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Kha'Zix Build Guide by Lucorian5

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lucorian5

Kha'Zix - Top of the Food Chain (Solo Top)

Lucorian5 Last updated on December 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Honor Guard

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Hello and welcome to my newest guide on MOBAfire; featuring Kha'Zix, who in my opinion is one of THE MOST enjoyable champions to play. His difficulty to play is pretty moderate, and although he has one skillshot and is a pretty unique champion, he's not too difficult at all to pick up and play. I play Kha'Zix solo top and build accordingly. Because yes, he is decent in the jungle, but there are better champions for that position and I just personally don't like playing him there nearly as much.

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Pros / Cons

  • Excellent Burst Damage
  • Good Escapes/Gap Closing
  • Very adaptable, can evolve to counter different enemy team compositions
  • Evolutions offer a unique choice every game
  • Very fun to play

  • Somewhat easily kited when Leap is on cooldown
  • Passive on Taste Their Fear is easily countered by sticking close to minions
  • Slightly mana-hungry early on, a disadvantage in early laning

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

A standard rune format for a melee AD Champion. Taking Marks and Quintessences that grant attack damage, and defense against physical and magic damage with my Seals and Glyphs.


I take these marks to grant a very helpful 15 attack damage off the start combined with your quintessences. This will make last hitting a lot easier, as well as improve your damage output in general to enemy champions. One other option is to take the greater mark of desolation (x9) to grant armor penetration instead. I would recomend these if you don't plan on buying Last Whisper. Both options offer different benefits and in the end it doesn't matter too much which one you choose.


The armor bonus is very significant early in the game, and will help you take quite a bit less physical damage from your opponents, as well as reducing the damage minions do to you, offering more sustain. I can't really think of any other good options for seals, and so I would highly recommend these.


Exact same reasoning here as with the seals; except these are to protect against magic damage. The only good substitution for these would be nine of the Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist which grant a magic resist per level bonus instead of just flat magic resist. This is for the late game, so if you want to sacrifice some early game defense for a bit of a late game bonus then you can take those instead, but I personally prefer the early benefits granted by the greater glpyh of warding.


These scale with your Marks to provide a nice 15 Attack Damage bonus. Very helpful early in the game. And as with your Marks, you can swap these out the greater quintessence of desolation (x3) if you really want to. This can help counter opponents who rush Ninja Tabi against you, and I highly recommend them IF you aren't buying Last Whisper, as mentioned before.

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Again, very standard mastery layout. I take the physical side of the offense tree because it obviously benefits an AD champion like Kha'Zix, and then I also spend my last 9 Points in the Defense tree for some armor and health that will grant some welcome early game toughness and survivability.

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Core Items

The three items I strongly think are necessary for your final build. The Bloodthirster is a wonderful item for any AD Champion. Offering huge attack damage and lifesteal, especially once you have farmed the passive up to the max. Trinity Force is just a great all around item. Will give you health, a chance to slow, a bit of attack damage, the amazing Sheen passive, some movement/attack speed and more! So there is really not much to dislike about this item. And finally, The Black Cleaver offers attack damage and a nice 15 percent armor penetration boost; which will significantly increase your damage against tankier champions. A highly recommended item for Kha'Zix.

Defensive Item

I would mostly recommend that you take Guardian Angel, due to its great passive and defense against Physical and Magic attacks. However, if you feel like you just want even more damage and you don't need too much toughness, then Atma's Impaler is also a good option. The passive will scale nicely with Trinity Force to give you some attack damage as well as its other benefits.

Final Item

To round out your build, I would suggest taking Infinity Edge for its many offensive benefits that will greatly increase your damage output. However, if you aren't having a great game, or your team is too squishy overall, then consider taking a Frozen Mallet to offer a small amount of Damage, as well as a large amount of health which will help ylu stay alive and remain in fights longer.


Your choice of boots should be based off of the enemy team. If they are a more AP heavy team with a variety of disables then you obviously want Mercury's Treads. But if you're laning against a champion like Xin Zhao who deals out large amounts of physical damage, then Ninja Tabi are a huge help in defending against them. Every game I make the choice of one or the other, and its all about who you're up against.

Starting Item

Before Season 3, the nearly unanimous starting items for all champions were Boots of Speed and Health Potion (x3). This was due to almost all champions having very low base movement speeds. Well no longer. One of the changes brought with Season 3 is a huge increase to all base movement speed, meaning you don't actually need the mobility from Boots of Speed that were so desperately needed before. And so now it is your best bet to start with a Doran's Blade. You can also start with a Doran's Shield if you think you're up against a tougher AD heavy opponent.

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Alternate Situational Item Options

Last Whisper can be a great item to have if the enemy team is excessively tough and you are in need of more armor penetration. It supplies a decent amount of attack damage, and a massive 35% armor penetration boost that will greatly improve your damage against tanks. This item can be substituted for The Black Cleaver if you want; or if you want tons of armor penetration, then swap it out for The Bloodthirster or Infinity Edge.

I would suggest building your Phage into this instead of Trinity Force if your either not having a great game, or on a team that is too squishy, or both. It gives some attack damage, a very helpful slow, and a lot of health that will make you much harder to kill and grant you more sustain in teamfights.

This item is a great way to instantly turn from squishy to off-tank. If your having a lot of trouble and being killed too quickly, then consider taking this instead of Guardian Angel, as it gives some serious defensive benefits that will stop you from being focused and instantly dying.

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What Not To Buy and Why

I see the occasional Kha'Zix buy this item, and so I thought I should explain why its NOT a good buy on him. It just doesn't suit his role, you're not a tank, or even an off-tank. You are an assassin designed to burst down the enemy carries so they can't kill your teammates. It is wise to take one defensive item, hence Guardian Angel, but you want to get armor and/or magic resist with your one defensive slot. You already have some health from Trinity Force and The Black Cleaver, so you really don't need to waste gold on this item.

I simply don't buy this item because it offers similar stats to my other items, just not as well. Its biggest benefit is the active, which I ALWAYS forget to use, making it useless to me. The Black Cleaver is a much stronger item in a lot of ways, and so I would suggest always building The Brutalizer into this instead of Youmuu's Ghostblade.

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Ability Explanations

Unseen Threat (Passive)

When Kha'zix is not visible to the enemy team, he gains Unseen Threat, causing his next basic attack against an enemy champion to deal bonus magic damage and slow.

This passive is quite good, offers a slow and a significant damage boost that is fairly easy to use. Just always go into a bush before engaging an enemy in lane, and your first auto attack will always deal bonus damage.

Taste Their Fear (Hotkey: Q)

Kha'zix passively marks enemies that are isolated from nearby allies. Taste Their Fear deals physical damage to a single target. Damage increased on isolated targets. If he chooses to Evolve Enlarged Claws damage to isolated targets increases dramatically. Kha'zix also gains increased range on his basic attacks and Taste Their Fear.

This is your main damage ability, and should be maxed and evolved first always. This ability is capable of some really crazy damage output once evolved, and is good early game before level six also. There is absolutely no situation in which I would say to max another skill over this, its your bread and butter, so treat it as such. To gain maximum effect, try to use this on targets that are isolated as much as possible, as this will increase its damage even more.

Void Spike (Hotkey: W)

Kha'zix fires exploding spikes that deal physical damage to all nearby enemies. Kha'zix is healed if he is also within the explosion radius. If he chooses to Evolve Spike Racks, Void Spike fires three spikes in a cone. This attack consumes Unseen Threat to slow and damage all enemies struck.

This is your only ranged ability, it does pretty good damage that turns extreme if evolved. I actually wouldn't recommend using it as a constant harassment tool. For one thing, it is a skillshot that will hit minions, and so easy to dodge; and second, spamming it at range will result in running out of mana quite quickly. To make best use of this ability, Leap on top of your enemy and point blank them with it to ensure the hit and also heal yourself.

Leap (Hotkey: E)

Kha'zix leaps to an area, dealing physical damage upon landing. If he chooses to Evolve Wings, Leap's range increases dramatically. Also, on champion kill or assist, Leap's cooldown resets.

This is a really cool multi-purpose utility ability that can deal some decent damage also. It has a high cooldown, so make sure not to waste it. It is a great escape tool and gap closer, and can get you over some of the walls to juke enemies or surprise them. Evolving it makes it ridiculously long ranged as well as the cooldown refresh that allows you to jump in, get a kill, and then jump out. In lane, you will want to jump on an enemy with this before you use your other two abilities.

Void Assault (Hotkey: R)

Each rank allows Kha'zix to evolve one of his abilities, giving it a unique additional effect. When activated, Void Assault stealths Kha'zix, triggers Unseen Threat, and increases Movement Speed. If he chooses to Evolve Active Camoflauge, Void Assault can be cast three times and Kha'zix takes reduced damage while in stealth.

This ultimate is great in a lot of ways; its a great escape tool, and a good way to ambush enemies, making it so they don't see you until its too late. Evolving it makes it castable a third time, greatly enhancing its usefullness. You can trigger your passive three times in a fight for a huge damage increase, and also stealth three times to help you escape if needed. It's a pretty fun ability, and doesn't require any sort of practice to use properly.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This is by far the best skill sequence for Kha'Zix. Taste Their Fear is your signature ability, and so it should be maxed first. Void Spike is also a significant damage dealer and has a heal, and so should be maxed second. And finally, Leap is mainly a utility spell and so upgrading it won't make too much of a difference, so max it last.

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The thing that makes Kha'Zix unique among not just assassins, but ALL the champions, is the fact that he can evolve three abilities a game. Kha'Zix gains an evolution point each time he unlocks and upgrades his ultimate, so at levels 6, 11, and 16. Evolving an ability will give it a unique effect, as explained in the ability explanation chapter. Your evolutions give you a unique choice each game, and allow you to change up your style to account for different enemy team conpositions; in short, it what makes Kha'Zix so awesome :D.

Primary Evolution Sequence
--> -->

This evolution sequence will give you the most damage, and is the one I would reommend using almost all the time. The extended range and hugely increased damage from Taste Their Fear is incredible, and will give you some insane burst damage. Your second evolution should be used on your ultimate, Void Assault. The ability to stealth and speed up a third time can secure you kills, increase your damage, and allow you to ecape certain death. And finally, your last evolution point should be put into Void Spike. It will cause you to shoot out three bigger spike racks in a cone, dealing HUGE damage and applying your passive's affect. This is MY favourite sequence, and the one I use almost every single game.

Alternative Evolution Sequence
--> -->

As you can see, not too much of a change here. The first two remain the same, and that is because they are non-negotiable in my opinion. An evolved Taste Their Fear is what makes Kha'Zix strong, and there is no substitute for it. The only change in this one is that you evolve Leap and leave otu Void Assault. This will take some away from your damage, but make you quite a bit more mobile with the instant cooldown refresh on Leap and greatly increased range. I don't usually go with this sequence, but its pretty fun to hop in, kill a carry in a couple seconds, and hop out. If you want to try something new, or are dying too easily and need a better escape method, then consider using this sequence.

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Kha'Zix .vs. Rengar Sidequest

The lores of Kha'Zix and Rengar interlock with each other, and they are very similar champions in a lot of ways. And so it comes as no surprise that Riot decided to make an intense match-up even more exciting by throwing in "The Hunt Is On", a unique sidequest available between a Kha'Zix and an enemy Rengar. The basic explanation for it is as follows: If there is a Kha'Zix and a Rengar on opposite teams, this quest will become available, but first, Kha'Zix must be Level 16 and have used Three Evolutions, and Rengar simply has to have a bonetooth necklace. When both of these requirements are met, then at a seemingly random time, both of them will get a sidequest pop-up called "The Hunt Is On!". If Kha'Zix gets a kill or assist on the enemy Rengar after this point, he gains a FOURTH evolution point, and if Rengar gets a kill or assist on Kha'Zix, he gains a fully stacked bonetooth necklace that can't ever lose its stacks.

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Summoner Spells

The two summoner spells I take on every champion I play, excluding junglers obviously. But they are hands down the two best spells in the game. Ignite will get you kills you wouldn't have otherwise had, while Flash will let you escape from situations you wouldn't have otherwise been able to. Simple as that.

Other Options

I don't really like this too much, as a short ranged teleport is better than increased movement speed; but it does have its merits, and you may wish to take this spell. If thats the case, then replace Flash with it, but keep Ignite, because you don't need two summoner spells for escaping.

This would only really be a viable option for lower leveled new players who don't yet have Flash. I would recommend taking Ghost if thats the case, but if you really want to take it, then Heal isn't TOO bad I suppose, though I would never get it myself.

This is a pretty decent summoner spell, and although I would much prefer Ignite personally, this isn't a bad spell to take in its place. Its not as good at securing kills, but it can also be used to escape some situations, so go ahead and take it if you want to, especially if your team doesn't have one.

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Kha'Zix is a fairly new champion, but he is definitaly one of the strongest assassins currently out there. He is very versatile and unique, and his Evolutions can compliment many different playstyles or counter any enemy composition! If built correctly, which this guide helps you with, he is capable of some pretty extreme damage, and he isn't very hard to use at all. I sincerely hope this guide helped you in some way, and if it did, let me know with a +1 vote maybe :P. As a side note, I request that you would refrain from voting a -1 for something insignificant or small, such as one or even a couple items, or an evolution sequence; INSTEAD, leave a constructive comment and tell me why you disagree, and maybe I will even change something if I am convinced it is better!

- Lucorian5