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Alistar Build Guide by ll Catalyst ll

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ll Catalyst ll

Knockin B****s up in the jungle

ll Catalyst ll Last updated on October 16, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Thank You

Thank you to everyone who has upvoted this build, I knew the build was solid but I didn't know if people were going to look at it and take it serious. Ive had alot of downvotes with no comments or feedback that has put the rating down quite a bit. I appreciate the people liking the build and hopefully it can be the top jungle alistar build so keep voting!!!

UPDATE: We reached #1 alistar guide. Thanks for the votes guys!

ll Catalyst ll

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This is my first build, and i'm making it to show certain people how to jungle Alistar. Im not sure if there are mulitple ways to do so, but this is the most effective build I have made with alistar. This is what I use for my ranked play, if you dont like it so be it, and if people acutally find it useful and take it serious I will update with more info. Please don't down vote the build before you actually try it and read through the entire guide. This is not a troll build and it DOES work, I currently use it for my ranked play (1500 ELO).

For this build speed is by far the most effective thing for alistar. His ganks are insane enough as it is, but when you come in flying, warded or not, if the other teams lane is over extended at all its pretty much a sure kill as they dont have enough time to react and get back before alistar gets behind them.

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Pro's and Con's


- Awesome Crowd Control
- Insane Gank's
- Very fast
- Very tanky with his ultimate
- Great in team fights
- Can sustain in the jungle fine with his heal

- Needs a decent leash on blue buff
- Very mana dependent without blue buff
- Not the fastest jungle clearer

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Greater Mark of Insight x9 +8.5 Magic penetration

Greater Seal of Resilience x9 +13 Armor

Greater Glyph of Warding x9 +24 Magic Resist at level 18

Greater Quint of Swiftness x9 +4.5% movement speed

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With Jungle Alistar I go 0-21-9 for my masteries. I find that this works best for jungling with the extra defence to be able to sustain in the jungle, but still getting extra speed, longer buffs and some cool down reduction. This is what I use and if anyone has any other opinions let me know.


3/3 Initiator
Some extra speed which is important for this build, take all 3 points

2/3 Enlightenment
Give's an extra 5% Cool down Reduction at level 18 which brings us to a max 40% only put 2 points in this

1/3 Honor Guard
We have an extra point that we don't use from Enlightenment as it would give us too much CD reductions, I use it here to get 0.5 reduced overall damage

4/4 Swiftness
Some more speed, taking all 4 is a must

1/1 Runic Affinity
Pretty obvious to get, longer buffs is very important

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Skill and Sequence

Trample Important passive on alistar for jungling. After every skill you use this activates and does extra damage to monster and minion, make sure to spread out your skill so you can have this effect last longer and not spam Q W E all at the same time.

Q Pulverize I get this skill at level one as it is an aoe damage skill and can knock up an entire group if you get invaded instead of just one person. While ganking use this skill after you headbutt the enemy champ towards your team mates.

W Headbutt I get this at level 3, and do not gank before I get this. When ganking try to get behind the enemy champion and use this spell to push them towards your team mates before knocking them up. You can also you this skill to knock the enemies into walls or turrets to stun them.

E Triumphant Roar I get this at level 2 and it is your main healing skill. This is what lets you jungle with no problems and gives you the sustain that you need. Remember that when you use this spell and kill a minion that it reduces the cool down reduction on the skill by a second for each minion killed.

R Unbreakable Will Obviously get this at level 6 and I use it as the ULTIMATE turret diving skill. If there are low health enemy champs sitting at their turrets, go through the other teams jungle and pop this skill and run behind the turret and knock the enemy outside of turret range for your team mates to clean up. This makes alistar rediculously tanky when it is up, and always engage team fights with this. Flash and Q Pulverize and Unbreakable Will into the clustered enemy group is owned.

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The only type of boots I would use on jungle Alistar. The speed on these are way too good to pass up for ganks, getting from top to bottom quickly, getting to team fights quickly, and chasing down people to ensure the kill. Get this item 1st.

Shurelya's Reverie Perfect item for jungle Alistar, it give you health, health regen, mana regen, cool down reduction and its active is rediculous for ganking. The extra little speed on top of the amount of speed you already have is scary. Get this item 2nd.

Well rounded item on Jungle Alistar, ability power, attack damage, attack speed, even more movement speed, and its passives are awesome with the slow and extra damage. Get this item 3rd

The CDR on this item with blue buff combined with the CDR you already have allows jungle Alistar be able to spam CC and and keep enemies off your squishies. Not to mention the extra 100 armor, 500 mana and reduces nearby enemy champions attack speed by 20%. Get this item 4th.

Even more movement speed, a ton of magic resist, health regen and lets you take more of a beating. Get this item 5th

Never a bad item to get, gives you more armor. more magic resist, and a revive late game can be game changing. You will be very annoying with the amount off CC and damage you will be spamming in team fights and its not smart to focus an Alistar with guardian angel. Win, win situation. Get this item last.

An excellent item to have on jungle Alistar since you will be all over the map and can clear wards at will. Also if your playing him right you should not be dying very often and your oracle should last you a long long time if not the entire game.

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Item Order

I always start with Boots of Speed and x3 when jungling Alistar. This is important to go first as it gives you good speed combined with your Greater Quintessence of Swiftnessfor early ganks, and 3 potions are more than enough to sustain in the jungle. On your first trip back upgrade into Boots of Mobility and depending if you got first blood, or any successful ganks buy philosopher's stonePhilisopher's Stone. Now that you have you should fly through the jungle and your ganks should improve greatly. Start working towards Shurelya's ReverieShurelya's Reverie as your second item as this gives you early mana/health regen, cd redeuction, and its passive is amazing for ganking/chasing/escaping. Once you have these two items you should have well over enough speed to get some decent ganks off, and now you need to get some damage. Buy Sheen as your third item to help you clear the jungle better, and do some more damage on your ganks. I always get Oracle's Elixir after getting because all lanes will now be getting wards due to your OP ganks. Continue to jungle and clear as many wards as you can in between ganks and it will pay for the item itself. So now you build your into Trinity Force and will be able to clear jungle in no time, and put out some mean damage on ganks. Your gonna want to now start working on Frozen Heart as it gives you alot of armor and some more cool down reduction to be able to spam constant CC with blue buff. Once you get the game should be nearly over in most cases but if not the next items are pretty situational to the game your playing. For the most part I will continue on to build Force of Nature and Guardian Angel as my last items. I will create a new section of situational items for jungle Alistar that you may or may not want to replace a few items with.

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Jungle Order/Ganking


1) Blue Buff
2) Wolves
3) Wraiths
4) Red Buff
5) Golems

Start off at 1)Blue buff, ask for a good leash, as it will take Alistar a long time to solo it. Let your team mates leash Blue while auto attacking, when you gain aggro use your Q Pulverize and pop a potion . Auto attack and Smite. You are now level two, get your E Triumphant Roar skill next and move to 2)Wolves. Use your Q, auto attack twice, use your E. You have to take advantage of your passive Trample which does damage for a short time after each skill. Move to 3)Wraiths use your Q, auto attack twice on the big wraith, use your E, dead. Move onto 4)Red Buff start with auto attack then use your Q, pop a potion auto attack twice, use your E, auto attack until your E is off cooldown and use again, then use Q and Smite. You are now level 3 get your W Headbutt skill. At this point you can either gank top or bottom depending on what team you are before you do 5)Golems if the lane is extended, if not continue on with 5)Golems use your Q, pop a potion auto attack, use your E, auto attack, use your W auto attack until dead. Remember that when you use your E Triumphant Roar and you kill a minion it lowers the Cool down of the skill by a second for each minion killed. So take advantage of this and heal yourself as much as possible throughout jungling. After 5)Golems gank the closest lane and move back to 3) Wraithsand then gank mid. After ganking mid move to 2) Wolves and then proceed to gank either mid again or the closer lane of top and bottom. The 1)Blue Buff should be up at about 7 mins, 20 seconds and then Rinse and Repeat. Before your second blue buff you should go back and make sure you get Boots of Mobility to further help your ganks.

When ganking look at the picture above to see your routes you should take to make sure the gank is successful. The goal jungling Alistar is to always try to get behind the enemy champ W Headbutt towards your teamates and then Q Pulverize while auto attacking the enemy. This should be a sure kill as long as your teamates target the right person and do decent damage. So when setting up a gank always look for the lane that is over extendend the most and the lane that you can get behind the enemy champs easier.

Remember that once you get Boots of Mobility and Shurelya's ReverieShurelya's Reverie you have unreal speed, so pop your Shurelya's ReverieShurelya's Reverie right before you get into ward vision or out of the bush so they dont have enough time to react to the super speed. If you are not ganking succesful or they are warding higher up in the river make sure to get Oracle's Elixir and clear all wards you come across. Don't forget to keep your Creep score up and gank away.

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Situational Item's


If you find yourself facing an Attack Damage heavy team, or the AD carries are fed then these items can be very useful with Alistar. I would only recommend these item's if the situation is right, you should not use these items for every game.

Thornmail 100 armor which is a huge amount but also the passive will melt away the AD carries dealing 30% of the damage back to themselves.

Randuin's Omen 350 Health, 75 armor, a little bit of health regen and CD reduction plus its passive and active are both forms of slows and extra CC is scary with Alistar.

Sunfire Cape 450 Health, 45 armor, and the passive deals 35 magic damage per second to all nearby enemies. This is good on Alistar since you should be right in the middle of the action in team fights when your spamming CC and protecting your carries.

Warmog's Armor A huge chunk of 920 health, some health regen, and its passive permanently grants health for minion and champion kills. I would combine this item with Thornmal to make you more beefy and allow the carries to hit you longer and lose more health.

If you are going to replace an Item from the primary build to help against an AD heavy team, I would replace it with Force of Nature and Guardian Angel.


If you find yourself facing an Ability Power heavy team, or the AP carries are fed then these items can be very useful with Alistar. I would only recommend these item's if the situation is right, you should not use these items for every game.

Force of Nature Definately keep this item in the primary build if your facing an AP heavy team. 76 magic resist, some health regen and our always important movement speed.

Banshee's Veil 375 Health, 375 Mana and 50 magic resist plus the passive that gives you a spell shield that blocks one negative spell. This item dominates AP carries.

If you are going to replace an Item from the primary build to help against an AP heavy team, I would replace it with Guardian Angel


If you are facing evenly distributed teams I would stick to the primary build but if you find yourself dominating the opposing team and they can't touch you in one of those "Are we playing Bots?!" type games, try these items out if you want to further crush their ego's.

Rabadon's Deathcap Gives you a whopping 140 ability power plus the passive of an extra 30% ability power. This item will put some more pain in your Pulverize and Headbutt.

Lich Bane Gives 80 ability power, some mana and magic resist and our beloved movement speed. This item could be useful on Alistar

Rylai's Crystal Scepter 500 health, 80 ability power and a passive that slows the enemy when you contact them with a spell.

Zhonya's Hourglass A whopping 100 ability power and a good chunk of 50 armor and if you decide to use these items and do more damage it has a nice active that makes you invulnerable for 2 seconds. Use the active in team fights after you iniate and before you pop your ult.

REMINDER these item's are ONLY situational and are not part of the primary build. Only use these items if you find yourself dominating the opposing team and can't be touched "We've all had these types of games" or if your just playing for fun.

Good Luck

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Ranked Match history

Here is a couple screen shots I took after trying out this jungle Alistar build. If anyone wants to send me a picture of their match history using this build ill add it to the page to show that this build works.

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How to Jungle Alistar Video/Replays

Here are a couple replays of my jungle Alistar in ranked play. If you have any videos you would like to share of using this build to prove that it works, send me the video and I will put it up here.

Click Here For: How To Jungle Alistar Replays

I'm also working on a youtube video I will be posting soon to show how to jungle Alistar/Jungle route.

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Hopefully you found this build useful, and if you use it and find yourself owning, send me videos/screen shots to prove that it isn't just me that it works for. I am currently working on a few more aspects of this guide and doing some touch ups and cosmetics on some areas, so this is not the final product. If you like the build and find it works for you, please give a +1 to my build and leave a short comment, it would be very much appreciated.

ll Catalyst ll

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Change Log

MARCH 20, 2012

-Optimized mastery tree to better fit jungle Alistar, took away a few points from health regen since we get an early philo stone and added it to CD reduction at lvl 18. We are now maxed out at 40% at level 18

-Added a Situational Item's Section to the guide

-Looking for other players match history to add to the guide to show that the build works for more than just myself.

-Enjoy and Good Luck !