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Kog'Maw Build Guide by ColoWill

AD Carry Kog'Maw ADC [6.4]

By ColoWill | Updated on March 5, 2016

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Threats & Synergies

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Pros / Cons

Incredible damage output after 3 item powerspike
Best scaling ADC in game
Shreds tanks faster than anyone else
Good in sieges with W autos on towers and champs
Longest auto range in game + Slow + Ult = wins most 1v1's late game

Probably the squishiest ADC in the game
One of the weakest (if not THE weakest) laning phases
Blade of the Ruined King incredibly annoying to build right now
No escape spells, hard to handle a fed zed/talon
Vulnerable to the current meta, Miss Fortune/Lucian
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So the masteries i run are pretty similar to most people you see out there, with maybe the exception of the 12 points in resolve instead of cunning. While i DO love the biscuits, extra dmg below 40%, and the health and mana back with each kill, i feel like kog has SUCH a weak laning phase that the hp and 8% better lifesteal are essential. I've tried it both ways, even tried thunderlords once in the 'everyone runes thunderlords' meta that we're in, but this is the one that wins games.
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Item Explanation

Starting Items
: Typical starting item for ADCs.
: Sustain in lane.
: Vision for bushes.
Overall a typical ADC start.

Early Items
: AD item that builds into the , the first item you should build with Kog.
: You don't have to get this item on your first back, but its just their to get you back to lane quicker.

Core Items
: The AD helps for your and autos, the AP helps with your , and finally the passive stacks and gives you good AS.
: Gives you high AS and crit. And it's passive is good for taking on multiple targets at once, and farming.
: Good speed and AS, a very good item for Kog.
: High AS and crit, also a bit of movement speed. And the increased range for your synergies really well.
: A good item on Kog, because of the AD, AS, and lifesteal.

Situational Items
: Use it to counter a team with many tanks.
: Also good for countering tanks.
: Not a very popular item for Kog, but I think the AS and crit is good, and the shock is OK for farming.

Defensive Items
The defense list is casually seen for ADC, except for...
: This item is simply just for health, if all you want is health, nothing else then get this item.
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I've been playing a lot of Kog lately and I've found some supports that synergies well with Kog.
My current favorites are and . I honestly have a really hard time in lane and in teamfights without these 2 supports. Braum makes laning phase SO much easier, because his passive stun setup works AMAZINGLY well with Bio-Archane Barrage . Braum lands a Q, Kog can follow up with some double attack speed long range autos to guarantee the stun almost every time! His allows kog to sit still and machine-gun away in the backline, and the slows make sure everyone stays in range of kogs full damage potential. I pretty much dont play kog unless i have him.
Second best is , who gives you, instead of Braum's offensive potential, the other thing he lacks: an escape. keeps kog from getting caught out, and , , and can peel as well as make sure the enemy stays CC'd for the duration of your time limit.

isn't too bad either, as she can keep you healthy, and throw down an , which keeps champs like zed and talon from utilizing their combos to kill you. is much the same, the keeps you alive, can stop any dashes before they hit you, gives you almost unbeatable chase and kite potential, and nothing says peel like a .
I hate so don't even ask. is super strong, but honestly Braum works better with your kit so no reason not to take him instead. is closer to Thresh than Blitz, with his passive keeping enemies pinned down, but thresh also provides an escape so again no reason not to run the better fit. A good can be REALLY amazing; slows, disengage, a free , but often being inside of him during teamfights can reduce your damage output too much, and lets be honest: most tahm's are straight trash.

Feel free to suggest more duo lane matchups! I'm always looking for more ways to make kog viable, and i hope to see him played some day soon in LCS! (probably not going to happen due to the late power spike :'( )
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Passive: Icathian Surprise
Upon dying, Kog'Maw starts a chain reaction in his body which causes him to move faster and detonate after 4 seconds; dealing 100 + (25 x lvl) true damage to surrounding enemies.

Helpful for picking up last hits on close fights, or doing good AOE true damage in team fights. Make sure to keep Kog right next to the enemy champ for the entire duration, great for forcing flashes, or keeping the enemy off of your teammates

Q: Caustic Spittle
Passive: Increases attack speed by 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 %

Active: Kog'Maw launches a corrosive projectile forward in a line, dealing 80 / 130 / 180 / 230 / 280 (+50% of ability power) magic damage and reducing the armor and magic resist of the first target hit by 12 / 16 / 20 / 24 / 28 % for 4 seconds.

Late game passive of 35% attack speed (doubled to 70% with the active), and an extremely strong tank shredder. Don't be afraid to toss this into the frontline to make it easier for you and your team to cut through them, its 28% armor and MR shred for 4 seconds at level 5! One of the main reasons Kog kills tanks faster than anyone else

W: Bio-Arcane Barrage
Kog'Maw's attacks gain 90 / 120 / 150 / 180 / 210 range and deal 2% (+0.75% per 100 AP) of the target's maximum Health as additional magic damage (max 100 damage vs monsters). Lasts 6 seconds.

Bio-Arcane Barrage reduces all of Kog'maw's damage against non-minions by 55%, doubles Kog'Maw's Attack Speed cap and reduces cast times by 50% while active.

Kog'Maw's "Bread and Butter" to use the term seen on most guides, but its absolutely perfect here. Now on mobafire it says that it reduces ALL of Kog's damage by 55%, but that says nothing about the on hit effects from items. This is where , , and come into play. The scaling attack speed, damage, and ability power are amazing on Kog, but its Guinsoo's passive magic damage that makes it perfect. Add the nerfed, but still powerful Bork passive, 6% of current HP in physical damage, and you have incredible on hit potential. The reason why I have Runaan's included as a must-buy is because the passive bolts also apply these on hit effects to their full damage extent, meaning the 2 bolts are doing nearly as much damage as the original autos. This makes this item FAR more beneficial on kog than it is on any other ADC in the game.

E: Void Ooze
Kog'Maw launches ooze which deals 60 / 110 / 160 / 210 / 260 (+70% of ability power) magic damage to enemies it passes through. Enemies hit are also slowed by 20 / 28 / 36 / 44 / 52% for 1 second.

Additionally, it leaves a trail which slows enemies by 20 / 28 / 36 / 44 / 52% for .25 seconds. This slow duration is refreshed if the enemies stay on the trail.

This is a really important spell for Kog'Maw considering he lacks any kind of escape tool. Use this to provide strong AOE slow for disengage for your team, or throw it into the middle of a teamfight to make sure the enemy can't run right through your frontline to assassinate you. Also good for ganks, and catching enemies off guard when waiting in a bush. Just make sure you put the ooze itself on the path where they're walking too, as the slow will only stay as long as they're on the ability itself.

R: Living Artillery
Kog'Maw fires a living artillery shell at a great distance. After a 0.6 second delay, the artillery falls dealing 70 / 110 / 150 (+25% of ability power) (+0.65 per bonus attack damage) magic damage and reveals targets for 2 seconds. Each subsequent Living Artillery in the next 10 seconds costs 40 additional mana (max 400).

Living Artillery deals deals double damage to enemies between 25% and 50% Health and triple to enemies between 0% and 25% Health.

The change to this ability is the main reason I think AP kog is far weaker than before. As an execution tool, its stronger than ever. Use it to pick off fleeing members of teamfights, or use it to check brushes from afar when going into unwarded Dragon or Baron pits. Don't try to fit it in with your autos like you did in the days, count on your to do the majority of the damage. But when the enemy flashes away and thinks to themselves 'gee, that was close! I'm glad i have flash!', lob one of these their way without a backwards glance. Kool Kog's dont look at explosions.
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Well that concludes my Kog'Maw guide! Thanks for reading, this is my first and only guide on Mobafire, so please post comments to give me an idea of how to make the guide better! I'm going to keep playing Kog, so expect some minor changes when I find new good support matchups, or new items I like!

PS: Hit me up on league at ColoWill :)
League of Legends Build Guide Author ColoWill
ColoWill Kog'Maw Guide

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Kog'Maw ADC [6.4]
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