is very hard to beat one on one if you are experienced[/b]. While being very squishy, that is his only flaw. Stick to this guide and bring your enemies back with you to the void.
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