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League of Legends Build Guide Author WhyteCow

Lee Sin - I Am Unstoppable. (Updated 4/4)

WhyteCow Last updated on April 3, 2011
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Dps / Tank / Jungle

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Lee Sin - The Blind Monk

This is my guide to Lee Sin. In this guide I will share with you three ways i've created to play Lee Sin to give guidance for newcomers. Lets start by saying Lee Sin is and can be great at several things.

Being able to "qq" - dive - kill - 'w' out to a minion or team member if they are in a good position makes him a great turret diver, and if you can't do that you can always flash out. Also please try the guide before you vote thanks!

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Three Builds

Three Ways to Play

Throughout this guide I will share with you three ways to play Lee Sin the first way is a Dps Laning Build, the second way is a Tank Laning Build and the third way is a Jungling Build along the guide I will have explinations for both the Laning Lee Sins and the Jungling Lee Sin.

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What You'll Need

  • Lee Sin
  • Cooperation with your team
  • Patience for kills
  • Timing for abilities
  • Positioning in team fights
  • Common Sense in all situations
  • Basic knowledge of the camps

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Abreviations ; Acronyms

  • 'q' 1st part of Lee Sin's 'q' ability.
  • "qq" 2nd part of Lee Sin's 'q' ability.
  • 'w' 1st part of Lee Sin's 'w' ability.
  • "ww" 2nd part of Lee Sin's 'w' ability.
  • 'e' 1st part of Lee Sin's 'e' ability.
  • "ee" 2nd part of Lee Sin's 'e' ability.
  • 'R' Lee Sin's ultimate.
  • 'p' passive auto attack once.
  • "pp" passive auto attack twice.
  • ks'd kill stealed

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Pro's and Con's


  • Great at turret diving
  • Lots of staying power in lanes with his "ww"
  • Lots of in's and out's "qq", 'w'.
  • Passive + timing + turrets = dead turrets
  • Can shield one person and himself with 'w'
  • Lee Sin is fairly fast at jungling


  • Can get left behind by team mates that don't let you 'w'
  • Gets ks'd often
  • Can get dominated if "qq" is done wrong in situations
  • Can be difficult to play if your team is bad.

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Flurry - Lee Sin's passive. After using one of Lee Sin's abilities his next two basic attacks are 50% faster and return 10 energy each.

Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike - Lee Sin's 'q' and "qq". Sonic Wave, Lee Sin's skill shot this sends out a bolt of sound to where you have selected or smart casted (Shift + q + cursor location) dealing physical damage. If Sonic Wave makes contact with a minion or champion Lee Sin can then cast Resonating Strike for the next 3 seconds. Resonating Strike Lee Sin moves to the enemy Sonic Wave striked dealing physical damage plus 10% of their missing health.

Safeguard / Iron Will - Lee Sin's 'w' and "ww". Safeguard, Lee Sin's tanky / support ability, Lee Sin targets himself or an ally and applies a shield, if he targets a minion or ally Lee Sin also gets the shield, if the shield is broke half the energy is returned, after casting Safeguard Lee Sin can cast Iron Will for the next 3 seconds. Iron Will, Lee Sin gains Lifesteal, spell vamp, and armor for 5 seconds

Tempest / Cripple - Lee Sin's 'e' and "ee". Tempest, Lee Sin hits the ground dealing magic damage and reveals enemies that are hit. If tempest hits an enemy Lee Sin may cast cripple for the next 3 seconds. Cripple, Lee Sin cripples nearby enemies that have been hit by Tempest, reducing their movement and attack speed for 4 seconds this effect gradually normalizes over the duration.

Dragon's Rage - Lee Sin's 'R'. Dragon's Rage, Lee Sin's ultimate he performs a roundhouse kick launching his target back and any enemies they collide with. Enemies that were hit by his kick are knocked into the air for a short duration.

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Dps Laning Runes

greater mark of desolation greater quintessence of desolation

Tank Laning Runes

greater mark of desolation greater quintessence of defense

Jungling Runes

greater mark of desolation greater quintessence of desolation

Dps Laning Runes

greater mark of desolation Armor Pen Runes - You deal physical damage you want these get them.
Dodge Runes - In my opinion the better seal choice for Lee Sin since he is always jumping close in combat it will save you countless times exspecially when nimbleness procs that little bit of movement speed may be all you needed to be able to 'w' to your team mate infront of you running. Armor seals in that situation would just slow your death down by 1-3 seconds.
Magic Resistance Glyphs - These will help greatly in all stages of a game.
greater quintessence of desolation Armor Pen Quintessences - Increases your damage take them.

Tank Laning Runes

greater mark of desolationArmor Pen Marks - These will help you sustain some damage early game and make it easier to farm.
Dodge Runes - Greatly needed with Lee Sin for dodging and procing nimbleness.
Magic Resistance Glyphs - Magic res is usefull take it.
greater quintessence of defense Armor Quintessences - Armor will help you in early and late game when tanking take them.

Jungling Runes

greater mark of desolationArmor Pen Marks - These help your damage significantly use them.
Flat Armor Seals - Flat armor runes very helpful while jungling compared to dodge runes due to the fact you don't take 9 into defense anymore so you don't have nimbleness these are the runes you want.
Magic Resistance Glyphs - Take them.
greater quintessence of desolation Armor Pen Quintessences - Helps your damage use them.

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Summoner Spells (Good Choices)

- Another out spell to add to a crazy Lee Sin diving combo? Yes take it.

- A spell just for Lee Sin. Reduces armor, movement speed, damage they do.

- If you're jungling take this.

- Don't use this often I prefer my flash i'm just a flash person nothing against this summoner spell though some prefer it some don't I won't say its not useful for Lee Sin though I can see some cases where it would be useful.

- A good choice if your tanking I would use this its nice to be able to teleport where your team needs you for a team fight it can deffinitely help win team fights I would use it.

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Summoner Spells (Bad Choices)

- You have life leach from your items and "ww" you really don't need this.

- You don't use mana.

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Core Items

Core Six Items

Dps & Jungling

Balanced Tank

Attack Damage Tank

Ability Power Tank

This is a great item it allows you to farm easier in two ways. One you can place wards to see incoming ganks this isn't just beneficial for yourself but your whole team, the less you die the happier your team will be and having a ward to see an incoming gank will save you multiple times. Two the chance to deal 500 damage to a minion. Damage, Armor, Lifesteal all great things here.

Hands down probably the better pick of boots, either roll with mercury's treads if the team has alot of crowd control (stuns, slows, fears, etc) or use ninja tabi the extra dodge is great with nimbleness.

Your main defensive item the extra health will serve you greatly. The added damage is also nice and the ability to slow champions by 40-30% movement speed will net you a few kills.

This is your main offensive item, the damage, attack speed and -45 armor at 3 stacks to your target will greatly increase your capability in team fights in shredding the squishies and even farming minions or helping your team grab buffs or soloing dragon mid, late game its all good.

The Black Cleaver + Stark's Fervor is a great combination try it squishies will drop quick not only will this give yourself major benefits in damage but it will also help your team while in team fights for the damage they put out as well.

If your winning the game people will more then likely forfeit before you get a chance to make this item but this is your final item on the list. Once again it has everything Lee Sin needs to dominate the fields, damage, attack speed, and a whopping 4% of the targets maximum health in magic damage + armor.

Great item for tanking for any kind of enemy team composition I highly recommend it for Lee Sin as it is in all of my tank builds.

A decent item only if mostly everybody on the enemy composition is attack damage, say around 4 of the enemy is attack damage and one is a tank I would use these.

Overall great item high magic resistance for taking big AP hits and 40 hp /5 very good item exspecially if the enemy team is mostly ability power I would recommend this.

Extremely important item if the enemy team is 80% attack damage this will rip them apart given the fact that they target you, but if you're doing your job as a tank right they will attack you no doubt.

Great item for tanking as a Lee Sin gives a decent amount of health points, armor, and a nice bonus of 40 damage every second to nearby enemies.

The debuff removal from this item makes it good enough, but with the added magic resistance standing ontop of that makes it a must in most cases unless the enemy team is all attack damage. Mercury's treads + the active is awesome for tanking.

Great item to build if you're going up against a good combination of attack damage characters, I use it in my balanced build due to the fact the hp/5 seconds and the small amount of added hp + the unique active really saves you alot.

I use this in some of my tanking builds because of the health points and hp/5 seconds, although be extremely careful with this item if the enemy team has madred's bloodrazor you may want to reconsider and buy something else that best suits the enemy team composition.

Situational items for Dps & Jungling

If its mid game and you feel like your damage isn't quite up to par and you feel safe without a ward you can drop your Wriggle's Lantern and pick one of these up the 40% armor pen will help you alot.

Other team all AD and getting focused? Switch your Frozen Mallet out with Thornmail, just remember to pick up a red buff before team fights to counter the loss of the freezing from Frozen Mallet.

Given that the other team doesn't have a Madred's Bloodrazor by mid or late game, if your feeling squishy you may want to pick this up the added health and passive from it stacks up good, once again take this instead of Frozen Mallet.

Getting focused and need more magic & armor defense get this it will help you. Again drop the Frozen Mallet for this.

Other team is all AP or mostly AP grab this instead of Frozen Mallet but remember to try to grab a red buff before team fights its not 100% needed because you have "ee" but it can make the difference.

Stealth champions may need to be killed you'll need this to find them.

Guide Top

Early / Mid / Late Game


Early Game 1 to 10 minutes

  • Start of the game you want to open the shop and grab your Vampiric Scepter, head to top or bottom. If you end out getting to the brush late you can use a little trick to check the brush by using your 'q' ability . Its not a super long range so you may only be able to clear half of the brush be alert still when entering smart champions players will still be hiding in the rear of the brush waiting for a first blood. After hitting and level two you can be a bit more offensive since you have the life steal from your Vampiric Scepter and your "ww" ability you can safely be in the enemy waves of minions if you have a laning partner. If other teams try to get there abilities off on you and you become low just drop back and pop in and out to last hit, and using your "ww" you will have your health back in no time.

  • After reaching level 5 or 6 you should have enough gold saved from last hitting to head back to the shop and buy your Wriggle's Lantern and Boots of Speed, head back to your lane save up for the rest of your boots depending on the situation Mercury's Treads if they have alot of crowd control most games have a fair bit if there is no crowd control at all very unlikely but if not then buy Ninja Tabi. Level 8-10 you should have your Mercury's Treads, Frozen Mallet, and possibly working on your The Black Cleaver if you've picked up a few kills.

    Mid Game 10 to 30 minutes

  • Should be level 10 around the 15-20 minute mark and working on helping with ganks and downing those towers with 'q' -> "pp" -> "qq" -> "pp" -> 'w' -> "pp" -> "ww" -> "pp" etc. 25 minutes should have The Black Cleaver or most of it.

    Late Game 30 to 50 minutes

  • Should be level 18 and have your Zeke's Harbinger, Madred's Bloodrazor, and if needed all the situational items you may have needed while viewing the other teams composition.


This section will be entirely for making a balanced tank if your enemy team is mostly attack damage or the opposite mostly ability power please refer to the core items for different variations for team compositions.

Early Game 1 to 10 minutes

  • Start out by purchasing cloth armor and 3-5 health pots I prefer 3 but if you need 5 go ahead.
  • Head to top or bottom the first items you're trying to get are Boots of Speed and Heart of Gold you'll achieve it faster if you get less pots at the beginning also the reason I say less pots is because his "ww" allows him to life leach.
  • Once you have your gold for Boots of Speed and Heart of Gold port back to base by them and teleport back if necessary, walk if its not needed.
  • Next item is Randuin's Omen you should be able to get this item before 10 minutes if not thats fine just keep working towards it.

Mid Game 10 to 30 minutes

  • By now you should have finished your Mercury's Treads, Guardian Angel, and possibly most of your Quicksilver Sash
  • The total cost of the build is only 13,340g the average dps player makes around 15,000 to 17,000g in a 40-60 minute game, as a tank the gold is lower due to last hits not being as high as a dps champion which is why its a little lower but is still do-able easily.

    Late Game 30 to 50 minutes

  • By now you should have all your items and ganking like crazy helping your carrys get kills to feed them. You should be using your 'w' to be helping yourself and team when getting harrassed early game and late game for team fights use it.


    Please take a moment to look at the jungling route provided I will call out the numbers below on where you should be and how to do whats required.

    Early Game 1 to 10 minutes

    • Start out the same way as Laning buy your Vampiric Scepter and place one point into 'e'. Head over to the wolf camp at number 1, 1:40 seconds camps spawn target the big wolf use your 'e' -> "pp" combo finish the smaller ones off.

    • Move to camp number 2 wraiths, smite the big one should get level 2 right away put a point into 'w' by pressing ctrl + w or clicking it whatever works. After smiting and putting the point in this should all happen within 1-2 seconds, hit your 'e' -> "pp" -> "ee" -> "pp" to 'w' -> "pp" -> "ww" -> "pp" combo to finish the wraiths off.

    • Move to the 3rd number mini golems same combo 'e' -> "pp" -> "ee" -> "pp" to 'w' -> "pp" -> "ww" -> "pp" finish them this nets you level 3 port back to base.

    • Number 4 buy Cloth Armor and 2-3 health pots whatever you can afford most of the time I don't even need health pots to kill golem so even 1 is enough but if you don't feel safe buy 2 or 3.

    • Number 5 move to the Blue Buff golem camp same combo but now adding your 'q', 'e' -> "pp" -> "ee" -> "pp" to 'w' -> "pp" -> "ww" -> "pp" -> 'q' -> "pp" -> "qq" and then smite when around 500 health.

    • Number 1 back to wolf camp kill them off with your main combo.

    • Number 2 wraith camp target big one first using your main combo.

    • Number 3 kill golems first so your smite is recharged for lizard camp

    • Number 6 kill lizard get the buff go to the lane that needs the gank.

    • Should be merging into mid game now 10 minute mark go and gank with your team and help top/mid/bot out whoever looks like they need it if nobody needs it still try to setup a gank try to get one of the duo's to fall back to give an opportunity of a kill.

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Team Fights

Lee Sin should always be ontop of champions like . Or , you have the ability to move champions away from your team or re position them while putting them out of the fight with your 'R' for 1-2 seconds (knock up) use it wisely on the right person.

Save team members that are low health with your 'w'. Use it before the tank intiates a fight pop it on the tank tell them your going to so they know they will have the full benefit and then they can run in instantly.

Use everything you have in a fight you have energy don't be scared to use it use, also for running enemies, try to cripple and if needed for more slow after the full duration of cripple ends pop the exhaust.

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Look at the Abreviations ; Acronyms if you don't understand some of the code.
  • Note when in the loading screen if you are taking a tank Lee Sin you SHOULD be able to view the enemy team composition and say ap/ad/tank, and then be able to tell yourself what kind of tanking build you will need example if you will need more magic defense then defense obviously if 4/5 of the enemy team is attack damage you will want to stack attack damage don't always go 100% off of my premade builds because they will not work 100% with every team composition they are only to give you a base guideline of what kind of items you should be looking into for different types of situations.
  • When up against an enemy tower and they are turret hugging but one is low have your lane partner stay out of turret range but close enough for your 'w', "qq" in and 'w' back to your lane partner for an easy kill.

  • When your own lane is being pushed against your tower the same method can be used. Tell your lane partner to stand near your tower or in range of your 'w', try to land a "qq" on a champion near the tower if there is to many minions and you feel confident flash -> exhaust -> 'R' (ultimate) them back into your tower -> 'w' back to your lane partner -> "ee" to cripple and if necessary if your lane partner has any exhaust spells have him / her use it at that point.

  • When concerning his passive you should time abilities when using this because if you use an ability and get his passive and then immidiately use another ability before using the current stacks the stacks will just be 2 again which is fine but you get more benefit from using say 'q' -> "pp" -> "qq" -> "pp", compared to 'q' -> "qq" ->"pp". The method before i posted works very well for downing towers.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my guide, if you tryed the guide and liked it please leave a comment and feedback.

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4/2/2011 - Updated / Fixed Mastery Points
4/2/2011 - Added a jungling build / guide / route
4/2/2011 - Added core items for Laning & Jungling + Situational Items
4/2/2011 - Reworded ability section
4/2/2011 - Added Early / Mid / Late section
4/3/2011 - Added an entire section for tanking
4/3/2011 - Added line breaks in areas to make it easier to read.