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Ezreal Build Guide by Klaseek

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Klaseek

Klaseek's S3 - The Era of Ezreal ADC

Klaseek Last updated on April 9, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey guys! Another KLASEEK guide here. You all know that builds are situational, but this is a basic build that ive used for 90% of my Ezreal games. So if youre thinking this build doesnt seem right for your game, keep reading and ill tell you what items/masteries/runes to take for each encounter! Also if i have missed anything please leave a comment on what you would like added and ill get right onto it!

*IN DEVELOPMENT - DO NOT DOWN VOTE FOR MASTERIES, MANA REGEN IS A PREFERENCE AND MAY NOT BE VIABLE IN ALL GAMES*Please leave a comment on elements you want to see or improved in the guide!

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How To Play Ezreal

For Any players here who are unfamiliar with Ezreal's gameplay style, his job early game as an ADC is obviously to last hit every minion. In between doing this, its your time to abuse Ezreal's overpowered poking ability. Making his Mystic Shot first gives you maximum damage and poke potential.

Once you hit level 6, always be looking at other lanes just incase you're able to snipe a kill with Trueshot Barrage. Also this can be used to kill minions if they're pushing to hard or you want to quickly take a tower.


As any ADC you're not meant to face tank the enemy team, your teach should protect you and its your job to stay safe. Don't use Trueshot Barrage too early, you want to use this as the team fight is initiated so the fight is very condensed and you have a much higher chance to hit the entire enemy team with your Ult and obtain maximum stacks of Rising Spell Force giving Ezreal as huge damage advantage coming into the fight.

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The Long sword and 2x Health Potion give ezreal a balance of sustain and damage for the early game, along with a faster build line into The Bloodthirster rather then starting Doran's Blade or Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potion. Thanks to Ezreal's Arcane Shift boots are not essential for early game play. Especially if you're playing with a sustain support like Taric Sona or Soraka for some examples.

The Bloodthirster is season 3 has become a stock item for every ADC to start with first. Allowing you to have crazy amounts of sustain and a huge buff to your attack damage. Remember that you will lose half the attack damage and lifesteal stacks on death though. It is always wise to try and gain these stacks back to before entering a team fight, giving you maximum damage. If you manage to get this item before your opponent, its always worth a try in going in hard for a kill. Due to the huge advantage you will have over them.

An amazing Season 3 item. For me it completely replaces Trinity Force in all regards. Giving Ezreal some AOE spread damage in team fights, which he severely lacks other than using his ultimate. This item also gives a nice Mana increase and armour, allowing you to kill the enemy ADC even easier and survive much better against, other attack damage champions.

This item is ideal for situations when you need to clear your lane quicker. In an outright 1v1 Statikk Shiv doesn't do as much damage as Phantom Dancer, but is definitely the more popular choice in season 3 so far. It gives Ezreal stronger lane push and will lead to earlier tower destructions. Mystic Shot will activate the Shiv passive so keep this in mind when choosing when to activate it.

The last Whisper item, is great if you're versing a heavily armoured team. This item would only be more viable over The Black Cleaver if 3 enemies have at least 100 armour. Last Whisper, works with Mystic Shot so you will notice this doing increased damage to tanks after purchasing, but still in no way is this build made for tank slaying.

Infinity Edge, is the single strongest damage increase item in the game. Although it is not viable to get first as Ezreal as you need the sustain from The Bloodthirster to keep you in lane for the early - mid game. But this item is definitely viable after the 'laning' phase is over. You will get an insane damage boost if you max Rising Spell Force before going into a fight. This can be achieve through poking with Mystic Shot before initiating on a fight or Trueshot Barrage will work extremely well as long as it hit multiple targets.

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I take basic 9x Mark of Attack Damage and 9x Seal of Armor. Were this guide is different to most Ezreal builds is within the x9 Glyph of Scaling Mana Regeneration This allows for a lot more sustain damage with the greatly increased mana regeneration, especially towards late game.

Of coarse if this doesn't suit your play style or if you can not afford these ruins, the standard magic resist runes will work fine.

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You will notice the masteries I've chosen are probably different to how most of you would conventionally play an ADC. When you combine the 3 points into Meditation + Glyph of Scaling Mana Regeneration, You'll be firing off Mystic Shot all day! Allowing you to push faster and more often, poke consistently and constantly conserve enough mana to be able to escape those scary ganks!

21 Standard points in offence, feel free to change these around to what you feel will be most beneficial to you and your play style. But these that i have work best for me.

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Summoner Spell's

Flash is stock standard, this should never be changed, don't think because Ezreal has Arcane Shift he doesn't need a second flash. Having a second capability to flash in or out of a team fight is essential when you are the focus of the enemy team.

Ignite gets early kills and can be 100% necessary in shutting down a hard carry on the enemy team that is stacking life steal. Ignite also is great for killing the enemy ADC when they have a sustain support with strong heals like Soraka or Nidalee.

Cleanse is viable, although with the new season 3 change to Quicksilver Sash and allowing it to be built into a much for viable AD item, Mercurial Scimitar.

Ghost, very uncommon on an ADC. Yet on Ezreal it is far more viable then on other ADC champions. But not nearly as strong as Flash But it can be fun to play around with in normals.

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Early Game

Ezreal's Early game varies greatly depending on which support you've acquired. The main goal stays the same; last hitting minions is your main goal, do not sacrifice minions for poking an enemy champion. Poke in between last hitting with Mystic Shot

If You're versing a champion with a much stronger lane push than ezreal, e.g; Graves Sivir Caitlyn, you will most likely end up losing minions to the tower. Either, call your jungler down and try to get a kill or you will have to push your lane back in order to maximise your minion count.

Playing Ezreal, i generally get first blood in 80% of games by harassing the enemy to a point were i can then Arcane Shift + Ignite with an auto attack or two and another Mystic Shot for the kill.

If you're playing with a support like Soraka you pretty much have endless amounts of mana and should abuse this power by harassing your enemy to the point were they cant move up to take minions. But ALWAYS focus last hitting over poke.

Taric if you're lucky enough to snatch this guy as your support, he makes one of the strongest duo lane teams in the game. You should definitely be able to achieve first blood with this combo, or at least first kill in your lane.

How much CS should i have?

If you're last hitting every single minion after about 10 minutes you should have equal to 9-10 minions a minute. So at 20 minutes in, if you have last hit well, you would have roughly 180, as there is not minions within the first two minutes.

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Mid Game

By this stage, more and more team fights will start occurring and its your job to stay safe. DO NOT FORGET that your creeps are still there. A lot of players roam for so long in this stage of the game, they gain next to no CS. So continue to farm your lane to a safe point.


If your first tower is gone, be extremely careful taking minions past your last standing tower. There is nothing more the enemy team would love to do then pick off the ADC with no consequence. So play smart, if you notice your team starting to form a fight and you're still in bot lane farming. Immediately start heading safely over to them as you are generally the main source of damage. If you definitely cant make it there in time. Sometimes Trueshot Barrage is enough to change the dynamics of the team fight, so be sure to fire one of those off through the fight.

Wards! Make sure your support is warding clutch areas, like dragon and baron. Never feel safe if you're pushing without wards. Of coarse, exceptions if the enemy team is dead or in other lanes etc.

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Late Game

If you're fully built at this stage or close to, you're definitely a force to be reckoned with. You MUST stay alive. Stand towards the back of team fights, using Mystic Shot to poke the enemy team, this in combination with Iceborn Gauntlet creates a slowing field, which allows for easier poking from team mates.

Remember to save Trueshot Barrage for the perfect time when it will hit the most amount of enemies or possibly to clean up escaping enemies, thats up to you to decide. Try to save Arcane Shift for as long as possible, no doubt there team is trying to kill YOU. So you have to have an escape, the longer the enemy team spends chasing you down, the more chance you have of winning the team fight. (If your team is actually alive still...)

PUSH, the amount of players that don't push towers after winning a team fight or killing ~3 enemies is ridiculous. Even if you just get a few hits on the tower, the hp isn't coming back endless its the two Nexus towers. Also look for Baron/Dragon after winning a team fight.

Im sure all of you have noticed a lot of the time after winning a fight, you then have to go and push all your lanes just to get close to the tower, (or had an extremely tanky team member to to soak the tower as you kill it) Well guess what. QUICK FIX! Push your lanes before you go into a team fight, or just a single lane so you can quickly go and tank a tower or two! Most late game team fights generally decide the game, it only takes a late game ADC a matter of seconds to kill a tower.

[*] Stay Safe, back of the team fight
[*] Harass/poke so you come into the fight with a health advantage
[*] Try to hit everyone with Trueshot Barrage
[*] Push lanes
[*] Take towers after winning a team fight!

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Pros / Cons


[*] Strong, long range poke Mystic Shot
[*] Good Escape Arcane Shift
[*] Global Ultimate
[*] Attack Speed Passive Rising Spell Force

[*] Very squishy
[*] A huge target
[*] Requires more skill then other ADC's
[*] Slow Lane push

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Lane Opponents

If you're versing a good Graves you will have a bad time, he will most likely just Buckshot you lane constantly and push it to the tower. Unfortunately being Ezreal you have limited options when it comes to being able to push a lane quickly and effectively. Just focus on last hitting under the tower and make sure your jungler is aware they will push bot lane. Generally speaking if Graves has his passive fully stacked he will be able to dominate you in an evenly matched 1 on 1. Being able to poke him down and then engage for a quick kill in the easiest way to get ahead.

Caitlyn is an extremely annoying ADC to verse as ezreal. She is able to outrange you in a huge way and push the lane a lot faster. You must always be careful entering bushes as she will probably have a minefield down of Yordle Snap Trap and getting caught in one of those can be the end of a very squishy Ezreal, very quickly... Also if you're on low hp in lane against Caitlyn its best not to hang around, Ace in the Hole is on a relatively short cool down and will have no problems sniping a low hp Ezreal.

Ashe, can be very strong in lane. Be especially careful of her if she has a Leona support. But otherwise she is relatively easy to counter. Dodging her Volley will lead to your success against this champion. Obviously standing behind minions is the easiest way to achieve this. Once Ashe hits level 6 Enchanted Crystal Arrow can set up many easy kills. Having increased map awareness at this stage and saving your Arcane Shift to dodge it will save your life. Also if you're in ranked and can see yourself coming up against an Ashe, Leona or Taric combo taking Cleanse will help you out a lot.

Tristana has a very strong lane presence, with Explosive Shot passive, she is able to push her lane very quickly and generally last hit very well. Tristana is especially dangerous with a Blitzcrank support. She can Rocket Jump to you, then Buster Shot you back into a blitz knock up and then as you run blitz will no doubt pull you back in for the guaranteed kill. It doesn't really matter what order they use these skill combinations in, it is a ton of cc and enough damage to kill you before you can react. Rapid Fire Gives Trist an intense amount of damage, it is best to fight her while this is on cool down or just coming to the end of the duration. REMEMBER Buster Shot will reduce your healing received so DO NOT rely on healing from The Bloodthirster or Heal if you have chosen that. Overall try to get a few stacks of Rising Spell Force before you take on Tristana in a 1v1 and you should be fine.

Draven.. Draven.. Draven... Everyone wants to know, how the hell do win against Draven! Honestly, he is one of those most faceroll adc's ATM. His ultimate Whirling Death does tons of damage if it hits going both ways, so you MUST dodge this. Your [arcane shift] against draven will be your saving grace. If Draven initiates on you with Stand Aside you will most likely die. Do not try to kill him after he hits this on you. You have to poke him down with Mystic Shot. His lane push is better then yours so you will need to try and keep up. If he is with a support with a stun, you will be having a terrible day. Just play safe, poke him like crazy and do not feed him!