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Kog'Maw Build Guide by punny

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author punny

Kog'Maw - The ultimate worm from the void

punny Last updated on April 9, 2013
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AD Kog Maw


AP Kog Maw

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Introduction - Why Kog'Maw ?

Kog'Maw is my very first champion on LoL and as you have guessed it, I fell in love with the mechanic of Kog'Maw in my first try. [[Kog'Maw can be play in many different ways and each way have its own pros and cons.

since my last revision, I have a lot of negative feedback for my build because apparently someone thinks that dealing 12% of health per second at 1.8x times per second PLUS base damage is not strong enough to kill a mundo, I shall state in the following revision about why you are



>>>>>>>>>>>>>> This guide is currently in re-working and not yet 100% complete <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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About this Worm from the Void

Kog'Maw if one of the hard-carry champion who rely solely to be well-farmed at the"LATE GAME" mark.

Once the clock hit 25 minutes and on is when Kog'Maw's true ability starting to shine in both AD and AP Kog'Maw ( Though if you get kills early game as him, it will only benefit you as you can apply pressure to the lane constantly ).

Keep in mind that Kog'Maw's weakness is the same for both AD and AP in that Kog'Maw is an extremely squishy low-mobility glass cannon in the way that he can deal EXTREME amount of damage from far but couldn't help himself what so ever in close range fight.

Because of this reason, Kog'Maw suffer when fight against strong burst enemy with gap closer ( Akali, LeBlanc, Diana, Xin Zhao, Jax, etc .. ). The only solution to that problem is positioning and maximuze his range advantage.

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Skill Explanation - With reason behind skill sequences

When Kog'Maw died, he can move for the next 4 second anywhere around him to suicide bombing dealing significant true damage. This skill used to give Kog'Maw some movement speed bonus but as of patch 3.0, he no longer have that skill. Use it only as necessary, it never is a reason for you to go all kamikaze on the enemy and expect them to die from your true damage. though occasionally, you will get some cool kill out of that.

As AD Kog'Maw, you will find this skill to be quite useless unless you want to get passive attack speed bonus in which if you play with focus on attack speed to deal as many on-hit %health damage as possible, max it out right after your Bio-Arcane Barrage, because combines your Bio-Arcane Barrage with blade of ruin king, you will deal about 11%max health damage + base ad per AA. as AP Kog'Maw, this skill scale off a 0.7 AP ratio which means that it hurts, a lot, and the skill will also corrode enemy's resist, making the rest of your attack become more potent.

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Pros / Cons

> AD Kog'Maw <

Attack Speed Kog'Maw

- Can kill tank as fast as carries
- High Sustain
- Strong against new high HP meta

- Extremely Squishy
- Susceptible to CC and Eminent doom
- Lost power significantly when reduced attack speed
- Require teammate to protect him.
Lifesteal Kog'Maw
- High Sustain
- High damage early game and late game
- Doesn't lose too much power when attack speed reduced

- Slow
- Extremely Squishy
- Susceptible to CC and Eminent doom
- Require teammate to protect him.

> AP Kog'Maw <

Attack Speed AP Kog'Maw

- Can kill tank as fast as carries
- Clear minions FAST
- Strong against new high HP meta

- Extremely Squishy
- Susceptible to CC and Eminent doom
- Lost power significantly when reduced attack speed
- Rely on 8 seconds of his Bio-Arcane Barrage
AP Kog'Maw
- extreme range Poke with high magic damage
- High damage early game and late game
- Extremely fast farmer

- Extremely Squishy
- Susceptible to CC and Eminent doom
- Can't do much after initial burst combo

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Summoner Spells


Kog'Maw is an extremely squishy champion who have no build-in escape mechanism, flash will give him a chance of staying alive when ganked. SPACESPACE


As a squishy ADC who doesn't deal burst damage but deal high sustain DPS, exhaust give Kog'Maw a much better chance in a 1v1 fight against any kind of enemy. AP Kog'Maw will find this spell to be useless. SPACESPACE

Like every other carries that can deal high damage, ADC Kog'Maw will find ignite useful in taking down enemy that can regenerate his health like Dr. Mundo and Vladimir. AP Kog'Maw will use this skill as a combo-ending-killing-guarantee move.


No, unlike Vayne or Graves, Kog'Maw lacks the dash ability to get away from the fight if he got stunned so if you got CC and you use clense, you will still have to walk slowly to get out of the enemy's range.

NOT a support

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Lane Phrase

AD Kog'Maw
For AD Kog'Maw, Lane phrase is quite easy as he have moderate farming power and moderate auto attack range ( for 8 second ). Use Bio-Arcane Barrage to Auto attack the enemy that get too close into range and lock them in the range longer with Void Ooze, do not worry about the return fire as with your Bio-Arcane Barrage on, the only person that can out-damage Kog'Maw is Draven. Keep in mind at all time that if you pushed too far, Kog'Maw is one of the champion in the game that couldn't do anything if the enemy is right in front of him. For both AD Build that I suggest, Once you complete the two core item, you are ready to deal damage and should be able to Out-Damage any champion in a 1v1 fight. Make sure, if that happen, you are the first to fire with your Bio-Arcane Barrage buff on.

AP Kog'Maw
AP Kog'Maw works a little differently with both build in that one will work almost the same way as AD Kog'Maw in the laning phrase in that if you go ASAP Kog, you will have 8 second gap in which you are super-buffed and can kill anything but because you are an AP Kog'Maw, your auto attack will deal little to no damage against minions. Meanwhile if you play Pure AP Kog'Maw, even without auto attack, your Void Ooze should clear the entire minion wave nicely ( if not, apply ultimate to finish them off ). Your lane phrase should be you using your Caustic Spittle[Q] and follow by Void Ooze immediately after if the enemy get too close, those two skill will deal huge amount of burst damage to the enemy champion and prevent them from getting back close to you and attack you back. Once you hit level 6, you can apply your Living Artillery right after you use your Void Ooze to maximize your damage. If the enemy is too far for using your Caustic Spittle, use your Void Ooze follow by Living Artillery aimming at the tip of your Void Ooze will usually net you easy poke. And here is the different between the two AP build, for Pure AP Kog'Maw, your [Q] -> [E] -> [R] is an extremely strong poke combo in which can get stronger if you have Lich Bane and AA right after then run away for strong long-range poke every 5-10 second. But for ASAP Kog'Maw, after you get through your [Q] -> [E] -> [R] which deal moderate damage, the scary thing comes right after which is your [W] where you use your AA to deal most of the damage to the enemy, not the skill itself.

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When Lane Phrase is over

AD Kog'Maw
Keep in mind that your Ultimate only cost 40 mana for the first shot and is spammable, so use it to explore the map because you don't want to risk yourself to get bushwhacked by the gap closer. Kog'Maw is also a very strong ganker in that he can make a slow wall ( much like Karthus ) and can deal much of his damage before the enemy can attack him back. Eventhough gap-closer can kill Kog'Maw easily, they need to be in certain range to jump in which Kog'Maw's auto attack is always much further than the jump's range so keep in mind that you can deal at least 2 or 3 auto attack before the gap closer will get into the jumping range. Kog'Maw need to be guarded with at least 1 tank with CC that will peel off the enemy on Kog'Maw's back so don't get cocky even if you are in the lead. Because Kog'Maw is a hyper carry, he will ALWAYS get focus down in the team fight no matter what, so your positioning need to be pitch perfect in order for you to stay alive, if you want you can bait the enemy team to get into your team by staying closer in front then run back the moment someone come too close and make the enemy lost their positioning. Also, Kog'Maw is one of the STRONGEST 1v1 champion in the game, literally NO ONE in the game can Out-Damage and Out-Sustain the fed Kog'Maw so if thing come to worst, believe in your AA power, your lifesteal will help you in the fight and always remember to use the active on Blade of Ruin King.

AP Kog'Maw
- Pure AP -
for Pure AP Kog'Maw, all your damage is from your range skill so you should never be in the position where the enemy is right in front of you, use your [R] to reveal the map, heck, if the enemy have HALF his health left, chase him down with your [R], yes, your [R] is that strong. your [Q] can melt down even the strongest tank's armor and magic resist. with -25 armor/mr, your team can deal damage even to a tank. Kog'Maw is best when he is running away from the enemy team in the team fight as the Void Ooze have travel time and can reach extreme range if shoot and run away at the same time. your Void Ooze also have a HUGE area damage with low cooldown so don't hesistate to use it even if you think it will not hit.
- ASAP -
ASAP Kog'Maw took a riskier route to deal damage in that he need to be in range for AA in which is a little shorter than his "E" on max range, though his entire skill combo deal considerably less damage than the pure AP Kog'Maw, ASAP Kog'Maw can deal a much bigger damage as sustain DPS damage instead of poke-and-run style of pure AP Kog'Maw. With Lich bane in the inventory, your first AA after a spell will deal huge damage so don't hesitate to open up the team fight with your "W" and just sit there auto attack the enemy.