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Other League of Elo Purgatory

Other League of Elo Purgatory

Updated on February 12, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author PanicMute Build Guide By PanicMute 13 4 12,352 Views 7 Comments
13 4 12,352 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author PanicMute Build Guide By PanicMute Updated on February 12, 2013
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An Introduction

What you're about to read, is only known to very few players, and implemented by even fewer. Now, why am I telling you these things if they're such closely guarded secrets? Because these aren't secrets at all! This is a guide for newer player, but even more so for seasoned players as well, because you can play for 3 years and be okay, but you're not going to be better, until you play to be better.


Please understand that this is by NO MEANS a guide for higher elo players, as they are the few that know these rules, and these rules are how they worked their way up there. I am in NO WAY an Elitist and I don't think like one, and the only reason I'm disclaiming that is that I used to think anyone ever that argued against the existence of Elo Hell was. Also keep in mind that this is all for ranked play, even though it's all the same in normals.

See I hear a lot of talk about Elo Hell and how it exists. Hell, I used to swear up and down that it was a thing and would argue my reasons with people for days. But here's the thing, it doesn't. Now here me out, because if I would have read that sentence a while back I would have jumped right down to the comments section, and you don't need to, because if you read on, I'm going to tell you exactly WHY (In my "professional" opinion) it does not in fact exist.

I know you guys are saying in your sweet and silky smooth voices
"Oh but Goliath, baby, You don't know what Elo Hell is until you've been there for yourself."
And I'll look at you, deep into your dark and soulful eyes and put my hand on your shoulder so you know I'm totally being serious, and I'll say
"Baby, look at me, you know I'm totally being serious when I say that I have been there. I was all the way down at 800 at one time my beautiful sapphire crystal."
So you see that I'm being sincere, and you an I sit on the edge of that cliff and watch the sunset together. I lean over and whisper in your ear.
ur ****ed kid
lolnowait, that was the other kid. Okay, THIS TIME I lean over and whisper in your ear.
"Let us begin our journey together, and show this world that you're a better summoner than they've always said you are."

P.S I'm so sorry you have such a bad reputation in my story.
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Chapter One : An Overview of the Chapters!

So this Chapter here is mostly for me and less for you, (not that I don't care about you baby) because I happen to be a giant idiot (Whom you still need to listen to about everything) who forgets what he's supposed to be talking about. And get ready to get your scroll on because there is no way I know how to link these,(just kidding I know how to do that now) but please, enjoy my creative use of putting stuff and then telling you what in said stuff.
Chapter One : An overview of the Chapters!
Wait why are you even reading this one, you're already here yuh Dingus.
Chapter Two : Why you should maybe do Wards!
Tired of hearing everyone say "Wards win games" and asking them why just get to an incredibly awkward and short answer like " you can see, duh."? Well then this Chapter is for you my beautiful and radiant friend! I'll tell you almost everything you need to know, and then some!
Chapter Three : Your Role on your Team; Your Role for Warding!
It's surprisingly a lot more different than you would think, warding for top than it is for mid, just like it's a not really all the same for warding as a jungler and warding down bawt. I'm going to try my damndest to show what each role should do with all their little mini turrets they just got from that guy at the store!
Chapter Four : There's a ME in Team but shut up you're wrong!
While a lot of personal skill and know how is needed to carry yourself out of the lower tiers, an even larger amount of tolerance, friendliness, and teamwork is needed to garentee a win. If you follow all of these guidelines on comradery and you still lose, it's only because you got outplayed and there is no shame in that.
Chapter Five : Elo Hell isn't a Place, it's an Attitude
A short chapter on what Elo Hell is, and possibly a reason you keep losing. The sooner you realize how true this is by trying it, the sooner you'll progress to a better level of Summoner.

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Chapter Two : Why you should maybe do Wards!

So first of all, there are two types of wards. There's the sight ward and the Vision Ward. The most common, used, and dispensable being the sight ward, while the more expensive, decisive, and game changing is the Vision Ward. There are several uses for each, and I'll maybe try to cover as many as i feel like.

A Generalization of why Sight Wards are so Important
A large part of the opposing teams strategy will always be to surprise you (especially when you're not expecting it) so if you place wards down, you're snatching that secretive power they have over you away like they don't deserve it. I'm sure you can try to strategize and plan you're next move not know where half of their team is, but odds are, it may not happen the way you want it to. BUT, if you have vision of every single person on the enemy team, and you know what they're doing, you can hop, skip, jump on over to that gawd awful Teemo in mid lane and show him just where Tibbers has been hiding without a fear of being a tad bit over extended and paying for it. And trust me, it's a liberating feeling knowing what bush you're able to walk into.

A generalization of why Vision Wards are so Important
This flavor of ward is far more important on many levels because it can easily change the tides of a game and it's incredibly handy for controlling key spots like dragon and baron nashor. Here an example of a tactic using a pink on baron. Lets say you don't have a pink on baron yet, but you want baron. You know that your team has the upperhand in teamfights and could win one easily. You throw down a pink on Baron with your whole team there, you see that they have a ward, so your team takes it out, the other team sees that you're taking it out and assumes you're going to baron, you wait in a bush while the come to ward it over the wall to make sure, boom, successful bait and a free baron, because even if you take two people out on their team, they can't contest a five man baron. i cannot stress enough, just how influential these wards are to the games results.

Green Circles = sight wards
Pink circles = vision wards for counter warding

This is just a rough visual for placement of strategic points that should always be warded. Ideally though, you want every possible place ever warded, but these are the key places that to keep you from getting ganked and to keep control of key points.

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Chapter Three : Your Role on the Team; Your Role for Warding!

You see, there are few more things I hate and I mean hate more than rolling support, buying wards, just to get yelled at because i'm not buying enough wards, and someone died because they facechecked an unwarded bush or they were ganked because they were over extended (they call it that for a reason, ya know). Most people don't know this, but EVERYONE is supposed to buy wards. Think of them as your little safegaurd, if you don't want to be ganked, ward your lane. If you don't want to be counter jungled, ward whatever you is missing and your big buffs. If at any time you go back to the store, have an empty slot, AND have a little extra gold that you're not spending this time back, BUY AS MANY WARDS AS YOU CAN. It doesn't matter if you're an ad carry or ap carry, you need to buy them. Most people complain that they can't spend money on them because they have important items to buy, but if you're last hitting properly, you should have MORE than enough moneymoneymoneymooonayyyyyy to buy every damn thing you need and then some wards. But you have to realize this; if you do not buy wards, you will die. Over. And over. And over. And you will lose, the same amount of times. So stick to your duty(ha) and everything will work out fine.

What to do when you find yourself on Top
There is a lot of independence up Top, and a lot of times people will forget about you if it's just a boring lane and you're just running around each other farming. But that almost never happens. There are precautions you maybe might need to take sometimes. Depending on your confidence, or their confidence with you/them and your/their jungler, there's going to be some pretty hefty action up top and it's only going to pull one way if you let yourself get caught. If you're the one on the receiving end of the ganks, then you need to ward your tri-bush, river bush, and the lane bush closest to their turret to stop from those pesky lane ganks. IF however, you're the one rolling them with you're PIC jungler, and they get wise and try to ward, you need to spend a couple of gold to get two vision wards, and throw them in the river bush and the tri-bush, and get rid of any wards they might have put down. It'll cost a pretty penny, but the kills/assists you'll get will more than cover the cost.

What happens when you find yourself living the Jungle life
A lot like that hot head in top lane, you too have a lot of independence. But with that independence comes dependence. Not you depending on someone else, but everyone else depending on you. There's a lot you're responsible for whether you realize it or not, from not putting pressure on the right lanes to you guessed it, warding. Now there's a couple reasons a jungler would need to ward. maybe you're really connfident, and plan on counterjungling. In order to do that, and not risk a death, you need to know where the other jungler is all the time, and you need ti know when his buffs are up, so you ward his big buffs, and you throw one on his wraith camp. Maybe you're getting counter jungled, and you need vision so you and your team will know when he's deep in yuh woods takin yuh creetchuhs. So you ward your big buffs, and the entrances to your jungle on both the top and bottom of the river. You also always need to have wards on dragon, and you need to take it as often as possible, because control of that gold is essential.

So you found yourself casting spells and stuck in the Middle?
So assuming you're not the type of guy that yells mid or feed, I'll let you in on a little secret. Go ahead, take a guess. No, it's not that you're the best player on your team (even though everyone knows you are) It's that you need wards too! A lot of times, mid is going to be the most aggressive lane, because it's in prime position for roaming to bot and top. There are potentially 3 spots you need warded at a time. You need to have either the bushes on the outside of you lane warded, or you need wards outside those bushes, because if you're opponent takes the time to go down bottom for a kill, and you bot lanes sees them coming, you mid isn't going to get a kill, and just wasted a TON of time and cs leaving the lane for no reason. Your third spot to ward is your opponents wraith camp, because if they haven't warded the river bushes, and you push your lane, you can take those wraiths for a little extra gold, or if you get lucky, snipe a kill from a weak jungler who's clearing his last camp before he heads back to shop. If you know what i mean.. You know what I mean right? Oh...

And now you're sharing the the bottom of the map with three other strangers?
I'll group ADC and Support together, because they're like two peas in a pod and are almost always with each other, right? I mean it's kind of awkward on dates, but, to each his own. So of course, support should be the primary person warding up down here, but first, some important decisions you both need make lie ahead. If you're confident on you're fighting potential/poke you NEED to take control of those lane bushes, and ward them, or they're going to be a giant pain from lane ganks or harass, tri-bush and river both need to be warded as well, to stop from getting ganked by the jungler and the occasional mid. Anytime you go back though as ADC you need to pick up at least one ward, to help out until you get out of lane phase, and then you can go back to buying as many as you need for mid to late.

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Chapter Four : There's a ME in Team but shut up you're wrong!

Getting out of those lower tiers takes a lot of work, mostly on your part, and doubly on your teams part. That makes sense right? Okay. Good. You see, League of Legends isn't just a game about strategy, experience and know how, it's also about psychology, and knowing how to play both your opponent, and your teammates. You alone can turn the tides of the battle just by the words you say.
There are three keys to doing all of this stuff right.
  • Tolerance
  • Friendliness
  • Playing Deaf

You've got a problem yelling at people, huh? (Tolerance)
Okay, so, for starters, and the biggest tip really, Don't yell at people. There's a lot you have to understand with this one, and it's the most important one. You have to understand, that just like you, people will have bad games. There's just no way to avoid it and it will happen, even if it is ranked, things happen. If someone makes a mistake, don't it's okay to call them out on it, as long as you do it politely and constructively and tell them what they could have done to do better. You absolutely cannot call them out on a mistake and rub it in, because that will only make them more likely to make a mistake, and no one wins there, except for the other team. Do unto others as you'd want done unto you. As cliche as the Golden Rule is, it's true in every sense and nothing bad will come from following it.

Stop sounding so desperate you'll never get friends that way (friendliness)
If you really want to win, you should always be willing to do whatever it takes to win, something made all the more easier to do when league points are on the line. Even if you're not a nice person, pretend to be. If someone makes a mistake, and they apologize for it, blow it off, because if they acknowledged that they made the mistake, odds are it won't happen again. But letting them know that everything is okay is literally two keys away. Just type NW ( No worries) because there's a lot more to those two words than most people realize. It shows that it didn't make you angry, and it shows that it wasn't really even a big deal to begin with. Therefore, you make them more comfortable, they trust your decisions, and they will automatically go back to focusing on the game, and not arguing about whose fault it was that they died.

Huh? (Playing Deaf)
This could go for those who get angry easily, those who are friendly, and then those who are getting the blunt force of the blame game. If you're the type of person who gets angry really easily, then you may slip, and say something rude, inherently turning that innocent player who messed up into a giant mud flinging troll because they noticed that they can get a ryze out of you and that's way more entertaining than whatever is going on up top. A lot of people forget the most beneficial tool you have at your disposal in League of Legends. And that, my friends, is the Mute Button. The more you keep arguing with the guy that's trolling you, the longer he's going to keep going on about it. So mute him. Cut him off, and have faith that he'll get bored of you not replying, and go back to playing the game. If you're the person that's getting yelled at by someone that gets way too mad, them mute them the first chance you see. The faster you get rid of a toxic player, the faster you can get back to focusing. If excessive typing can be avoided, then by all means, avoid it.

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Chapter Five : Elo Hell isn't a Place, it's an Attitude!

So...a quick favor?

This right here is probably going to be the most controversial and argued over on this guide, and I'm going to keep it short, and please remember that it's just what makes sense to me, after thinking about it for quite some time. I'd love to hear your points in the comments section, but don't let it get too heated or carried away

As I said before, this game is a lot more than it seems. Just like anything else in life, it has its mind games. Simple things that your brain thinks is true, so it then becomes true. I believe Elo Hell is nothing but a state of mind. Just a giant ball of negativity that holds you down and doesn't let you get up. Think of it like real life. Lets say you think that you're in a rut, same job, same life, all for so long. You're not happy with it and you can't do anything to change it. It's the same exact thing. The only reason you're in a rut is because you SAY you're in a rut. And if you BELIEVE that you're in a rut, then that's how it's going to stay. If you really believe that you're in Elo Hell then I promise it's going to stay that way. Then sooner you change your outlook to positive, tell yourself that you can get out of it, you'll get out of Elo Hell without a hitch. It's all about mentality. If you jump into a game and the first thing you said is "GG first pick mid" then you've lost the game in my opinion. You're not going to win anything with a negative attitude and you're not going to move forward. So hold your chin up my sweet Sapphire Crystal, because things are about to get a whole lot better.
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In Conclusion, Friends.

If you stayed to read the entire guide, thank you, really. It's my frist Guide here and I dare say it looks wayyyyyyyyyyy better than I thought it would. If you downvote, at least tell me why, as I love feedback and comments.

Good Luck and Have Fun
Buy Wards, and Don't Argue
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